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  1. Do you recall when the article on the 1/72 RA5-Cto A5A conversion was published in Finescale Modeler? I have all back issues, back to #1. I also have the 1/48 Cutting Edge A3J-1/ A5A conversion for the RA-5C. It would be 'way too large. I'll probably want to sell that one.


    1. boffin


      I think it was Jan 93



    2. NickOnai


      Thanks, I'll check the "pile". If I find it, I'm going to put the 1/48 Collect Aire (Cutting Edge??) Vigilante correction set up for sale on EBAY. Nick

  3. Hi, your HU-16B ASW is beautiful! I just bought the 1/72 RVHP kit from Aviation Megastore. Just waiting for the 1/72 RVHP HU-16 A kit so that I can have them shipped together. Do you think it would be worthwhile to replace the engines with Aires or Vector units? I'll definitely lightly re-scribe the panel lines, drop the flaps and deflect the control surfaces. SAC doesn't offer 1/72 landing gear, so I'll have to scratch build those. I don't know how much effort I'll put into building a flight deck or interior. I do have a bunch of Eduard Tracker/Tracer interior PE sets that I could use, but they are a finite quantity. Wish me luck! Nick
  4. RVHP Resin - available again?

    Hi, I just ordered an RV HP HU-16 B ASW from Aviation Megastore. It's stored, awaiting the arrival of an HU-16a kit. I'd like to have them shipped together to save costs. I've also purchased a number of items from them in the past...Lockheed EC121L Warning Star (WV-2E) for Heller kit 1 Lockheed NC-121K Warning star for Heller kit and 2 PB-1W's I want to build both variants one with a dorsal radome and one with a ventral radome. I find them to be helpful and courteous. Nick
  5. Gannet AEW kits in 1/48 scale?

    To: FAAFAN. I just heard from a fellah at Kitty Hawk. They were the guys who did the ejection molds for Classic Airframes. They recently bought everything from Classic Airframes and there's a possibility that they may bring out a 1/48 Fairey Gannet AEW 3 and a 1/48 Fairey Gannet COD. I also heard from RVHP that they will soon be re-issuing their 1/72 HU 16 B AEW. I had attempted to get them from a guy called "JBEGUNES"...just a rip off. Stay away from this guy! I already have the money for four of them set aside. No, I have not told "She Who Must Be Obeyed" about it. I'm currently working on detailed wing folds for a 1/72 Grumman Tracker, a 1/72 Tracer and a 1/72 Trader. I have the Falcon Vacuforms to convert them with. Wish me luck. Previous attempts failed, miserably. Nick
  6. 1/48 Fairey Gannet ASW

    Hi, I've got a few of the 1/48 Classic Airframes Fairey Gannet AEW kits. Having fulfilled one of my most pressing searches (a 1/72 Grumman HU16 B/ASW conversion kit I-got it on EBAY- at jbegines11) I'm looking for a way to convert one of the 1/48 Classic Airframes Fairey Gannet AEW kits to a 1/48 Fairey Gannet ASW. As I prefer to build 1/48 kits, for smaller aircraft, purchasing a 1/72 kit and a 1/72 Fairey Gannet ASW is out of consideration...at least for now. I've some experience scratch building a complete aircraft. I suppose I could, do this, given the resources to base the conversion on. So, can anyone point me in the right direction for scale drawings, sections, dimensions and the like? My other thought was to buy the best quality 1/72 conversion kit and base my 1/48 conversion on that.As you can readily see, I'm a sucker for "strange" aircraft-both the real and "what if" varieties. My 1/48 North American FJ-5 Super Furies (based on the F-100 C, D and F) turned out rather well. I used the F-86 to FJ-3 and 4 as my guide. So-I suppose that if I was able to accomplish that I could attempt a 1/48 Fairey Gannet ASW. I also built a twin engined version of a F8U crusader (like the engine arrangement in BAE Lightning) I used the Whitcomb area rule to help design the fuselage. I had seen an on line article about this and it appealed to me. Getting the "Whale Shark" intake correct was a problem, though as it had to be large enough to supply air for two engines. I cheated on that part. Thanks, Nick
  7. Hello! Here I thought I was the only person daft enough to attempt this with the GLS sets. I've been purchasing them one or two at a time as I am able to afford them. I purchased the Revell kit a number of years ago, planning to build it without modifications. Once I found David Parkins' offerings, the die was cast.I need only the sonar dome to begin construction. The main problem now is to satisfy the query of She Who Must Be Obeyed: "Just where will you put this thing?" I've just finished my 1/72 PB4Y-1 (2 versions), Liberator GR.1, Liberator GR Mk V and PB4Y-2 set. The LB-30 didn't interest me at all. By the way SWMBO had the same feelings about the Liberators. I had to construct a Roubo workbench, then construct a 62 inch x 30 inch x 30 inch base with glass doors, wood frame sides and top and glass shelves, with a 62 inch x 20 inch x 96 inch top with glass doors, wood frame sides and top and glass shelves, to fit over the base. Thank God we have 11 foot ceilings! I also installed a filtered air ventilation system to reduce the dust in both cases and anchored them to the walls in the back (for the occasional earthquake). I'd like to build her as HMS Campanula and display her with my Revell 1/72 Type VII C U-Boat and my 1953 copy of "The Cruel Sea" Wish Me Luck! Nick
  8. Greetings from the "Left" coast of the US

    Hi John, Where did you work? I was at the VA Hospital in Buffalo, as well as Erie County Medical Center and Buffalo General Hospital. I was also an RNFA. We were affiliated with The University of Buffalo Medical School. I really liked teaching hospitals. I felt that you learned a lot more in a teaching hospital than in a community hospital. After I retired from the VA and moved here, I worked in Hemet CA. (Physicians For Healthy Hospitals) which was operated as a "cash cow" by the guy who engineered the bankruptcy of the hospital. He somehow managed to put the entire pension fund for the hospital in his own bank account. So many employees left that they had to pay top dollar up front, just to get people to work there. I had 37 years experience as a nurse and 28 years experience as an OR Nurse (21 as a CNOR and 8 as an RNFA). The next most experienced nurse here was the head nurse (the only other CNOR) who had 10. None of the staff ORNs had more than 3. As a result I was the "go to" guy. That was fine by me because they were paying me nearly 4 times the amount I made in Buffalo. They are really hurting out here for well trained, English speaking nurses. Most of the staff RN on the floors are either Filipinos, Nicaraguans, Columbians or Mexicans. They actually had to publish a document stating that all verbal reports when transferring a patient had to be recorded and in English. My Roubo workbench is coming along. It's based on the design of Andre Jacob Roubo, a French master cabinetmaker. I obtained a copy of "L'Art Du Menuisier". Made me wish I had paid more attention in High School French class. I actually had to go back to Temecula, CA's Adult Education section and take a couple of French classes. My spoken French sucks (really bad accent) but I am able to wade through the book. I decided to build the monster using only mortise and tennon joints, dowel pegs, glue and rising dovetails for the joints. Once it's assembled, there's no way it will ever com apart. Even the ice screw will be wooden (there's gonna be four: vices-a leg vice, a sliding leg vice, a Moxon vice and a tailstock vice...these last two are a historical inaccuracy-they hadn't been invented at the time of Roubo's book. Once I have it made, I can finally build my display cases. The weather here can be dry and dusty, so I'll try to make them as air-tight as possible. I may add some sort of humidification and fan/air filter setup to minimize the dust and dryness. I have something like that on my Piano. It keeps the sounding board from cracking. Even though the bench isn't done, I am starting on my PB4Y-1's. etc. At this stage I'm just scribing panel lines, freeing the control surfaces and flaps. Next will be the rivet lines. After that I'll sand and polish. That will pretty much remove the rivets, but I'm hoping that there will still be "ghosts" of the rivets. The rear interior will have to be scratch built, as I haven't been able to locate any of the OOP Eduard 1/72 B-24 Rear Interior photo etch sets. If I'm not insane by the time I'm done with the panel lines, rivet lines and polishing-I will be after I build the rear interiors. Thank God I have the engines and engine details, props, front interiors, the bomb bays, bomb bay doors, flaps and flap interiors, wheel wells metal landing gear and exterior sets. and control surfaces. I got a lot of my detailing tools from UMM-USA, as well as advice on finishing the exterior from John Vojtech. His C-13o and B-2 are works of art. I didn't mention that I really like to cook-It's my other passion, after modeling, but before music, photography, golf, reading and writing. Never had anything published, tho. I usually do one of the dinners for the Holidays (we have relatives out here, and we take turns cooking for the Holidays.) I'm doing Christmas Dinner this year. I picked up a small 13 pound turkey, a 6 rib standing rib roast of Venison, a rack of Lamb which I frenched, and a 4 rib standing rib roast of beef. They're all in the freezer in the garage. Everybody goes home with leftovers! I like doing New Year's Eve better-I usually do a Haggis and make one of the younger kids read Robbie Burn's Ode To A Haggis. Then we all have a drop of whiskey and sing Auld Lang Syne. My wife gets mad at me because I wear my kilt with all the trappings. The only other place I'd be is on the golf course or in a strip club. Oh Well!
  9. Hi, My name's Nick. I'm a retired Certified Operating Room Nurse. I was also an active duty US Air Force enlisted man (Medical Laboratory Technologist) After I got my nursing degree, I joined the US Army Reserves. I was separated as an O-5 when the President decided that we no longer needed a military force to defend the US. That was...oh...about 70 or 80 terrorist attacks ago. I was deployed to Grenada, Panama, Bosnia, Gulf War I and II as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. I did pick up a few "I Forgot To Duck" medals along the way. My main interest is building 1/48 models of US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft. I will build some 1/72 models-when they are just too ridiculously large to do in 1/27. "She Who Must Be Obeyed" will not permit a 5 or 6 foot wingspan monstrosity in "Her" house. I have a few ship models in my stash-a 1/72 Flower Class Corvette-Long Forecastle (with nearly all of David J Parkins detail parts). Just waiting for the 27' Whaler and stowage as well as the Sonar and Housing set. I've also got the Revell 1/72 Type VII C U-Boat, along with most of the detail parts I need. Ditto for the Revell 1/72 S-100 Boat (both the torpedo version and the Flak 38 version) and the Airfix 1/72 E-Boat. Then there's the 1/96 USS Constitution and the 1/96 Victory. I have a "few" kits I'm thinking of putting up for sale or trade...the 1/48 Classic Airframes Fairey Gannet, the Airfix 1/48 Scale Blackburn Buccaneer S2B, the 1/48 Classic Airframes Sea Venom FAW.21. The current project is actually twofold: A Roubo workbench (which I'll need to build a display case for my models) and a series of 1/72 Consolidated PB4Y-1, PB4Y-1 (with the ERCO bow turret), a Liberator GR Mk.V with Leigh Light and, of course a PB4Y-2. I've spent the last 4 or 5 years finding all the aftermarket parts for them...I'm not that good at scratch building in 1/72 scale. I'm not sure but I may have purchased more of the aftermarket parts than I need, in which case, I'll offer them for sale or trade. Gotta finish them all first. Nick