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  1. Our memory tells us stories, that is, what we get to keep from our experiences is a story. I've known a saying: "Getting old is not good, but dying young isn't too good either" Thank you for your good comment, Mike. Andrii.
  2. I have an idea for a new story (The Lancaster`s WIP). I would do it in a flight position (as you can see here at the boxart above). What do you think about ii?
  3. Many thanks for your comments. Cheers
  4. Hello All. It`s time to post the result of my WIP. It was not so simple to build the kits. It wasn't easy, but I got away with it...So much, so good. I think real progress and the result there has been goog. Frankly speaking I am pleased with this work. The happy end and the final images of this story are here: Hope you enjoyed the show. Best regards. Andrii.
  5. The masks are removed carefully. It`s all right.
  6. I guess I finished something today. The landing gears are installed completely on the "C" & "A" AVRO. Decaling process in according with scheme...
  7. Thank you for your comments. Thruth told, yet at excessive volume, but now that I hear it, it's just right. Well. The epoxy adhesive compound (resin type) is a "Loctite" EA 615 I used for that.
  8. It was now time to take the next step: 707 "C" ready for landing gear installation. (I believe in tomorrow)
  9. Landing gear installation. Quite a bit of progress has been made in the past week and I should like to summarize it. I`ve done AVRO 707B, the landing gears are installed already. (But just with no decals) A bit of progress for the weekend here in pictures. Cheers. Andrii
  10. Hello friends! Today.. a present from my friend arrived. I`m happy again and again. That`s how this weekend came to pass. But whenever I get a chance I still work on my landing gears. But there is still so much work to be done here.
  11. I would like to congratulate you on the successful completion of the Beluga WIP. You worked so hard for that model. I wish you success in the new project. Best regards. Andrii.
  12. IAR 80

    Presently the W.I.P. of my AVRO 707 (A,B,C) are being finished, then the IAR 80 will be ready to start as a new project.
  13. The landing gear design is quite enough for the normal workload but I replaced (an additionally) all of actuators (UP/DOWN LOCK) with metal (rod type) material and several resin`s parts was discarded. Hope its OK. My opinion about the kits quality: - a lot of cavities and general weak point of all the material surface are found during the work. Cheers.
  14. CHAPTER 32 Landing gear Shock struts, wheels, doors, and etc. painting preparation procedure and assembly. There has thus been some slight progress, hope satis. By midday I came to a small glade and found this "mushrooms". WARNING Don`t taste the unknown mushrooms.
  15. IAR 80

    Now that I see how well You`re doing and enjoy watching your progress of work. I have a kit of IAR-80 in 1/72 by "Amodel" and I hope to be able to carry it out also.