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  1. Thunder & IBG Models

    I see your point! I hope that the Thunder kit is more accurate. As one of the contributers said, it would seem that IBG have rushed the Pioneer to beat Thunder to it. We'll see, eh? Thanks again. Stew
  2. Thunder & IBG Models

    Thanks for that Jack. The reason I asked is because they're both planning to release the same series of Scammell Pioneers, and I fancy the tank transporter and would like to choose the best kit. Have you any experience of either manufacturer?
  3. Thunder & IBG Models

    Hello chaps. Quick question; are Thunder Models and IBG the same company? If not, would any of you recommend one over the other, with a view to detail and accuracy? Cheers Stew
  4. Hasegawa 1/48 Phantom FGR.2

    Yep; does it for me. Good looking Toom. Stewart
  5. RAF FGR-2 Phantom

    Nice! Still hasn't inspired me to start mine yet though!
  6. Never-before-released video footage of Avro Arrow

    Phew! Thanks Woody; I thought it was just me! Looked like Canada's version of our Javelin in my opinion - a slab of solid metal with no aerodynamic finesse, which was only capable of flying due to brute force and ignorance. Sorry chaps. I, too, shall get my coat.
  7. Hi Andrew. I got on fine with them. If you're worried about repositioning the decal, don't - they reposition easily and aren't fixed until you drop the water on. Also, bear in mind that you can see a "carrier film", so gloss laquer before applying the decals (as with normal water slide ones) is the way to go. Hope this helps. Stewart
  8. Thanks Andrew. Yes, I did. How can you tell? Is it because they're translucent? You have to look hard though.
  9. Funny you should say that. When I was on the Squadron back in those days, and the first of the Barley Grey ones started to arrive, I thought "Now our jets are starting to look cool". Now that I've, shall we say "matured" somewhat, I've come to the conclusion that they were much better days when our stuff was a mix of Grey / Green; Grey / White; Red / White / Blue; even Hemp(!), unlike today when everything is the same colour. If you can call it a colour
  10. Thanks chaps - appreciate it. ForestFan; not sure what you meant, but the finish is lightened Mr Color paints, laquered with Artists Acrylic Laquer, and the weathering is achieved by post-shading with Tamiya smoke with a Paynes Grey oil wash. That help? Stewart
  11. Here is my latest attempt at a Toom, in the good old days, when they were a proper colour. Aah, nostalgia Excuse the lighting - bit rushed! Stewart
  12. Air Groups

    Sorry Mike. 60s Royal Navy I'm looking for; in particular Vixens, Scimitars, Buccs, Skyraiders, Wessex. I know, I know; I'll be lucky, but it's worth an ask, eh? Stewart
  13. Air Groups

    Thanks Louie. I've got two choices it seems:- scratchbuild a 1/400th air group, or convert a 1/400th ship to 1/350th. Easy peasy!
  14. Air Groups

    Hello chaps. Do any of you guys know of a manufacturer of 1/350th and 1/400th aircraft, apart from WEM? Thanks in advance. Stewart
  15. 1/32 F4J to a F4 FGR1/2 - The "to Do" List

    Screech. My "J" is on page 53 of RFI; posted 17th November last year. Stew