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  1. 1/500 Revell JJ Enterprise

    Love the paint job, aztecs and lighting Lee, very nice work! I've got one of these on the shelf but it's at the back of the queue (after my work-in-progress Revell Klingon D7-Battlecruiser and the Revell U.S.S Voyager). Did you have a 'work in progress' thread on this build so I could get some tips?
  2. Hi Viz, I built this exact model not so long ago, you can see some of my (quite nasty) mistakes on the post below. The kit isn't 100% accurate to the series, but I decided not to worry about that and just have fun learning. I also need to post my finished photos in the 'Ready for Inspection' forum sometime as I keep putting it off. The model was fun though and I learned a lot
  3. Most odd. I thought I'd posted photos of the finished model in the 'ready for inspection' forum, but it seems I haven't. I will try and do it soon!
  4. Very nice! I especially like what you've done with the deflector dish area
  5. Airfix Space:1999 Hawk

    Looking forward to seeing more of this! Brings back some happy memories, will have to see if I can get the series on DVD
  6. So this weekend I've added the decals, and done a final coat of clear acrylic varnish. The stand is painted and the I've taken the masking off the buzzard collectors! And here it is on it's stand (with a black blanket for a background)... So, I still need to build a box for all this to stand on, it'll house the navigation light board and connection to the power supply. That'll be something for next weekend. Putting the blanket to one side and connecting up the electics it looks like... So, not quite finished yet. I'll post a couple of images of my base as a work in progress here, then finish off with a some photos and a video in the 'Ready for Inspection - SF & RealSpace' Thanks for all the help, tips etc so far!
  7. I gave my model a coat of acrylic clear varnish yesterday, so I'm starting on the decals today! I'll post photos later hopefully so you can see my success/failure @podmore71, I don't know if you've noticed but it looks like @Madmonk is an expert with lighting and sells lighting kits for all kinds of models! See his signature (^above) for a link/details. If you're not too far down the line of doing it yourself and want/prefer an easier option it might be worth getting a ready made kit. Just a thought.
  8. I decided that I really didnt like the light blue for inside details of the nacelles (as directed by the model instructions), so I went online and tried to find something I liked. It seems like almost everyone does it differently! I settled on something similar to the Smithsonian restored Enterprise, which I know has all kinds of inacuracies as well, but as I'd already decided that I wouldnt worry about that, I just went with something similar to it. This is the end result I'm close to giving it a clear gloss coat, then adding the decals! The end is in sight!
  9. That's insane detail @roma847... amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this!
  10. @eureka, I've seen some excellent Space 1999 Eagle builds/works in progress on here, I loved that show as a kid so I looked at buying one... how much?!! I think I'll look at buying one when I'm a bit more flush and a lot more experienced I also have the Revell Voyager kit sitting on my shelf waiting to be built, but as I plan to light that one too I will need to cut out a lot of the windows, so I've put it off for now, the Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser is next! PS. I wish I'd discovered modelling in my teens like your daughter, and not at 43!
  11. @Thom216 These models are comparitively cheap anyway (£20-£30), if it was an expensive one I'd definately try. But it's good to know that that's an option, I'll remember in future if I have similar disasters Thanks @Madmonk Nice tips I used the much thinner 'Maplin 10/0.1mm Stranded Copper AWG 10/38 0.5 Amp Light Duty Wire' for the warp nacelles, there are only two wires running up each pylon though, a positive and a negative and I found that the thicker wire would have required me to cut away more supporting plastic from the pylon to make them fit. A thinner single core wire would have been even better for the wiring from the nacelle board to the 12 LEDs in the buzzard though, I'll see if I can get some for my next project! I frosted the outside of the clear dome on the warp nacelles, and the top and bottom clear domes of the saucer section with a sanding stick and wasnt 100% happy with the results (I am fussy though), but they look fine when the lights are on, I guess that's just a case of practice makes perfect. I will do as you suggest for windows in future though, as I'm worried about the greese-proof paper changing colour with age and maybe even dropping off one day Before I started building the model I was planning to use a Raspberry Pie to add sounds (on button presses), music and to control the lighting but I dialed it all back as it was my first project. I actually had a lot of it working, so I'll definately research the Arduino options in the future. Though for now, I've designed my flashing and chaser boards, which are reusable for lots of similar projects, and only have to build them (which is pretty easy and fun) I probably won't rush in to it. Thanks for the great feedback guys, lots for me to take in
  12. Thanks @S5 modeller, but I think you're being a bit kind I'm looking forward to doing some models that require more skill, not in the building necessarily, but in the painting. I'd like to learn some weathering techniques, some of the finished models I've seen here on Britmodeller are just amazing! I hope I can learn a lot from you guys But, for my first model I've learned a lot and I'm very happy with it. I think weathering etc this time around might be pushing it a bit far. My next model will be a 'Revell Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser 1:600', which I've already ordered. I plan to light that one as well. I'm not sure yet but I might try a bit of weathering on it as well. Gotta start somewhere!
  13. Hello from Avonmouth

    Welcome aboard Kevin! There must be quite a few of us Bristolians here now... the more the merrier best
  14. Here you go @podmore71, Note that these are the first circuits I've ever designed and built and there's lots of room for improvement! The Warp Nacelle circuits fit in the model's nacelles , the navigation lights circuit will fit in the saucer section, but I chose to put it in the base instead. **Please use this as a way to get the gist of what I did, please check your resistor values, power supply etc etc carefully and do plenty of tests. I found a breadboard invaluable testing things out and would highly recommend one!** Download NCC1701_Circuits.zip The zip here contains two folders, 'NavigationLights' and 'WarpNacelle'. Both contain Pad2Pad project files you can edit, as well as the BMP images I used to print the circuits in order to apply to single sided photosensitive boards. The 'WarpNacelle' folder also contains a text file with some important and useful info. Use these at your own risk, do lots of testing and be careful! I hope you find them useful
  15. Thanks guys Today I finished the majority of the painting! I still need to do a thick white line down the middle of the warp nacelles (inside the blue areas). For some of the more tricky/hard-to-mask bits, like the fins and the very ends of the nacelles I used a brush instead of my airbrush, which still gave a pretty nice finish. You can also see that I removed the masking from the windows, even though the masking tape I cut didn't fit any of the perfectly, I was really surprised at how well they turned out @podmore71 I'll upload the Pad2Pad file, a bitmap image (which I printed on tracing paper before using that in etching the PCB etc) and a text file with the resistor and capacitor values I used. I'm pretty happy with the result I got, but you may want to tweak things or play about with it. I'll see if I also have the same files for my navigation light timer too (which I'm putting in the base). I'll post here again soon when it's all uploaded/available. I don't know how familiar you are with the whole process, I learned mostly by watching YouTube videos but I'm happy to offer help if I can! Cheers