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  1. Hi Gabor Thanks for putting me straight on this point, looks like I've got to brush up on my Mig-25 variants!!! It's interesting that there are very few known camouflaged aircraft. Still looking forward to the rest of your review, it's always a good to get insight from somebody who knows the subject inside out. Cheers Andy p.s. it's raining today in Adelaide!!!
  2. Plywood looks spot on to me & with all that reference material, this should shape up in to 1 cracking build. Merry Christmas.
  3. Looking forward to this 1, a camouflaged RBT is on my to do list aswell. Seasons greetings from a sweltering, 39.5 currently, Adelaide to you also (& anyone else reading this as well)
  4. Will be keeping an eye on this build, got a Hasegawa 1/48th AV-8B on my to do list so will be interested in how the kit generally goes together.
  5. Seconded here. Looking forward to more progress.
  6. It looks a bit of a job if this build is anything to go by!!! Cracking progress.
  7. Also looking forward to seeing how this one goes together.
  8. Nice subject, looking forward to progress
  9. Liking those flaps & slats.
  10. Wow, that's quite a difference at both ends.
  11. I've got my eye on a 2 seat variant so will tag along with build if you don't mind.
  12. Cracking progress so far, the cockpit looks fantastic.
  13. Keith Personally I feel that the rivets are prominent enough to warrant trying to recreate them with positive rivets, not sure that a line of dents produced by a riveting tool would really do them justice. Have to agree though that it's all a bit bonkers in 72nd, but that's half the fun!!! Andy