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  1. F-35 poll.

    Jajajaja! Can you tell us more about this? I know the Raptor can carry two drop tanks for long haul flights. And by the way, the F-35 looks so bloated already that it would be funny to see it with conformal fuel tanks and drop tanks! Anyhow, I saw an article somewhere about the achilles heel of these stealth jets, their (so far) inevitably non stealth tankers. To this I say hurry up MQ-25 tanker. However, that's so far only for the Navy.......
  2. F-35 poll.

    Speaking of which, I read on a magazine that the latest cockpit of the SuperHornet can be connected to a Windows 10 tablet. That's worrying. If we evaluate this issue, we come across the example the operating systems in ICBM which are programmed to self destruct the missile if any modification is made upon launch, preventing the missile from turning toward friendlies. Good. But then that kill switch can be exploited to kill jets in the air, too so they would have to take it away. Another example of cyber security are chromebook operating systems that are extremely small and therefor can check the entire OS every time you turn on the computer to see if it has been modified and revert to the original backup copy if such were the case. The operating systems of F-35 are humongous making such anti-tampering verification upon booting unfeasible. I've read it can take days to update an F-35's operating system. I'm actually starting to get concerned. Well, I actually prefer the 3rd generation jets. Fourth and fifth generation jets in models look like toys to me. Third generation look like real machines.
  3. 1/72 Italeri F/A-18D

    Hey man, I'm not that good of a modeller myself. I hardly bother filling the seams and my camera is only sharp at 28mm, which distorts the image (!). But I do think that an imperfect model has more personality than a perfect one that might as well have come out a factory line. In your case, I was just surprised that you missed the seams after so much attention to the shading and the colors on the missiles. Perhaps your strength is with the paint!
  4. F-35 poll.

    Well, I'd have a hard time understanding how it would be politically better to let news about how bad the aircraft is go on and on. However, I do remember almost the exact moment when the media stopped criticizing the jet. When it comes to our abilities, it's been known for years that aircraft are cheaper if designed not to sustain life, since life support systems do take a lot of money and space. Actually, a same aircraft without cockpit and life support could cost less than half? The study has been made and it has been determined to be substantially cheaper. Moreover, these aircraft would be able to sustain more G forces than what the pilots can withstand, hence out-turning even the Flanker. However, you do point out an interesting issue, if the mothership is knocked down. The point of "controlling" the drones from an F-35 would be to have instant communication with them. Anyway, I'm sure this contingency has been looked into. An F-35 would be supported by the drones nearest to him with the required capabilities. If that F-35 gets shot down, either they'll support the next nearest jet or linger over the ejected pilot providing cover. The possibilities are endless. I do have this nagging feeling, however, that the drone support will only be available for the US, UK, and Israel and that that is why it's not talked about. Once the countries that ordered the jet get them, we'll see the launch of the support AI wingmen and the US persuading the countries that don't get it that the "interoperability" and the "situational awareness" enhancements are enough for them.
  5. F-35 poll.

    The F-35 was not meant to have a great payload capacity or be highly maneuverable. It was meant to be a Forward Air Control of sorts for Artificially Intelligent drone wingmen that would supplement and augment it. Imagine different wingmen with missiles, bombs, buddy refueling, sensors, ECMs, decoys, etc... In this sense, the "code" the jet has in it is the most important part. The pilot selects the target and this is automatically assigned to an AI wingman. The weapon's bay of the F-35 would be more appropriate for missiles that turn 180 degrees to defend the jet's six (French-style?). This is why so much money has disappeared in Skunkwork's labs. They are using it to develop the AI drones in secrecy just as they've developed other technology like the F-117 in secrecy. Not trying to sound facetious, this, however, makes me wonder why this little known fact is seldom stated in the news. Why are they trying to hide this from us. Or rather, why don't they defend their product by reminding us it's true nature and purpose. Whoa, that link is slightly over a year old. I saw some reference to this I think in articles from October. What do you reckon an AI wingman hitting it's leader will be called? Grey on Blue?
  6. 1/72 Italeri F/A-18D

    Interesting result you have there. It got me thinking: I started to dislike raised panel lines when I learnt that everybody considers recessed panel lines better. However, upon looking at real aircraft, you do not notice neither raised or recessed panel lines. Instead, there's just a line. Furthermore, some kit's recessed panel lines are too thick or too deep or both and it really does not look realistic. I find that there are only a very few cases where the recessed panel lines are soft enough and even then, they are objectively unrealistic when you multiply their dimensions by 72 or whatever your scale is. And knowing that people like recessed panel lines on the basis of weathering, I think it could be done with the help of masking tape on smooth surfaces to a much more realistic effect. But now, looking at your raised panel line Hornet and comparing it with mine from Fujimi with extensive narrow but deep recessed panel lines, yours is better because there is less contrast from those panel lines whereas mine, well, it does not look realistic. Unfortunately, the resolution of your camera doesn't help me appreciate the model very well though I can tell by looking at the wing joints that you built it for the enjoyment (like I do). Also, unless the resolution is tricking me, I can tell it was airbrushed like most models here. Now I don't want to go on and on how airbrushed models hardly look realistic because of that orange peel effect but all in all, I would like to see a model with the weathering quality that you managed here but with an entirely smooth surface and sealed seems. I have one question, though. The canopy frames look very smooth for Italeri. Did you sand them down? PS: I'm building a 1/72 Kiowa with a smooth surface to see how it comes out.
  7. Well, much better than my first 10 models after 20 years! Nice work, there! Too bad about the orange peel effect, though it's a prime example of it.
  8. Drones or UAVs?

    Is it just me or what we now know as drones such as the Reaper were at first called UAVs. And back then, what we called drones were semi-autonomous machines. Now, we seem to be left without a word for semi-autonomous machines, while we completely forgot about the term R/C. Here's a link with with further reading: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-a-drone-and-an-R-C-plane-or-helicopter
  9. F-35 poll.

    The poll. And nothing but the poll.
  10. F-35 poll.

    Your answer is valuable.
  11. Hasegawa Su-27P Polish Flanker 1:72

    Congratulations! Excellent job! I love it!
  12. Spotting in Gifu and Akeno with Andy video playlist

    Now way, thank you for inviting me in the first place! ... Incidentally, looking at the T-400 video, I'm going to figure out how to better use the camcorder since the subject is out of focus at times. Anyhow, here's a link to some photos I took. I hope somebody finds them inspiring! https://flic.kr/s/aHskqM8PH1
  13. Hello everyone, Here's a playlist link to youtube of some videos of planes and helis. Andy will provide much better photos in a separate post but I'm contributing with some videos. The Helicopter landing vid is particularly good. Enjoy! Part of a three week spotting tour in Japan. Totally worthwhile since they practice daily. Today was coincidentally graduation day at the Akeno training base.
  14. JGSDF helicopters and some ground vehicles

    Yep, south Osaka. Gotta change trains at Tennoji and then it's a short walk from the nearest station. Apparently they do this event every year around the same time. Emphasis on around. As for weather forecast for next year, dunno. And yes, I'm sure they're from Akeno, they came in from the east. In fact, that Akeno base you mention is part of a military plane spotting tour package I don't remember the name of. Well, in the show, they have a ceremony that was cancelled this time because of the rain and then they had a small battle simulation. Every year they hold a lottery to hitch a ride on the Chinook. It's 3000 raffle tickets numbered 0 to 9. Three hundred tickets of each number. Later, if you win, they'll give you another ticket with your flight number. I was there early in the morning to get the tickets for fear they might run out but as the hours passed, they were still distributing them. Funny as it may seem, they were distributing them at two different places far from each other so anyone could have taken two tickets easily.
  15. Israeli Air Force Kfir C2/C7, Kinetic 1:48

    This aircraft has good looks and a very interesting and enigmatic history. I want to build this kit already!