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  1. @JWM Hi, in many cases, ZERO was not equipped with radio equipment, so aerial mast was removed. Best regards
  2. Simply beautiful, all models are extremely well done. Regards
  3. @tomthounaojam Those migs are very nice...especially this one in blue colors. It is always problematic to refresh old models, but at the end every saved model with story behind is worth of our time. Best regards
  4. Nice Messerschmitt. Desert camouflage pattern is one of my favorite and you done it exceptionally good.. regards
  5. GREAT! I like weathering effects very much, small masterpiece regards Djordje
  6. Nice, precise, sharp build. I like those colorful decals. Also moderate weathering looking great Regards Djordje
  7. Welcome back to hobby, those models looks very very nice! Looking forward to see more of your work Regards Djordje
  8. Hi to all i had to decide what to do whit this model, built some 5 years ago. It was finished in wrong colors of Yugoslav air force, badly PFM version is hard to find on the market i decide to try to salvage he got another colors with free hand airbrushing (Egypt air force, Nile Valley camouflage 1970), added details to cockpit, weathering was done with Tamiya pastels, and sprayed with mat Gunze varnish. At the end i am happy with overall look. I hope you like it also. Best regards, and pictures and the end....
  9. Interesting one, badly beaten but for Japanese fighters nothing unacceptable. Only mu suggestion, correct position of the antenna mast should be angled to the front of the airplane. Lets go to the next model Regards Djordje
  10. Ready to much details....amazing fiish and at the end very interesting variant with yellow tips Regards Djordje
  11. One on mine to do list. Your looks very nice. Regards Djordje
  12. This was for sure not an easy build. Results is exceptional of rarely seen subject. regards
  13. Nice model in interesting scheme. Pity that pictures are not better Regards
  14. Thank you sir.