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  1. What are you reading?

    The Afghan, by Frederick Forsythe. John.
  2. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    And they say that us men have no imagination and are thoughtless. Some years ago, we went out for a meal on a Saturday evening, although neither of us was hungry as we'd had a late lunch. On the way to the restaurant (which I hadn't booked), I said that I wanted to call in at the Brentwood Centre because there was a model show coming up there and I wanted to check on the dates. So we parked up and walked into the foyer. Straight away SWMBO clocked the act that was on that night, none other than Errol Brown of Hot Chocolate fame, who my wife loves to bits (well his music anyway). "Oh" she says. "I wish I'd known. I'd love to see him". So I produced two tickets from my pocket and said "Then you'd better have these". She burst into tears. Not often my wife is stuck for something to say, although when we took our seats, she did ask about the model show, to which I replied "What model show?" I did live off of those brownie points for a few weeks. John.
  3. M4A2 Sherman ... somewhere in the Pacific

    I'm back on French soil again, and I'm catching up on the builds. You have been busy Etienne. Two Shermans and I can't even finish one!! Great work on both of them. I take it that the casting markings are Archer dry transfers? John.
  4. What music are you playing ? Part IV

    No Corry on TV last night, but SWMBO had three episodes recorded, so it was on to youtube. Allanah Myles: Black Velvet. Gordon Lightfoot: Sundown. Booker T and the MGs: Green Onions. Jon & Vangelis: State of Independence and I'll find my way home. Moody Blues: Nights in White Satin. The Tokens: The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Peter Gabriel: Solsbury Hill. Tangerine Dream: Rubycon 2006. John.
  5. FV436 conversion

    Hi Dan, Just catching up with all the builds since returning from Blighty. From one Scaley to another........Gordon Bennett....you had some luxuries! Microwaves, heaters. The best we had sitting in the back of the Comcen wagon (24BR20, Bedford RL), was a brew stick to make tea (with condensed milk...yuk). I used to love the exercises where our location was a farm. It meant that we got to sleep in the hay loft. Many a time I've slept with the pigs (no not my fellow Scaleys). Our radio relay used Austin K9s. I wish someone would do that in 1/35th. As for the SA80.....no idea. They'd only just got rid of the Lee Enfield when I joined. I did like the LMG, even though it had a tendency to drag you down the range as you fired it. Anyway, back to the model. Again, it's alien to me, but I will follow this with interest. Nice going so far. Signalman Bullbasket (Comcen Op. Retd).
  6. GMC CCKW-353 1/35 TAMIYA

    Excellent model and realistically loaded. John.

    Great build Phil and impressive details. John.
  8. Austin k6 & Type 13/14 Triptych finished!!

    Brilliant work on all three Sean. My Airfix K6 pales into insignificance by comparison. Great job. John.
  9. Tamiya 1/35 Churchill.

    Nice clean build on the Churchill. I like the dusty weathering. John.
  10. Just beginning to catch up now that I'm back home. Lovely job as always Stix. The tank, the figures and the base......superb. John.
  11. Eduard 1/72 JRS-1 'The Boat'

    The aircraft itself is excellent, but what makes it for me is the water. That is probably the most realistic representation of water that I've ever seen. Superb. John.
  12. Things I don’t understand

    If I remember correctly, our weapons instructor said that to get the SLR to fire on auto, you had to monkey around with it and once fired, it didn't stop until the whole magazine had gone. Probably the reason why it was only ever fired on single shot. We had the SMG as our personal weapon in the Far East as it was more suited to jungle use than the SLR. I liked the weapon and achieved marksman status on it. SLR was a different story. I couldn't hit the side of a barn with one even if I was standing inside it! The lads that I felt sorry for were those who were left handed. They were told from the word go that under no circumstances would they be allowed to fire left handed. Not that it was impossible to do with the SLR, but when they moved on to the SMG, the prominent cocking handle on the right hand side would take their eye out when fired from the shoulder as it automatically recocked itself. A lot of left handers had the appearance of a cow with a musket. Very ungainly.
  13. What music are you playing ? Part IV

    You do get Ray Ellington and Max Geldray. The Goons are timeless. My 6 year old Grandson likes them. His favourite phrase is "Oh, he's fallen in the water" and he even gets the Blue Bottle voice correct. John.
  14. Things I don’t understand

    No I didn't, but it sounds interesting. When I was stationed in Singapore in the 60's, there was a documentary on one of the local TV stations about hunting and shooting a bear using a .357 Magnum. It was a particularly non PC time. Couldn't get away with that today. One of the funniest episodes that I can recall from the times spent on the ranges, was when the weapons instructor got us all, one by one, to fire the 7.62 LMG from the hip, his point being to demonstrate what utter crap it is when you see it being done in the movies. You have precisely zero control over the accuracy. We all did this successfully, the shells going anywhere but at the target. Last to go was our little SDS rider. The weapon was almost as big as him. He was OK firing it on single shot, but when he switched to automatic fire, he fell over backwards, in slow motion, still with his finger on the trigger. We were at 100 yards from the butts and the shells climbed up the concrete wall with alarming speed. I've never seen a troop of squaddies dive for cover so quickly.
  15. Things I don’t understand

    Also, when they do fire, why doesn't their arm jerk upwards? When we used to go on the ranges, sometimes we got to fire weapons other than the SLR and SMG. The officers standard issue sidearm was the Webley .38, but some of them had their own personal weapons. I remember firing the Webley and getting virtually no reaction from it, just a pop, pop, pop. Then I tried the officers personal sidearm, which was (I think), a Browning .38 automatic. We had to fire it one handed (none of this Law an Order SVU two handed stuff), and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop my hand from flying upwards. Happy days. John.