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  1. Thank you for the kind words Rob, I feel bad for the way I stated "cheap" kit. I did not mean it to sound that way, all I was meaning was its a practice kit. Anyway, been having a bit of a headache today trying to get my airbrushes to spray camo correctly I've played with pressure, different nozzle and needles and still can't get it right :(. Anyway here is some more progress on the practice tank: First up I got the Tamiya Flat Rubber on the wheels after I have it a base coat of the yellow sand colour And here is the camo pattern, I freehanded it as I don't have any of the Camo masking gear. I can't say that I am 100% happy with it, this has been my worst fear over any of the build process. The next state will be picking out some of the details on the tools and tow cables and guns, and then adding some chipping and wear to the edges of things before it gets a Matt Varnish top coat. Let me know your thoughts please guys, any tips or advice would be awesome Cheers Chris
  2. Hey Everyone, Sorry I have not posted too much the last few weeks, as I mentioned I have been pretty busy. However I have got cold feet over painting the outside of the King Tiger with it been such a lovely kit, I did not want to mess it up. I had to pop to my local hobby shop the other day for some more Tamiya Thin Glue and spotted the Tamiya Tiger 1 tank for £15. I figured with it not having any interior to it and been a cheap kit, I would pick it up and build it and practice my painting techniques. Anyways here is the kit in question: As I was building this kit I have to admit, the parts all go together wonderfully and it's a very highly detailed kit for the price. I'm not going to turn this into a build log as like I said, for me this is a practice kit. I wanted to check the paints I had chosen for the kit along with playing with weathering and various painting techniques I have never used. Anway I built up the kit, laid down some of the One Shot Gray Primer, then applied some one of the base colours to the main tank, I then decided to try and do some Pre-Shading using Tamiya Flat Black, Here is the result of this: Please ignore the various tools and implements wedged into the tracks haha, I had just fixed the tracks in place and wanted them to correctly mold to the wheels. I thought I may have gone a little heavy on the pre-shading, however after getting a nice mist of a slightly darker shade of the base colour I have come up with this result: I'm really happy with the way this has turned out and can't believe the difference a bit of pre-shading makes. Tomorrow I plan on playing a bit more with some chipping, weathering and some other techniques that I hope to apply to the King Tiger and the Tiger 1 that has the full interior. Let me know your thoughts so far guys Cheers Chris
  3. It is an amazing kit to build, some parts I have to admit are either vague in the instructions or do not line up as expected and a little bit of sanding is required but out of the hundreds of parts I have already put together, very few fail. I do hope that Takom come out with some more Armor with the full interior sets, I really like the full interior builds but I will never be able to bring myself to seal them up. I'm going to leave these in section on a stand type setup, I just can't hide all this wonder detail. Anyways guys, thank you for the wonderful feedback so far, I am hoping to get some more picture online and a bit more progress tonight and over the weekend, It's been a busy few weeks Cheers Chris
  4. Morning Everyone, I managed to get some more work done on the King Tiger this weekend, Progress has been slow though as this kit does have some very complex sub-assembly's never mind trying to spray all the parts required. The engine was a build in itself! and that's putting it lightly. The first job of the weekend was to apply some of the decals to the interior parts along with touching up some of the paint I had caught: I have also just noticed a few seem lines that I have missed that I will address shortly With these in place, I was able to start construction of the engine and also some of the engine bay components including the fans and radiator units along with the engine bay compartment walls. I have given the exhausts a treatment of rust pigments also even though I have not started to age the engine just yet. All the parts of the engine fit really well, and any alignment holes seems to line up perfectly, although I have seen other modelers complain about this throughout the kit I have yet to experience this issue. A bit more detailing to the engine parts: While all this was drying overnight to allow the paint to harden, I started working on the turret :D. Here I did run into a few issues with parts fitting correctly. Often the locating pins were too long and pushed the part out of place, however a quick bit of sanding and test fitting sorted this issue. Again this build is complex in itself, lots of small parts in a very small space. The turret is also loaded with shells and these required assembly. They end up been glued together in a block which would make painting them rather hard. I decided to leave them separate and to paint them all before assembly. What I did like about the shells is the PE caps that go on to provide the shell with more detail, although these are fiddly to attach: These parts then all received a coat of primer and have been left drying overnight. Back to the Hull of the tank and I started to fit the parts into the engine bay. This was very tricky! Hardly any room to work and if anything is out of alignment you have to fight with it. I have fit the engine as best as I could but im still not 100% happy with it, I will continue to tweak the fit as time goes on. This is as far as I got before the missus reminded me she still existed . I now have some more pipework to fit the engine bay so I have again primed and sprayed these ready for fitting, although I have a bit of detail to add first That's all for now folks, thanks for looking. Chris
  5. Hey Everyone, Thanks for the comments I've been working away tonight on just getting some of the details into the interior. I have never been the best with hand painting but I decided to give the finer details a go with the airbrush, after some masking and a few mistakes I have come out with this: I have a few more details to add in, like highlighting some of the cables and a few other parts, also have some decals to apply and a bit of dry brushing over the radios. I also have a few touch ups where I have caught parts ... frustrating to say the least. I'll have more updates shortly. Cheers Chris
  6. Hey Everyone, A new tank has found it's way onto my workbench, The mighty King Tiger Background The German Tiger Ausf. B, or King Tiger was arguably the very best tank that was put onto the battlefield during WW2, as well as the most costly. With each unit requiring some 300,000 skilled man hours to complete, the King Tiger went into serial production in December 1943 at the Henschel factory in Kassel. At the peak of production it took only 14 days to complete, and by the end of the war 492 examples were ultimately produced of the 1500 units ordered due to the intense Allied bombing campaign. With frontal armor reaching up to 150mm thick and side armor 80mm thick, this nearly 70 ton tank was built around the famous dual-purpose semi-automatic 88mm canon firing armor-piercing or high explosive rounds, the KwK 43 (L71) production by Krupp, with the T.Z.F.9b/1 binocular gun sight (later followed by the monocular T.Z.F.9d) built into the cradle. This set-up allowed the tank to engage virtually any enemy tank before it could come within firing range. The Henschel production version carried 86 rounds of internally stored ammunition for the main gun. Additional armament came in the form of 3 Rheinmetall Machinengewehr 34's with 5800 rounds; one mounted in a kugelblende on the right bow position; one mounted coaxially to the main gun; one mounted externally to the commander's cupola. This massive tank was mobilized by a OLVAR EG40 12 16B mechanical transmission with 8 forward and 4 reverse gears powered. The only other variant of the King Tiger was the Hunting Tiger, or Jagdtiger. With the exception of the initial prototype, all King Tigers were coated with zimmerit until September 11, 1944. The King Tiger dominated the battlefield in terms of capabilities, but often suffered from shortages of lubricants & fuels. These tanks proved themselves in battles ranging from Normandy, the Ardennes, Lake Balaton, and Berlin. Although they lived up to the expectations of the 'Wunderwaffe', the King Tigers were ineffective in stopping the overwhelming numbers they faced on the battlefield. Today there are a total of 11 King Tigers preserved around the world, with the rest having been long lost to the scrap yards. The Kit So I have decided to go with the Takom King Tiger Sd.Kfz.182 1/35 Henschel Turret with Full Interior. The Build So on with the build, Looking at the parts there is very little flash and the parts are detailed and well formed. Here is some shots of the Hull: This is where I decided to start the build, It made sence to start at the bottom and work my way up and after a few painting mistakes I made with my other Tiger build the lesson had been learned. So some progress: I have since given the base a coat of Mig-014 Rotbraun and im waiting on it drying before adding some details and Mig-017 Cremeweiss to the side sills: That's as far as I have got today, more to come over the weekend Chris
  7. stunning work ... cant wait to see it finished
  8. WOW!!! this is incredible. I am absolutely gobsmacked at the details in this build! Do you have a link to where you downloaded the paper kit from? ( the one mentioned on the first post ) Aside from that just WOW again! I'm going to be watching this one like a hawk Cheers! Chris
  9. Looking great so far! nice work on the wash effect looks pretty realistic for the desired effect ... watching this with interest. Chris
  10. Good Morning Everyone, Sorry the updates have slowed on these builds but due to work lately and busy weekends I have not had much time to spare for modeling Anyway, I do have an update today. So last night when I got in from work I decided to set the evening aside for myself and crack on with the Tiger, I knew that this was mainly going to be painting and test fitting. So to begin with I got all the interior parts that still needed to be fitted to the hull, cleaned up and assembled them ( not fitted to the hull at this stage ) and cracked on getting them painted up : As you can see here, this is in the basic colors without any details, wear and tear or washes. Oh that's the other thing, I got hold of the Ammo German Tank Interior paint set as shown below: Since I'm still learning to mix colours and such I wanted to give it a try, The pack seems really good, the paints flow nice and have a wonderful colour to them. I'm happy with the way things are turning out. Next was adding in a bit more of the detail to the parts: Started with masking the strap lines in the fuel cells and getting them painted in along with getting some more of the details onto the gearbox and radio equipment. Masking tape drew a little paint under the edges ( my fault for not making sure it was stuck down correctly ) but I corrected this by hand after the Black had dried fully. I carried on like this for a while, adding details in and also the turret and the breach, I'm still not finished working on them so these are NOT the final images, but I'm getting closer I also did a quick bit of test fitting when I realised that the engine compartment walls and a few other bits are the wrong colour Also before anyone asks ... yes, that is a TV dinner tray I'm working off. My office and hobby desk have been buried by all the furniture from another room in the house that we are currently redecorating ... I shall claim my space back shortly but this gets me by for the time As you can see, I need to give a few parts a second coat and correct some painting mistakes to a few areas, truth be told I am still getting used to working at this scale and I am been constantly blown away by the standard of painting laid down by other members it's almost intimidating. That's all for now folks. Thanks for stopping by Chris
  11. Richard, Thank you for that very informative post regarding brass work .... I will definitely be looking into the items you have told me about the missus won't be too happy if I go buy them anytime soon though haha. I'll also have to set up a workshop in my garage for such projects. Anyway thank you for taking the time to reply, I will stop hijacking your thread now
  12. Hey Everyone, Just been looking and forgive me if I am incorrect but I can not find a Thread that contains lots of links to tiger resources, so I have decided to make a Thread here that members can post photos, links and anything else they come across over the power of the internet. I'm going to kick things off here with some very high-quality photos of the Tiger Engine. Can't for the life of me remember where I came across the link, but I thought it was useful. I apologise again if this link and thread already exist. Please share any resources you have, this can be for the tiger 1, King Tiger etc etc etc. Regards Chris
  13. Thanks for that @JackG very informative page
  14. Nice! lovely bit of detailing! I too was thinking of building 131, but I have decided against it while I practice some techniques a bit more. Does this kit have an engine or engine bay? ... I'm currently building a Tiger myself with full interior and I'm struggling to decide what colour to paint the engine itself. Does not look black to me.