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  1. Bodney Blue, eh? I just wandered through my build without even knowing a controversy existed. I think Yvan you're right - too much research can be a pain . Just to add to the debate, the blue I used (humbrol enamel) has 52 on the lid . Love the build, it's a great little kit.
  2. Revell BAe Hawk T1, Red Arrows

    (I got 4 pictures through. Is there more of use to me? Always happy to see more.) Sorry gw , I just assumed it was Gareth texting - he's been copying some of the missing pics to me for reference. I'd love to see the build - the texts read well. And it sounds like you did a masterpiece! If you get a chance to repost it'd be great. So sad to see so many great threads ruined. Such a wealth of information and expertise getting lost.
  3. Revell BAe Hawk T1, Red Arrows

    NO....!!! Another photo #uckit catastrophe! So sorry this is lost - it's exactly what I wanted. Any good threads that cover this kit - complete threads??? Especially the flaps mod.? I'm picking up some great text but the photo issue is so frustrating
  4. Lockheed T33A

    Looking forward to a bit of sunshine. Soon, surely! Spare time and bright daylight conditions together.. . that's the tricky part😎
  5. Lockheed T33A

    Getting pretty well up to where I'm supposed to be! I'm going to leave well alone on the canopy, for now anyway. I quite like my little red connection hose thing, and I lightened up those blue straps on the front seat. Glued the flap back on! And the port main leg cover...! Refitted the front wheel after it took the stub-axle off...!! Drilled out and new axle.... Funny ole cuppla days, really. I can see now, the faults in the shape of the F80 single seater comparing with this one - looks quite bloated or inflated. Obviously a completely different tooling. Had a message through from my club-mate Steven, who attended a model show on Sunday. He has only gone and got me what I was really fancying.... A Lockheed Constellation! MATS decor, in1/144 scale. Can't wait to get ahold of the box and have a look in...!
  6. P51-D Mustang, with added bling!

    She's looking great. Are you doing the big blue wrap around paint job on the nose, or just the anti-glare panel? Either way, you can paint over with no problems. Masking tape shouldn't be a problem either - I foiled the elevators and ailerons too, and then I wasn't so sure. ! Metal or fabric? I still don't know for sure, but they'll take paint if necessary . Great bit of foil work! And I'm glad you're enjoying the process
  7. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    Gotta watch this.....!
  8. Lockheed T33A

    Pleased to say, I've got some improvement on the canopy. I removed the crossbar and a little connection hose that I'd made that went down behind the rear seat. I have an old canopy from a Lindberg kit...(don't ask...!) that I tried 2000 grit paper on. To convince myself that it doesn't spell the end for a transparency! Then I tried the real thing. And the polishing/ rubbing compound. Even a little bit of physical removal around the blobby build up at the front. Then another round, and the outside as well. I need to refill the edges and refit, but it's in a much happier place than yesterday, and so am I! Much thanks goes out for the advice and support!! WoohooπŸ‘
  9. Lockheed T33A

    Trouble is, they're always in good condition when on the sprue. It's only when I start interfering that the trouble starts!! I'm going shopping tomorrow.
  10. Lockheed T33A

    I guess this is an Australian brand, so is it for restoration of the paint finish, to get the colour back up? I think I'd be looking for T-Cut in the UK. I get nervous around canopy transparencies - too many foul-ups to my name already. So learning how to cope with a crisis is going to be useful in building confidence!πŸ˜‚
  11. Lockheed T33A

    Right then, looks like I need to up my game as far as transparent pieces go! That's all good information - I didn't realise you could do so much to a clear canopy and get away with it. Interesting about the humidity effect too. πŸ‘
  12. Lockheed T33A

    Just run that past me again, f4u.! I've heard talk of micromesh polishing pads- brings the surface back to clear. Used it? Trouble is, all the mess up seems to be on the inside. I've had a clean up and done 2fairly light brush coats of kleer and it's certainly better than before, but I'm still not convinced I can pull it back. Hey ho....
  13. Lockheed T33A

    Well, bit of a major crisis with the canopy, I'm afraid! It started with a glue fingertip situation which I managed to scrape back fairly well, just left a faint blur on the outside. Dipped in Kleer and left to hang. Came back to find a big bulky mark around the low end. Somebody suggested Windowleene
  14. Some Foil on a Starfighter: Completed

    That is a classy build! She looks brilliant. 🌟😎🌟