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  1. Restoring Old Paint

    Interesting peter many thanks for that! Im sure i heard someone on britmodeller say you could thin the newer stuff with acetate or naptha?! Can you shed any light on that? I tried thinning a new pot of 86 with white spirit and lighter fuel neither seemed to be much cop.. Good thing i got a load of old humbrols very cheap then! Ive got some newer tins but id say they make up less than 5% of my paint stash! For those ill guess ill just have to stump up for the humbrol thinners! Cheers!
  2. Restoring Old Paint

    Evening all, I too would be interested to source a cheaper/bulk version of humbrols enamel thinners! Like peter i've com back to the hobby after a break but i'd sold all of my paint.. I started painting with humbrol color and humbrol super enamel at about age six or seven! On return to the hobby i just bought up a load of old made in hull humbrol tins (ebay mainly) one thing to note though chaps.. The old stuff thins fine with white spirit! The issue is that the newer tins wont (made in uk tins onwards) the matting agent goes all streaky and makes a mess of your finish! I dont think humbrols new enamels are that bad barring the rlm range its just it seems as if they specifically need humbrols own thinners, Cheers!!
  3. Hi hope everyone had a decent Christmas. Im having issues with my tub of galeria matt varnish and vallejos matt varnish, I just cant seem to get them down without brushmarks, So im hoping a basic airbrush set to spray these with might solve my issues? Im more than happy with using a hairy stick so far its just the final matt coat, Grrrr! Im looking at revell set 39199.. Seems to be fairly priced. Would i be best with something like the above or would a single action cheapo airbrush do the job...The airbrush will be strictly for varnish! Cheers gents and all the best!
  4. Ay up steve thanks for the shout, The best finish ive managed to achieve with the klear/flat base mix is at best a satin matt, The galeria dries dead matt.. Im presuming satin matt is more accurate for ww2 era 1/72's? I cant seem to work it out using google image search! In fairness the 1/72 me109 i have just coated in W&N Is dead matt (indifferent finish achieved) Is dead matt wrong? Cheers!
  5. Shelf life of different model paints

    Funny thing is sapper i was drooling over some of the modelmaster enamels that you can most likely get in Oz but not in the UK, The car colors they do stuff like crazy plum! I sadly dont have any airfix matt black just about 40 tins of various other colours! Every time someone clears out a sadly passed grandads loft a load of humbrol appears on ebay its a very ubiquitous paint here it seems..
  6. Duncan im far to rough and ready for aerosols, I just haphazardly slap on my enamels when i use them! Im going to try make a go of using the W&N or the mattcote! But i concede i might have to use an aerosol if all falls down! All the best!
  7. Sapper ive got 3 or 4 pots of that matt cote floating about in the paint box ill have a go with that, Im gonna have another go with the W&N with a wide brush later.. Would you recommend thinning the matt cote with white spirit or does it really need to be humbrols own enamel thinners? Cheers!
  8. Sapper i had look at danchos post.. He seems to be using the US version i think it may behave slightly different to the UK stuff! I added more flat base to my mix anyway.. I didn't get any frosting but i could only achieve a satin finish not a dead matt one! (It came out rather like the sheen on vallejos matt) Just out of interest what matt varnish are you using bud? Cheers and regards!
  9. Hi duncan your not condescending mate.. Whats the forum for if its not to foster lively discussion about matt varnish? Im one of these sorts who has ''returned to the hobby'' you see.. But despite the bewildering array of new stuff im still pretty binary about it all! my first few attempts with acrylics and the subsequent paint loss steered me towards using enamel.. No finer modelling paint than vintage humbrol enamel IMHO. The new klear i find fine i have had no issues with it, it dries clear and behaves itself (good stuff and cheap), But i have been using winsor newton galeria as a final matt coat, The issue is it performed fine for 1/72 figures and armour as soon as i tried it on bigger stuff i was getting brush marks left right and center! Hence me playing about with the klear while waiting on some wider white bristle brushes and some winsor newton flow improver!! Your in the trade what matt varnish would you recommend to a brush painter? (sadly no space for an airbrush or rattle cans!) Cheers and all the best mate!
  10. Shelf life of different model paints

    Ay up will, For someone who wasn't even alive in the 70's ive got an awful lot of airfix enamel in my stash, Thing is you can get it for a pittance as with old humbrol (im tight) What strikes me is how EVERY tin i have is still liquid and perfectly preserved.. None are in the slightest bit off, They come in these lovely little printed metal tins none of which show any rust or corrosion.. they make me wonder if they are an alloy of some sort? Unlike humbrol who seem to be cheapening the tins to extent that im expecting the numbers to be daubed on the top in permanent marker eventually! Im not having a go at humbrol/airfix though i do like many of the new enamels and find them fine to use in all fairness, I just avoid the rlm's! Ill report back on here when i give the airfix a go.. Seem to have far too many pots of grey and like a red oxide color mind you! Cheers!
  11. Shelf life of different model paints

    Thread revival but what are peoples experiences of using older airfix enamel tins? The tall metal ones? Ive got quite a few and they are all liquid i just haven't used them in anger yet. And bare with me as im useless at adding pictures so you may have to click the link, But this bottle alcad chrome i have had for a bit now seems to have gone a bit weird? Almost like the pigment is separating, Does alcad go off in other peoples experiences? Cheers! https://ibb.co/cuGkkG
  12. Cheers richard, Im just gonna try add a smidge more klear and faff about with it on bits of scrap if i get it to perform ill post back on here, Im strictly a brush painter and have been using winsor newton galeria matt for the past year.. It performed lovely on 1/72 figures and armour dried flat as a pancake and self leveled with no visible brushmarks. Cue me trying it on larger areas, It end up a streaky mess on the wing of my airfix 1/72 me109.. But i think this may be down to me using a tiny sable brush! Ive picked up a bottle of winsor newton flow improver and i have ordered a large white bristle brush so that should help me get a level finish on large areas! Still while im waiting i thought i would have a punt with the flat base and klear! Regards!
  13. Hi richard thanks for the reply mate, When i say i followed swannys ratios i was probably a little bit rough and ready with it Just out of interest are you using the pledge multi surface wax when you mix? (One with the milky consistency) Or do you have some old klear? Cheers
  14. Hopefully my test on a scrap bit of bedford will show what i mean, The white looks like matting agent in fairness. https://ibb.co/frjVkG
  15. Evening lads hope your all good I've been using the ''New clear'' since returning to the hobby, Used it quite a bit for clear coats sealing decals etc. I've heard people say that it yellows?! but i have found it to be fine so far! I have been using the astonish floor polish for canopies as i find that a touch shinier, Anyway i digress. Last night i had a go at mixing some of the ''new'' klear ie pledge multi surface wax with some tamiya flat base, I used the ratios specified on swannys complete future.. I tested it out on some scrap parts and it has left some frosting and white spots! Doh! So my question is gents can you make a matt varnish with the latest incarnation of ''klear'' or did it only work with the old clear?! Or did i mix things up wrong! Thanks and all the best lads!