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  1. Clive, if you at interested, I can let you have some copies of colour profiles. I've got a couple of books and a deal sheet that I can photo copy if you want. Bear in mind not to make it too rusty as there wasn't much moisture around out there. Chips and bare metal is more the order of the day with maybe a bit of rust. John.
  2. Welded Cromwell Mk.Vllw.

    Thanks Kris, and you are very welcome. John.
  3. Pet hates.

    No wonder foreigners have trouble learning English. It's a mine field. John.
  4. Welded Cromwell Mk.Vllw.

    OK, this is the final update for this WIP, and just involves the crew and the running gear. The three crew members are from the Miniart set “British Tank Crew, Winter Uniform”, in other words, Pixie Suits. I replaced the heads with suitable ones from Hornet. I tried to repose them to suit their positions. The driver didn't need too much manipulation, but I stuck a pipe in his hand so that he could have a puff on his old shag. The commander likewise, but I added a mike and cables (the Hornet head already had the earphones moulded on). Finally, the gunner. The original intention was to have him handing something to the commander, but I never got around to putting something in his hand. Now he just looks as if he's giving a half hearted “What?” gesture. Final job before adding the crew, was to fix the road wheels, sprockets and idlers into position along with the tracks. Because I was going to depict this tank on rough ground, I'd made it so that the second and third suspension arm on each side would hang free. Once all the wheels etc were in place, the tracks were carefully manipulated (bearing in mind, the curvature in each track) around the running gear. I sat the tank over a suitably shaped obstacle so as to displace the wheels, and then I glued the four free moving arms into that position. This was a build that I really enjoyed. I've still got my Centaur to finish one day and a couple more in the stash. For me, you can never have too many Cromwells or Shermans. Next stop, RFI. Thanks for following along with the build. John.
  5. I'm glad that you reloaded these photos of the Doghouse, as I missed this one first time around when PB decided to play silly beggars. Lovely build and superb weathering. John.
  6. Sorry to say Lloyd, but it looks like a Panther that's had white wash cammo applied and it's started to peel off. Looks good to me. John.
  7. 1/76 Thompson Vc fuel carrier diecast repaint

    Yeah, you have been busy. Very nice. Every time I see one of these I always think that they probably have pedals in them like a child's pedal car! John.
  8. 1/76 Austin Tilly, Oxford diecast repaint

    Never ceases to amaze me, the finish that you achieve with the models in this diminutive scale. Lovely job. It's also given me an idea for a colour scheme when I get hold of Tamiya's 35th version of this. John.
  9. Chevrolet C15TA

    Beautiful little model. The weathering is excellent and the tarpaulin looks like a........tarpaulin! Great job all round. John.
  10. Hi Clive, Well, the nurse has increased my medication and beaten me about the head with a blunt object and it's jogged my memory a little. I found the instructions for the Grant and no, the flimsies and the cage weren't included in the original kit, although when I looked at the profile for the painting instructions, strangely they have drawn it in (just to confuse me). I've still got the original etched sheet by Eduard for the Grant and lo and behold, that was where it came from. I'm fairly certain now that the flimsies themselves came from the Accurate Armour set. I think that my initial confusion came about because I'd mixed up the Grant with the Tasca El Alamein Sherman ll. That did have the flimsies and the etched brass cage for them. With regards to colour schemes. IMO, I think that a one colour paint scheme is more difficult to pull off successfully than a two colour one. You've got to work harder at it to avoid that monochrome appearance. John.
  11. KV-2 - 1/35 Trumpeter

    Ditto, ditto and er....ditto. Maybe they've been waiting for her to come and show them how to fix the track! One thing that I like about the figures is the poses. They do look natural. John.
  12. Honey, I shrunk the T28 Super Heavy Tank

    Every so often, a build comes along that is absolutely jaw dropping and this rates along with them. I've scratch built welded Sherman hulls before now, but never attempted anything with a cast hull. So far, this is a master class. Watching 'till the end. John.
  13. Tiger I Mid Production w/interior

    That's the way to go Lloyd. It's my get out for every cock up that I make. That aside, it's coming along nicely. John.
  14. Wow! now you're really asking something. I built this about 7 or 8 years ago. I have trouble remembering what I had for dinner tonight! But I have a feeling that it was part of the kit. I think that I might have the instructions somewhere so I'll have a look tomorrow and see if I can clarify. John.
  15. Welded Cromwell Mk.Vllw.

    Hi Etienne, Many thanks. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Before I cut them from the sheet, I was happy with them, but once they were in the bin, they looked a bit modern. As I say, it's probably just me. John.