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  1. You mean this massive part on the controls for the observer? It was an interesting few minutes from clipping to sticking
  2. Hi max I guess I could but I'm conscious of the whole nacelle pinging open. I had to super glue the back of the nacelle to keep everything in place. I will have a think to see whether it's do-abke and worth the effort. Chicken, me? Too right
  3. The things you can get done when you're off work for a week, your son is off nursery for a week and decides to sleep in and then has an afternoon nap for 2 hours! We have paint. As usual for me, there are quite a few photos. Hope you enjoy So I decided to give the 70 and 71 a try just to see what it would cone out like. I don't think the colours are the most accurate in the world but there's so much variation it will pass. Here we are with the 71 applied by hairy stick and marked out ready for the 71. The 71 actually took around 5 coats to get a solid colour. And on with the 70 A bit closer Tape removed which leaves really nice demarcation of the camouflage patterns with surprisingly very little "leakage" A few little areas needed touching up mostly on the 65 but nothing major. Seems to have helped me going over the tape with a cotton bud to really get the tape down especially into the panel lines. The nose area which is to be covered with the Sharkmouth if it plays ball Underneath showing the 65 She's been sat like this all afternoon waiting for stickers The wife is making a cake tonight for a wedding and if I can get my son to bed I can get cracking with the stickers. Exciting or what! Update will probably come tomorrow as I'm flying through the build this week. Not so much next week, back to the grind.
  4. Hi Jens Yes I realised a bit too late to dig the filler out. It's towards the rear of the wing anyway so I can live with it. I will know for the next one I build. Thanks for the comments though. Cheers
  5. Ha ha no chance. I've got problems with a 110 I'm building.....
  6. That's great Max , thank you. I've bit the bullet and given her a coat of 71. Think it might be ok. If I don't like it I will just spray her black and do the other version instead!
  7. Thanks matteo. I have a query regarding colours for the upper surfaces and fuselage. The eduard guide shows 70 over 71 but these colours appear to be completely different out of the bottle compared to the guide. 71 is dark green with 70 being black green. The colours seem much paler in the eduard guide with the 71 being a grey green rather than a green green. Can anyone offer any advice as to what the colours should be please? Pics added. Ignore the scruffyness of this it's only had a quick paint to check the colour And the eduard guide Google shows all sorts of different variations of green so that doesn't really help. Or does it?
  8. Thanks max. Thanks Martian. She's scrubbed up even better this morning. Whilst the little one was sleeping the primer got sanded down and polished. Looks rather spiffing if I don't day so myself. Thanks Sean. Pete thank you. Appreciate the kinds words. It's the first kit I've tackled like this and it's actually really good fun. Do It! Do it! Do it! Bonkers is good!!!
  9. Hi chaps Right, here we go with more progress. Managed to get some time this evening whilst my youngest was having a snooze. Doubt I will get any time this evening as he's showing no signs whatsoever of wanting to go to sleep! Following on from the tail being held in place last night along with the wings, the gaps weren't too bad. I gave some thought to using shims but tried something a little different. Using some tape to protect the detail on the wings I ran this along the edge of the gaps and smoothed on some filler. The tape would protect the detail underneath when sanding and it worked quite nicely. here we are after sanding and tape was removed. It was time for primer to see what work needed to be done on those pesky seams. There was some work but surprisingly little. The work on the nose paid dividends and only a small amount of additional work was needed. I used the part of the closed canopy for masking as it was quite tricky to mask the whole lot with the open canopy in situ. The wing root joint. Quite good The other engine The nose section which had a massive step And the opposite side The rear of the observers position Panel line needed but blends in ok Small bits of filler applied to the areas where more work needed. I deliberately kept this thin rather than just blobbing on. Technical tonight aren't I! Sanded down and primer curing Panel lines have been added to the engines and observers position. Next step RLM65. I know it should be 76 but 65 shouldn't look too different. I hope. Have a good evening guys
  10. Looking great Sean! Shame me the cross had a bit of a wobble but you seem to have saved it well.
  11. Alistair, Chris, max, thank you for the links and the pictures. Alistair, that sure is a radical way indeed! Love it.
  12. Thanks Martian. It does seem unusual for a modern kit to have so many issues. That is interesting Max. There are clearly issues aren't there, and not little niggly ones either. I assume the moulds are the same for the G and the C? Out of interest, how does the nose line up on your kit? Cheers
  13. Thanks martian. It does make me wonder whether it's more me than the kit. To be fair I don't think it is but it does make me wonder somewhat.
  14. Thank you @Ade Hope you pick it up again and we get to see the finished article
  15. Managed to miss all this somehow. Your work looks great! I'm off to start at page 1!