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  1. Haha ... oh dear!
  2. Thanks guys, going to have a play some some ideas and see what works
  3. John, thanks for your advice, it's really appreciated! Unfortunately I have no oil paints at all, I have watercolour pencils and artist acrylic paints. Ill find something to have a test on, have some plastic sheet for scratch building with, guess that will work Thanks again mate chris
  4. Hi John, Thanks for that mate, the tank is still not had any Matt applied, I'm currently adding decals and painting in the details of the kit bags and ammo boxes. funny you say that, I've literally just glued the wheel units on *facepalm* however I still can work around them as the tracks are not in place, the hull was my next move TBH. Humm I'm trying to find a way of adding some weathering as it stands now with the gear I have. I have plenty of paints, pigments and washes. If I mixed up a thinned brown wash and applied this to the tank using a brush to streak it then using a cotton bud to pull some excess off ... do you think this would create a similar effect? Almost like mud is washing down the tank as it rains? I also have natural umber, light slate gray, light yellow ochre and brown iron oxide pigments? Again maybe light washes of these mixed with acrylic thinners could create the desired effect?
  5. Hey everyone, Thank you all for the comments and advice received so far, lots of useful advice that I shall definitely be applying to my builds. Anyways onto a little update for you all. So when I got home from work last night I decided to add the Flat Black camo to the tank (Sorry @Sgt.Squarehead this was before your colour modulation advice), Now I have never tackled this freehand using an airbrush before, but figured I have to start somewhere. So after setting up my airbrush and having a bit of a practice on some paper I turned my attention to the model. And here are the results: Obviously at this point I have not painted in the details of the jerry cans and storage, but I did not see the point till the top coating was finished. I don't think it's a terrible first attempt, could have been a little better but I am still learning. After this I decided to tackle the wheels and suspension setup, I started with painting in some of the details and then applying some Matt Varnish, at this stage my Varnish went and clouded a little once it was applied, I was not too worried here as I knew I was going to be making the wheels and suspension area rather muddy : This is the first time I have played with Washes and Pigments so I hope I have done a half decent job at it. The next thing im going to tackle is the main tank, first I want to add some weathering ( rain streaks and marks ) maybe a little rust here and there, and to get in some of the details on the other parts. Do you guys have any advice on adding water streaks? is this done before I cover the tank in vanish ( I was thinking thinners on a brush carefully and lightly dragged over the paint surface?) Anyway that's it so far, got to admit I am really happy I have returned to the hobby ... I'm finding it lots of fun this time around Chris
  6. Nice! I'm seriously loving these armour builds .... think I've found a new love. That kit is really detailed by the looks of it! Are you adding any scratch to it? Or just building out of the box?
  7. Haha cheers @Tony Oliver, sounds a dumb question i know, new back to the hobby and did not know how it would react with the paint
  8. I have some of that already, will that take the shine off the paint finish as it stands now?
  9. @Valenstitch ... why are you not in your shed finishing your scratch building? haha. Yeah this is one thing that struck me about the movie, I was just thinking any Mech issues they had, it's going to make a mighty long time to tend to them. Never mind as you point out the traverse issues. With this build I was just going for a little fun been a movie inspired one authenticity is out the window straight away! Just thought I would turn it into a diorama and have a little fun on the way and not worry about accuracy. I have never built armor before so this is a whole new field for me to learn. I do appreciate you taking the time though to provide valuable information that I will apply to future builds. Also sounds like you have an interesting background Fantastic work on your project though ... and Kraken rum! one of my favorites
  10. Unreal! Can't believe the level and attention to detail here ... bravo sir! Subscribed and watching with interest
  11. those details!!! Very impressive so far, I keep getting taken back at some of the work around here and the attention to details and research that goes into each build. Hopefully one day I might be able to make something 5% as impressive! Subscribed and watching with interest.
  12. Love this build! Has to be my all time favorite Jeep so very happy to see it here and the other model is certainly interesting. Keep up the good work
  13. John, Thanks for that mate, for some reason I have totally overlooked that, I've also missed the tow cable as the one in my box was snapped when I opened it so I will scratch this part and add it on along with some rope to hold the cargo on. Thanks for the kind comments guys ... made me feel better I know there is lots of little things I can improve on but I figure that will come with time.
  14. Hi Everyone, So today I'm starting my project log for my Fury inspired diorama build. This will be my first build in over 20 years so please go easy with me . I started the Sherman a few weeks ago and as such I have no photos from the start of the build, all I have is from the stages before primer and top coat, however the Tiger 1 only arrived today so hopefully I can give a build log for that at least. Anyways without further delay, onto the build log. So the two kits that I am using for this are as follows: Italeri M4A3E8 Sherman "Fury" - Kit #6529 Rye Field Model Tiger 1 (Early Production) - Kit #RM-5003 Both nice kits, the Sherman went together a breeze minus a few mistakes that I made in the assembly process, which I am going to put down to 20 years away from the hobby and not fully reading the instructions. Here is some shots of my build before primer coat: And after primer coat: And then today I went out and purchased a good quality compressor and a new airbrush as my old one died on me some time ago, I have now given the Sherman its first coat of Olive Drab: This is shortly after painting but I am hoping the paint goes to a Matt finish, failing that I will have to look at some alternate paint for it. Anyway, that's it for today and I will post up again tomorrow as I start the Tiger 1 kit. Please let me know any thoughts you may have but as I said don't forget this is my first build in 20 years Chris
  15. Should be a nice first kit that @Fatboyslow