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  1. Dragon Wagon - Its a big 'un!

    This thing will be insane and a beauty on display! I am in and watching with interest.
  2. These tracks really do look the part now! Only thing I'd think might be a bit off is the surface where the roadwheels are touching the tracks, the colour should be a bit different? Just a wild assumption. /Stefan
  3. Meng 1/35 Bradley M2/M3 BUSK III

    Spectacular progress as always. Dint fall asleep while working with the tracks.
  4. 1/35 A39 Tortoise

    Quite a big bugger that Tortoise and your model is looking great. Like the Maus, the name does not correlate with its size.
  5. Hobby Boss VK 4502(p) 1/35

    Storing ammo in the rear of the turret was forbidden via a Führerbefel after late 44! The tanks ammo blew up too often and as such the rear was mostly left empty late on. Came across this when I spoke to a German King Tiger commander some 15 years ago in Calgary.
  6. Hobby Boss VK 4502(p) 1/35

    I would guess it was designed to throw out used shell casings, as reaching 1m+ through the rear of the turret was impossible.... it appears to be too small for a person I'd think?!?
  7. Finally some progress: Styrene arrived and the frame analysis has revealed yet some more interesting findings. The first draft of the frame on .5mm styrene, with some cuts already made. Quite messy with all these numbers and bolts. More reasons why a frame redesign makes sense: 1) The brakes and their attachment points are not symmetrical, but rather offset from the centre of the length between two wheelsets (see red and blue lines and circles) and the green vertical divisor (The kit got this feature quite well, but the attachment bolts are too close to the top of the frame). <- I had not noticed this asymmetry previously, so it is new to me^^. 2) The middle drive wheel does have a wider and higher fitting to allow for movement (yellow circles). 3) Old but still there is no bumper between axle 3 and 4 (blue arrows), the kit has it between 2 and 3. 4) Compared to the lowest level of the frame (long light blue horizontal line), the whole frame is asymmetrical and not the same between each pair of axles and drive wheels as is the kit. Radius and distances vary - without a measuring stick and a lot of time at hand, no person will ever notice this, however. All other faults had been discussed in detail beforehand. Have a good one. /Stefan
  8. Tamiya Type 97 Chi Ha late model

    A nice change for most of us who are doing Russian, German, British, US and French armour. I like it!👍🏻
  9. Good day folks, I had been thinking about the frame again during the weekend and begun sketching the plate frame on .5mm thick styrene. I would need to add another .4mm to arrive at the desired frame thickness. The Trumpeter L-shapes here are 3mm (at the bottom of the frame for stability reasons), which is more than 2mm too wide and thick. Compare the redesigned front and the kit frame. As the general shape of Trumpeter is off, too, I am now inclined to do the whole frame anew. This way, I could easily scrap my disgusting rivets and do it all again. And the ugly frame interior, which would be hard to fix now^^ I think I will need to buy more styrene sheets. I hope to finish the frame rather soon... /Prost
  10. Porsche type 205/2 "Maus"

    Such a lunatic tank. The size comparison is simply stunning. I like Badders building paint job idea😂👍🏻
  11. Just a lovely tank and so many parts, enjoy the build. Panzer IIIs are so cute.
  12. Good luck with the tracks, may patience be with you. 💪🏻
  13. 1/35 Tamiya Panther Ausf G

    Are you adding an interior or why have you painted the lower hull of I may ask? I love Panthers, so I am following this one.
  14. Man 5t 4x4 Truck.

    This thread looks promising! I am pulling up a chair, waiting for the show to continue! /Prost, Stefan
  15. Darn, I dislike all these Russian numbering stuff, it was tough to find the right wheels (4125-49 ; 4126-49 ; 4127-49 ; 4126-49 ; 4125-49)**, so difficult to find your way around. Yet, basically you will notice that the 3rd drive wheel pair does have a differently flanged profile, and more room to move as there s a smaller and differently slanted edge... Sorry for this boring update, but this is what John was worried about. Cheers, /Stefan ** for all interested, these are the numbers of the axle labelling and in order to have the correct profiles, this is how they are laid out and paired (from left/rear to right/front). The flange proficle of 4125-49 and 4126-49 are the same, as such I used only one of the two profiles to show the difference as compared to 4127-49.