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  1. I'm glad you all are my work. The colors are as follows: Model Master French Light Blue Grey , Model Master French Dark Blue Grey , Model Master 1713 Medium Green, Humbrol 98 Chocolate.
  2. Excelent work, Fuad. I am impressed. Regards.
  3. I worked this model completely in the spirit of the old school. I wanted to be something like an old model - an old school. Here's the picture . Enjoy.
  4. The summer edition called MIG-15 is over. Models for rest and relaxation, everyone well-known. In my work, I only had a problem with Techmod (TRASH) decals. Even though they are subsequently coated with a decal film, they are decomposing themselves in water and do not suffer any kind of decoys. So the number 40 on the models was as good as it is. Less silvering is seen on the shelves than in the paintings, but what is there. The colors are Humbrol 93 and 105 above, Model Model 2123 is below. I do not blunt anymore, here's the picture. Regards.
  5. This model is my summer relaxation project. Probably the great majority known, it's easy to work, but it's very pretty when it's over. This is one of my favorite planes, because I love the Cold War aviation, as well as all the jets in general. Currently, I'm finishing the MIG-15 BIS of the same manufacturer, Here's the picture . Enjoy.
  6. 1/72 Su 33 - Hasegawa

    Excellent work. I very much like the end result.
  7. The six hour Spitfire.

    Nice model. I like Airfix Spitfire.
  8. Beautiful model, paintwork is very nice. Bravo.
  9. I used this huge heat in Belgrade to complete the projects started. I started this model a few years ago, so it's time for me to finish it. Here's the picture:
  10. Hello friends, I am continuing to make aircraft used in the Yugoslav War Air Force. Lockheed T-33A is familiar to all of you. This is old Hasegawa, which is very nicely folded and there are no problems for work. Here's the picture. Enjoy.
  11. Nice work. I like this plane.
  12. I finished this model two days ago. It represents one to the aircraft that was delivered to the then Partisan Yugoslav War Air Force. Here's the picture . Enjoy.
  13. Beatiful job. Very nice model.