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  1. Cruiser Tank A10.

    Yes, although it was the pattern which attracted me, I had a feeling that the colour was wrong, but until I did some more digging, I didn't realise HOW wrong!! Apparently, according to Mike Starmer, the only scheme on the instructions which is correct is the German one. As you say, SCC15 is wrong, and so too is black. I've asked some questions as to what the colours and pattern should be, so fingers crossed. John.
  2. This will be my entry for the 10th Anniversary GB. It's Bronco's offering of the British Cruiser Tank A10. It'll be a struggle to finish it as I'm doing another in the M3/M4 GB, so having said that, I'm going to go against the grain for me, and build it (almost) out of the box to save time. I haven't decided which version I will build yet, I'll decide once I get started. John.
  3. Along with the original VVSS M1 Shermans, the Israelis also received a lot of HVSS Shermans, mainly from the French, which when they put them into service were dubbed “Super Sherman”. About year ago, I built an M1 using the Tamiya kit. This time, I am going to use the Tamiya M51 and substitute some of the parts with parts from the M1 kit such as the turret and engine deck. I'll also be using an AM main gun from RB Models along with their 12.7mm M2 Browning. The only set of decals that I know of for this tank are those made by Star decals, and I'm waiting on a set being delivered at the moment. Hopefully, this build will be more successful than my M60 build. So this is the tank, although, not exactly the same. Different markings and different track guard supports. Tamiya M1 Sherman. Tamiya M51. RB Models 76mm main gun and 12.7mm M2 Browning. As I said, the decals should (hopefully) be on their way from Sweden. I'll put some photos up later of where I am at now. John.
  4. IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Thanks Beefy. Much appreciated. John.
  5. IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Sponson fillers added to the upper hull, and then the upper and lower halves were glued together. One thing that I didn't mention earlier, but is obvious from the photos, was the addition of the engine access doors from the Tamiya M1 kit, to the rear hull plate. The complete assembly was then slid between the frames and glued with MEK. Once it was all in place, I added the exhaust deflector from the M1 kit. At this point, I also added the armoured cover for the air intake on the engine deck. One job that I was a bit concerned about was the supports for the extended track guards (or fenders). Earlier HVSS Shermans didn't have the supports that are supplied by Tamiya and Dragon for their M50 and M51 kits, ie; they weren't U shaped channels. Instead, they were simply tubing bolted to the track guards and the hull side. The bolts are anchored to small base plates which I made from strips of 10thou card, cut into 1mm x 1mm pieces, making 32 in total. These were glued in place on the hull and the track guards. Then, using a punch and die set, I punched out 32 “nuts” and glued these on top of the base plates. The tubing is 20thou rod cut into lengths approximately 4.5mm long. With a bit of trimming, they slid between the plates and just required a dab of glue. In the end, it was a lot easier than I had anticipated. Thanks for looking. John.
  6. Cruiser Tank A10.

    There is an in depth review of this kit by Terry Ashley over on PMMS and having read it, I've decided on which option in the kit I'm going to build, and that is option 5. This was one of the first A10's sent to N. Africa in 1940 and is finished in SCC15 with SCC14 disruptive pattern. I chose this one as all the other ones in the kit which are N. Africa based are missing a lot of desert equipment such as sand shields, the fuel can racks at the rear and the auxillary fuel tank sometimes carried on the left hand front track guard. And so first up is the running gear. It's a little complicated, but not too much. The problem is the etched parts. They are approximately .5mm too wide and therefore push the suspension units out of place. With the smaller ones, I trimmed off .5mm from the edge which overcame the problem. Incidentally, the small etch part has lightening holes in it which is incorrect. They should be solid. Bronco corrected this when they issued their Balkans Campaign A10. They also included the missing parts to enable a desert/Balkans tank to be built. The longer etched parts were more difficult. The way that I got around the problem was to grind a recess into the back of part number A1 which allowed the etched part to sit in place without pushing the suspension units out of place. On the back of each part A1, there is a small moulding which is supposed to allow the etched part to click into place. In reality, it just gets in the way, so I removed it. I changed the order of assembly as I found Bronco's instructions awkward. I glued parts A1 and A10 into place and then clicked the assembled units in between. They're supposed to be able to swing freely, but it's too loose and floppy, so I glued them, making sure that all of the axle stubs were on the level to avoid wheels being up in the air. With this one, you can't get away by posing it on uneven ground because of the link and length tracks. All of the wheels have been cleaned up and will be added after painting. This is certainly proving to be a more complicated build than what I'm used to. John.
  7. IDF M579 Macha"G Fitter

    Great job on the Macha. All the added equipment really bring it to life and give it some character. BTW. The colour looks fine to me. John.
  8. ZIL 157 Fuel Truck

    In this scale, Kristal Klear should work fine, but as it dries it tends to go concave, so once it's dried, apply a second coat and then finish it off with gloss varnish. John.
  9. M31 Recovery Vehicle

    Coming along just fine. I'd leave that blemish on the lid of the stowage box and call it damage, and just wipe a little bit of rust onto it once it's painted. John.
  10. Chieftain Mk.10 Berlin Brigade

    I'll be interested to know of any glitches that you might find with this one, as I've got it in the stash cupboard, along with the urban paint set. John.
  11. Pet hates.

    This is really, a minor pet hate of mine (oh, I've got dozens), but still one that irks. People who can't be bothered to reply/acknowledge when they have asked a question and received an answer. Most times when I've tried to answer someone's query, I'll get some form of reply thanking me for the info. I don't think that it's happened many times to me on BM (if any), but occasionally on other sites it has. When someone asks a question and then you spend some time and effort trying to find an answer for them, the least that you can do is take the trouble to reply. Now obviously, I understand that circumstances may prevent this. They could have been taken ill, called away on an emergency, abducted by aliens, whatever. But if not, then take the time to acknowledge that someone has taken the time to try and help you. That's all. I'm now going to go and stand in a cool area and condense. John.
  12. I don't know how this measures up (size wise) against the likes of Challenger, Leopard and Abrams, but it has always struck me as being a bit unusual, the fact that this tank has just five road wheels as opposed to Challengers six and Leopard and Abrams seven. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see what the hairy stick makes of it. John.
  13. M10 Tank Destroyer

    What Stix said, and it'll be interesting to see how you get on with this as I have it in in the "to do" cupboard. John.
  14. M7 Priest Academy 1/35

    Yes, me too, having just done the 40 wheels for my Sherman build, followed by the ones on the Cruiser tank A10 in the 10th Anniversary GB. Love Black Dog's stuff though. It has such great detail. John.
  15. Short SC.5/10 Belfast

    I like the choice Mike. Denzel's vacforms were a favourite of mine when I used to build wingy things. If I remember from my service days, the RAF boys used to refer to it as a Belslow on account of it's lack of speed. John.
  16. Cruiser Tank A10.

    .......and you are most welcome. John.
  17. Cruiser Tank A10.

    'Morning Steve. So far it's proving to be a nice kit without too many vices, although, having said that, it IS a Bronco kit, so not one that you pour in glue at one end and extract completed model at the other. John.
  18. Britmodellers' X Files

    It's about an hours drive from where I live, and like you, I've always wanted to visit after being told about it by a work colleague many years ago. My wife steadfastly refused to accompany me as she said that it would be too upsetting for her, so a couple of years ago, when my son was over visiting us in the summer, he and I went. It's incredibly eerie, not from a spooky point of view, but because it is exactly as it was left all those years ago. A doctor's car parked outside a house, a bicycle left up against a wall. You can look through the open windows of houses and see Singer sewing machines lying where the owners left them. In a garage there is a car where someone had been working on the engine. There are so many things around the village that are truly heart wrenching to see, but the place that got to me was the church. You an go inside and see the blackened walls and imagine the horror that occurred there. It choked me up, and I wasn't alone. The French authorities have kept it as it was and I think that is what makes it so moving. There's no café but there is a shop, not one selling tacky and inappropriate souvenirs, but books telling the story of what went on there in 1944. War is war and always will be, but that doesn't excuse in any way what occurred in Oradur-sur-Glane that day. I came away from that visit feeling very sad about what happened to the inhabitants of that village, but the irony of it is the fact that the German's took it out on the wrong village. The atrocity took place because they thought that people in that village had given help to the invading allies, when in fact it was a completely different village. John.
  19. Cruiser Tank A10.

    Thanks Dennis. I've been waiting for an injection moulded kit of this and the A9 for years, so I'm a happy bunny. John.
  20. Cruiser Tank A10.

    Get thee behind me Satan!! Someone is doing a blog on this kit on another site and I've been following it. Apart from a couple of additions, it's built mainly OOTB, so (hopefully) I will stick to it. John.
  21. M4A3, CALLIOPE, 1/35

    Good luck with that!! I take it that box on the back is peculiar to a Calliope? I've never seen one before, but to be honest, I've never seen a rear view photo of a Calliope. Nice bit of "scratching". John. Edit. I've just seen your post for the 12th Jan, nice photo. Certainly a new one on me. Copied and filed away.
  22. IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Thanks Glynn, and I'm enjoying this one more as well. John.
  23. Cruiser Tank A10.

    At the moment, it does feel as though I'm in a minority of three. Early days though. John.
  24. IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Thanks Badder. With regards to the photos, it just shows that these days you don't need an expensive camera for decent photos. Mine's just an ordinary bridge camera. John.
  25. Mirror Models Diamond T Wrecker

    Great job Lloyd. I would think that the new owner will be very pleased with it. John.