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  1. another little update: i drilled a hole in the underside of the tank and put a screw trough it, so now the tank is officially stuck to the diorama. i've added decorations to the turret. these are some backpacks i've made using green stuff and a blanket over them to protect them from snow. i'm still undecided if adding or not two spare tracks on the sides of the turret as extra armor. apart from that i think the decorations are complete, i'm not planning to add anything else ( apart two figures ) i've started to add thick mud to the tracks. i've mixed some grass to the mud. this is also blending in the tank with the diorama. the mud work is not yet complete but should give an idea of the final result. so here you can see the ropes, the backpacks, the bucket ( you can't have a tank without a bucket! ) and on the right the canister is cleverly hanged at the ropes and is used to keep their tension. on the front i've added the german gas mask, and a cable reel. in the picutre one track has mud applied the other hasn't. and here's the thick mud applied. so, what's left to do: - add figures - finish thick mud on tracks - add some lighter mud splash on the sides and back. - add some little snow patches similar to the ones on the motorbike - add water puddle and water streaks of melting snow on the hull.
  2. you've definitely a good eye for details. i think i'll absolutely do as you suggest before applying mud.
  3. painted and added tracks. Added logs on the side. added tow cable. ( logs are tied to tow cable as seen in real pictures ). decorations on the front should be the one you see there, i'll add some rope to keep them togheter. I may eventually decide to add some single track links as extra armor in front of driver position. i still have to add figures, - mud - snow patches. - ropes - all the turret decorations including backpacks but this should start to give an idea of the final look ( pigments are done on the main hull, i have to add thick mud patches around the lower hull to complete the weathering there ).
  4. still working on the sherman by the way. Added some pigment layers, still work in progress. I've added a snow effect on the motorbike and sparkled it with dead leaves, the diorama is almost complete, i'll have to add some puddle and blend the tank mud when the tank is complete. here how it looks now. i'm definitely pleased with the way the diorma has turned out
  5. so little lesson on the world we live in: This is called art. Worth millions of dollars. this: is called hobby. Worth almost nothing. than you wonder why so many people are mad at this world.
  6. i feel it would even be a pity to paint it. it looks just good as it is.
  7. i accidentally stumbled into this. i'm now packing all my modelling tools and my previous models i've built and i'm planning to make a big fire out of them. this is frigging unbelievable
  8. forget all of that. Only extra part you need is this
  9. please paint some cartoon eyes on the Glacis or the turret
  10. well, i've tried to make the pistol port and the two vision plugs, i think they've come out pretty well considering it is the first attempt. I've basically stuck them on the drill using it like a lathe. they fit quite good in the holes. i've also started to build the turret bin everything needs a final sanding expecially the bin that is still very w.i,p, [little update] i'm practicing with brass making the hinges for the bin. Damn it's a painful process but the final result is quite good.
  11. as a modeler you can never have built enough shermans i like the customizations expecially the hybrid one
  12. well i still have to make some more circular parts, i would still be interested to read it if it's not too much disturb, may come in handy pretty soon.
  13. very clean build!
  14. so, little update: i've put togheter some sort of compass with scrap wood and here's how it looks: the circle you see should be the turret floor. I've cut a step in the lower turret walls and here's how it fits: so i've cut the hole in the ring too and here it is it's still too wide, so i'll have to make the inner hole bigger but at least it fits with surprisingly good tolerance considering the turret was done with no compass device. the lower wall width is still irregular, i still have to fix it.
  15. i'll gladly read anything you send me. that wasn't the way i planned to make it but i'm indeed open to any possible alternative solution