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  1. 1/48 SAAB J29

    Excellent! A lovely model and a nicely different scheme. Most impressive
  2. The closest we were going to get to any kind of real Lensman adaptation was with J. Michael Straczynski writing it, but that folded in 2014. From Wikipedia:
  3. I couldn't believe my ears

    My emphasis, but it was there in plain sight. At no point was it said that the customer was "hacked off", merely "chastened". So, all appears to be well.
  4. Excellent photos - thank you for sharing them!
  5. New Forum Software Update

    But, they've integrated Edge so deeply into the version of Windows 10 installed on Surface products that we have to tell those same customers to not use Surface or Surface Pros, as even if they use another browser, Edge will still break some standards-compliant functions. It's absurd. Linux on a Surface device - okey-dokey
  6. New Forum Software Update

    Not only that, but they've diverged so far with Edge that in some cases it will not run some standards-compliant features at all. Daft so-and-sos.
  7. New Forum Software Update

    Sort of... but they're updating it with bits from the nightmare that is Microsoft Edge. We tell customers to avoid IE and Edge like the plague due to the issues they cause.
  8. Painting Tamiya's Gloster Meteor (616 sqn)

    XF-81 is too yellow (according to me), too brown (according to Roy Sutherland), but is spot-on according to @Greenshirt, so take your pick. It's close enough. XF-82 is way too blue. XF-83 Is pretty damned close. I have one batch that appears to be greener than it should be... maybe quality control was on holiday that week. If you're OK with enamels, try Colourcoats - @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies is known for his research and accuracy.
  9. 1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    The only recipe I can find requires flat beer - what is this, please?
  10. Crikey... I thought that was thunder. I never thought anger could travel so far...
  11. Beautiful as always, Dave. Always enjoy seeing your work.
  12. What's your car used to go buying models

    If there were any model shops left locally, I'd be using this - my new Mazda CX-3 Touring:
  13. PVA and Canopies - Advice Required

    I would recommend Gator Glue. He makes both normal and thin varieties, and they work very well: http://www.gatorsmask.com/gatorglueorder.html If you can't get it, or prefer not to try, a good PVA white glue, thinned with a little water does the job beautifully, plus you can wipe off excess with a moist cotton bud.
  14. Some rather lovely high framerate video of a B-1B doing a high-speed pass in full afterburner. Lots of vapour, too: