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  1. Soyuz launch vehicle

    It is New Ware 1/144 kit with the LVM launch gantry. Thomo.
  2. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    My understanding is test shots are to test the moulds, styrene flow and how the gates work in the IM machine. If the kits are being shot overseas I imagine the boxes are now snugly packed in shipping containers. Thomo.
  3. Film help

    A 100% Hubbard.
  4. 1/72 - Bristol 175 Britannia by Mach2 - released

    My view is 60 spondo’s is pretty good VfM for a kit of this size and limited market appeal. Thomo.
  5. I always loved the Airfix artwork of Caravelle at Beruit airport. Thomo.
  6. Film help

    WB via Hammer own the rights to the Film. Thomo.
  7. Film help

    It’s a classic of it genre, the film never takes its self too seriously. Look out for Warren Mitchell in a classic cameo as 100% Hubbard, and the original Top of the Pops dancers the Go Jo’s! Thomo.
  8. Film help

    A little bit touchy arn’t we? MST3K is rubbish and devaluing and that’s my opinion, nothing else, nothing more. It would be really interesting to know if they have the rights to put it on You Tube? Thomo.
  9. Round2 or Polar Lights Retailers

    The issue is a lot of the kits in the sci-fi genre (the vast majority which orginate from oveseas) by the time they hit these shores they are often double the price from what they can be bought at source for - and in the vast majority of instances many months if not longer behind when the are available elsewhere. When they are imported the numbers tend to be extremely limited, which appears another justification to hike the price. Also, there are a number of kits that simply don't make it here, so there is no option to go down the DiY import route. If one is savvy there are a whole raft postage options to reduce the cost of postage and doing this way very rarely does one end up paying more than the mainstream importers have them up for sale. Often they are noticably cheaper. Thomo.
  10. Film help

    Be away with you Moon Zero Two is a classic of its genre. Even the best Sci-Fi film of all time and arguably on the best films of all time 2001: A Space Odyssey didn't go to any lengths to replicate the Moon 1/6th earth gravity. On a serious note they could not have used the Airfix LM kits as the film was made in 1968 and the Airfix kit wasn't available until early '70. I for one do like the film, but don't like what the MSTK3 bunch did to it and other film of similiar genre, it as though people don't have thier own minds.
  11. Soyuz launch vehicle

    Nope. One has to go New Ware, Cutting Edge or RealSpace for accuracy. Thomo.
  12. Soyuz launch vehicle

    You dodged a bullet being sans decals, they were brittle and shattered on contact with water. This kit has been around the block block: Apex> Maquette> MSD and a few inbetween. I believe its generally underscale and has some shape issues too. Thomo.
  13. Soyuz launch vehicle

    This is the old Apex kit with an added sprue, its certianly not issue free - but, a slight advancement on venerable Airfix kit. Thomo.
  14. Round2 or Polar Lights Retailers

    The cheapest and fastest way is to import oneself via Cult or Starshipmodeller. http://www.culttvmanshop.com/ https://starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index.cfm No affilation other than a happy customer of both. Thomo.
  15. Soyuz launch vehicle

    New Ware do whole range of Soyuz launch vehicles. http://mek.kosmo.cz/newware/index.htm#nw113 Cutting Edge in thier lift off series did a whole raft of Vostok/Soyuz launch vehicles, which are regarded as the best in 1/144, long out of production I'm afraid. I'm glad I bagged the set when they were around. http://www.internetmodeler.com/2003/august/first-looks/celo_r-7kits.htm http://www.kitreview.com/reviews/liftoffpreviewbg_1.htm http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/builds/ce/build_celo_ss-6.shtml Thomo.