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  1. Sharp cut! Good job.
  2. As a positive experience for me was the WIP of Pzl.37 Łoś by ZTS 1/72. Good luck. Excellent choice. Best regards. Andrii
  3. Hi, BetaSingh. Is this kit alike as the same type of "Vampire" by FROG? Thanks Andrii
  4. One more soviet fighter? And the good sort I can see. Very nice chap looking!
  5. Wonderful job, mate! Be quick all the time. I really like it. Cheers. Andrii
  6. Good sunny day, friends. I'm out of my sweet home, job, office, personnel, airliners, jet engines and hobbies. I have a two week of vacation. There not any cause of worry, no any work like a horse, just I relax and I am so far from all above now. I am feel at home here like an old salt on the board of ship of dreams. There are navy spirit, breeze, sky and wind inspiring my soul with a new ideas looks for. Cheers.Andrii
  7. remarks and suggestions
  8. Cockpit interior test assembly:
  9. ...and it is a one part of history of my life, at least for a 3 months
  10. Thus it is necessary to do some additions yet (bridle catcher screen, weathering...)
  11. I have to look at the general condition of this aircraft configuration before weathering USS procedure will be start. I think i hope it`s must be enough
  12. So. Information of W.I.P. continuation for today and update. I connect the support latch fitting with flight deck at last line edge of take off area.
  13. The Viggi just temporarily located for review (for the image) and understanding of my plan.
  14. Hi friends! I really don`t know how is the display stand corrected and painted? A side view of result is in front of You.
  15. God, bless my cutter, nerves and airbrush... Box is open now. The control cabin parts are in satisfactory condition, but I found one broken part, I don`t care.Fixed