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  1. An interchangeable camera module is done, "top secret" military equipment stored inside. Be careful: Top secret!
  2. At least that is satis. The hydraulic line of main landing gear made of flexible rubber hose. It provides to move the hyd line freely during external and internal cylinder operation and between each other. The torsion link (two halves: upper & lower) have to change dimension between axle and gland nut..and lower part of hose loop can also to change the location. I believe that this is the best form of hose loop configuration and well selected position in according to size of shock strut mirror.
  3. Good car, very realistic presentation of the job. Well done
  4. Hi, Konstantin! Good news I see. Fine job and several positive sign from me also! Congrats!
  5. There are flaps completely done, but temporarily does not installed in place and there is also a good access to the wing to body area is provided.
  6. FWD wing spar control surfaces (flight control devices) are: Leading edge slats (L.E.Slats), AFT wing spar = T.E. Flaps, yes, it`s OK.
  7. Slowly job, I know. But IL-4 hunt on me
  8. I have to do the interchangeable camera module
  9. And now, auxiliary drop tanks 400 US gal are ready for polishing of lines and grinding procedure.
  10. So, what the next? After glue cure time I have to check of each one lines wing to body and empennage connections for correctly installation and gap smoothing till flush.
  11. For me as well as comfortable to use copper wire or nylon thread for landing gears hydraulic lines too, especially for any loop assembly. Some people make it with warmed till to thread stretched frame (from box) plastic.
  12. What kind of material do you use for the brake pressure hose line?
  13. This is an absolute truth, Grzegorz. I well remember the true deficit and limitations...but in the past (Thank goodness)
  14. My childhood memories of the 1970s were also marked by FROG. Years later, I again decided to purchase a favorite box ("KingKit" is my helper) Now, this pleases me and exhibit recalls me to the golden days.
  15. May be, just B&W.