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  1. Try this site. I've used their tracks a lot and they're first class. John.
  2. You're very welcome. John.
  3. Thanks Francis. Much appreciated. John.
  4. You're so right. Now I can get stuck in. Thanks for the kind words Stix. Regards, John.
  5. It was either a revamp or strip it down for spare parts. The revamp won. Thanks for you comments Clive. John.
  6. Managed to get some work done over the last couple of days on the lower hull. I decided against using my usual choice of paint, namely Tamiya, as I had a bottle of MIG's IDF Sand Grey. After coating the hull with Halfords grey primer, I sprayed the lower hull and the road wheels with the sand grey and was quite pleased with the result. The same primer was used on the tracks and this was followed up with a wash of MIG's dark brown wash. After drying over night, I rubbed Carr's black weathering powder all over the inner face of the tracks, where the road wheels would run. The outer faces were coated with a mixture of MIG's European Earth, mixed with thinners (boy, did my modelling room stink!!!), and the next day, once dry, the top surfaces were gently rubbed with a coarse sanding stick. Next up came a wash of dark brown which acted more like a filter as I applied it over a matt surface. Using a flat brush dipped in thinners, most of the wash was wiped off leaving enough in all of the nooks and crannies. The same treatment was given to the wheels and sprockets. All that remained once it was dry, was to apply some weathering powders to the lower hull. Two views of the lower hull, painted and weathered......... ....and four of the finished article, complete with wheels, sprockets and tracks attached. Love those Fruilmodel tracks! John.
  7. That's a very good dio, in particular the water. Very realistic. John.
  8. Welcome aboard. You'll find a lot has changed in the hobby in 40 years, especially amongst AFV modelling. So many new techniques, but there are plenty here who can help and advise....just ask. John.
  9. Many. Just google super glue manufacturers. There's a bloke comes to Telford every year, I think he's a bit of a one man band, and he does quite a large range. His web address is Another one is Deluxe Materials. They do a large range of modelling materials. Their address is HTH's. John.
  10. Two LRDG dio's in one day. Great finish all round. John.
  11. ....and so you should be. It turned out really well. John.
  12. Thanks Julien. A sort of ugly duckling to a swan! John.
  13. The WIP was absorbing, and now the finished article is exhibition standard. Brilliant. John.
  14. Progressing well Etienne. John.
  15. Looks fine to me, but as you say, a dust coat will help. John.