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  1. You are certainly putting in the hard yards with this little tiddler Mr Hawkins. And you don't appear to live all that far from me. We local modellers from around these parts, Bathurst-Orange ( and a couple from Sydney who come up to clear their lungs!), have fairly regular Plonk'n'Plastic weekends - would you be interested in joining us for a very pleasant get-togther the next time we organise one?
  2. Just stunning and thanks for the interior 'unseens'. You should be really proud of that one.
  3. Great shots - brought back memories of my visit from Downunder back in 2011. Be still oh beating heart!!
  4. Now this is an interesting build and as I have one in the stash I will be following with interest. You are correct in that there are few references around but you have found the good one. I will be interested in what you do with the interior - I suspect that I will just put in a floor and some bulkheads as there is not much visibility there. Thanks for the clue about the cowling size - I do have a stash of Halifax cowlings to use but suspect I am too far away to send you a couple, hope someone local can help you.
  5. Really nice little Seahawk - clean and neat. That canopy has gone on particularly well and is so clear. The Attacker looks great as well.
  6. Lovely builds - both of them. I have the HP Mirage IIIO as well and occasionally open the box, give a shudder and carefully pop it back in the stash! You have done a wonderful job on this 'Milliput monster'. You are correct in that HP have captured the look of the plane really well. That AIrfix one looks great as well.
  7. Bummer about the dropped model - but all I can say is ; " call that cracking? - THIS is cracking!" What happened when I sprayed Tamiya Satin clear over Humbrol and White Ensign greens when it was a bit cool and the humidity was a bit high! And wait, there's more!! I have been able to very gently sand it all smooth and you will note that the decals are unaffected so these will be masked and some very careful repair painting will be done when the weather improves - probably in about three months' time!
  8. I was going to refer you to that video clip - I think it is German from my limited language skills ( anything French and I am fine, but, German . . kaput!). I-VALK was a one-off Mk6 and no reference to her film 'career' is made in Peter Amos' book. The clip does contain a couple of interesting interior shots for the super detailer. I also believe that the aircraft were painted silver as the fuselage was plywood, so no weathering chips! Must check the wing construction - might have been metal. When judging competitions containing chipped Mosquitos ( apart from the nacelles of course) I just love dressing down the ignorant modeller, gently anyway. And if your wallet took a caning buying the Miles book, just spare a thought for us in the Antipodes where postage costs almost as much as the book - that one cost me $A92 which is about £55! and I am an Air Britain member! The Aerovan cost $A41 including postage from the Ukraine, about £26 - much cheaper than Hannants. I think the book weighed a bit more than the kit though - about a hundred times more I suspect - ha ha! I know that the Aerovans were pretty boring, although the Dutch one is nice in dark blue and silver, but at least the Miles Hawks and Geminis were colourful.
  9. Hi Paul - this is proving to be interesting! Yup, the Siveright planes were certainly camera-shy andI agree that interpretation of colours from B&W images is fraught at the best of times, and then matching photos to airframes just as difficult! I have the latest Peter Amos "Miles Aircraft - the Post-war Years" from Air Britain, some of the images appearing in their ABIX site and there are two images which certainly indicate a painted white or pale cream finish. One is on page 121 of G-AJZG on 24/9/47 a Culliford AIrlines in B&W and I reckon it is definitely white as the oleo and spinners are definitely metal and a different shade, and then on the accompanying image file CD there is a colour shot of G-AILC from above in a creamy-white finish with red lightning flash. Now this one went to Spain but proves that some were painted a white/cream colour. In the book itself on page 115 the same aircraft is shown in B&W and , while the fuselage looks pale , the underside of the wing could be painted silver - aarrgghh! I might just 'bite the bullet' and do my Culliford one in white anyhoo. Thanks for the correspondence, it all makes this hobby interesting!
  10. Good advice all round Colin, thank you. I used a brand new blade and just ran it around all parts as I had a seam on every bit! The plastic is indeed easy to work and the reason I fed the carpet monster was that I knocked the wee box containing all the seat parts off the bench! Pure clumsiness on my behalf. Found all but 3 seat tops but they are easy enough to reproduce with HSS. You finish one project before starting another! Amazing self control - I have 27 started kits which I wander between as the mood strikes. Many are close to painting but our climate is not conducive to spraying at the moment. While I was born just along the coast from you in Hastings, I have lived for forty years in a city 700m above sea level in central NSW, famous for its 1000km car race each October, and its monster fogs in winter. Morning temps are often well below zero for four months of the year ( like now) and fogs may not lift until late morning , humidity is higher than my spray-gun likes so I tend to build all winter and paint and finish in summer, although smaller stuff I don't mind hairy-stick painting.
  11. Hi Paul, there are several colour images of the Sivewright aircraft and they are definitely white, or a creamy-white anyway, with red lightning stripes, but I agree that the others are silver, whether painted or 'au naturelle' is debatable.
  12. Warning... Will Robinson .. warning! Have started mine and this is no Tamigawafix kit. Lots of dry-fitting and sanding and testing and I suspect its a Milliput eater in places. THe sprue gates are also a problem and every piece (on mine anyway) has a fine bead of a seam to clean up. Seats are a nightmare - five pieces EACH and there are eight of them ; carpet monster is currently digesting three of the forty teeny-wheeny bits. Strongly suggest cutting the parts off in a plastic bag. Will post some shots on the Aircraft forum when I get around to it.
  13. That looks really nice, smooth and beautifully finished.
  14. Welcome back to the fold - these look absolutely terrific - well done. They look smooth enough to me but I do know what you mean about embedded dust, a real headache.
  15. That's a very nice looking Hunter - well done!