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  1. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    I continue... to make a long story (during the last week) short the empennage, lower part of the wing are covered by aluminium foil...
  2. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    Cc: "What is this that stands before me? Figure in black which points at me Turn around quick, and start to run Find out I'm the chosen one..." Hi friends! It`s me again My WIP of the best famous kit by ADP Master modells IL-4 here in pictures. So far so good. I continue to make the external parts: aluminium skin, windshield, outer ribs, nose cone etc. Cheers. Andrii
  3. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    Yes, this is most likely ZIS 35 B, but I suggest to modify an idea and make (I want to include other object in my story, because this aircraft was captured by Luftwaffe supposedly). I offer to use this opinion about of fuel track and diorama build (what do you think about it?): I really dont know what I'll do with it yet. There is still time to looking for Some guys are suggest to use this one: Sometimes and usually I use a glue here: But this time I chose this method: not a very popular method among modellers but I like Best regards Andrii
  4. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    Hi friends. I continue to work with the IL-4 aircraft. First of all I will show you the result of applying the first numbers of monocoque sheet metal of the fuselage panels. In according with my plan, I need to apply an aluminium foil for the main area of the aircraft structure and wings surface.
  5. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    I will try to do something a like with a base set Cheers Andrii
  6. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    Thank you for your comment and recommendations with regards to a set of Goffy Model (super detailed resin kit). I tried to look this set but vainly, it is nowhere unavailable to catch (it`s no possible to hunt down) I have a few photos for inspiration and for work with the M-88 engine as an open kind and with open cowlings also
  7. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    What did you say and what do you think about an idea of possibility to make the engines area with the cowling open?
  8. It is one of the few popular materials for any different routine processes in the modeling. Like it! I will check the dimension of the windows again.
  9. Thank you for your advice and your activity. I'll show you one of my option of choice (see picture and photo, the metal net, 2-2,5 mm window dimension). It`s will be the final choice maybe
  10. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    I think tha`ts enough for today
  11. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    Thank You and welcome, Hans! I very expect the happy end of this epic also. Hope on the best.
  12. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    Horizontal stabilizer, elevator and tab. I can make its just in a static and for the visual effect in its correct (control surface DOWN) position.
  13. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    Thank you Martin, thank you Tony for your interest in my activity here and good comments on this page of WIP. I am really glad for your like it. One more step of empennage work is: - I have to make a moving function of rudder (I can turn it to the left or to the right direction) (hinges, rods, tab, vertical fin and rudder installation) The result of work is still satisfactory and I have the possibility to be able to change this kit higher I hope
  14. ADP MASTER modell 1/72 Iljuschin IL-4

    So far so good (I don`t know how is the finally result, positive or not). The main wings structure halves are fixed by glue.
  15. I don`t think so, any other method...(metal net) it will be better maybe