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  1. Hi all I am not sure why i bought this ugly bird....but as i started work on other drones, predator, was somehow in line with this path. Easy to build, general very good fitting, simple, only issue is with wings in the root, where you need to be careful to align properly, simple color scheme just with different shades of some panels in gunship gray , minimal almost none weathering, some silvering after applying decals even with gloss finish and use of decal solvent solutions (at the end Tamiya ultra thin cement save the day).......and that was the end only stayed to find enough place in the display cabinet for this beast. In general, not nice looking flying machine.....but somehow different. I hope you will like photos...but it is hard to expect with this ugly thing. Best regards to all
  2. Superb, weathering is so realistic. Great looking cat. Regards
  3. Probably, this can not be done better. Extraordinary regards Djordje
  4. You nailed it! Great model, great details, great paintwork and weathering.......and lot of more great stuff regards Djordje
  5. Like this weathered look very much, Nice work. Regards Djordje
  6. Nice mustang. I like them with RAF markings, Only one suggestion, exhaust stains - try to make them more consistent, follow the curve of the wing, and i have feeling that you put them on the semi gloss finish which make them more "painted" looking. Everything else is great. Regards Djordje
  7. Very attractive model. Regards Djordje
  8. PERFECT! Every detail is....just perfect. Great details, paintwork, and weathering is very realistic. Great build. Regards Djordje
  9. Beautiful model. As i know what was in the box on the beginning, what you done deserve applause. Regards, Djordje
  10. Fantastic what you achieved on single color airplane. Not boring at all. Great finish, weathering is story for itself. Brilliant model. Best regards, Djordje
  11. It is funny to see this beast so small......:) Great looking model. Regards Djordje
  12. Hi Vlado That is old school build. Very nice Sabre Dog at the end and i like markings, for which I am emotionally attached Regards Djordje
  13. Very good F-84G. NMF looks very convincing. Pity that pictures are not better, this model deserve that Regards