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  1. The Tiran is on hold at the moment, so in the meantime, as I have a lot of the build on my laptop with me, I'm going to do mini WIP on a project that I did a couple of years ago. Being one of those modellers who is forever raiding one kit or another for parts, I tend to find that I'm left with several boxes with incomplete kits in them, usually Shermans. So every so often, I try and use them up and build a complete model from what's left over. I did it before when I built the French M4A3 Champagne and I'm going down a similar route when I build the same tank again, only as it is today. This WIP is about the Israeli M50. Not exactly as the picture on the box depicts as that's HVSS. I'll be doing an early VVSS version. I won't be doing the usual and posting photos of the sprues etc, for obvious reasons, so instead, I'll give a little background to the tank. After the founding of the modern state of Israel, the IDF acquired many second hand Shermans from several different sources. These held their own against the surrounding Arab nations for a while, but it soon became apparent that the 75mm armed tanks were being outclassed, so a search was made for a more powerful main armament. The outcome of this was that they fitted the gun from the AMX-13, the CN75-50 which itself was a development of the German 75mm Kwk42 L/70 of the Panther. The first 50 M50s were converted using VVSS. They were based on M4A4's but the Chrysler Multibank engines were removed and Continental R-975 installed as at this time, the IDF standardised on this engine for all Shermans. Unfortunately the additional weight of the gun and the counterweight on the rear of the turret proved to be too much for the engine and suspension, so all subsequent M50s were converted using HVVS and Cummins diesels. So to the build. I had the Dragon M50 kit and from this I used the upper and lower hull and the turret. The first job was to add the eight bolts on either side of the hull, just in front of the forward suspension back plate. These I punched out of card with a hexagonal punch and die set. Next up was the transmission housing. This came from the early Dragon kit of the Firefly 1c Hybrid. Once the final drive humps were in place, some filler was required around the joints and in some ejector pin marks on the bolted flanges. More tomorrow. Thanks for looking. John.
  2. Having spent the last few days house sitting and not going out for various reasons, I've watched a lot of TV programs which have included several US made crime dramas, and it occurred to me that, yes, I do have a prejudice. It's against the makers of these said US crime dramas. Why is it whenever they need a villain it has to be a Brit? Last night I watched Bones (never seen it before, never will again) and the attacker and thief was a Brit. Earlier I watched an original Law and Order and the rapist was Julien Sands...a Brit. Even Phil Collins when he appeared in Miami Vice had to play a ne'er do well. What is it with US TV program makers that they can't cast a British actor in a roll that's not a criminal or something unpleasant. It seems that the only time that they give a non unpleasant part to a Bit is when he/she is playing an American. So it would seem that yes, I do have a prejudice, albeit it a targeted one, not all inclusive. There, rant over, and Mike E, if you read this, I hope you don't take this in a YouTube way. John.
  3. I am in awe of the work that you are putting in to this. Tell me..........if you have trouble sleeping at night, do you count bolt heads? John.
  4. That made me smile. I appreciate that Kris. I travel back home next Monday, but I have a load of medicals appointments so it will be a couple of weeks at least until I get back to building the Tiran, but I'm going to start another WIP about a model that I built a couple of years ago....an M50. John.
  5. Thanks Stix. I'm putting it on hold for a while and starting a mini WIP on a past build of mine. John.
  6. Oh, Bacon......I thought it was something to do with flashing orange lights.
  7. You've done a nice job there Kris is commemorating a heroic but tragic event. John.
  8. Unfortunately, when Greedy O'Leary is the only airline flying out of your local airport to the UK, the only alternative is the train or a 12 hour drive. I just wonder if this new aircraft's seating configuration will mean that my knees will be tucked up even further under my chin! John.
  9. Don't worry about it Clive. I built the Academy a few years ago, but I'll definitely be getting one of these. Got to use up all of those decal somehow. I'll also get a Lee as well to do as a British Far East version. John.
  10. Thanks a lot Francis. John.
  11. A very neat model of a neat little tank. John.
  12. I echo what everyone else has said, great first effort, and the second batch of photos are much better. If you are photographing a dark model like this one, try getting a lighter background. If you have an art shop near you, see if they have any large sheets of white or light coloured card. Failing that, if you have some photocopy paper, use that as a background. John.
  13. .............and it looks like it comes with WE210 tracks. John.
  14. Thanks a lot Sean. John.
  15. Many thanks Kris, the comments are much appreciated. John. Thanks Clive. The build will probably slow down a bit as I don't get back home until next week. John.