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  1. Within a year many of the RAF transport aircraft were gone - the Comets, Britannias and Belfasts were all retired by mid 1976.
  2. That was my "plane spotting" era too so I recognise quite a few of those aircraft. I was a Dublin spotter so some of those were regular visitors at that time.
  3. Yes - enjoyed all that.
  4. A beautiful job. It has a certain "Flash Gordon" look to it.
  5. It must have been based on some of the early development aircraft. If I ever built one again (which I doubt) I would do it in an all silver scheme.
  6. The Aviation News scale plans were in Issue 22, Volume 7.
  7. Thank you. Believe me, it looks a bit ropey when you get close. I enjoy building ancient kits - partly because of the nostalgia factor and partly because of the low parts count. Although Airfix had a reputation of adding far too many unrealistic and oversized rivets to its models, back in 1958 they hadn't started doing that so the kit's panel; line detail, although raised, was fairly restrained. I forgot to mention that the decals were from a 1977 Modeldecal sheet - so they are around 40 years old themselves.
  8. Academic to me. It was a February show I was looking forward to and was really sad when Yeovilton stopped their's.
  9. What version are you after? The 125 family varied quite a bit.
  10. Lovely. It still produces an impressive replica.
  11. It was originally reeased in 1958 - so is the same age as me.
  12. Very nice. The Mk V certainly does look different.
  13. My productivity is always low between November and the end of January due to work commitments. Once January was out of the way, I bashed together a real "quickie" as I needed to get something finished as quickly as possible to get my hand in again. This is certainly not the best model I've ever built and it is a rather ancient moulding. My local model club have an annual competition themed on Australian and New Zealand based subjects. This was my entry. I didn't expect it to win and my expectations were achieved I could have built Airfix's new tool A-4 which is pretty good but this is their ancient (1958) moulding that I picked up for 50p at Farnborough Modelfest last year. The markings represent one of the the three Australian Navy Skyhawks that visited Greenham Common in 1977. The refueling probe is scratchbuilt and I added the ribs to the rudder as they are missing from the original kit.
  14. Using the sun to bleach decals works quite well. How quickly the process moves along depends on a number of factors - the state of the decals the manufacturer of the decals the level and length of sunlight available In the summer, I've found blue tacking a decal sheet to a south facing conservatory window allow yellowing to fade in about a week - if the weather is good. Although I've not tried it myself, I have heard that the ultraviolet lights used to dry finger nails also does the trick in a couple of minutes.