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  1. P-38 Lightning 1/72 (Dragon)

    Nice one, top job on the tires especially
  2. Superb finish, lovely weathering. How did you do the smoke effects if you don't mind me asking? Really good.
  3. Perfection to my eyes, inspirational 109!
  4. Airfix 1/72 Dornier 17z

    Great finish, now I've seen yours just realised I've gone and forgotten to paint the spinners red on my recent build! There's always something to go back and correct...
  5. Love it and really nice to see what I think is one of the best named aircraft of ww2
  6. Any kit that restores the mojo is a good kit in my mind, really nice spitfire you have there!
  7. Nice rigging, I've got one of these on the stash but somewhat intimidated by the rigging. Tried EZ line on an ICM I-153 recently but I might go with fishing line next time
  8. Do-17z

    Great finish, just completed this one myself, that complex interior was a bit stressful but it's a lovely kit 😀
  9. Sure, for all 5 models it's all Vallejo Model Air sprayed through Iwata TRN1
  10. 1/72 Russian B-25J

    Lovely job, you have put some major effort into this old kit, great result
  11. I would be careful with the interior, it's complex and unusual (to me). Like a lot of modern Airfix kits, there are some tight fits so painting the parts first might cause issues. But no faults with the kit that I could see, its very well engineered
  12. Been working on these on and off for about 7-8 months, pleased with results overall. All Airfix, it's 75th Anniversary box and a cheeky Dornier which I had to add as there was a spare place on the stand which I sprayed black and painted the little Airfix logo . Heinkel fuselage windows were a pain in the.... Dornier was a lovely build but daunting, not a beginners Airfix kit in my mind. No issues on the other kits. Nice to not have to fiddle with undercarriage for a change! Might go back and add some more weathering at some point but moved onto a B-29 now...
  13. +1 on the tea van, love it! Nice addition to a brilliant model.
  14. 1/72 Bf 109G-6AS

    Really, really good....
  15. sunken plane wreck on Palau identification?

    I'd go with Jake as well, looking at fuselage join with the flaps. Looks very Jake-ish....