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  1. In the Labyrinth

    Nope....I did print it out though....
  2. These are all white metal figures and are nominally 54mm. Theseus is from First Legion. Princess Ariadne is a converted Draconia kit figure. The Minotaur is a converted kit figure but I can't remember the manufacturer.
  3. Photobucket fix

    So what would you recommend using instead of PB? I'm presently using Smugmug, but am looking for a good, (and free), alternative. Flickr isn't an option with the laptop I use 99% of the time. Thanks H
  4. Hmm....okay. Looking forward to seeing the additional photos.
  5. I'm a bit puzzled by the latest posts Badder so please help me out. What exactly was wrong with the rubber mat? And why do you estimate that you'll need to add around 2Kg of plaster to the diorama base? You mention a "lack of rise and fall in the terrain", so do you mean that the rubber mat looked too flat?
  6. Elven Ice Maiden

    I've often found that it depends on the sculpt. A good one can make the painting process very much easier than it might appear at first glance.
  7. Well, the Trojan War is generally believed to have taken place around 1,250BC, but the figures I'm using are pretty much from the Pellopennesian Wars of 431 to 404BC, so you could say that the Greek dioramas are both Historical AND Hollywood.
  8. I finished this "Iphigenia in Aulis" project around six years ago, in fact it was the first real diorama I ever completed. However, while it turned out okay I've never really been all that happy with it for several reasons; For a start, the stream at the front never worked that well.... ....and the groundwork doesn't look all that much like Greece.... ....looks to me more like the action is taking place in a swamp. However, I think the biggest problem I have with it is the fact it's built onto a "Lazy Susan", but that handy feature is lost because as the base is rotated a lot of detail is hidden due to those trees at the back blanking off around half of the available viewing angles. So, as well as attending to the groundwork; both the stream and the trees at the back are going to go, and this'll make space for a few additional 54mm figures, (these were ordered from First Legion today and ought to turn up by the end of this week). I'll also replace the "Ares" figure for a different one and add two more Immortals -- "Zeus and Athena"; although all three 75mm figures need a little bit of extra work anyway. To make space for them, that girl wearing the green dress will have to go, but that simply releases her for a future Dark Ages scenario I've got in mind anyway. While I'm at it, I reckon "Aphrodite's Garden" might as well get some more work done to it , along with some additional figures. And the existing figures will be relocated so's to maximize the space available on the dio base. I'll also ensure the backdrop for new WIP photos don't include the banisters on the staircase that leads down to our living room. Will these changes really "Breath New Life" into these two old dioramas, or will they just destroy them -- we shall see over the course of the next couple of weeks I guess.
  9. Simple and effective.
  10. Yeah, well, hmmm.... I just this minute entered an order with Luckymodel in HK for yet another figure set to be included in the MASH dio. Err, trouble is, I included several items that can't be sent by airmail....so I'm looking at a 2 to 6 month delivery time on that order.... Still though, that gives me plenty time to finish painting several of the figures; Work out some way of depicting the Medevac plane in flight, cos it takes up far too much room on the dio base; And relocate the line of refugees elsewhere on the base as well; Meanwhile, I can get on with re-modelling a couple of Ancient Greek dios that I'll put up on the WIP section in a wee while.
  11. Nope, no exaggeration -- the entire thread is certainly remarkable in its scope and content. In fact, I'd say this thread is largely responsible for kicking me out of my modelling lethargy, aka -- sheer laziness, and got me thinking how I can improve a couple of older dioramas. Besides, much as I'm hooked, there's only so many episodes of Outlander that I find it possible to watch at any one time without dissolving into fits of laughter at its absurd plot. Oh, and I need a barbed wire fence for my sadly neglected MASH dio, so I intend to shamelessly copy yours....
  12. Fence looks brilliant. As with so much else, the more you put into any given job, the more you get out of it. This entire thread is a treasure trove of tips, techniques and other useful info. From personal experience, I know how time consuming it can be by the time you take the photos, post them up, and also write meaningful (and interesting) text to go along with the images. That just makes this thread all the more remarkable.
  13. 6 days

    Have just finished watching this. It gets a 10/10 from me.
  14. Gunpowder . . .

    To be honest, I didn't think E1 was as gruesome as the reviews had led me to believe. I'll get some spare time later today and catch up with E2. If you can get your hands on it, BBC Gunpowder, (5-11 The Greatest Terror Plot) is well worth a watch:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04mhwfn
  15. That pernicious dynamic banner head…

    Would that be Back to the Future then Badder?