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  1. Game of Thrones: recommended?

    I 100% agree on the acting and production values Dennis. In common with most HBO shows, both are to a pretty high standard. Hope HMV prices come down soon for S07 so's you can catch up with the storyline. The dragons have a starring role. As can easily be discerned, I've devoured the show from day one, and am like a coiled spring waiting for S08 to air sometime in 2019. Wonder how many of those tongue in cheek predictions of mine will pan out? I'd say around half, maybe more. Cheers H
  2. Game of Thrones: recommended?

    "Game of Thrones?", hmm, I wonder if I really should do this? Okay, all that follows is just IMHO. SERIOUS SPOILERS AHEAD DO NOT ENTER IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE SHOW UP TO THE END OF S07 As soon as GoT caught up with and then went beyond George R.R. Martin's books, the quality of screenwriting tanked to the point where it's now essentially just dumbed-down fan fiction for the mid-teens. I’ll openly admit that I continue to watch it, but that's simply for laughs provided by the glaring plotholes. Having said that, I actually like Sansa Stark's story arc as it's almost believable in a quasi-medieval fantasy world setting and is easily the best character development in the show, but what have the script writers done with fan favorite; the smirking murderous little psycho Arya Stark? 1/ Arya running around like a champion Olympic athlete in S06 after sustaining several lower abdomen wounds that ought to have completely incapacitated her, and then being able to kill The Waif by the simple process of snuffing out a candle. That entire episode was a case of the viewer having to ask themselves what kind of mind-numbing nonsense is this I'm watching? 2/ Arya bumping off Walder Frey at the end of S06. Yeah well, okay, but how did a teenage assassin manage to insert pieces of Lothar and Black Walder into a giant pork pie without anyone in the castle kitchens, or sitting in front of a TV screen, thinking "Hmm, something doesn't seem to smell quite right here"? I guess learning to be a Michelin-class choux pastry chef was an aspect of her training in the House of Black & White that must’ve hit the cutting room floor. Or perhaps her pal Hot-Pie taught her how to do it; or maybe she just hired Gordon Ramsay to bake her a delicious human pie to set before the reprehensible old renegade? 3/ Arya killing off the entire House of Frey, apart from the serving gals of course, by slipping some unspecified but (apparently) fast-acting deadly poison into the wine at the beginning of S07 was just unbelievably crass writing. 4/ Then there was Ninja Arya sparring with a Titus Pullo-like Brienne of Tarth in S07. What was all that about, if not a dumbed-down scene specially performed for the kiddies in the audience? 5/ The friction between Arya and Sansa in S07 was so obviously false a child could have seen what was going on. Naturally, the average age of the fan base dictated that Arya herself polish off one of the few remaining characters that was vaguely interesting. In fact, the S01 Petyr Baelish we all know and love would have seen it coming all along and got himself "the heck" out of Winterfell well before his staged demise. In comparison, recall S01 of Downton Abbey when Lady Mary and her Mom were trying to get rid of the dead Turk from LM's bedroom. As they struggle to manoeuvre the body down the stairs, LM demonstrates no sympathy whatsoever for the poor stiff who's just shuffled off this mortal coil; and in her bed of all places. But laments, "Oh, I shall be ruined". LOL....now that's class writing! By a somewhat remarkable coincidence I happened to stumble upon outline notes for the final S08 of GoT just the other day. They were lying inside a Tesco’s carrier bag someone evidently abandoned in the Gents Lavvie at Hong Kong’s Chek Lap wee-wee airport. I can reveal that in an admirable effort to keep the, by now, mostly teenage and young adult audience happily glued to the screen, it's all going to go down something like this:- At Kings Landing, Brienne of Tarth will cover Jaime's back and be mortally wounded fighting off the Queensguard while he's busy killing Cersei, and she’ll die in his arms as he declares undying and eternal love -- for his now dead sister. Meanwhile, upstairs in the Red Keep solar, Arya and The Hound have teamed up again and taken out Zombie Mountain in the eagerly anticipated and long-awaited Cleganebowl fan fiction episode. Back oop Norff, Daenerys Targaryen's Giant Wyrme, Drogon, will defeat Wight-Viserion in an epic re-run of Godzilla vs T-Rex. The Night King will be collateral damage. Bran Stark's head will explode as he transforms into the New Night King. Cateylin & Headless Ned Stark, Talisa & Headless Robb Stark, Ian McShane's New-Age “Brother Ray” character, Jigsaw-Puzzle Lancel Lannister and Thorny Olenna Tyrell will all be resurrected, but as Zombie-Wights. Roose & Ramsay Bolton, plus Joffrey Baratheon/Lannister will be resurrected as well, because the writers have decided the show needs its moustache-twirling panto villains back again. No-one's interested in resurrecting Tommen or Myrcella Baratheon/Lannister. All the Drothraki and all the Unsullied will die. So will all the Nights Watch and all the Wildlings. Except Tormund who now stalks the land hunting down Jaime whom he mistakenly blames for Brienne's demise. All the White Walkers/Wights will be toast as well. Except Diana Rigg who now stalks the land as an evil old Baba Yaga-like witch hunting down Jaime whom she mistakenly blames for nuking the Sept of Baelor -- along with her grandchildren Margaery and Loras Tyrell. No-one's interested in resurrecting the High Sparrow, or all the rest of the out-of-contract thespians who were also blown to smithereens. On receiving reports that her boyfriend Greyworm is now history, Missandei philosophically reflects that, oh well he didn't have a wee-wee anyway, and takes up with Varys, (funnily enough, he’s also sans-wee-wee), who consoles her, umm, somehow or other. Self-absorbed Theon Greyjoy miraculously grows a new wee-wee, a magnificent X-rated example. Then marries his dodgy sister Yara. They tie captured Evil Uncle Euron to a rack, torture the instantly de-wee-weed victim for weeks, and then sacrifice him to The Drowned God. The happy siblings now rule the Iron Islands as a barbarian-like Conan-ish Viking King & Queen double act. Ser Bronn of the Blackwater will heroically rescue Tyene Sand from her dungeon where she's mysteriously survived the poison administered via Cersei's kiss of death -- and they both live happily ever after -- in a castle -- somewhere. Edmure Tully and his rather attractive Frey wife will also live happily ever after -- in a castle -- in the Riverlands, probably. Samwell Tarly marries Gilly, turns his back on the dozy Order of Maesters, and retires to his Estates to bring up Baby-Sam as a sensitive and politically-correct Social Justice Warrior. He's subsequently invited onto the Iron Bank of Braavos corporate board of directors. Why? Well, why not? Previously ostracized by the dozy Order of Maesters, Mad Scientist Qyburn, now The Head-Maester, will give birth in his laboratory to an Unholy Frankenstein Monster that looks not unlike the late unlamented Grand Maester Pycelle. In a flash of flaming light, a 200-hundred year old Melisandre, who's lady-bits are truly dark and full of terror, will give birth to an Unholy Shadow Creature that looks not unlike Stannis Baratheon; who it turns out didn't burn his daughter Shireen at the stake after all -- she was somehow switched with a look-a-like at the last moment, (just like Richard of The Tower in the White Queen/White Princess). She's deliriously happy and married to.... ....the prosperous Podrick Payne who's now the Lucius Vorenus-like Numero Uno Financial Genius Hoor-Maester of Westeros, having skilfully taken over management of all Petyr Baelish's plush "Houses of Joy", and is keeping himself busy skimming off the considerable profits -- with free benefits, naturally. Meera Reed will embark on a Lolita-like relationship with Ser Davos Seaworth that can only end in tears. Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen and his Auntie the Dragon Queen will finally be killed while defeating the New Night King and all his White Walker/Wight minions. Their daughter, Lyanna Targaryen; born on the battlefield by a dying Daenerys will be fostered at Casterly Rock by Hand of the Queen Tyrion Lannister who's disbanded the Small Council, which has now lost all credibility, (just like the entire show). When she hits sixteen they get married to wild acclaim, and unite the Seven Kingdoms by abolishing serfdom, lowering the voting age to twelve and establishing a democratic style of government. All the ex-serfs die due to the unfortunate collapse of agriculture and subsequent famine throughout Westeros. In an unforeseen development, democracy allowed them all the opportunity to go seek fame and fortune in Kings Landing -- resulting in no-one left out in rural areas to tug their forelocks; or till the fields and feed the cities. A kind of self-defeating poetic justice, I guess. Sansa Stark will be da Queen in da Norff. She marries a legitimized Gendry Baratheon and celebrates their happy union by executing the insufferable Lyanna Mormont for giving her lip: To the soundtrack of some dreary woman howling a discordant dirge, Sandor & Arya Clegane wistfully sail off "Into the West". They’re a medieval fantasy nightmare version of Hassan-e Sabbah & Aishwarya Rai (as Mira in The Last Legion). A bittersweet ending indeed. Camera cuts to a windswept wasteland of ice and snow…. ….a light-blue eye opens. THE END. (Honest Guvnor)
  3. Viewing blocked Photobucket pictures

    Same here..!!
  4. Billy Dango Shop Kit.

    It's an extremely well done scenic and I do agree; a couple of figures would set it off nicely.
  5. The Battle of Lubieszow

    A few quick snaps of the next "Shelf Diorama". I'll probably arrange the Polish Winged Hussars and their "Ottoman Turk" opponents on more of a slant so I get more use out of the mirror at the back of the cabinet -- shall decide on figure placements once I've sourced the correct size of wooden bases. Sorry for the atrocious photo quality; always difficult shooting into a cabinet while having to use the camera flash, but you'll get the general idea.
  6. The Battle of Lubieszow

    Naah, just a bad, er, typo.....
  7. The Battle of Lubieszow

    Cheers mate -- please be careful with that spring now....
  8. The Battle of Lubieszow

    Happy New Year to you too Bader
  9. The Battle of Lubieszow

    Cheers Gorby........glad you like it so far....
  10. The Battle of Lubieszow

    Try these links; https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=landsknecht+warfare&safe=active&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjCzMzu2LHYAhVJbFAKHZNvAvkQsAQIJw&biw=1366&bih=637 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Landsknechts-Men-at-Arms-Douglas-Miller/dp/0850452589/ref=pd_sim_14_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=2GKX2HMNPTV6TNTW1X4F https://www.amazon.co.uk/Landsknecht-Soldier-1486-1560-Warrior-Richards/dp/1841762431/ref=pd_sim_14_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=W3BVAEJP1P8020E27G84 http://www.landsknecht.com/html/history.html
  11. The Battle of Lubieszow took place on 17-Apr-1577 during a 2 year war between the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania and the semi-autonomous City of Gdansk (Danzig). Leaders of the citizenry had not recognized the election of Stefan Batory as king, because they feared the impact on their relative independence – Gdansk being one of the richest merchant city states on the shores of the Baltic. In August 1576 Batory marched to Malbork and started a process of isolating the rebel city from the surrounding countryside. In January he advanced on Tczew, and stormed the rebel defences of the fortress at Garabina, 15Km from Gdansk. This cut off the city by land, while ships were ordered to start a sea blockade. A Polish army of 1000 infantry and 1300 cavalry under command of hetman Jan Zborowski, faced a Gdansk army of 3100 German landsknechts, 400 mercenary reiter cavalry, 400 city cavalry, and 6000-8000 Gdansk militia; in total 10-12 thousand soldiers under the command of Hans Winckelburg von Kölln. The battle started with a cavalry attack. Polish-Hungarian Infantry captured a battery of Gdansk artillery, which was then turned around to fire at the rebel army. Wherever the hussars moved to attack, the Gdansk men fled. Polish Cavalry kept up the chase right to the Gdansk city gate. Gdansk losses amounted to 4400 dead, while the Commonwealth army lost 60 killed, 127 wounded. So, having an empty bottom shelf of a living room display cabinet to fill – plus a bunch of Landsknecht figures available, I decided to recreate the Gdansk rebel line from this, perhaps, obscure and forgotten battle. 24-Dec-2017 Existing space in the display cabinet was measured up, and I decided to go for the option of using two separate wooden diorama bases. This was to ease putting them into, (and out of), the cabinet. The basic groundwork was then laid over suitably sized cardboard formers. 26-Dec-2017 Once the basic groundwork had dried out, the diorama bases were then painted with cheap tube acrylics and the static grass added. With some color on the bases, I now got the chance to start playing around with figure locations. This little Gdansk burgher is one of my favorite figures included in the entire project. He's just the epitome of some dumpy self-righteous citizen who's pulled on Granddad's old suit of armor and ridden out the city gates with the German mercenaries -- to show them pesky Poles what's what! 27-Dec-2017 Getting all those figures embedded into the groundwork was a bit of a burgher as well, and took all day, but the time invested was worthwhile. 30-Dec-2017 So, having relocated some figures and straightening a few up a bit, here's where I'm at with this little project right now. (And another of my favorite figures center-stage in the first photo below). I'm going to leave it a day or two now, and once everything is completely dried out I'll get rid of the stray static grass strands, tidy it up a bit, and then put in some grass tufts and flowers, which will add some interest to an otherwise featureless couple of diorama bases. The entire object of the exercise was to fill up that bottom shelf with something to look at when there's nothing worth watching on TV and I reckon that goal's been pretty much attained. So much so, that I'm now considering doing something similar with the Polish Winged Hussars display that's sitting on that glass shelf just above it. We shall see. Hope other members looking in enjoy this as much as I did building it. Cheers H
  12. Elven Ice Maiden

    Thanks Vinnie, glad you like it. Got a new Spartan vignette coming up -- plus a Fantasy Roman diorama inspired by this Manfredi book. Still got a fair amount to do on a couple of the figures I'm going to use though, so they're both going to take a couple of weeks yet.
  13. Somewhere in Germany

    Excellent little scene! I love the photo of the Sherman from inside the ruined building.