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  1. Thanks for the info there. I noticed that you are already at the paint stage 👍🏻😂. Looking forward to more stuff from the two of you! /Stefan
  2. Interesting build, both of your two 12.8 scenarios. The kit was only released recently, I think to remember, so you must be among the first to build it? Keep it up! /Stefan
  3. Looking just great so far. Keep this bugger up and running, /Stefan
  4. Simon, most of it will be safe and sound in the box of the spares parts^^ At least parts of the frame were used, as will be the driving gear.
  5. Great work there. The dog in the soldier's arm is a super cool addition. Nothing usual about that! 10/10 /Stefan
  6. Now that the frame is cut, I started with the front design. I drew and cut out two .4mm sheets of styrene and then glued them on top of .4mm again. I roughly need about a .75mm thickness for the frame. (as stability will be an issue, I made it marginally thicker). These new parts are 8.5cm long and will fit 2.6cm in front of the centre of the first drive wheel axle. Why these measures? Because at 2.6cm in front the axle, the cylinder support frame will cover the cut in the frame and it is easier to hide the slashed stuff These are the 4 new basic frame parts. You will notice that the cylinder access holes are different in the boiler support and the frame. This is to save steel with the boiler support I assume and as such the hole is bigger here. The height is identical, it is just quite a bit wider. Holding the parts in place to have a look at the new design. I am fairly happy with the result. I need to prepare the frame to glue all these parts to it, however I need to fix the steering stuff first. I have then begun a minor assembly of the parts. They are glued with just a bit, so I can still rearrange it if needed, but all angles and alignments seem just right. The superheated steam will run through pipes here down into the cylinders and after usage, it will exit the cylinders through the lower gap in the frame into the smoke box... The view from the rear to the front. angles and rivets will get rid of the small gap between the frame and the boiler support (if any of it is left once I glue it in place in a few weeks or months) And this is what it will look like with the boiler... I need to trim the intermediate boiler support beams, as their shape is not adjusted to the boiler yet. That's probably it for the week. Have a great weekend all! Prost, /Stefan
  7. Very nice build there. I had to present the Vimy Ridge battle at School in Canada, interesting- yet vicious times back in 1917! Anyway you have created a nice piece of art here. Let's hope it's gun does not work as you would be deaf in an instant^^. Keep the WW1 machines coming Sir!!! /Stefan
  8. Macki, that is a weird vehicle, quite interesting. I have never seen a truck like this one before. Good luck with the wiring stuff, there must be people here who will be able to help you. Cheers, /Stefan
  9. Interesting plan. Good luck to both of you.
  10. Yeah, MHs loco turned out great indeed! As he was not counting robots, he was also faster and way more productive😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. I wish I was finished. The 86 is a nice one also.... /Stefan
  11. Ozzy, the slight dust on the vehicle is just superb! No exaggerated chipping and stuff, just awesome! Very nice build and a good start into 2017 for you! /STefan
  12. Good evening together, I redesigned the whole boiler support frame and drafted it on paper. I will use the top of the top part which I left intact and add the rest below. At first, I cut out wrong paper parts (with dimensions for the bar frame... The boiler support differs quite a bit between bar frame and plate frame and as such should not be mixed up as it won't fit into the frame).The frame of the bar frame is much lower around the boiler support than the same parts with plate frames. The frame is now separated in two parts. Too many things are off and I will rebuild most of the whole front from scratch and with quite major modifications. I am drawing and cutting the whole interior front parts as of now and within the next few days before the NC World Cup finale here, I might be able to get an update out. There will be quite a lot of moving and turning parts, as the spring system, which allows the frontal axle to move left/right, is quite crazy. After all, the new parts look like this: The basic steering rack to the right (need to cut that one again, as I used too thin plastic and it looks awful - compare the shape and the location of the sparrings of Trumpeter^^). Still lots to do, according to the manual some 90 pieces are still needed for the steering rack . It will kind of look like this in the end- mind however that the whole top and more intermediate layers need to be added: Greetings from southern Germany /Stefan
  13. Hey, those straps are awesome! Nice attention to detail here and very lovely work indeed. I look forward to seeing further updates. /STefan
  14. Simon, There is quite a bit left (in the box haha) And I will cut apart the chassis for modifications in conjunction with the boiler support fixing later today. *1) Russian manual see sources above; Numbering: 1= BR 52 4181 2= BR 52 7596 3= BR 52 4830 Vs: The whole shape is wrong The above design is for out the plate frame, my reference picture of Sinsheim is a bar frame, so the position of the support structure is further on the inside, this does not matter to us though. It just shows how the general shape should look like. The smoke box support structure lost, it has been cut away. Now some holes need to be drilled into the "floor" panel (grey part) and I will also need to remove more frame side parts. Then a vertical cut to the rear of the support structure with a power saw will be needed, to separate the front section completely and then the whole thing will be rebuilt anew. (I hope this won't destroy the kit. I will try to dismount the cylinder support brackets and cut where they are located, as it will be invisible later and require less fixing^^ as I am a lazy man. I will reuse the top, which I had already modified, but will modify further, to adjust to the corrected radius of the smoke box. The last stuff I had done back in JAN was general research and the analysis of the propaganda movie from 1943. Targets were the frame, strange pipes, the driver's cabin and whatever I spotted in the (often before quoted) propaganda movie. I was wondering about this pipe here in the front for some time, but to some extent, I have solved the riddle. It is only present on engines with the advanced frost protection (yellow crosses in the following pictures), however, not on all of them, as on some the pipe is below the boiler's belly! red arrows showing the steam pipe vs no steam pipe and in the front they do point to the chimney cover (Only 100% sign of advanced frost protection) Also notice that when no advanced frost protection was present, the steam-feeding pipe towards the compressor sometimes went along the boiler's right side as indicated by a red arrow in the above picture... While the BR50 had 2 water level indicators, the 52 only had one on the left and some manual thing on the right-hand side... Also notive the 2x3 grease pumps in addition to the automatic Bosch grease pump discussed earlier. Notice the thin arrow to the very right... Trumpeter, Voyager and all have a hole on both frame support sides there, they did never exist, though only on the right-hand side were there sparrings, not on the left. And in case you need to turn on the lights, here are the 4 switches, behind the 5 hand crank wheels to adjust the steam flow to various targets (next post): There is so much material to be found in that movie, it takes a long time to collect and prepare it all. Maybe it will be of use to someone in the future. First day off in weeks, so I will try and get the boiler support fixed. Have a good one, /Stefan
  15. Here the flickr album of the Sinsheim engine. It should be of great help to any BR 52 modeller, but bear in mind that it is a bar frame and not a plate frame as the Trumpeter kit! BR 52 Walk aroundGeneral stuff: And a few sample shots... 4 - Führerhaus Panorama 1 by Blaubar, auf Flickr 6 - Gang Fahrerseite 31 by Blaubar, auf Flickr 9 - Feuerbox 4 by Blaubar, auf Flickr 7 - Gang Heizerseite 13 by Blaubar, auf Flickr