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  1. Hi Vlado That is old school build. Very nice Sabre Dog at the end and i like markings, for which I am emotionally attached Regards Djordje
  2. Very good F-84G. NMF looks very convincing. Pity that pictures are not better, this model deserve that Regards
  3. Tamiya is great model + your craftsmanship = heaven for eyes So this equation can not be wrong Great looking F-16, clean and sharp build. Bravo! Best regards Djordje
  4. I like this spitfire sea-beast. At the end look fantastic. Great model Regards Djordje
  5. OK so i made a are not good only with NMF Great looking Hellcat
  6. Great collection. And you executed this old F-84F ...PERFECTLY Regards
  7. I want this model on my shelf Joking, this is one of best looking Stukas around. Especially with this markings. Weathering is also done exceptionally good. Great model Best regards, Djordje
  8. Everything looks perfect, expect cockpit color. But it not affect your mastership Really good looking Stuka Regards
  9. It is A -model.......i know what that mean, something interesting, something different and always very har5d to work with and made something of it At the end looks like YAK and not a bad at all. Now my humble advice's: - take care about joins - cover surfaces with more diluted color in more thin layers, final result will be more unified - working with those manufacturer means you need to polish somehow cockpit glass, or just to try to put it in some chemistry like future, will look much better at the end - wires for the radio must be thinner according to scale, so need to stretch bit more the sprue, and paint it in some darker color - take care about wheels aligment Do not take hard my suggestions, your model looks fine, especially when A model is the subject of work. But i think those are easy bits to achive and for sure will make model even better. We are doing this to enjoy so....enjoy in every finished model Best regards Djordje PS. Sorry if i do not express everything correctly, my English is not so good
  10. What to say........FANTASTIC! regards
  11. Great model. And Beaufighter looks very interesting in those colors. Regards
  12. Very nice surgery. Only i think this model deserve better pictures Great build Best regards
  13. You really know how to make Natural metal finish. Great Mig. Everything looks like it's supposed to look Regards