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  1. Now that the Welded Cromwell WIP is finished and it's been put to bed in RFI, I'm laying this down as a marker and will hopefully make a start on it in the next couple of weeks. I've managed to get some modelling done by sitting in the armchair with a portable workplace on my lap, so as a consequence, the Tiran is nearing completion and I'll be posting some updates on that. But in the meanttime, this is my next WIP. Last year, I built a model of “Champagne”, an early M4A3 (76mm) of the French 2nd Armoured Division as it was during 1944, before it was knocked out at the battle of Dompaire. This tank still exists today as a memorial in the town of Ville-sur-Illon in basically the condition that it was once it had been disabled. It's been resprayed and new markings applied, but it still has the two shell holes in the left upper hull and through one of the VVSS units. When it was hit, it caught fire, so all of the rubber from both the road wheels and the tracks (T-48 rubber chevron), was burnt off. I've never built a model of an exhibit before and thought that it would make an interesting project. In some ways it will be slightly easier than a normal build as there will be no need to fit some detail parts (which are no longer there) and spraying will be straight forward as the authorities, when they repainted it just painted the lot in a yellowy green, including the tracks. So, I rummaged around my spares boxes and came up with the following. Lower and upper hull, final drive housing, rear hull plate, and VVSS units minus wheels; Dragon M4(105mm). Turret and M4A3 engine deck; Asuka. M1A1 Unthreaded 76mm main gun; Formations. Burnt out road wheels; Verlinden. Burnt out tracks; Panda Plastics. Decals; Bison. The Formations main gun, being resin, was slightly warped, so I assembled the one that came with the Asuka turret as an emergency stand by, should the hot water treatment prove to be unsuccessful. Also, as can be seen from one of the photos, I'm going to have to combine some Tasca VVSS springs and track skids with the Dragon parts. So, I'll be back when I've got some progress. John.
  2. DML Conqueror Mk2

    Glad you clarified that as I was a bit confused (that happens a lot lately). I like those cables. John.
  3. Champagne Today - A French M4A3 (76mm).

    Thanks Etienne. You have to get a Sherman, but get a Tasca/Asuka......they're the Rolls Royce of the Shermans. John.
  4. Champagne Today - A French M4A3 (76mm).

    One of the two hits that knocked Champagne out, struck the upper rear hull, as can be seen in the first photo. To replicate this, I drilled a hole through the side of the hull and roughened it up with a triangular file. Engine door bump stops added to each side from 40thou card, plus the lifting eyes. I added thin strips of Milliput around the bottom of each item to replicate weld seams. The rear light brush guards came from an Eduard set. The left hand rear light has been removed. The Dragon hull is the same for M4's and M4A3's, so the depression for the grouser intakes were filled with Green Stuff and sanded smooth. I did make an attempt at scratch building the A3 engine deck, but I made such a lash up of it, especially the intake slats of the doors, that I binned it and went for a replacement deck courtesy of Asuka. The rearmost plate is quite distorted, probably due to the AT round and most of the securing bolts have popped, so I removed them with a scalpel and drilled the holes out. The brackets that were used to secure the pioneer tools have been removed at some point, but there are still some remnants remaining. I've arrowed these in red. The two white dots each side of the rear plate are where the grab handles have been removed. The final photo shows how the rear of the plate was thrust up by the impact of the shell. On the right hand side, only the rear portion of the rear light remains in place. Thanks for looking. John.
  5. Ignore

    Interesting combination, HVSS and a 75mm.
  6. 1st class build. The best carrier model that I've seen. John.
  7. Takom Mark IV Male

    Every bit as good as the other two. John.
  8. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    That looks good Etienne. Just the right amount of dust and dirt to make it look realistic. John.
  9. DML Saladin ++

    Lovely detail work on the cables. Incidentally, there was a documentary on BBC a few weeks ago where a woman suffered from cluster headaches. She said that it was more painful than childbirth. I'll take her word for it. John.
  10. Pet hates.

    This is really, a minor pet hate of mine (oh, I've got dozens), but still one that irks. People who can't be bothered to reply/acknowledge when they have asked a question and received an answer. Most times when I've tried to answer someone's query, I'll get some form of reply thanking me for the info. I don't think that it's happened many times to me on BM (if any), but occasionally on other sites it has. When someone asks a question and then you spend some time and effort trying to find an answer for them, the least that you can do is take the trouble to reply. Now obviously, I understand that circumstances may prevent this. They could have been taken ill, called away on an emergency, abducted by aliens, whatever. But if not, then take the time to acknowledge that someone has taken the time to try and help you. That's all. I'm now going to go and stand in a cool area and condense. John.
  11. Dunkirk, The New Evidence. Channel 4

    That's going a bit far. BTW. How are Doris and Dan?
  12. Champagne Today - A French M4A3 (76mm).

    Many thanks Clive. Yes, me too. I'm just assuming that is what happened as I can't think of any other reason for that bulge in the upper rear hull. John.
  13. Pet hates.

    Thanks Jim. That made me laugh. If I can get hold of some moth balls, I might give it a go. The python may prove a bit more tricky, especially given the wife's terror of snakes. Although, it might not be a bad idea. I just need to check her life policy first to see if there are any snake clauses. John.
  14. Ignore

    Now there speaks a real aircraft fan. John.
  15. Pet hates.

    Maybe we should start a new acronym....AOOB for almost out of the box. Definitely agree with you Steve. I remember many years ago when Alan Hall used to run Airfix Magazine, a certain well known character used to do reviews of new aircraft kits, but unfortunately, he was (is?) a fan of Whatifs. So out would come a new model of an F-15 or an A-10 and instead of building it as it was in the box, he would paint it and decal it to represent an aircraft serving with an RAF squadron, even altering it to carry British armament. It's not what the prospective buyer wants to read from a review. Plus, IMO, his builds were rubbish, but that is my opinion. John.
  16. Don`t talk to me about life, again.Date with Destiny? 13/9/17

    I know what you mean with regards to loosing the ability to make kits. My wife has told me that if my arthritis ever progresses to the stage where I can no longer build models, she says she is going to have me put down as I would become unbearable, to which I replied, "I thought that I already was". All the best Alan. John.
  17. Tristar 1/35 Panzer I ausf A

    You learned well then. It looks great. John.
  18. Tamiya 1/35 JSU-152

    What would fit very well alongside the star, is a period photo of a JSU-152 in Berlin. There's bound to be something suitable on the internet. John.
  19. interwar kits

    No, not a dog with a bone. It's called discussion. Just trying to help a modeller with a question, and trying to make sure that the info that he receives is correct. Now if that's a dog with a bone, so be it.
  20. Panzer II

    Another little cracker. Whichever way that you did the flag, it looks great. John.
  21. Tamiya 1/35 JSU-152

    Nice one Dan. That really adds to the model. John.
  22. Takom M3 Lee (early)

    I like it so far. This is one on my list, to do as a British Lee in the desert. Interiors don't bother me as I find that once finished, not much can be seen anyway. It would be good if you could get the images of the WIP on here. John.
  23. M667/752 Lance Missile SPL

    Very professional looking job. Job.
  24. interwar kits

    Okay, so I went and checked my references again, and just to be clear, no, I'm no mixing up my mark numbers and I'm not talking about A10's. I'm talking about A13's. The reference that I checked is the ten part article by the well known military historian Peter Brown in Military Modelling around 2010. This is where he states that the A13 Mk1 entered service either late 1938 or early 1939. I believe that the A13 Mk.11 entered service later in 1939 and that the Mk11a (fitted with a BESA) entered service after the outbreak of WW2. Also from around the time of this series of articles, Steve Zaloga, military historian and modeller, did an article in MM on building Broncos A13 Mk.1. The number of this kit is 35025. I know because I have it upstairs in the stash. Now, unless we're talking at cross purposes here, I stand by what I said and that is that Bronco's A13. Mk.1 could be included. John.