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  1. Gator - Part three of the trilogy

    Pah, amazing as always and a true pleasure to read through your blogs. You are definitely nothing of a modelling demimonde! 3 days in and the hull is almost halfway done... lol. Prost, /Stefan
  2. 13 days, wow . How many arms and hands have you got? Kraken released? This should be a joyful build then. These 1/16 kits are awesome. /Stefan
  3. Tamiya 1/35 Opel Blitz

    Good paint job so far. /Stefan
  4. E-100 128mm Waffenträger

    I hope the "evil cat" will not find a new toy in this awesome Waffenträger. Amazing progress Andy.

    Great one there and all that PE! I am in! That gun is huge
  6. Lovely 8 wheel version of the 234. I like your depiction of the storage bins and the addition of the binos and other little extras!
  7. My first tank!

    Great first tank there. I'd second the dust thing, the tracks are a bit too tidy I'd say.
  8. Takom Tiger II Cutaway

    Spectacular! These LED's are just an additional treat, as Julian stated. This is museum quality!
  9. Big As MAZ

    Yes, finally an update of this impressive build blog. Good progress.
  10. Italeri 1/35 Autoblinda AB-40

    Interesting vehicle and that's a pretty empty calendar in the backghround^^.
  11. One thought regarding the snow and stuff: If the tank has been moved recently, there would be more snow at the rear than on the front of the tracks, as the shaking and all the touching of the return rollers would gradually reduce mud and snow as the track "moves back to the front". Just a thought.... <- I have read (can't remember where and how good of a source it was) that this "mud reduction effect" was also a reason why the drive sprockets of German tanks were mostly located in the front. Will see what some pros will say.
  12. 1/72 Engineers Laager diorama

    Wow, super detailing on this scale. Love the modifications and the effort you put in here. This is an excellent diorama you mastered there so far.
  13. Will give it a try. If it melts, no harm done as the parts are useless as of now... Thanks for the interesting suggestion.
  14. RyeField 1/35 Abrams M1A2 TUSK II

    That Gunbarrel, truly epic! Best thing I have seen in a while. Great idea!
  15. Good evening,I finally managed to do sth for this build again (Cut some more train parts, but thought I'd give you a break). My hand is recovered now, so I could dare getting back at it. The added interior parts received the first paint coats... I have actually spilt paint on the one lever on the door... No person will see it, so I might leave it or fix it.... Added some more blood into the fighting compartment (goats blood from the butcher). Will rework the base around the shells to the right, some of the brass colour went to wrong places, but then again, all invisible later and I am not such a good painter. How do these figure painters do all this tiny stuff????I bow to them. The engine room needs some more cleaning and paint, but all parts are in there now. The front of the vehicle is also almost done. Added another cable for the turret electricity (light). The searchlight for the roof is under construction.This is, as discussed earlier, a special modification of the rail versions.Needs lots of sanding once solid and dry. It is 5mm in diameter. I will add a rim once done for the outer layer, I guess from paper dipped in CA glue. Prostiprost, /Stefan