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  1. Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

    I don't think the front mudguard is on backwards. It is just that it was rotated too far forwards in the earlier photos. I rotated it back a bit... I added some more photos, including another of the rider in pieces after she got blown over in the wind outdoors. Here are two of the new pics: Larger image Larger image These and rest are on my web site. See Mentioned in dispatches. (Not safe for work because Dawn is showing a boob in some photos.)
  2. 1:35 meng D9R

    The sand on the blade looks both 'real' and to scale, which is a rare and fine achievement. An amazing model.
  3. Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

    (Can't seem to add my reply when I quote someone...) On the vinyl seat question, I washed both seats (the rear one hardly qualifies as a seat) with washing up liquid and painted them with Humbrol acrylic #85 satin coal black. It looks hardly any different from the original vinyl, if you ask me. For the rivets, I used Humbrol enamel 'polished aluminium' because that is the shiniest in my set of paints. I knew something was wrong with the front mudguard. One thing is it is free to rotate (somehow) which is obviously not good, although I have now positioned it a little better. I will have another look at fixing it and taking replacement pics (if it stops raining). Agreed about the thick cables.
  4. Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW motorcycle

  5. M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle

    Me neither, but it looks to me like something out of Thunderbirds, but better. There are some great videos online showing how that thing on top with the angled lid works. Spectacular!
  6. Larger image Not really an armoured fighting vehicle, but I guess it goes in this section. This is the Italeri 1/9th scale Triumph 3HW of World War 2. Building this kit taught me something that I sort of knew already and I find it a bit disturbing. It is that there was something radically primitive about the engineering design of motorcycles of this era. (Even my first trials bike, a 250cc Greaves of the 1960s, incorporated design elements that no rational mind would include on a trials bike.) It is not just that this or that component shows signs of being added as an afterthought. It is as if everything, from the bottom up, has been added as an afterthought. For more, see Mentioned in dispatches on my web site. (Not safe for work because Dawn is showing a boob in some photos.)
  7. See Duck à l’orange -- my Airfix 1/76th (OO) scale DUKW with scratch built hang gliders (page on my web site) Not strictly a military vehicle, but I figured anyone interested would be more likely to find it here than in the non-military vehicle section.
  8. You’re never alone with a drone Revell 1/48th scale General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper/Predator B More on this page of my web site: https://everardcunion.wordpress.com/plastic-models/#Drones
  9. Tank girl 1/9th scale resin

    Googling images for 'tank girl' finds some that resemble this model. There is even a movie from 1995, although the tank girl in that does not much resemble the kit. Here is a clip:
  10. Tank girl 1/9th scale resin

    Leftenant Aluminium here with my new 1/9th scale 'tank girl' made of the hard plastic unaccountably known as 'resin.' More pictures and description on this page of my web site: https://everardcunion.wordpress.com/plastic-models-land-vehicles/#TankGirl
  11. Airfix 1/24th scale De Havilland Mosquito weekend edition

    Thanks guys. Yeah, the strings... One day we will just use magnets to make it hover where you want it to. My Top Gun modeling technique (...the need for speed) does produce some rough edges when you look closely, Some of the work in progress builds by others here are clearly an order of magnitude more refined than mine, but, yes, I agree that there is a place for model aircraft in 'flying' mode.
  12. Airfix 1/24th scale De Havilland Mosquito weekend edition

    Added a few more photos, including these:
  13. My models are not in the same league as some of the incredible builds on this forum. However, in my view, one of the principal obstacles to plastic modelling is the amount of time and effort it requires. That is one reason why I used the undocumented quick build option for this model. That is, I built it in flying mode with wheels up, crew hatch and weapons bays closed, and with homemade transparent discs instead of propeller blades. That is either the crime of the century or a deft move, depending on your viewpoint. A couple more photos and description:on this page on my web site: Wooden wûnder
  14. Mr Moto Cross -- Revell 1/12th scale Husqvarna

    I hope so. I have a few screenshots from On Any Sunday of McQueen, who for those that don't know was a top motocross rider (usually under an assumed name) as well as an actor, of Malcolm Smith (U.S. champion on Husqvarna) and even world champion Joel Robert passing close by the camera on his Suzuki (of which I also built a model). However, for the 'reality' pic, I went for the Torsten Hallman book cover, which is of better resolution than the digitized 1970 Bruce Brown film On Any Sunday.
  15. Mr Moto Cross -- Revell 1/12th scale Husqvarna

    Well, the sun came out and the wind died down enough to take some action photos. Torsten takes a tumble Full article on my web site