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  1. Why not pay your hard earned spondulaks, have styrene in hand then your voice will be heard and moreover have creedance and authority. As it stands, you decide. Thomo
  2. Ta, will do do once I return from business trip. Thomo.
  3. As well as a retooled Orion, but no Aries! Thomo.
  4. How do I purchase this wonderful conversion? Thomo.
  5. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Authentic Airlines Viscount? They manufacture both the 700 and 800 series with a radar nose option. They are generally reckoned to be the dogs cahoonas as far as 1/144 Viscounts go. Thomo
  6. I have the Frog boxing of the B47E along with Flightpath's RB-47H conversion as well the Pavla's up grades plus some aftermarket decals to boot - I'll be watching this with huge interest.
  7. Coolth, boardering on sub-zero. Thomo.
  8. Stretched ladies tights works well as mesh in the smaller scale. Thomo.
  9. There was nothing overtly wrong with the Pavla/Octopus Kingfisher that a some modest engineering changes won't sort. Looking forward to it. Thomo.
  10. It's a shame that the 1/12 Custom Miniatures V1 (with full interior) is long long gone. Now, that was a kit. Thomo.
  11. I thought it was the YB-49 in the original WoWs film? Thomo.
  12. The price of Brexit, I'm afraid - I'm glad its on its way. Thomo.
  13. The Leeds to Swansea 1975, I want one! Thomo.
  14. Correctomudo! Thomo.
  15. Where about in Waddington do you live? Anywhere near Lotus Close? This is where my family lived when my father was 'cheify' on 617.I have Lots of stories to tell, including my father taking me down to see the second unit filming at Waddo for theJames Bond film Thunderball. The Waddo gatehouse is instantly recognisable, when one watches the film back. Thomo.