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  1. An 1/48 RAF IRBM Thor, with visible internals on a transporter erector c/w tractor unit, with vacform dio and retracting hanger! Nirvana. Then I woke up. Thomo.
  2. One of the kinder descriptions of Scunthorpe I have heard. Thomo.
  3. https://culttvman.com/main/moebius-models-deluxe-metal-flying-sub-a-closer-look/ Thomo.
  4. Wrong side of the Humber - more like escaping from that small suburb of Cleethorpes known as Grimsby. Thomo
  5. OK, I thought you where in the know? Thomo.
  6. Is this speculation or based on fact? Curious Thomo.
  7. Never mind the or let's have them all in quarter scale. I like being greedy. Thomo.
  8. Any thoughts on this being a collaboration project? To my mind its seems to be an awfully small pond for two 72nd styrene Dove kits. If one was a 48th kit that would be manner from heaven. Thomo.
  9. Two 72 scale Doves, who would had thought? Thomo.
  10. Great build. It brings back memories of a family holiday summer 1968, when we flew from Gatwick to Majorca on an Eagle 1-11. Still to this day I can remember walking up the rear airstairs of the machine. Thomo.
  11. More images of the prototype: Exciting times. Thomo.
  12. Thanks I was very much asking tongue in cheek. Thanks. Thomo.
  13. Wot no BEA option :-( Thomo.
  14. Any news on the A Models Dove? Thomo
  15. https://www.monstersinmotion.com/cart/spaceships-vehicles-item-listj-c-13_192/fireball-xl5-16-inch-model-kit-p-16524 Thomo.