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  1. You might remember that my last RFI was the ME 109 from the Airfix Dogfight Double set .The Me 109 was dream to put together, the Spitfire on the other hand.... to any one building this model in the future I would say be aware of the top cowling cover in front of the cockpit, the fit is terrible. I had to use loads of filler and then I had to learn to rescribe, little did I know that you cannot scribe Humbrol filler or Perfect Plastic Putty. Fortunately I discovered goo on this site (a mixture of sprue and liquid cement), and ended up having to rescribe everything from the cockpit forward ! To be honest I lost the will to live with it and decided to use it as paint mule to experiment with paint techniques, I finished up with a model that was pleasing to my eye but probably not accurate. Other minor problems included the aerial breaking and I lost the rear view mirror to the carpet monster, also the spinner was meant to black but I liked the look of it red. The undercarriage in my view is a Heath Robinson affair but I build my models 'wheels up' on most occasions so this was not an issue, anyway here she is. And now a few shots of the two models together. Anyway thats it folks, thanks for looking. As usual all comments and criticisms are welcome. Everythings been packed away until after Chrimbo, as it stands my next project will be a 1/48 Canberra by Airfix, its a beast and I really don't know where its going to go. Wishing everybody on here a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant modelling new year.
  2. Well it fooled me! I like to build my models 'wheels up' but this one is a beast, to big or a stand, to big to sit on a shelf. This one might end up hanging off the ceiling. 😕
  3. Excellent modelling, I'm starting what I assume is the new tooled version after Chrimbo. How much weight did you have to use to get it sitting on its nose, and did the nose gear need any strengthening?
  4. Airfix Messerschmitt Bf 109-E 1/48

    Thank you all for your kind comments, all points and observations taken on board.
  5. Fantastic looking Spitfire. At the moment I am building the Airfix version, I've made a real hash of fitting the top cowling cover causing lots of rescribing and rivet replacement, I don't think it will end up half as good as yours.
  6. So this is the Messerschmitt Bf 109-E from the Airfix Dogfight Double set. The model is an absolute dream to put together, there was no filling required at all, everything just dropped into place. My only criticism would be that some of the decals were smudged, once again I contacted Airfix only to be told that they don't sell that model anymore so I should return the model to seller and ask for a refund I really do not rate their after sales service! Once again any problems were of my own making and in this instance it was the painting. This was to be my first attempt at mottling on a model in this scale, normally I build 1/72 scale which I find more forgiving but this kit was a fantastic bargain on a well known auction site. Three times I painted it and three time I stripped the paint off because I was not happy with the finished result, on the upside this gave me an opportunity to experiment with some previously untried painting techniques, in the main post shading. So, having painted it a fourth time I ended up with a finish that I was really pleased with but didn't want to wreck with my poor mottling technique, so an apology to all you purist out there this one is not quite an exact replica. Anyway I'm calling that one done, have a look and please feel free to offer any feedback or advice (particularly on mottling, be assured I have already looked at countless sites). I've already started the Spitfire which started well until I came to fit the top cowling cover, to cut a long story short I'm now learning all about filling and rescribing, turns out I'm not very good at that either. So watch this space!
  7. I've also built most of those in my youth and brought back some happy memories. Am I right in thinking that some of the kits contained a little capsule of glue that you snipped the end off and it went every where or am I thinking of something else?
  8. Excellent model, I really fancy having a go at a modern jet with winter camouflage.
  9. Ju 88 g-6

    Excellent model, particularly like the mottled paintwork.
  10. Very nice, I'm just about to attempt the Airfix 1/48 version hope it turns out half as good.
  11. Beat up and beached!

    Excellent model I love Corsairs, It has inspired me to have a go at a diorama.
  12. Finally - Mosul Bf 110 Complete

    Nice model, particularly like the subtle weathering. I'm going to try it for the first time on a 109 I'm building at the moment.
  13. Kittyhawk 1/48 Su-35 Flanker

    Excellent model, I love the colour scheme.
  14. Absolutely love your model, that's going on my Christmas list. 😉
  15. 1/72 Thunderbird Mustang

    Excellent Mustang and I like your 190. Well done!