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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the build article in AMW, but it's good to see more photos of it here. The difference in tone between the nose and the main airframe is much clearer here. Excellent stuff!
  2. Oh good grief! Obviously chemicals from chemtrails have soaked into the ground...
  3. Do you have access to a photocopier? If you have, you could copy the decal, cut out the copy, then test fit. Just a thought. The model's coming along beautifully!
  4. I shall indeed, Nigel :).
  5. That is gorgeous! What a beautiful little model... you and @Nigel Heath have convinced me to get at least one of these. Hopefully SWMBO will understand when I show her these.
  6. Took a huge amount of time to post a comment, all the while this page was pinging me with info about others' new posts. Then I went back to the new posts stream, came back here and find my post has gone and Mike's doubling up his posts. Very odd :). Perhaps I just need more tea?
  7. Staying for the duration here, too. Life is far too short already, without adding bile and hatred. Besides, someone has to teach @georgeusa why "u"s are so useful .
  8. Yay! I finally won something!
  9. Eek! I hadn't seen the duplicates until now. I hit the "Submit Reply" button, then walked away to do some chores. When I came back, there was a 500 Internal Server Error, so I hit refresh and it must have resubmitted the post. Sorry about that!
  10. It's being a little sluggish again, but I suspect that's processes on the server settling down after its reboot.
  11. It's being a little sluggish again, but I suspect that's processes on the server settling down after its reboot.
  12. Had a slow load of the site about an hour ago from here, but now it appears to be back to normal.
  13. No, that's "Sam I Am". OK? Good.
  14. I have remained me, much to my (and probably others') disappointment.
  15. Sorry to hear that, Bill. Keep fighting, and keep making up the fluid loss - you're in our thoughts.