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  1. Thank you very much Orion. BTW, would anyone know what the booms that extend from the outer pylons are for? Oh, and another question, is it a bad idea to weather a model that has no shading?
  2. Thanks for the comments!
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I like it just the way it is, too.
  4. This was quite a nice model to build. If you don't know me already, I usually paint my models only one color. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but in this case I think it did. I hope you enjoy. Custom mixed paint and brush painted: The frame was painted without any masking: Gears were a little too greyish. I know some of you might be drooling to weather this one, jajaja.
  5. The fly-by-wire must have been really confused...
  6. Hello Motley, I didn't know about the actuator and now I can't help but wonder if this is a standard feature on sweep wing jets.
  7. This is like travelling to the future and watching a History channel archaeological reconstruction of planes. What a detailed kit!
  8. These Trumpeter kits are freakishly detailed. It's madness! Anyway, I will sit back and follow you WIP with much enjoyment as this is a model that I might build someday. Good luck and I'm sure we'll have a miniaturized Foxhound soon!
  9. Nice job there. And a healthy change from wings and armor I might consider one day.
  10. Hello AD210, The kit was an Airfix which said at the bottom right corner, "only 2000 pieces" or something like that; not a rebox unless I'm missing something. And thank you for your comment. It took a while to have the paint job done because I wanted to make sure that the previous coats were dried, almost cured, which is fast for lacquer paints, thankfully. I also did something rather unconsciously, which was to omit small details like antennas and before I knew it, I removed them from the model itself. Sorry about the sacrilege, and I really don't know why I did it. I also used some polishing compound before applying the decals. Imagine how it would look like if i found some clear coat for it...
  11. Hello everyone, Wanting to build a 1/72 Tucano, I couldn't miss the opportunity to buy one when I saw it. It wasn't the Super Tucano I had in mind but it was even better than that, a limited 2000 piece edition of a Tucano commemorative to the British WWI soldiers. The kit was curiously made in India (a first time for me), and it was pretty good with extremely high quality decals. Only detail was that the decals were flat (matt) while the plane has to be painted in gloss. This was funny since decal problems like that are usually the other way around (glossy decals on a matt body)... I know, I know, give it a coat of clear. I will do that as soon as I find it or an equivalent product. Completely painted by brush with gloss black lacquer with no primer or special treatment of any kind, just paint. Had I given it some kind of treatment it would've come out smoother. And finally, nice pictures from my new camera.
  12. Nice. Until now, I didn't know there was a bubble canopy Spitfire.
  13. Something else I noticed after gluing the wings in the swept back position on my 1/72 Tornado was that by doing so, I could not fit the air to air missile in the inward part of the shoulder pylon because it would hit the main gear doors.
  14. What a great build, and as others have commented, the subtle weathering is just great. Your model can serve as a walkaround, BTW.
  15. Hello everyone. I havent been much active in the forum although I have built between 5 and 10 models since my last RFI. Unfortunately I dont have thaaaat much time in general anymore and my cameras are awful for these kind of things. Hopefully I'll get a really good one someday and get into scale model photography for a while.


    Not to mention the laborious photo pasting process...