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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your results, Thierry!! I'm sure it will be up to your usual (exemplary) standards.. Cheers, H
  2. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Thank you for your kind comments ,chaps! I'm glad you like! Hannes, congrats on your new arrival....you'll have a garage full of Fiats soon lol! Cheers, H
  3. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    That is STUNNING!!!!!! Cheers, H
  4. MASERATI 250F Scratch Build

    Lovely stuff, Frank!! Cheers, H
  5. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    I think I've sussed-out what the "holes" are, chaps. I knew I had seen markings like this before from viewing building plans throughout my career. Then I had the eureka moment....vents! Most probably louvres, or maybe slots. Cheers, H
  6. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    I like to think that I can make anything out of nothing ( no, sorry, thats the ex-wife lol), but my painting skills are zero....I've screwed-up many a model when paint gets involved, Stunning paintwork Mr Nuts! Good job, Sir!! Cheers, H She's gonna be a stunna!!
  7. Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Olivier, I have to say, yet again, you have created THE FITRST, true replica of a very enigmatic piece of history. I truly doff my cap in your direction,Sir!!! Your tenacity in reaching this goal has been admirable.....and to bloody good effect! BE PROUD!!!! Cheers, H
  8. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Good morning to all! I hope you chaps had an enjoyable weekend! I am honoured by your kind words "Master" C! If my work serves to inspire just one person to take the plunge and try scratchbuilding anything, then I will be a happy chappy! Ok then...on to the fuel tank support (well, my interpretation from the drawings). For this, I used 2,5mm square brass tube from Albion Alloys..... Into the top of this, I cut a 0,5mm slot with a piece of hack-saw blade in a pin-vice... ....and bracing plates added... ....and soldered in place. I now have a question...There is a plate on both sides of the support structure ( merciless enlargements of drawing 2E -the blueprint-confirm this fact). However, on the plan view, the plates are drawn with alternating solid and broken lines (highlighted in orange). What would be the signification of this detail??? My own interpretation of this is plates with holes, to reduce weight and maintain rigidity. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Your thoughts would be most welcome. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching, chaps. Cheers, H
  9. Beau-ti-ful!!! This is going to be stunning, Thierry. I like it very much indeed! How do you plan to do the logo's...by hand or on the mill? Cheers, H
  10. Beautiful work, Hannes...as are the photos!! I like it very much!!!! Cheers, H
  11. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    I'll drink to that Mr C! (yes, I think I might be a bit ....but it's fun!!!) Thank you for your kind comments. Cheers, H
  12. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Thanks lads! I'm so glad you continue to enjoy! A BIG to you all! The next step will be to fabricate the support structure for the front of the fuel tank. Cheers, H
  13. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Thank you for your kind words, Sam! Ok then chaps, a small update in the proceedings for your perusal. The support beams were formed from 0,5mm nickel-silver. First, I annealed by heating with a torch until glowing red as this stuff is very hard, cut into strips with scissors and then bent in the vice with a small hammer. Once cut to size and shape, they were then soldered to the rear cross beam. A piece of 2,5mm square brass tube was then soldered in place to keep the structure nice and stiff. After this, I drilled the chassis legs and corresponding holes in the 2 pieces from the previous update and inserted M1 threaded bar, fixed in place with 2-part epoxy. Everything now slots together perfectly! That's all for now folks, I hope you enjoy!! Thanks for watching. Cheers, H
  14. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Many thanks, gentlemen, for your kind words...they are very much appreciated!! Cheers, H