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  1. Exactly what I was going to say The demise of FROG was a big blow for me back in 1976. However, the fact that many of their kits are still being produced seemed to prove that old moulds never die - that just get shared around.
  2. I have on VHS somewhere the BBC coverage of an airshow - which I think is the 1984 Mildenhall Air Show - in which they featured an interview with Edwards sitting in the cockpit of a C-47. He definitely states he was at Arnhem and makes a comment that the Stirlings got hammered by flak because they couldn't fly very high.
  3. I've had that done. I think the doctor DID use a refractor. I was surprised how clear the image was - almost as good as Hubble.
  4. Most people use a telescope. If the mirror isn't big enough, maybe you could try using a refractor.
  5. You should see the tilt of Uranus.
  6. Damn - I was looking forward to a flogging. We haven't had one for such a long time.
  7. I used an article from a 1979 edition of Scale Models which gave advice on how to improve the accuracy of the Airfix kit and also featured side elevation of the LM showing the proper colour scheme and foil placement. I still have that magazine and will use it again the next time I build the kit - although the new Airfix colour instructions are much closer to the real thing compared to the original release. When I built the model back in 1979, I found that the best gold foil was to be found in Rolos. Much to my delight, I have recently found that Rolos still come with the same foil The 2009 release of the Airfix LM comes with a gold foil sheet.
  8. Internet junk science. You can get all sorts of atmospheric phenomena that can create "false" celestial objects. These are usually associated with ice crystals high in the atmosphere - which can act as a lens or mirror. These "false" images are known as "dog suns" or "dog moons".
  9. Thank you very much. I have heard that the Aitfix 1/32 cars can be, lets say, not up to Tamiya standards. But, as long as I was careful and pre-fitted everything first, it went together fairly well.
  10. Although I love my classic racing cars, it's ages since I built a model of one. I started this one because my model club was holding a competition entitled "Civilian Vehicles". It's fairly basic - as you might expect from a set of moulds that date back to 1967. I presume it was also available in Airfix's Slot Car series - which was their rival format to Scalextric. Here's the finished model. The main area I'm disappointed with is that the roundels were on the thin side. I replaced the kit wheels with better items designed for slot cars.
  11. You're a modeller now
  12. Click on the "paperclip" link icon. This brings up a box into which you can copy and paste the address of the picture you want to load.
  13. Not bad for almost 4 decades Funilly enough, my oldest surviving built model is the Airfix Lunar Module I built in 1979. .I'm thinking of building a replacement some time this year.
  14. Don't stab your kits with your steely knife though Welcome back to the wonderful world of kit bashing.
  15. My first Airfix (and first kit) was the Northrop F-5A Freedom Fighter followed by the Armstrong Whitworth Seahawk.That was sometime in 1966. My first FROG kit was their Hawker Typhoon.