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  1. Roll on June Aer Lingus F-27 Beagle Basset (original box) BA 707 etc Martin H
  2. Boeing 737 STGB

    I will try to finish something this time More than likley Hasegawa Solaseed Skynet dual combo to start then well who knows Maybe Thai Royal Flight -200 Martin H
  3. This will be one to watch Martin H
  4. Short SC.5/10 Belfast

    Will be watching this Best of luck Like the Vixen and Buccaneer in the background Martin H
  5. 10 SQN RAAF P-3C, 1999 Anniversary Scheme

    Nice one Ray Hope to see both done No pressure there Martin H
  6. Thanks all for a great GB Sorry for not finishing Comments along the way were greatly appreciated Thanks to Jamie for all your work Martin H
  7. Awesome finish Love the base Martin H
  8. Thanks all for your comments Sorry for not finishing on time but will complete on this thread Promise Martin H
  9. Hi All Just a quick update Decals started but I got the port demarcation wrong requiring a quick touch up . All that is needed now are the rest of the decals and final assembly in the next six hours Martin H
  10. Consolidated PB2B-2 Catalina, QANTAS

    Looks great Ray Well done Martin H
  11. Great to see this finished Well done indeed Martin H
  12. Consolidated PB2B-2 Catalina, QANTAS

    Good luck with the Red Looking forward to seeing this in the gallery Martin H
  13. Great work Looks awesome Martin H
  14. Consolidated PB2B-2 Catalina, QANTAS

    Hi Ray Humbrol enamels don't seem to take to the heat well Seems the base evaporates leaving a tacky pigment I does settle down eventually. I have had some take up to 48 Hrs to cure properly. Try a low speed fan . Seems to help Martin H