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  1. Gardener's question time on Radio 4 might be able to throw some light on it. The roundels have taken a bit of weathering too. Any plans for scuffing em up a bit? ( I can produce that kinda look without even trying. #stickyfingers #owferf..)
  2. For the B57, that's a relief for me. That would have really stuffed their airbrakes though, wouldn't it! 😞 Doh...!
  3. Just 350 then!?! It would be quite dramatic to see your fuselage peeling away layer by layer in a 350mph slipstream .. Has anybody managed to keep one airworthy?
  4. You're only on page ten, and you've got the wings glued on. It's all over bar the shouting, I'd say....
  5. I suppose that stands to reason, thinking about the shape between the top of the well and the aerofoil shape the cover makes with the wing when closed. Loving the photos and details you're all working out! I just been looking around for a 1/72 Canberra kit, to have a go. Found nothing! Out of production?? Are yours all stashed from days of plenty?
  6. Wow! That photo is the Canberra you're modelling, right? Have you got the decal sheet that's represented in the pic?? THAT is something else. I'm not big on camouflage schemes, but that looks very nice.
  7. Ref. Input from a Canberra first timer - Doing my airfix Martin b57 in 1/48, I found that the drawings represent what I found out far better than the mouldings. Maybe they outsourced the graphics! I think they reckon on you guys sorting it out anyway, and others just making do with what they're given. The guide for me currently is" believe the drawings"
  8. ....seats look too chunky and generally a bit pants... Nope I'm not seeing that, me old Dolphin....
  9. You mean one of these? The ole mossies had a pretty harsh time of it out in the Pacific's jungle climate. Wood boring larvae, weevils, heat and humidity. Take more than a coat of paint, silver or otherwise, to keep that lot out! Vampire s fabulous little plane,though. Especially original nose/ single seaters. I'm getting an idea now...
  10. You're right Eric. As this was my "first contact " and where I started to work out how to put things on the site, I'm drawn back to it. But I need to move on. I started a thread on aircraft work in progress, and I can get to it by searching "EB 57B". Trying to get my abilities improved by practice! Seen some brilliant results with alclad , and your space stuff looks impressive results. I may give it a try one day. I seem to recall that the DH vampire had a fair amount of wood in its structure, so that would definitely need a bit of painting!
  11. Just getting towards completion of the airfix Martin B57 in 1/48, so well pleased to find this wee project. I think a lot of parts are shared, including 3 of the little fellows, and extra long bay doors!? You can always make a ventriloquist diorama thing. Good luck with the build, and make some extra space - the airframe is huge. If you search "EB57B" in wip you'll get my first effort at a thread, but I don't think you'll learn much from me!
  12. I KNOW! My dad worked at Shorts for decades - he must have been building the Canberras that were subcontracted there. Think I was too young to notice those, but I sure remember the Belfast s stooging around over head as I was going to school! That was some plane! MoD made an error of judgement there
  13. See what I mean? You just can't quite see what's going on up in there...
  14. A bit more progress, including having a go at making up a windscreen wiper for the front screen. I think it needs a little bit of enhancing. Some fun with the black line demarcation transfers on the wings. At one point I wished I'd never bothered! Bit of tidying required. Need to figure out the canopy raising mechanism, how the ram attaches to the canopy. Loads of pictures but it is hard to see exactly what's going on in there.
  15. Here's me showing off my picture posting abilities, with an update of progress on my B57B Canberra. In 1/48 scale, she's a beast! Certainly the biggest thing I've put together in plastic. Well on the way. Actually I'm a bit further on, now, and had a go at making a build thread in "work in progress". Dunno how to make a link to it, but searching for EB57B should bring it up.