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  1. How do they look to you, John?
  2. "My command of the English vernacular is greater than I believed possible .............." Ah, yes. Nice relaxing hobby, modelling 😉
  3. Some decals on before the washes. The number 3 decal is in four separate parts, and so fits nicely around the rail & hinges
  4. Struts dry fitted
  5. Very nice work indeed. Don't worry about the turnbuckles. Focus on the brilliance of the whole thing
  6. The crew figures
  7. Dry fit for the tail & rudder too
  8. Dry fit for the exhaust as well for the same reason. Shortly after taking these pics I broke off the radiator pipe! Didn't lose it though 😅 Exhaust is Gunze Sangyo Rust H453 a bit of a fave of mine for airbrushing (which is now discontinued 😪 ) it is the kit part drilled out, undercoated in black & lighty dry brushed with Citadel Boltgun Metal at the tip
  9. Lower wing on Dry fit for the prop & spinner at this stage as I'll no doubt break it if I put glue on it now 😜
  10. Haven't forgotten you, Tony. Been thinking of quite a lot to say. Get back to you soon 😊
  11. Cheers. It's Gunze Sangyo H27 Sand
  12. Cheers & thanks for the tip 😊
  13. The next day I can airbrush a light coat of clear yellow & orange mixed together. Tried on 4 propellers before I was happy with 2 of the results. Hope you like 'em 😊 Oops! Axial logo is upside down! Lucky I've hot spares in another kit 😝
  14. Now out with my very worst paintbrush. This poor old fella has been bashed, hacked at & hammered for around a decade now through all paint media and has never been cleaned with anything but a crusty dry cloth. The bristles are like needles, ideal for dragging through oil paint.
  15. The colours are Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber & Yellow Ochre. Small amounts are squeezed out onto cardboard to absorb most of the oil, then each colour dabbed at random onto the propeller with a toothpick