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  1. are you planning to rework the idler wheel too? considering the level of detail you're achieving on the rest of the tank and considering you've already changed the sprocket, those idler wheels look a bit out of place
  2. wow you really leave nothing to chance. By the way why not using milliput or green stuff instead of plasticard for that kind of details?
  3. done the weathering on the carrier. i've sealed it and it only lacks the pigment treatment. i've also worked on the radio and done a 1st test of colors to use on the figurines ( that is just the basic layer, all shadows and highlights are still to come ):
  4. added decals, an ocra filter and painted the parts. the little wall-E of Tunisia is read for a little wash and oil paint. obviously after applying the decals i've found another article saying that the painting scheme i chose was totally wrong. actually is so hard to find reliable informations about this carrier that i decided to keep it as it is, i actually like the way it ended up looking, i had no heart to start it all over just to make it a plain boring olive drab not even being 100% sure that would be the right color. lil dude and big dude
  5. little update on the carrier. i've done the main camo scheme, added some paint weathering aswell considering the arsh desert conditions. looks like a marlboro pack but i've taken pictures as reference for the pattern and this site as reference for the color some extra work required. i've lost a piece of the kit, so i had to clone it with blue stuff and milliput, here's the final result ( the one pointed by the arrow ) i have to say i wasn't expecting it but it's a quite fun and enjoyable building. that should have been just a decorative addiction but i'm having true fun putting it togheter. i've added also chipping around the edges as you can see in the following picture interiors i've done them before i started to paint the outside, they already have been weathered and dusted and now there's an awful lot of detail object to add to it to really make it a carrier, this will take quite some time
  6. thank you. Yes, the zero isn't fixed at all, as i've said i'm planning to rework it quite a lot, i'm planning to repaint whole part of it, i wanna add skeletons of ailerons and tail sections and i need to rework those ugly cuts i've done in the wing. That is just a tryout pose to give an idea of the final composition of the diorama. also the base needs lot and lot and lot more work.
  7. you make them so good i wouldn't mind if you stick only to wwI brit tanks. For a change you can try to make a MK I next with that funny trolley it has on the back for steering also the interiors are so good that i would consider to make a cut version with interiors exposed on display.
  8. for the cable ferrules wouldn't be an easy and convincing solution to simply use some electrical tape?
  9. actually i had in mind to buy a Dingo or a bedford cause they both appear in original pictures and that would have been 100% accurate. But i wasn't able to find cheap kits of those ( didn't want to buy a 40 bucks truck when i've spent less than 30 for the tiger ) , therefore i moved on this carrier wich historically it's almost certain was present in that battle, and could have been around trasporting people there when the battle was over and the soldiers were ispecting the tank. this is the general setup i'm planning to use for the diorama ( i like the addition of the bren gun cause it fills the scene and makes the Tiger even more imposing with its size ). the size of that is cause it fits perfectly the space i'm planning to put it on display when it's done. it will basically be all flat sand, some rocks, and some burnt grass tuft here and there, nothing too fancy actually. : again, the picture i'm referencing to is the following: with the other tamiya kit i'm waiting wich is 5 figures should be enough to fill the scene. For a very odd coincidence the figure present with the brand carrier kit is almost perfect for impersonating the soldier that peeks inside the tank turret in the picture ( i'll just have to sand away that seam line ), and i'm pretty confident i can use the driver to impersonate the radio operator in the foxhole. Those were the two most problematic figures ( the other are generically standing people not doing much ) , and i've solved them both in one go. Again, luckily enough, the brand carrier kit includes a radio that i will probably use with the radio operator. currently i'm doing some research to define the correct camouflage pattern, you don't find much even on kit instructions. I've come to the conclusion the following should be the correct one, but with a reddish color instead of the dark gray, and for the unit decals 1st armored division 77anti tank regiment should have been part of that battle and those decals are in the kit. i think if everything will go right it can end up making a nice display
  10. extruders, i have honestly no clue about them. I've also seen 3d printing done with laser/UV and powder plastic or something like that, that produced even better result, and that would not even require an extruder. here i think it was something like this one we may end up like regular printers with different technologies around to chose from, like ink-jet and lasers. The rest of the parts i feel is what you can find on a regular printer. step motors, electronics and so on. and regular printers are as cheap as they can get.
  11. 3d printers belong to the realm of computers and electronics and i'm simply applying the economic model that works in that field, wich is a different thing from irons or cars. And vacuform has only a tiny field of applications, while with 3d printers you can print anything you like, from paperweight to key holders, to cups, to anything your fantasy produces. i'm also considering 3d printers for consumers are already sold at around 1000$ or less. If and when more people will produce them on a larger scale the price will only go down for obvious reasons. And the quality will go up cause this technology is far from being mature. the only assumption i make is that they will end up on a wide consumer market, like paper printers or computers. That may or may not happen. Maybe people on average won't feel the necessity of that. But if it happen i only see it going the way i presented it. If producers like Samsung and LG jumps on them and invest big on them there's a good chance it will happen. If only small producers like dremel do them it will probably not happen. Of course an important factor will also be their quality. what could be considered "good enough" for consumer may not be enough for modelling necessities, since we work with very small and highly detailed parts and very precise machines will of course cost more . I guess we'll just have to wait and see but personally i'm confident in this kind of technology.
  12. well i'm using a mix of water+vinilic glue to apply it, but i'm also letting it dry afterward, i've placed the thing over my radiator. It's not the fastest way to work but i'm checking it right now and most of the material is stuck in its place and it both feels dry and looks dry. It doesnt even smell. i'm planning to spray some see trough products, like hairspry, to fix it, and than add some more layers. again this is pure experimenting, it's basically for free since it's not brand new coffee powder but the one i would throw away after drinking my coffee. if it works good, if it doesn't i didn't pay a penny for it, just wasted a small time. and it does not look that bad
  13. i'm not saying they will give them out for free. I'm saying that what you can buy now for 1000$ will probably cost 100$ in a couple of years time. and what you will pay 1000$ in two years time will make look useless what you would buy today. It's a brand new market and it's in that phase where the price is going low fast, and the quality is going high fast. It will reach a plateau in some years, that will be the real moment when to consider to buy a 3d printer. Also there are different technologies under development, some uses wires, some uses powder, some uses resins, there's not yet a reliable standard out there. the see trough parts, yes those will probably be a problem. Well maybe we'll simply buy them as after market. or maybe they'll just find out a way to 3d print see trough materials.
  14. i think on a small scale production it's simply cheaper and faster. I guess it can take close to an hour to print a piece like that with 3d printing at that level of detail. While once you have your mould you can make a resin copy in just a matter of seconds.