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  1. Uschi Woodgrain decals are going on pretty well so far. I need to be careful as they are very thin. They come on A5 sheets and each panel needs to be measured & cut out.
  2. Hi All, Thought I'd offer a few WIPs of my Wingnut Wings 1/32 Albatros DV that I wanted to present using their 'Wooden Wonders' decal sheet markings. Here the fuselage is together and Pheon Models beautiful lozenge decals have gone on with no problems with the help of a little Micro Set and my wife's hair dryer! The wings are now taped in readiness for some Tamiya Smoke to highlight the rib shadings. Now the fuselage will be prepared for my first plunge into Uschi Van Der Rosten's Woodgrain Decals, which have attracted me for a while. These decals are transparent, so I'll highlight and preshade the individual panels with Gunze Radome and Tamiya Desert Sand that will show through them. That's all for now. More soon. Thanks for looking.
  3. Superb brushwork. Well done!!
  4. Superb build! Looks like puss approves as well in pic #3
  5. Thanks again for such positive feedback everyone. You can still pick this kit up and I highly recommend it to anyone keen to have a crack at it. I didn't meant to be too disparaging to Hasegawa as most of it clicks together really well. Also the instructions for painting are based on the latest photos of T6+DP Paints are Gunze Acrylic I gave the whole thing a highly thinned coat of Desert Sand before the final flat coat. Looking forward to getting my hands on the latest Airfix version for a comparison.
  6. I use the same kind of brush to apply Microset and Sol
  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone
  8. It certainly looks like something is there, given that these aircraft were overpainted on occasion but I can find no eye-witness accounts. A good source of updated info about the 2 Snake Stukas I do know about so far can be found here:
  9. Hi all Some pics of my first completed build for 2017, Hasegawa 1/48 Desert Snake Stuka. Only modifications were plastic wedges on ailerons replaced with actuators in brass plus Eduard seatbelts & gunsight. The mould has been reboxed many times and is showing it's age a bit now with more flash to be removed but still well worth the effort in the long run. Thanks for looking
  10. Hi All, Some pics of 3 Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire Mk 1s I did as a quick build project. this is the kit that I made when getting back into modelling a little over 2 decades ago & it goes together just as well as it did then. I found it was just as fast to build 3 as to build one. Well, my self-critique is that the brown is wrong ( a little too chocolat-ey) as I had run out of Dark Earth and tried to mix some that looked different in the jar (honestly!) but anyhow.., and QJ-D is fictional. Thanks for looking
  11. Hi Steve Well spotted it's a Hasegawa 1/48 Fw190 A5. My eyesight isn't good enough for 1/72 these days 😢
  12. Hi All, Dorland here. Thought I'd take the plunge as some forums can be a bit scary sometimes 😁 but had some encouraging comments to my only post so far. Got back into modelling on & off about 2 decades ago in Sydney where I bought my first compressor from Chris Wauchop at Absolute Hobbies. Lucky enough to work (part-time these days) at a hobby shop in Auckland with two very talented modellers (John & Alan) and still learning new tricks every day. Also lucky enough to be living in the Golden Age of Plastic Modelling. Long may it continue! See you in cyberspace !😊
  14. Thanks for the kind comments. As a newbie here it's nice to feel so welcome
  15. Hi All, Just thought I'd post some pics of my Airfix 1/48 Boulton Paul Defiant. A superb kit although I found fitting the turret to be something of a challenge, as others have noted. I decided to build it out-of-the box and didn't add seat belts (a decision I now regret) but anyhow on to the next model. Thanks for looking.