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  1. When I first joined BritModeller, a little over a year ago, the first model that I posted in RFI was an Israeli M51. At that time I had a few problems with posting photos from a hosting site (nothing to do with Photo Bucket, more to do with my incompetence). When I tried to upload the photos (from Village Photos), all that appeared were links. I didn't know what the problem was (I still don't), but it's not occurred since, so I thought that it might be an idea to post the photos again now and hope for better success. So apologies for doing this twice, but here goes. First, a brief run down of how the model was built. The tank that I depicted was what was referred to as a Batch 4 model. Batch 4 M51s were the last ones produced by the Israelis. In 1/35th scale, there are three M51s produced by Dragon, Academy and Tamiya. The first two have got their problems, not least of which is the grossly oversized muzzle brake. The Tamiya kit is a beauty, but it is of a Batch 1 version, but as it is by far and away the best “51”, I used the Tamiya kit a the basis for this build. Without going into a WIP, the conversion consisted of the following; Rear upper hull sliced off of the Academy kit and attached to the Tamiya hull to give an increase in length of 5mm. Extra louvre added underneath. Dragon diesel engine deck added in place of the Tamiya radial engine deck, along with the main gun travel lock from the Academy kit. Extra stowage bins each side made from card and etched brass. Rear stowage bin from the Academy kit. Raised serial numbers (Academy) front and rear. Turret weld lines beefed up with Milliput (beefed up a bit too much!!) Extra turret bin on rhs from card. All of the jerry can holders were replaced with ones from Eduard etched brass. The headlamp lenses are Little Cars. The Eduard set for the M51 was used throughout. It was sprayed with a mix of Tamiya XF57 Buff and XF24 Light Grey in a ratio of 3:2. Decals included in the Academy kit were used and are for an unknown training unit in the 1980's. The casting symbols on the glacis were later removed as I found out that this hull had not been cast by that particular foundry. There are a couple of mistakes/omissions that are in the photos but have since been rectified. As always, thanks for looking. John.
  2. Matilda MK.III/IV - more weathering

    Very realistic weathering there Carius. It really looks as though it's been battered by desert winds. John.
  3. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    I think that you misunderstood me. As I said, I will be using the M51 lower hull to build an M1 Super Sherman. I've also got the Tamiya M1 Sherman to use the upper hull and turret. M1 Sherman - VVSS, M1 Super Sherman - HVSS. Same tank, same turret and gun but different suspension. John.
  4. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Thanks a lot DA. Yes, I picked up another Tamiya M51 at Telford, but I'll be using the lower hull for and M1 Super Sherman. John.
  5. Painting

    I, like a lot of people, use Halford's acrylic car spray in rattle cans. It gives a nice smooth finish. John.
  6. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Thanks for the comments Carius. I appreciate them. John.
  7. Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Absolutely stunning model Andy. Best one for a long time. The Pioneer may not have looked beautiful, but it was a great truck. I have happy memories of trundling over to Base Workshop in Osnabruck at a stately 21mph. I'll be using your WIP as a guide for the artillery tractor that I picked up at Telford. John.
  8. Sd.Kfz.1840 Elefant

    I know more about neurosurgery than I do about WW2 German armour, but to me that looks great, greenery and all. John.
  9. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Thanks Andy. I agree. Once it has a coat of paint, it's sometimes hard to see the work put into it. John.
  10. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Thanks a lot Francis. The chains are actually etched brass. John.
  11. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Many thanks Jim. It's the detail that I enjoy. I can't remember the last time that I built something OOTB. Still, it keeps me off of the streets. John.
  12. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Many thanks Etienne. I appreciate it. John.
  13. Ever evolvin dio COLOURIN GROUND

    Sorry Badder, I thought that I was echoing the title of your build when what I should have typed was "ever evolving dio". That'll teach me to put my glasses on properly in future. John.
  14. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Evening Stix, and many thanks. Just got to build one each of the batch 1,2 & 3 M51's and I'll have the full set. John.
  15. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Thanks Dennis. Yep, me too. Picked up Takom's Tiran 4 and a couple of Tamiya kits at the Telford show last weekend, so that I can combine them to make an M1 Super Sherman. Happy days. John.
  16. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Thanks to both of you. John. Thanks a lot Kris. John.
  17. Pz.kpfw. IV ausf. G - Dragon 1/35

    Very nice MK.lV, especially the weathering. Great job. John.
  18. PATTON TANK STGB we’re at 24 and Holding

    Plus all of the Israeli versions; Magach 1,2,3 & 5 (M-48), and Magach 6 & 7 (M-60). The list goes on........................ John.
  19. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    If you haven't built anything since the 80's, I'd definitely recommend the Tamiya kit. Their engineering is first class, plus this is a new kit. With regards to posting pictures, you'll need to open an account with one of the photo hosting sites (stay away from Photobucket though). You can't link from your computer to BM. I use Village Photos. Some people don't like it, but it suits my needs perfectly. If you want to give it a try, have a look in FAQ's. I've posted an "idiot's guide" to posting photos on BM using Village Photos. I believe that the faces on the front of the tanks in Korea were supposed to represent the face of a tiger. I seem to remember reading somewhere that these tiger faces were supposed to strike fear into the enemy because of what the tiger meant in Chinese folk lore. If anyone knows different, I'd be pleased to hear. John.
  20. Ever evolvin dio COLOURIN GROUND

    Been a while since I looked at this one and although it might be the "never ending dio", it's certainly progressing well. It's hard to pick out any one item, but if I did, it would be the ivy growing up the side of the building. Very good. As to what armour, you can make a case for anything. After all, it was war time and any scenario is possible. John.
  21. Now that Telford is out of the way, and I'm back home in the peace and quiet of the countryside, I can get back to catching up on various builds. This one has come along in leaps and bounds and is looking really good Stix. As always, your brush work is superb. John.
  22. Another swedish one ... CV90-40c

    Nice detail work there Etienne. Glad you've resurrected this one. John.
  23. Pet hates.

    This is really, a minor pet hate of mine (oh, I've got dozens), but still one that irks. People who can't be bothered to reply/acknowledge when they have asked a question and received an answer. Most times when I've tried to answer someone's query, I'll get some form of reply thanking me for the info. I don't think that it's happened many times to me on BM (if any), but occasionally on other sites it has. When someone asks a question and then you spend some time and effort trying to find an answer for them, the least that you can do is take the trouble to reply. Now obviously, I understand that circumstances may prevent this. They could have been taken ill, called away on an emergency, abducted by aliens, whatever. But if not, then take the time to acknowledge that someone has taken the time to try and help you. That's all. I'm now going to go and stand in a cool area and condense. John.
  24. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    How about, being on holiday in the west country, you decide to go into the R.Signals museum and see the teleprinters that were state of the art when you were in, now displayed as relics........and that was 30 years ago. John.....pass the methotrexate and diclophenac.
  25. Pet hates.

    They're probably all named Cunningham, and eat carrots!