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  1. So after breaking off the flap guide once again.... I decided to replace them with brass... Sculpted the guide in brass rod: And then soldered a bit of brass sheet to the end hidden inside the wing: Cleaned up the over-solder and did a bit more sculpting: Glued in place with epoxy: I'll let the epoxy cure over night and then clean it up a bit... Thanks Martian for the sage advice.. too true.. like my basement.. the clutter does grow to fill the available space... Keith, I am glad to know that there are others out there who work in a "messy" environment.. Reminds me of an old carton, where a scientist is showing someone around his lab and the gentleman comments on the mess. The scientist says "If you think this is bad you should see the inside of my head!" Cheers, Terry
  2. Thank you for the detailed descriptions of your build process. It is wonderful to see how you tackle the challenges. I may never build these exact aircraft but the way you go about it is fascinating and instructive.
  3. Thanks Martian and Keith for the kind words and support. I seem to be at a bit of a low point, struggling to get over a hump and move on! So... back at the bench and after a couple of days of sanding and filling I managed to knock off one of the Fowler flap guides that protrude at the aft end of the flaps.. this makes about the third time that I have managed to remove one of them. They have been replaced at least twice with carved sprew... Sigh.. What I decided that I have learned from this experience, is one, I should seriously consider replacing all of these protruding bits with brass firmly anchored to the airframe. Like I have done with the pitot tube and antenna mast, and two... that my work space was way too cluttered and that added to my problems.. I admit to being rather a messy creator, (you should see the inside of my head!) but I am starting to see the benefits of have room to swing a cat! (without knocking off the sticky-out bits!) So as a general first step in the campaign to ORGANIZE MY WORKSPACE, I decided to build a set of shelves for the paint and other jars of stuff. Scrounging some peg board and slats of various woods I set to work. Room is at a premium in my shop that does double duty as a woodshop (god help me when I start painting the crikey!), so I tried to fit the shelving into the existing space. A couple of coats of paint ,( the weather has improved), and here I am today... Doesn't that work space look lovely... Like Paul Budzik's! HA! Of course now I have to clutter it up with all the stuff that was there before and is now on the table saw! So that is what I have been doing .... model avoidance on a large though thoroughly rationalized scale!... But I did build something! (felt good!) I think that I needed to take a bit of a breather in the build and gain some perspective... It's not going to be perfect... but that's is not the point!!! I will see if I can keep my eye on the prize and soldier on! Thanks for your patience and understanding! Terry I forgot to add that it felt so good to do some work today that I treated myself to: I usually lean toward stouts and porters, but one of our local brewers has come out with a pilsner that is quite tasty. A little hoppy but you can get away from hops and live in the Northwest!.. Cheers you guys, Hope your modeling is progressing nicely!
  4. Beautiful delicate work! A fun build to watch. Like a butterfly being born. Thank you for sharing your work. Terry
  5. Another interesting project! I shall just sit in the back here and learn something! Looks like a wonderful opportunity for a bit of brass work!
  6. Back to our regularly scheduled program.... Life does seem to get in the way sometimes... I just set the radio access door in place (sort of) and gave it all a shot of primer. I have been working on the gun camera trying to get the shape right... Also I used strips of Tamiya tape to represent the reinforcing on the fuel tanks.. I gave the strips of tape a brushing of Mr Surfacer to try to soften their edges.. Good to be back at the workbench... hope to make some progress toward completion.. Cheers Terry
  7. When I was in school in Birmingham, when I was 12, we had houses with the names of the royal lineages..Stewart, Tudor, etc. Being a Yank, they didn't know what to do with me and stuck me in Plantagenet. I had no clue... but corporal punishment was new!
  8. Nice work Tony! Nothing like a little metal work to get the juices flowing! I think that I need to follow your lead and make a list for me Whirlwind to bring the goal into focus. Terry
  9. Baron, have you seen these? http://www.micromark.com/Marking-Rule-6-Inch Just more tool lust. Terry
  10. Thank you Baron for that poem. Here in the bright sun it is like peering into a dark and cool forest glade. Sad perhaps but those were the times. So emergency ladder for exit via the roof in case of a water landing or some other dire occasion that would make opening the rear doors in advisable. It's always educational here! Terry
  11. Fascinating methods! A real pleasure to see how you build this model! Terry
  12. Lovely clean work Martian, something I can only hope to strive for! These rotary wing things are quite fascinating but rather intimidating what with all the complex stuff that you get to create! You make it look easy. Terry
  13. I will tag alone too if I may. I have the Airfix 1:72 kit. Love the look of this ship! Terry
  14. Looking great Tony. After you paint the ceiling what glue do you use to attach the oxygen tanks? Just wondering for my own edification. Terry