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  1. and while i wait to solve the air tank problem, i'm preparing a Zundap model to add as a decoration to the base i'm gonna put this sherman on. The Zundap is a 1/35 Italeri kit, it comes with 3 soldiers figure that i'll modify with some green stuff to look american and i'll use as tank figures, in the end i just need their torso to pop up from the hatches. i'll use one spared german helmet as decorations over the sherman, as it happens to see in some pictures. Talking about making the most of what you have. The base i will build for this tank is a autumn/winter small base with a muddy road. I'm planning to add on the side a tree. Under the tree i'll put this rusty Sidecar and i'll cover it with some dead autumn leaf. Eventually i'll decide if adding some melting snow too on the base. i've bent the mudguards, added some bullet holes here and there and used a lighter to melt the tyres and make them look deflated. this is just the base effect of rust, i still have to detail it, than paint and depaint over it, than apply effects like dust and mud but this should start to give an idea.
  2. apparently i had a hole in the tank, not a broken engine. this will take longer than expected as i find a tank to substitude. Oh the irony here.
  3. poo-poo. the engine of my home built air compressor just broke down after years of service. All works are suspended till i find a broken fridge to scavage
  4. the would need a late version tiger I, something like the one they have in Saumur, there are several around and it would be awesome if they decide do build a full scale model of a porsche tiger I prototype, i wouldn't care if it's made of fiber glass, just to have the complete spectrum of the tiger models.
  5. coming out beautiful
  6. added some detail on the hull including cages and hooks. i've cloned with green stuff a piece of track from the kit track. it will be used for decorations as added armor added skirts mount on the sides added handles to fuel and oil caps than i gave an overall hand of primer. I think it's almost ready to start painting. Only details missing are the lights, and the tools ( hammers, bars, cables ) wich i will all paint separately and add after the overall painting. so here's how it looks from the front the back from 3/4 and side by side to one of its possible enemies, you have to wonder why it was so feared
  7. by the way, back to the model, i'm molding a couple of spare wheels and tracks sections with blue/green stuff to add as a decoration over the hull, i'll post some pictures when they'll be solid
  8. i don't intend this as a "religious war" where we are the true modellers and they are the heretics. When i say "true modelling" i just refer to the 95% of the kits you find on the market that are historical kits. I just make it a strategic point for Italeri. let's say 90% of the kits they sell are "regular kits" and 10% are the "world of tanks kits" ( i'm making up numbers here, i have no clue about the true percentage, may be more, may be less, this is just to make the point ). I think Italeri interest should be other then selling these kits to try to hook up new customers into buying also the regular kits. now, consider it from the point of view of the customer. I've never built a model, it's my first one, i'm totally clueless ( they give you even a 5mm glue to start ). Maybe i've not even bought this box, maybe my parent bought it at christmas cause they know i play the videogame. Or maybe i buy this kit cause there are also codes in the box that you can use in the game to unlock premium stuff there ( this is actually a very good move ). what italeri gives me in term of regular modelling is very little apart from the kit itself ofcourse. I have actually no clue what i'm building: " a sherman" means nothing considering the sherman platform is probably the tank with more variants ever produced in history. The tank description is there but is less than 20 lines and with very little informations. The camouflage schemes are pictures of the tank in the game. the decals are the one i've shown you. notice that i can say these things cause i know what i would expect, a casual user won't even notice, won't even think they should be there. Since, from the point of view of italeri, i'm introducing you to modelling it would be nice to do it properly. Telling you that usually is good to do some historical research on what you're building, wich is something someone clueless about modelling may completely ignore. Telling you that you may, if you want, try to build an historical tank. Eventually put a picture of it in the instruction sheet, a little story of it, and giving you the color scheme and the decals to follow in order to recreate it. Telling you that is what you might expect if you want to buy a regular kit. the point is, the clueless customer that buy this kit after finishing the kit will still remain clueless about what to expect in a regular box wich to me is a missed opportunity from italeri. I think they made a very good move in re-boxing their old kits in this "world of tanks" line aimed at videogamers and not modellers. I think they're just not exploiting it to its full potential.
  9. this is an absolutely impressive updating work there, should be pinned for everyone to see how you bring back from the dead an old kit up to present day standards.
  10. that decal sheet is truly poo-poo, the icons are so awful you can't even go and re-use them on future projects. I mean, i get it, the product is intended for the video game players, i guess it make sense to give them the option to ricreate for real the virtual tank they use in the videogame with the same kind of customizations they have in the videogame. But wouldnt it be better for them if they exploited the occasion to try to hook some people into true modelling? Someone may discover a new world and become a new customer. Instead, the whole box is just a nonsense, the picture on the box is not the tank that is inside ( different cannon, different gearbox, different skirts ) they don't even tell you what tank it is ( and believe me, there are some true tank nerds in that videogame, many will be wee weed off by such a choice ) , they don't even give you realistic decals, it would have been enough to add the option to make one historical tank adding an inch to the decal sheet with a couple of realistic roundels and writings. Or be generous and add the original decal sheet they put in the original M4A1 kit, how much would it cost them? i've just given a look, interestingly the decals present in the original box are not even historical themselves. For example "al capone" is presented as a D-Day Sherman while in fact 76mm weren't used during D-Day. At the same time "lightining" wasn't a 76mm sherman. Well at least i could have used the stars and the serial numbers, The funny thing too is that the place where they print this, according to the black writing is like 5 km from where i live.
  11. couple of pictures more. given a first hand of primer to the body. you can see the difference withing the casted parts and the plates like the engine cover ( i've used a very low light to highlight the effect ). drilled some holes and glued some detail here and there. added a line of bolts to the front transmission using sprue plastic melted with the lighter made a gas mask to use as a decoration later with extra green stuff and a first dryfitting with tracks on just to have an idea of the overall result. the tracks are a bit stiff, i'll need to soften them up later, i'll try with some hot water maybe
  12. i modified the air filters, the kit provide rounded shape ones but square ones are the correct one to make. I'll sand the greenstuff when it's hard. Since i've prepared more green stuff than needed i've also added some detail here and there with the extra putty
  13. Hey, i think i saw the picture you used as a reference for this diorama, i remember the detail of the rear skirts! Anyway this is a remarkable building, if i end up with something this level i'll be very satisfied with myself.
  14. the hull is a M4a1 is right there in the title. the winter camo, considering it looks hand made right on the spot and not factory applied is just as a reference to follow, i don't think it would have made much difference to those who painted it what hull they were painting it on. I've seen "all white shermans" but that is a bit boring. As i said i'm not planning to make a particular Sherman tank like "cobra king" or "fury" i'm just trying to make a general sherman 76 that still would be historically accurate. and thank bullbasket for the advices
  15. i'll sure like it, would be awesome if you have them on your pc. i've also found this article that suggests some hacks to do on the model to make it more convincing, don't know if it has something to do with the article you mentioned on the VVSS i'm honestly not that much concerned. I mean the top part is completely hidden by the track, the side without the roller is easily accessible ( should actually add some plasticard and bolts there to be 100% accurate ) and the side with the roller, well i think it would be fair to cheat a little bit adding some mud and dirt to hide it, i think realistically that would be a critical point where dirt would stuck