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  1. Bf 109g-5 Eduard 1:48

    Mate!! That looks great! Good photography too. I really like the subtle exhaust staining and grime around the wing root. Mark
  2. A few NAVY birds

    Plenty of nice warm water to get them on.Then where they crinkled over compound curves i'd slice down the crinkle ridge and use a sponge and some hot water to smooth it out. Slice around any details you really know the decal wont conform to then add some decal solvent. Touch up with paint as needed. The Cartograph decals in these new academy kits really are great though they snuggle down nicely and fit fantastically! Mark
  3. Nice job building a hard to come by kit! They seem quite rare these days
  4. 1/72 Revell B-17 F

    Nice looking B-17. I'm looking forward to that Ju-87 being finished too!
  5. A few NAVY birds

    Thanks for all the kind comments guys
  6. SBD-2 BuNo 2106 1/32 Trumpeter

    That's an outstanding finish on that SBD! Great work!
  7. A few NAVY birds

    I found it okay. It had good inscribing on most parts and fitted together really well. I wasn't to keen on the weapons as their attachments seem rather large and not being able to open the canopy was a bummer as the internal details are quite nice. I thinned down the intake lip as it was squared off and this greatly improved that area. My only other little thing was the gear doors have a funny way of being attached with large lugs, but when looking at it sitting on its wheels you wouldn't notice anything. I haven't built the hasegawa model so i wouldn't be able to compare. Sorry mate
  8. Hey Guys hope you like my last few finished models. Academy 1/72 F/A-18C OTB I built the old Revel 1/48 one as a kid and thought it looked cool! STILL DOES Hobby Boss 1/72 SH-60F OTB Built this one over two days a stress relief build. There are a few issues here and there and i didn't spend anytime on making the under fuselage seam look pretty as I very rarely display my models up-side down. Academy 1/72 F/A-18E OTB Interesting kit, a snap together kit with nice decals. Academy 1/72 F/A-18C OTB My first CAG bird. It came out a little darker than i wanted but still plenty bright ''
  9. Mosquito decals in 1/48th scale

    Hey Ray i'm in Australia. I've got some Eaglecal decals which i'm going to be using on my tamiya Mosquito FB and they include the keep off warnings over the radiator. If you want my set of stencils from the base kit let me know as (hopefully) they wont be needed. Message me your address off board if your interested Mark
  10. Those checkers make my eyes sore just looking at them (in a good way ) they must have been time consuming to mask out. Well done on an awesome build with a nice clean finish!
  11. Tamiya 1/32 F-16 - advice wanted!

    Hi Telboy I built the kit a couple of years ago. I painted the fuselage post assembly. Firstly the instructions show the wrong camouflage, there are only two colours needed FS36270 covers all the lower surfaces, nose area and tail, with FS36118 covering the dark gray upper wings and horizontal stabilizers. taken from - https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/f-16/f-16c_profile02.shtml I only seem to remember masking of the area around the horizontal stabilizers as there is a hard edge there, as the front around the canopy its a soft feathered edge and you can leave the vertical and horizontal stabilizers off until after painting. If you check your spraying angle the rest of the airframe won't need masking. The only thing I would say (if you haven't built this section already) is to paint the grey area around the air intake before you assemble it fully. Getting paint in to that tight area was really tough once it was assembled. I hope this helps, I did mine with an airbrush and plenty of paint cup refills!
  12. 1/48 Republic RF-84F Thunderflash

    I love 50's jets like this, colourful finishes over natural metal! Great work!
  13. Thanks again guys I think this was the first time I've really applied a dust layer to an airplane. I've see pictures of planes taking off from desert strips with clouds of dust streaming behind them, so i figured it needed a good dusting, especially the underside at the rear. I'm quite drawn to the Hurricane myself. My granddad flew in Gladiators, Martlets and Hurricanes out of Libya during his time in the FAA. I never knew what squadron he was in though...
  14. The gun tape is just some left over red decal from a different style of fin flash supplied in the kit for a different decal option
  15. Vautour IIN 1/72 Azur

    A very smart build of an odd looking aircraft. Nice work!