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  1. Absolutely brilliant! Nothing more I can say.
  2. Zvezda 1/72 SU-27 SM Flanker B

    Excellent, this one will be added to my wish list.
  3. Thanks everybody for your very kind remarks. 😀
  4. Airfix 1/48 Scale Dogfight Double

    Excellent, I built these two last year and got into a mess with the Spitfire scowling and couldn't do the mottling on the 109. I take my hat off to you!
  5. 1/72 Airfix Jet Provost T.4 OOTB

    Excellent model and I like the colour scheme, doesn't look over weathered to me.
  6. Hi Folks, I had high hopes for this model as I started to build it, went together really well with very little filler needed. This was the first time I have used black basing as a technique and I have to say I am totally sold! Very subtle tonal differences and panel lines. So having painted it I was really pleased with what I had achieved and then came the decals.The ones at the end of the wings refused to sit down and try as I might I could not get the ones on the leading edge of the wings to adhere and that's when it all went wrong. In my wisdom (or more correctly lack of it) I decided to get the decal on top of the wing bedded down, let it dry and then wrap it around the leading edge. Who knew that when I tried to that the decal would just disintegrate into dust! I tried to match the colour with a blend of paints but obviously could not get anywhere near it. Having lost patience I have only applied the larger decals and this one sits on my 'Shelf of shame' unfinished, a valuable lesson learnt. Unusually for me I have sat this one on its wheels because I wanted to see if I could get a tricycle undercarriage sitting properly on the ground and because I have plans for the pilots they may find themselves in a Tornado or a Tomcat. Thanks for looking, please be gentle.
  7. Pretty certain I have one of these in the stash, that's the one I'll building next! Hope it turns out half as good yours.
  8. Aifix Spitfire Mk1a. 1/72

    Thank you all for the very kind comments.
  9. Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk1b 1/72

    Thank you all for the very kind comments.
  10. Aifix Spitfire Mk1a. 1/72

    Thanks Mike.
  11. Aifix Spitfire Mk1a. 1/72

    Thanks for the info.
  12. Aifix Spitfire Mk1a. 1/72

    Hi Terry, thanks, the paints were all Tamiya acrylics. XF 21-Sky, XF 52- Flat earth and XF 81-Dark green 2 (RAF).
  13. Airfix Hawker Typhoon Mk1b 1/72

    Thanks, and yes it is a great kit. Your comment about exhaust staining makes sense with airflow over the wing, I must take that into account.
  14. Aifix Spitfire Mk1a. 1/72

    Hi Newbie, the paints are Tamiya acrylics I use an airbrush and have used them since I returned to the hobby. No particular reason for the spinner colour, I use an app called 'Pinterest', requested images of B of B Spitfires and that was one of the colours used (apparently).
  15. This my latest build the Hawker Typhoon, having built the Eurofighter Typhoon (see previous RFI) my intention is to display the 2 together as old and new. This model went together so easily with very little filler. I painted it with Tamiya acrylics using a conversion table I downloaded, I'm not convinced by the grey on the upper surfaces so I will be interested to see what you more experienced modelers think. All comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking.