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  1. I really like this build. I think that those tracks are the same ones that I'm going to use on my Tiran 5, so how easily did they go together? John.
  2. 1st class Etienne. The AMX-30 is going t have a lot to live up to. John.
  3. Well........if I was going to lash out that sort of money on a years subscription (and I don't anymore, I buy them when they have something of interest to me), it wouldn't be for this one. The editor seems to think that cramming as many articles into one issue makes sense. In my opinion, most of the time, the articles tell you very little, mainly because they go from start to finish all within two (and sometimes only one) pages. In one issue, you usually find as many as 6-8 builds. Compare that to the 4-5, informative articles that you would find in other publications such as Military Modelling, Military Modelcraft or Military In Scale. So if you want to spend out on a subscription, I'd recommend one of the ones that I've mentioned. HTH's. John.
  4. Know what you mean, I have the same problem, especially with eyes. I tried using Archers eyeball decals with mixed results. John.
  5. Thanks Ilan. Much obliged. John.
  6. Thanks AD. You're right, they do have character. I've got one of the Miniart Gaz 6 wheelers to do at some point. John.
  7. Thanks Etienne for jogging my failing memory. Whatever the finish on the AMX-30, I'll be following it. Brilliant job with the shovel. I might try that with some stowage at some point. John.
  8. Followed this one on WIP and it looks just as good now. It's a great job all round. John.
  9. Have to agree, Bronco are over engineered, but if you persevere, a good model can result, as has happened here. Nice job. John.
  10. It certainly is. I really like the camouflage job that you've done. 1st class. John.
  11. I raised this on another thread and someone replied that we were all different heights, but the fact is that some of the Tamiya figures are under scale, nearer to 1/50th. They're not just short in height but proportionately all round. Sorry for hijacking you thread Mrs.P. John.
  12. It's coming on nicely Steve. I've always liked this kit because as far as I know, it's the only one in this scale of the early Land Rover, and I'd like to back date it to a mid 60's version. John.
  13. Thanks very much. As I said, the kit doesn't measure up to the Miniart versions, but with the Eduard set, it can really improve it. Most of the basics are there including the engine. John.
  14. Thanks very much for the comments. John.
  15. Seriously impressive. You've made an excellent job of this all round. I'd never considered this kit before, but I'm certainly going to look out for it at the shows. John.