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  1. LIke all of the above comments, it is good to see this little known but important to any WW2 British collection aircraft, in a plastic context at an affordable price.
  2. Airfix Wimpy for 2018

    I have been wanting to do a Wellington 1c of 75 (NZ) sqdn. In particular, the aircraft of Ward VC. The MPM was going to be the first choice, but now the Airfix offering is a much better option. It would also be good if Airfix could also do a GR Mk. VIII variant that was used as a torpedo bomber operating from Malta during 1942 in 221 and 38 sqdns. Lastly, a little more effort could produce a Vickers Warwick in both as a ASR Mk.I and a GSR Mk.II/Mk.V. I hope Airfix is listening?
  3. Hi Steve, I got one especially made. John got it done at the printers as part of a special run. But if you request same, I am sure John can do this again having already produced one.
  4. The Hasegawa kit is a very good base from which to do Trigg's aircraft. Responding to the last post - I am currently researching his aircraft and it is not easy finding out about this aircraft in terms of did it have a Leigh light and radome? I have since found out that the Liberator Mk.III were not fitted to such aircraft until early 1944, and Trigg's action occurred August 1943. This was the first time that he flew a Liberator. The same may also apply to the radome? I have seen a 1/72 model of Trigg's plane with the Leigh light fitted, on line. I have however, a decal set of his plane made specially by Old Model Decals - a New Zealand specialising in Kiwi aircraft decals. If anyone is interested in this decal sheet, I can pass on contact details
  5. Spitfire mk XII

    For any manufacturer of 1/72 scale aircraft out there - a decent spitfire Mk.XII in 1/72 scale would be very welcome. With a lot of recent spitfire models in this scale coming onto the market mainly through AZ Models, Eduard and others, we do not have a good spitfire Mk.XII. To the best of my knowledge, this is really the last main operational variant that requires to be produced in 1/72 scale. I hope soon that this gap in the market will be filled.
  6. Since the demise of Aviation Usk and then Xotic, the increasing rarity of their kits has seen the price increase significantly such as the Fiat RS 14 which has gone from about NZ$30 to NZ$240 currently on Ebay, as an example. I have the greater majority of their subject matter but still in the market for those that I do not have. They filled a lot of the market niches at that time and even now there are no other options. To see these models on the market again would be great. I hope someone does manage to eventually do this.
  7. Dornier 217K/M

    Hi Guys - thanks for the informative and creative ways to attack a demanding aspect of the 217K/M. No easy answer for this except stop modelling the Luftwaffe in 1/72. But we all love a challenge and I look forward to the task ahead.
  8. Two-Stage Mosquito announcement

    To finally see good quality Mk. IX's and Mk. XVI's plus others is great. The modelling community of 1/72 WW2 has long waited for this important gap to be filled and other have commented that this will be a real winner for Special Hobby and I agree. Hasegawa has missed the opportunity to do this after issuing a number of Mk.IV's and Mk. VI's. I hope they are on the market soon.
  9. Dornier 217K/M

    I have a an older Italeri Do 217 K-2 and a more recent 217 M-1 in the cupboard. Both aircraft have a extensive frontal canopy that comprises of a number of smaller panels, so it is a challenge to mask. I know there was an Eduard mask for the Do 217k in earlier times but these are almost impossible to track down as it was discontinued some time ago. If there persons out there who can pass on some experience on how to approach this, much appreciated.
  10. The Vintage Aviator Hangar, Masterton NZ

    Hi all. I have the pleasure of living in Masterton and as TVAL has open weekends over summer I get to view the aircraft regularly, as well as occasionally seeing them flying over head. Last Sunday while walking the dog's near the airport I saw two S.E.5a's flying in formation with a Tiger moth. I never get tried of seeing them. Rumour has it that Sir Peter Jackson is building a Handley-Page 400. If so it will be based at Masterton when finished.
  11. Maybe of Interest to Mosquito Fans

    I have always wanted to do a decent Mk, IX and XVI in 1/72 scale and now using the Tamiya kits as the base good things are now possible. Of particular interest to me as an RNZAF modeller is the chance to do the Mk.XXX in the markings of 488 squadron which was a kiwi mossie squadron.
  12. Roden Fokker Triplane - Green Camouflage

    Hi Guys, many thanks for your replies. The Gunsight Graphics decals which did come out in 1/32 scale would be great but it seems they are no longer available unless they appear on the second-hand market. If there is anyone out there who know where these can be obtained please advise. The other approaches are also good especially the use of several colours blended to produce a stunning effect.
  13. Roden Fokker Triplane - Green Camouflage

    I am about to start the Roden 1/32 Fokker Triplane and want to do the green wash camouflage for the fuselage and upper wing surfaces that was found on many Triplanes. I have come across some ideas for doing this but I am keen to hear other modellers opinions and experiences on this?
  14. new-tool 1/72 Airfix B-25C/D...yeehaw!

    The final 1/72 scale B-25 frontier. It is great to see the C/D version in a modern guise. Beats the old Italeri model.
  15. New Bristol Beaufighter from Revell scale 1/48

    I agree with these comments. A new Beaufighter TF Mk.X in both the standard and thimble nose options would be great. Being an RNZAF modeller, the ability to do both options for 489 Squadron is a welcome opportunity, especially, as the present option details a detailed interior even if you can find one to buy. I hope the aftermarket people are also reading this.