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  1. i've fixed the applicator, now it works just fine. Amazing how you can build it spending like 5 bucks overall. Funny thing, i electrocuted myself while building hit, holy hell that thing can stun you well, be careful i'll update the base picture when grass is on.
  2. i'm gonna save the link and keep it as a reference if i ever need to make a diorama with an explosion
  3. painted rocks and added some sandy shade, i think it just requires grass now after that it will be final weathering of the tiger and painting the whole set of figurines
  4. i've started to prepare the base. It looks more like a lasagna than a tunisian road, i hope to improve it adding some more details, making the rocks look better, and of course i'll have to add some grass on the sides of the road.
  5. i just finished building the static grass applicator. Amazingly easy, it took me 10 minutes, basically costless since i had everything at home. i'll make some experiment to make some practice and than i'll get back on the diorama base.
  6. that must be fun to ride
  7. thank you. i think i'll buy a couple more bags of different color and wait the usual month till they arrive, and than i'll update the discussion. For now i'll just try to make those rice plants looks better. watching the final result i think it would have been even better to show the plane crashing into a reed bed but i'll save that for another diorama
  8. buyer's remorse i think they call it. i was just curious, concerning your modelling kits and stuff, do you have any buyers remorse story to tell? something that you've bought and that made you ask yourself the question "why the hell did i buy this thing?" i ask this because i'm watching a 1/72 model of a B-17 memphis belle on my desk right now, i've always been a fan of the plane. Well i'm building in spare times, and i'm putting togheter the whole fuselage and wings for the first time and i finally realize how much big this thing is, i'm actually pondering the idea of not glueing the wings so i can eventually box it easily. It is big as hell, i have no space to put it, it doesn't fit that well too, it will require an awful lot of paint to finish it and once is finished i don't know where to place it. Funny thing this is a 1/72 model, but i had the opportunity to buy the same plane in 1/48 scale at the time for almost the same price and for a moment i pondered the option. so i was curious do you have any regret about something you've done or purchased concerning your modelling hobby?
  9. wood removed. i've also started to trim down the rice.
  10. i'm removing the wood from the sides. It's actually stick to the resin. it will require some work, nothing impossible, just a lot of sandpapering it.
  11. no problem, it happens, english is not my language so i'm always afraid i write something that doesn't make sense
  12. depends on what you have to do. a 10cmx10cm stand with 1 type of grass, not expensive i agree. If you have to create a 1meter x 1meter stand, or many different stands with lots of types of grass, you may end up spending 50$ only in grass.
  13. that is a static grass applicator. i'm talking about something to produce your own static grass not something to use to apply it once you have bought it. These are two different things
  14. not Revell but you may find alternatives here
  15. can you link me such video? i've seen different videos talkin about static grass on YT but i must have missed the one you're talkin about