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  1. 1/350 IJN Maya with Flyhawk

    The gaps amidships are now gone, and the most of the putty work doesn't look too shabby. I sprayed a couple coats of primer to look for any imperfections, and I think it checks out. Painting the linoleum deck and hull red is next, then I'll mask the deck & waterline and lay down the IJN gray. I've seen people gluing on the brass strips, but I think the kit's detail isn't too bad so I'll attempt to paint the raised detail that's already there. AK's true metal, a small brush and some masking should do the trick.
  2. 1/350 IJN Maya with Flyhawk

    It would seem adding the PE requires some figuring out anyway, as Flyhawk's instructions are pretty terrible.. But like I said, I'm not hellbent on using ALL the PE, just most of it. I never realized Myoko and Takao share a hull, is it identical for the two classes?
  3. 1/350 IJN Maya with Flyhawk

    The hull is soon ready for primer. Degaussing cable and anchors are on, and all the pesky gaps have been filled. Some PE hatches and such are still going onto the deck before paint. I actually messed up a bit by gluing some of the fwd deck vents etc. It will probably be a pain to mask... My current philosophy is not to go crazy with PE, but to use the kit's parts wherever the etch doesn't add to the looks. However so far I've found Flyhawk's PE to be excellent and surprisingly easy to work with. Here's how she looks at the moment:
  4. 1/350 IJN Maya with Flyhawk

    I think the only upgrade was adding the PE, and I think I've solved the mystery of the sprues. It seems Aoshima just didn't bother/think it was necessary to make custom sprues for the Maya, instead they used mostly Takao sprues and just threw in whatever they needed from other IJN kits. Since the Maya was the only upgraded Takao class cruiser, there are some exclusive sprues to the Maya, but mostly it's sort of a kitbash. Progress is being made and more pics soon!
  5. 1/350 IJN Maya with Flyhawk

    Some work on the hull has started, I joined the halves, drilled the portholes and glued on the torpedo bulges. Propshafts revealed some weird stuff going on with the kit, there seems to be quite a bit of stuff in the box that doesn't belong there! Insteuctions state to use D19/D20 & I3/I4 for shafts: However there seems to be a lot more shafts! 2 sprues titled Myoko with a total of 8 more shafts! There are in total 4 Myoko sprues and 3 "Kongo weapons" sprues in the kit! The sprues with the right shafts are titled Takao, but I suspect that's just Aoshima using the Takao tooling. Mysterious Myoko propshafts:
  6. It's time to start work on my second ship build! My first venture into maritime modeling was Academy's rather lovely Warspite which I built with Pontos' wooden deck and minimal PE (railings and what Pontos included with the deck). Boldened by what I consider a success I might have gone a bit mad, ordering Aoshima's IJN Maya and topping it off with Flyhawk's PE set. I have to admit the amount of brass is very intimidating... So dear shipnerds, any advice on that front, can I make do with CA or should I look into soldering? Box and contents. The scary box! Packaging looks impressive, I'm liking it! Painting instructions seem clear enough, will probably need to get some more references for the rigging. The kit came with some PE too, Aoshima's catapult deck (top) compared to Flyhawk's (bottom). Flyhawk will be used. Even more etch.. Some clear parts for what looks to be the bridge. Not sure if these are usable with the Flyhawk set, or would even look good... Weird rubber degaussing cable, looks like a pain to be honest. I might have to look for PE to replace these I think... And that's it for now ladies and gentlemen! Expect pace on the build as I need to learn on the job.
  7. I can't speak for others, but I'm cheap and sprue is free.
  8. Yeah, it's the kit's stand. I thought it looked pretty ok so I went with it.
  9. Very nice indeed, especially for your first ship model. I just built Zvezda's Kursk and yours looks pretty similar, apart from the decal sheets. Zvezda's kit didn't have decals for the centerbody load lines, but did include decals for the bad weather windows' white borders which I did like. Looking forward to seeing more ships from you.
  10. K-141 Kursk 1/350

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm not too upset about the mistakes, my friend loved it and it looks great in his bookshelf!
  11. CVL22 "Independence" 1943

    Outstanding job! It really does look alive with all the action on the flightdeck. I'm always amazed with how good dioramas people make, and this is no exception.
  12. Built this as a gift for a friend who's a fan of Russian nuclear subs. This is also the first model I've painted with airbrush. The airbrush itself is a cheap single action kit with everything included, probably not the best but it got the job done and I figured it's good for learning the craft. The kit itself is made by Zvezda and was actually pretty good considering the price. The hull halves only had 4 aligning tabs so that was a bit of a pain. I also added some styrene rod for detail in the open missile bay, as it was very bare before that. I painted using Vallejo's primer and diluted Vallejo model color as I have a lot of those. I did some preshding with black and then painted the upper half with Vallejo black gray. Added some highlights with a mix of black gray and dark sea gray. The bottom is cavalry brown which I think serves as an excellent, not too dark hull red. For the screws I used AK's true metal gold. Lastly I sealed it up with matt varnish. The stand is paulownia wood with a couple coats of dark oil. The kit's own stand was really unattractive so that wasn't an option. My only grief with the build is the uneven white stripe, and that I remembered to paint it only after adding the decals so I managed to tear some with masking tape...
  13. Thank you! Yea, I have no idea how many hours I've spent on her, and I definetly am proud of the result. Of course this forum and others set the bar pretty high, but I try not to compare my own build to others too much. I had a really great time building this one, and I'm hyped for my next build! Going to build K-141 Kursk as a christmas gift for a friend of mine.
  14. I found the detail so poor that I didn't want to include it, felt like it ruined the look. Especially the wing struts were massively out of scale, but maybe I'll scratch build those some day or get some aftermarket parts if those are available.
  15. To be fair I had two testbenches to practice on!