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  1. Mods apologies if posting this isnt allowed.. I just thought many BM'ers would appreciate this workaround. Gents, Ive been trying to look at some of the excellent models in some of the older Group build albums, I was perturbed to see that photobucket had wiped out large chunks of the image galleries A bit of googling found me on reddit looking at the musings of many a disgruntled forum user, they posted this chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg Now I've added this to my browser (not sure if a version exists for firefox etc.) I can happily look at images on here without coming across the dreaded ''please upgrade your account to third party hosting'' Cheers chaps!
  2. Photobucket Eradication

    Navy bird i also find photobuckets antics to be spiteful at best! I was just looking at a guide to creating raised panel lines on the modelling tips forum.. Couldnt see the pictures?! left me a little bit disheartened to say the least. A google produced forums full of incensed reddit users.. they pointed me towards this.. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg Its an extension that allows you to see eradicated pictures! Its for chrome though, i not sure if a firefox version exists or one that is mobile phone friendly! Regards!
  3. Razor saw

    I've got an x-acto one.. it cut through an me109 canopy quite well.. Some quality issues regarding the blade/handle interface but nothing a vice didnt sort! People always have bundles of tweezers/files/knifes for sale on ebay.. might be handy for picking up the odd item Cheers!
  4. I am pleased they haven't gone under! I must admit to seeing revell in a somewhat dim light on my return to the hobby.. But picking up the superb 1/32 ju88 and 1/32 he219 changed my mind! I had a 50/50 finishing rate with kits as a kid.. quite a few that got done were the revells! i think the modelling world would be much poorer without those blue boxes! Now to pick up some of the wackier blohm and voss offerings on ebay! Cheers D.
  5. Humbrol paints rubbish?

    Haha I forgot to add my dewalt drill has a soft start function, degsye39 will not be held responsible for enamel paint damage to kitchen tables, celings and shirts!
  6. Humbrol paints rubbish?

    Hi davo as others have said i think you might be having stirring related issues! Even my 80's/90's humbrols can dry iffy if i dont stir enough... My suggestion would be find a piece of thin metal rod ideally an old bicycle spoke bend the end section so the metal piece looks like an L But make sure the bent piece fits in your humbrol pots! Get a battery drill put the metal piece into the chuck.. Put it in your tin and hold down the trigger! Works superb! I do this with any old or awkward humbrols! Only new humbrols i would avoid are the RLM's the rest i think are thick but fine! regards
  7. Gents thank you for the replies and assistance! Much appreciated.. Ive not finished anything else yet! need a kit to varnish! Im going to try brushing on some revell aqua color clear matt.. If that goes to the wall i'll be looking into getting one of the above, Many thanks!
  8. Beginner

    ^ As sapper said the quick kits videos are great i would of been clueless without them on my return to the hobby! Also look at hamilkar barkas on youtube, His modelling heresy videos are excellent! Im a strict enamel user myself i find humbrol to be idiot and rough git proof.. So they suit me down to a T I find im learning a lot more ATM just doing quick builds and clearing the bench! Just have fun like others have said! Cheers and all the best!
  9. Restoring Old Paint

    Interesting bud yeah please do! Looks to be a fair bit cheaper than the humbrol option if bought in bulk especially
  10. Restoring Old Paint

    Hi troy evening all Bm'ers I mainly use old humbrol and most of it takes one coat only the real stubborn stuff takes thinning with white spirit.. I got lucky on ebay an bought up two huge lots of older humbrol these lots also contained some tamiya acrylics which i flogged! Ive got about a thousand tins! i worked out it cost me about 10p-15p a tin after id sold on the acrylics so i am very much modelling on the cheap! I just impulse buy the newer tins! ill try the artists turps though troy good shout mate! And re the WEM enamels i intend to buy some as a bit of an indulgent treat at some point! Will probably get some rlm colors because im just using the humbrol ''equivalent'' at the minute! Ive been looking on the sovereign hobbies page and drooling at the selection though! Ive got maybe 20-30 tins of older colorcoats from an ebay lot but they are ww2 british naval stuff! Cheers lads!
  11. Restoring Old Paint

    Interesting peter many thanks for that! Im sure i heard someone on britmodeller say you could thin the newer stuff with acetate or naptha?! Can you shed any light on that? I tried thinning a new pot of 86 with white spirit and lighter fuel neither seemed to be much cop.. Good thing i got a load of old humbrols very cheap then! Ive got some newer tins but id say they make up less than 5% of my paint stash! For those ill guess ill just have to stump up for the humbrol thinners! Cheers!
  12. Restoring Old Paint

    Evening all, I too would be interested to source a cheaper/bulk version of humbrols enamel thinners! Like peter i've com back to the hobby after a break but i'd sold all of my paint.. I started painting with humbrol color and humbrol super enamel at about age six or seven! On return to the hobby i just bought up a load of old made in hull humbrol tins (ebay mainly) one thing to note though chaps.. The old stuff thins fine with white spirit! The issue is that the newer tins wont (made in uk tins onwards) the matting agent goes all streaky and makes a mess of your finish! I dont think humbrols new enamels are that bad barring the rlm range its just it seems as if they specifically need humbrols own thinners, Cheers!!
  13. Hi hope everyone had a decent Christmas. Im having issues with my tub of galeria matt varnish and vallejos matt varnish, I just cant seem to get them down without brushmarks, So im hoping a basic airbrush set to spray these with might solve my issues? Im more than happy with using a hairy stick so far its just the final matt coat, Grrrr! Im looking at revell set 39199.. Seems to be fairly priced. Would i be best with something like the above or would a single action cheapo airbrush do the job...The airbrush will be strictly for varnish! Cheers gents and all the best!
  14. Ay up steve thanks for the shout, The best finish ive managed to achieve with the klear/flat base mix is at best a satin matt, The galeria dries dead matt.. Im presuming satin matt is more accurate for ww2 era 1/72's? I cant seem to work it out using google image search! In fairness the 1/72 me109 i have just coated in W&N Is dead matt (indifferent finish achieved) Is dead matt wrong? Cheers!
  15. Shelf life of different model paints

    Funny thing is sapper i was drooling over some of the modelmaster enamels that you can most likely get in Oz but not in the UK, The car colors they do stuff like crazy plum! I sadly dont have any airfix matt black just about 40 tins of various other colours! Every time someone clears out a sadly passed grandads loft a load of humbrol appears on ebay its a very ubiquitous paint here it seems..