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  1. Gambling

    Once again, there have been a couple of irate replies. The trouble is, they are not relevant to the original post. Arachnid posed the question Should ADVERTISING of gambling be banned not gambling itself. Gambling can be quite innocent. Let's face it, many of us do the lottery and in years gone by, the football pools. But IMO, advertising it is out of order. To me, it's on a par with solicitors trawling for custom. That encourages "ambulance chasers". But this needs to be kept in proportion. Saying that anything that can be addictive should be banned, is frankly OTT. Equating a so called addiction to buying kits to an addiction to gambling is preposterous. Let's face it; anyone ever had to go to a meeting of kit buyers anonymous? John.
  2. Mini art su85

    Great job on the Su85. To quote the Latin.....poodlus privatus!! John.
  3. Agree with Badder. The detail on those figures does look sharp. Glad to see that you are staying on the dark side. John.
  4. Good to see this one on the move again. Nice detail work. John.
  5. It looks really good Francis, and I'm glad to see that you changed the tow cable. BTW. You might want to change that RIP to RFI. John.
  6. Nice going with this one Styx. It's interesting to see how this build goes and useful for when I (finally) get around to building my one, although it's probably a much earlier issue. John.
  7. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Crossed wires Uncle. It's Joss who maybe going for the howitzer Sherman. I'm doing a Chilean M60. John.
  8. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Take a look at this site http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/manufacturer/m4_105mm/m4_105mm.html It'll answer a lot of questions about the 105 equipped Shermans. As Threadbear says, it would be easier to go down the route of building the Dragon M4A3 (105) and changing the engine deck for a radial engined one. Bear in mind though, it would need an extra armoured filler on the left side of the deck. John.
  9. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    If you look in the centre of the photo, just behind the armoured filler, you can see the armoured cover for the engine intake, only present on radial engined M4's and M4A1's. I don't think there is a kit of that model, but you could use the excellent Dragon M4(105) and change the suspension for HVSS. HTH's. John.
  10. What music are you playing? Pt III

    On the 500 mile drive from home, back to Southend last Thursday, I had the pleasant company of Don Williams, Gerry Rafferty and Tangerine Dream. Then Friday night went to see Aussie Floyd (again). Simply brilliant. John (Comfortably numb).
  11. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Ah, that nail's it. It's an M4(105). John.
  12. Champagne Today - A French M4A3 (76mm).

    Thanks Julian. I think that the etched brass light guards are a vast improvement on the kit supplied ones. John.
  13. I wondered what was jerking me around!! It gets better every time. John.