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  1. Su-33, Kinetic 1/48

    I have used the Akan Lacquer based paints and they of course are much, much better in adhesion. I will only use those from that manufacturer.
  2. Su-33, Kinetic 1/48

    The trick with those Akan water based acrylics is to handle with care and seal them with a clear as soon as possible. Once sealed they will not scratch or chip. I know it is a pain, but this is the only method I have found to keep my sanity. It's too bad the water based Akan are like this and it is why I switched to Mr. Paint Lacquer.
  3. If they produced a B-26K Counter Invader I might consider the cost being worth it.
  4. Loaded for Bear... or not?

    Here in the States when showing your work in competition, there seems to be a desire to show a decent load out on the aircraft. I think it gives more detail to the judges and they seem drawn to it. Just my thoughts, others may disagree.
  5. Su-34 - Trumpeter 1/72 scale kit

    Your work on the nose is well done! Too bad about the decal curling on you.
  6. 1/48 Roden JOV-1A Mohawk

    Which Hataka paints are you using? The water based or lacquer?
  7. 1/48 Scale Display Stand for GWH F15-C MSIP

    Nicely done! As a lay person, it was a good presentation of the Lightning. The very first model I built (with my Dad doing most of the work since I was about 7 years old) was a 1/72 Hasegawa Lightning back around 1966-1967. I have not built one since, but I'll put that aircraft on my to-do list...maybe as a finale.
  8. 1/48 Scale Display Stand for GWH F15-C MSIP

    That is very nicely done. I'm trying to get ideas for when I do a few builds that are depicted in flight.
  9. 1/48 Scale Display Stand for GWH F15-C MSIP

    Can you post a pic or two? I'd like to see it.
  10. Very, very nice! This build will be saved by me for future use.
  11. Nice work my friend. The variable patches will look great on her once she's flat coated and weathered.
  12. Prince Harry's Apache in Afghanistan

    You know, that would be a great subject to model.
  13. Getting closer I guess. Still no release date or availability to order. It does look fantastic.
  14. Akan is indeed spot on in color...that part I do like. What I have had issues with is the adhesion with some of the colors. I have no idea if it was a bad batch but even with good primer, they can lift off or in one case it seems like I need to set the work down on a soft pillow to avoid marks or chips. I thought I read that Hataka responds well with Tamiya or Mr. Color lacquer thinners? I also thought I read that Hataka will be releasing a lacquer line of paints? Muzz, keep the faith. Your work is fantastic and I will be saving this thread for my KH Su-17 in the future.
  15. USMC M1A1 and no-slip paint

    They come from the factory with it. Now, be off with ya to the Armor Forums