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  1. Your view on these colours? Now I need help! :( 08/012/17

    This thread might be a helpful reference for painting:
  2. 1/48 Beaufighter TF X 404 Squadron RCAF

    Crikey! That's a lovely piece of work - very nicely weathered, and great attention to detail.
  3. Search function fun

    Go to your favourite search engine and type in: site:www.britmodeller.com +"Tiger I" Some will argue there's no need for the "www" part, but I prefer to be precise. If you want to narrow the search further, to, for example, the Ready for Inspection sub forums, use: site:www.britmodeller.com +"Tiger I" +"Ready for Inspection" The same would go for Work in Progress. @Crimea River - try this: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=site%3Awww.britmodeller.com+%2B"drop+tanks"&t=ffnt&ia=web
  4. Ultrasonic Cleaner

    I have a cheapo eBay-bought version... like Mark, I put small parts in a jar filled with solvent, then the jar in the machine which is then filled with water. I use Lysol as the solvent (don't know if it's available in the UK, though), as it will get even the most stubborn, dried deposits of Tamiya acrylic out of the brush. Persistence pays off, too. I had an old airbrush that had been neglected for a year, but after three goes through the machine, was free of everything nasty. After that, a quick break-down, clean, and re-assemble using beeswax as a lubricant, and it was almost like new.
  5. David Cassidy

    Saw him at the State Fair about ten years ago. Great voice and stage presence. The performance was sadly marred by terrible FOH sound, and apparently even worse stage monitor mixes - he kept storming off to the side to shout at the monitor sound guy. Can't blame him for that. Sad he's gone - he was a great entertainer.
  6. It's excellent, PC, as is the base.
  7. What have you purchased 9

    Can't let a good thing go to waste :).
  8. What have you purchased 9

    Let me see if there's more...
  9. What have you purchased 9

    Not purchased, as they were about to be binned, but one 5x4' and one 4x3' 60 or 80 thou styrene sheets. We use styrene for sign printing at work, and these were old stock, so I asked if I could take them.
  10. Comet Mk1 Movie dalek

    Excellent! Very nice work - I almost hid behind the sofa...
  11. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    Many thanks, Tommy - I thought I recalled something from your postings on the K/M, but couldn't find it. Cheers!
  12. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG1

    The above is a quote from Airfix's Workbench blog, included in Homebee's post. I thought the F-4K/M both used the standard J wing? I've searched @Tailspin Turtle's blog, but can't find anything there about that difference. Does anyone know? Really looking forward to this kit .

    Thank you for sharing this, Michael. I'm glad the models are making the journey with his wife, and I hope she has a great trip and life in Australia. RIP, Ronnie.
  14. Detailing a 1:72nd RAF Phantom FG.1

    ^^^ What he said.