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  1. The next task Wing installation: "Right hands up here under here" " Now left hands UP" Done. Vertical fin and rudder assy installation We probably need to get the extra epoxy glue off. It`s got to be cut out from the join lines. ...and from here like this I`ve done
  2. It`s nothing much today. I`ve just restored a bit of panels and lines after damaged by sanding.
  3. Thanks. I`m going to try do it great. It takes too long time for me but I am not in a hurry. Andrii
  4. ...a litle bit progress in the work:
  5. I`ve done some of routine work for today. Canopies had installed already for all three aircraft fuselages (I used the "Faller" super - expert glue for that). Please ignore the remnants of glue on joint lines. I will soon be correcting. The glue surface must be excessive application for acetate clear parts (with thin wall structure) security of installation. The engine (for "B" version) inlet fairing assy after adjustment of gap between body and mounting flange is OK . I`ve done smoother (around canopy frame) for fillet making. Hope that`s all right. Best regards Andrii
  6. Thank you friends for visiting this page and for a positive comments. So. I have continue to work again. To prevent entering from dust (I expect to do some corrective action of joint lines with dry sanding) to the cockpit area, it is necessary to prepare and then close by transparent parts as well. And the original glare-shields are replaced by other material (black tape will be better). To be continue. Best regards Andrii
  7. So far so good, Thanks a bunch for your support.
  8. A good team is the key to success Best regards. Andrii
  9. Oh, all right, thanks for the comment, Chris! I expect a positive result as well. Cheers
  10. Hello, @Lowbrow! That`s a good question. I applied a two-components epoxy glue for that. Andrii
  11. I`d like to know what have been the result after the adhesive resin compound cure time. I am checking it right now. From my point of vew it is OK.
  12. I support that project also. I hope You`re OK, Tony.
  13. Well. Hello, friends! The result of British fighters and research aircraft WIP by resin kits here in images. The fuselage internal cockpit parts are installed into and the halves are connected between each other By the way, it is a good quality for the resin kit. To be continue. Cheers Andrii
  14. Hello for everyone. When an idea is presented, we analyze the feasibility and design technician solution containing all basic elements of the new product and new models project. I have the pleasure to welcome all modellers, guests, participants and friends to the fourth of my WIP here on a forum and to the new one topic. I am looking at the watch, getting a bit worried because I think it is necessary to inform you today about how I intend to approach the work on for the triple AVRO 707 assembly. To tell the truth, I really like a British aircrafts and jet fighters also. The first step is still created in the traditional way: - Open boxes; - Spare parts inspection for the general condition; - Read the manual; - Close the boxes and forget all above (especially text instruction content)... To be continue... Best regards. Andrii
  15. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    A new project will be successful I hope. Thank You for cooperation. I am glad to see You appreciate this.