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  1. What you mean like running round shouting NEEEEEEEOOOOOWWWWW isn't manly? Oh eck!
  2. Evening guys Wanted to share some more work has been done. She has now been buttoned up, clamps and elastic bands have been removed and the fit was good with the exception of a slight step between the cockpit and the mid upper turret and the nose underneath the front turret. Didn't take any further photos but have filled all along the seams and sanded down. Splashed some paint over the seams to see what they look like and they appear OK. Don't think I will need any more filler or sanding. The front turret doesn't look straight but it's in and I can't see how it can't be. It just slots into a square piece. I've also noticed that the bomb bay hasn't quite sat right along the length of the fuselage when joined and is slightly squiffy. It didn't seem to sit in the ledge that was in there and didn't notice until I was sanding everything down. I'm not going to open everything back up to resolve it as it's only slight and once the bomb bay doors are on it won't be noticeable. And blacks a good colour to hide mistakes.. ... Here's where I'm at this evening seams sanded and the paint along the seams has been applied. And a side shot of her on the stand. She's massive and it looks great so far. Looking forward to getting some proper paint on! I'm tempted to do her in flight but I don't usually model flying aircraft. What do you guys reckon? Yay or nay?
  3. Come to think of they do seem a bit long. Hadn't really noticed until you just pointed it out. Let me see what I can do to make then look better
  4. So work continues on this big bird. Started working on the front turret. Italeri well placed ejector marks strike again. These were filled with a smidge of filler and sanded flat. This part actually holds the turret in place within the nose so it was painted black and inserted. However, after building the turret including the glazing I found that the turret was too large to just fit into place. I had to remove some of the mounting ring as per the below Not overly ideal but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Means I can't rotate the turret but I wouldn't want to anyway as it's quite fragile. Here's the turret masked and in situ. It wasn't until after building and painting the turret that I realised the inside should be aluminium and not black. I can live with it for now. You will notice the glazing doesn't fit the back properly. Try as I might I couldn't get it to sit right but given the fact that this is behind the nose section anyway I can live with it. Next up was to finish the internals. I added the rest of the bits towards the back of the aircraft that will be seen through the rear access door which I will model open. And with this the internals were done. Quickly.put together the mid upper turret and left the glazing off to make painting easier. I will add it once painted up as a final touch. And on with getting her buttoned up. And here she lies tonight drying like a beached whale. She's massive!!!! Bit of a problem area with the front but the rest seems to have joined like a dream. We will see when she's dry in a day or two.
  5. Just had a look and I'd say 6 or 26. Little Bit different.
  6. Quite a bit more done. Fuselage halves have been painted interior green and aluminium. I've found an old can of aluminium spray paint and so used that. Quite like how shiny it is, shame it won't be noticeable once the halves are joined though. Here it is with a dark dirt Flory wash Whilst that was drying the floor along the lengthy of the aircraft got a brown ink wash once the cockpit had been glued in place. Windows hadnt been added yet but couldn't resist a quick dry fit to see how the cockpit would look in situ. Looks like the map is going to be visible! Hooray. With that done the Flory was dry and this was removed using damp cotton wool. I've left it darker than usual as I'm hoping some of it will be visible through the rear access door. Now it was time for the windows. The instructions show to use part number 13 for the oval windows however there aren't enough 13's and therefore i had to make up the rest using the other similar sized windows. Just so happened they were the right ones so Italeri must have messed up the numbering on the instructions. Anyway all windows in using PVA both inside and outside to make sure they are well stuck and not going to fall in! They aren't that transparent its like looking thriugh glasses that arent yours but they will do. Hope the canopy is clearer. Cockpit and internals stuck in place and now working on the front turret. The build seems to be progressing rather quickly! Oh. Test fit of the fuselage done and it's pretty bang on. Which is always nice.
  7. Hi all Had a good few hours on the Stirling yesterday and a cheeky hour this morning whilst everyone was in bed. Managed to get quite a bit more done and it's looking quite good. Once again the ejector marks were a pain and I spent a fair while trying to clean up the ones in the fuselage sides only to find they can't be seen once she's closed up! However, here's an update. First up I came up with a solution for those horrible pin marks in the middle of the bomb bay. I didn't have anything to hand to sand them out so I got a piece of plastic from a milk bottle, trimmed squares to shape and used PVA glue to attach. Here's the result Here it is along it's length. Admittedly these are shallower than their counterparts but once the bombs have been fitted and everything has been painted black I don't foresee any problems with how they look. Next up was cutting the windows from the fuselage sides. Quite why Italeri have you cutting these out is beyond me but I can only assume they use the same fuselage for the Mk IV glider tug? Anyway here's what they have you do All windows removed. And the scruffy result on the other side All cleaned up ready for painting the interior green and aluminium. Wash and the rest of the internals to fit and then the windows can go in. More to follow.
  8. Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    Actually if I start cleaning the flash I should just be about done by the time the GB starts..... I'm sure I can hold off. I have a couple of other bits to do first! Now where did I put that Stirling.. ....
  9. Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    Do you know what I looked everywhere for that! Cheers mate. Count me in then please guys! Just now need to hold off wanting to make a start!!!!!
  10. Man they must look awesome! Good luck with the rest of the builds. I shall follow along if that's OK with you?
  11. Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB

    I've had my eye on building a 262 for a while and here's the perfect chance! Can you count me in please chaps? Not sure with what yet but I will pick one up in the New Year!
  12. Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    Nice idea. The only thing I could possibly have for this build, and I need you guys to help me out if you would, is an Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Vb A12005A boxing which I'm led to believe is a release from 2013 but was originally produced from the1970 Spitfire Mk 1. Question is, would this count? The amount of flash would suggest it's an old kit. Here's hoping as would be good to get involved with this one. If not I will just have to get it built anyways.
  13. How many Where on earth do you put all those once they are built? Enjoying keeping up with your progress Beard. The variety in marks you build is really interesting.