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  1. Yes it's a very stunning package of Fw-190A-2/3/4s. I purchased two of these from Eduard during their Black Friday Sale. One for me and one for a friend. Shipping from Eduard to California was free. If you are a Bunny Fighter Club Member with Eduard you may purchase the decal sheet from this Royal Class kit for $25. Then you can purchase Overtrees and build what you want. The decal sheet includes decals for the cockpit and instrument panels that look really nice. The kit instructions tell you not to use parts C-41 which is the throttle and C-42 and C-47 which are the parts for the canopy cranking mechanism. So you really don't need photoetch for the kit. I'm really very impressed with the refinements Eduard made to their Fw-190A. Also if you purchase the Fw-190A-2 Overtrees that kit contains the Brassin inner gear doors that are specific to the A-2. The kit you have to buy to become a Bunny Fighter Club Member is a Dual Combo Bf-109G-6 with Brassin prop, tires, cockpit, canopy masks, and photoetch to complete two kits. So if you use the Brassin cockpit then you'll have a photoetch set for another 109G-6 build. The kit runs $75 (which is insane, since a Brassin Cockpit alone is $39.95 and a Bf-109G-6 kit is $49.95), but they're out of stock at the moment.
  2. Wow! BIG Model! I sold off my 1/72 B-36 because there's not enough space for it at home. Where would you put this? Build it and then donate it to a Museum? So it's $700 for the kit and $200 for all the paint!
  3. Eduard spoke about their plans for their own 1/48 P-51D in their online magazine Info Eduard. They have already invested heavily in their own kit design which includes photoetch, brassin, and masks. Quotation from the August 2017 Info Eduard, "The accessory kits being released for the Meng P-51D can be taken as a warmup for those to be released for the Airfix P-51D in the same scale, which in turn can be considered the same for our own P-51D coming out soon, and who‘s design is nearing completion, and for which there will be an extraordinary amount of resin accessories available for." and the September 2017 issue, "What else? Well, accessories, of course! There are plenty of items designed for the 1/48th scale P-51D Mustang, which is to be released by Airfix this September. If I’m counting correctly, there are eight Brassin sets dedicated to this new Mustang kit, including wheels, propeller, fuel tanks, bazookas, and exhaust stacks. Yet more, mostly larger sets, such as the cockpit interior, will follow during the autumn months. There are also mask sets and four photo-etch releases, two of them standard items for both the classic interior and exterior, and two Zooms sets, plus a Steelbelts release too. So, as you can see, we really like the Mustang, and it is good to know that as we work hard on our own project, that we will ensure that these sets which are designed for the Airfix kit, will be incorporated into the new design of accessories which we are developing for the Eduard Mustang!" So the conclusion is that Eduard is doing a 1/48 P-51D and it will be released in 2018. The P-51B/C will follow in 2019.
  4. Eduard is planning to do the S-199, but it will be a few years. Maybe 2019? http://modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95280&start=4005#p1897662
  5. "Note that model is ready, but don't expect it next year. My guess is 2019 E-Day, not earlier. On the next E-Day we will see fresh Tempest, which can be also a nice candidate for assembly." So this is the reporter's guess that the Mustang is delayed until 2019, even though the model is ready. Why would Eduard just sit on a kit that's ready to go and not make money on it? Is he saying that the P-51B is ready, but won't be released until E-Day 2019? Eduard has alway stated the the P-51D will be released in 2018. If Eduard's New Tool kit release pattern holds it will be released in April 2018 with a Royal Class boxing to follow in June and then Weekend Edition kits. In 2019 we would see the P-51B and it's Royal class offering. Valdimir Sulc wrote this is the December 2017 Info Eduard magazine: "About new items that include ProfiPACK MiG-21s in 1/72, the Tempest and Mustang in 1/48, future versions of the Fw 190A, the Bf 109G-10 and other items I will write more on in the next newsletter. There, I will also touch on planned changes for 2018." So we will have to wait a few more weeks before the rumor is confirmed that Eduard is delaying the P-51D Mustang release until 2019. I hope this isn't true. A 1/48 Tempest won't have the same impact on Eduard's bottom line like a new tool Mustang will.
  6. You get a full weapons set in the F-14D box. TARPS and other things too. AMK is releasing a Gulf War Weapons set that will be sold as a kit in and of itself. It's on their Facebook page
  7. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    My plate will soon be full with the Pe-2 Peshka, a gaggle of Fw-109A-2,3,4, and a much anticipated ZM 1/48 F-4E. Then there's all the other kits I won't have time for! I'm sure Tamiya will sell many Bf109G-6s. I hope they use the money they make to invest in tooling for a P-38.
  8. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    Tamiya kits are always expensive. Twenty years ago they ran about $25-$35 in the local Hobby shops. But spending $50 when the kit has no aftermarket in it gives me pause. While the review on hyperscale has been glowing, I've learned not to trust kit reviews there. I'll wait until more critical reviews come in from others who will go over all the pros and cons in a journalistic manner. I don't think I'll be buying this kit, but I have a friend who wants one, and he doesn't like the Internet, so I'll order one for him from HLJ and throw in some items I want. I paid about $28 for the Tamiya Ki-61 including shipping. I imagine that this uber kit will run about $40 shipped from Japan. Also if you wait a little while I'm sure you can find a good price online. I've seen Tamiya 1/48 F-14As selling for $80 with free shipping.
  9. I think we are all focused on one part when critiquing Airfix's new P-51D. One of the tails on Airfix's new Mustang has some problems with the rivets while the other one looks to be perfect. there are some other little nit picks that are easily correctable like these Now looking at the kit overall I think Airfix did a great job on their Mustang. In fact if given the choice of the Airfix kit or the Tamiya kit I'll choose the Airfix kit. I've built a few Tamiya Mustangs and they certainly have their drawbacks. (The canopy is the most glaring mistake, and just look at all the correction sets for it from Vector, Aires, and Ultracast: flaps, spinner, propeller blades, and wheel wells.) I have to wait until the Airfix Mustang becomes available here, but from what I see I will be able to turn out a nice 1/48 P-51D without too much fuss. As for the curved fillet with the misplaced rivets - I'm sure Quickboost or Ultracast will offer a replacement for those who don't want to bother filling and re-scribing the part.
  10. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    I have never had a problem with Eduard's paint masks or any other precut masks. In fact you can use Eduard's masks at least two times by following the advice the Canadian Company EZ-Masks gives. Just dip the mask in slightly diluted dish soap, which allows you to move the mask into position, then press down on the mask to push out the excess soapy water, and the mask is then easily removable. Having paint masks in a kit that will retail for at least $50 that require cutting along a line is disappointing. Will the Tamiya Bf-109 be a fantastic kit? Looks like it, but I take Hyperscale's review with a grain of salt, since he often never examines or criticizes kits for shape issues. I also feel I got burnt when I read reviews about how perfect Tamiya's 1/48 F-16's are. Then I purchased a few of these $75 dollar kits, because of this reporting, and found that there were numerous ejector pin marks on the insides of the wheel well doors, wheel wells, and landing gear legs. That's very frustrating to have to clean up so many ejector pin holes. Especially on a Tamiya kit, but I was told that the Tamiya F-16 was perfect. Now to be fair Tamiya's Bf-109G is entering a very crowded market. Tamya is known for making shake and bake kits. Are Tamiya kits perfect? No. But they can be enjoyable builds. Will I get a Tamiya Bf-109G? I'm sure I can get the kit for about $30-35 from HLJ but frankly it's not a priority for me right now, since my plate is full of Eduard Bf-109Fs and Gs! Now I understand you don't like Eduard. That's fine. There's now a cornucopia of Bf-109G kits to choose from: Fujimi, Eduard, Hasegawa, Tamiya, Zvezda, and Trumpeter/Hobby Boss! Tamiya's Bf-109G Early version will be a good choice for many modelers. The fit and finish will be fantastic. Soon however the Red-line Brigade will have plastic in hand and we will be able to nit-pick the issues! Good times!
  11. Does anyone know if Kittyhawk went back to the drawing board on the 1/48th McDonnell F2H-3/-4 Banshee? The kit number precedes the early Banshee that they released - KH80130. As is well known Kitty Hawks F2H-2/2P suffers from some major shape issues. I'm hoping that they decided to fix all the issues like Eduard (Bf-109G) or Great Wall (P-61 and F-15) have done and release a fantastic kit. But they seem to have folded their tent on the Mig-25 variants and buried the tooling on that one. They could redeem themselves and win a lot of fans by owning their mistake and correcting it. Eduard and Great Wall have my respect for their commitment to their customers expectations of quality kits. I'll certainly buy a couple of Banjos if they are done right.
  12. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    There's some conflict between sources about how correct or incorrect the Eduard kit is. Who is the better authority. Who has the best scale plans Radu Brinzan or scalemodels.ru? Where is Jacques Derrida? From http://www.hyperscale.com/2016/reviews/kits/eduard82111reviewbg_1.htm
  13. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    If you mean that Tamiya has made it very easy to get the landing gear position correct then that is true. Now as for the shape of the Bf-109G legs Zvezda comes close. Eduard's legs are correct for a Bf-109F G-2/4 and most other G's. When you look at wartime photographs you can see there are different landing gear legs used on F's, G's and K's (See Squadron Messerschmitt Bf-109 in Action Part 2 pages 35,,36, 41, 45 and Mushroom Model Publications Messerschmitt Bf-109G Vol 1 No 6101 pages 27, 38. MMM Vol 1 shows two restored 109s on pages 32 and 66 with another variant of the gear legs that Eduard used to make their Brassin sets!). (Time to sing the Frozen song!) Looking at the shape of Tamiya's legs makes me wonder "what were they thinking". They don't look like Bf-109G legs, but they are set up to get the correct stance.
  14. Tamiya new release 109 picture leaked.....

    True the cost of the Tamiya 109G-6 will be more than the Eduard Profipack. But a proper comparison would be a Tamiya 109G-6 to the Eduard Weekend Editions G-6 kits. Tamiya offers no photoetch, canopy masks, or the fantastic decal options that a Profipack kit has. You just get straight plastic, decal seat belts, no masks (or masks you have to cut ). I made a big order from Eduard during their E-Day Sale and got 25% off plus Free Shipping . I decided to get the Weekend Edition 109G Erla. It was just $22! I started building it immediately and I'm really impressed with the ease of assembly. It's a fun kit! Will I buy a Tamiya Bf-109G-6? Maybe. I have a shelf full of Hasegawa Zero variants (A6M1 - A6M8) so I never got a Tamiya new tool Zero. I highly recommend that if you do see an Eduard Weekend Edition Bf-109F/G sitting in a shop snap it up and you will have a nice kit that builds up quickly!
  15. You can try Hobby Link Japan. It would be on backorder, but shipping is reasonable. https://hlj.com/search/go?p=Q&srid=S1-1SEAP&lbc=hobbylink&ts=custom&uid=160007355&method=and&af=selectscale%3a148scale selectmanufacturer%3avolks&isort=score&view=grid&srt=24 or order direct form Volks in Japan. http://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws48_05_f4s.html Eduard has not offered a cockpit set for the Z-M F-4's yet, but they do offer really nice Brassin wheels and exhaust nozzles.