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  1. Drones or UAVs?

    Is it just me or what we now know as drones such as the Reaper were at first called UAVs. And back then, what we called drones were semi-autonomous machines. Now, we seem to be left without a word for semi-autonomous machines, while we completely forgot about the term R/C. Here's a link with with further reading: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-a-drone-and-an-R-C-plane-or-helicopter
  2. F-35 poll.

    The poll. And nothing but the poll.
  3. F-35 poll.

    Your answer is valuable.
  4. Hasegawa Su-27P Polish Flanker 1:72

    Congratulations! Excellent job! I love it!
  5. Spotting in Gifu and Akeno with Andy video playlist

    Now way, thank you for inviting me in the first place! ... Incidentally, looking at the T-400 video, I'm going to figure out how to better use the camcorder since the subject is out of focus at times. Anyhow, here's a link to some photos I took. I hope somebody finds them inspiring! https://flic.kr/s/aHskqM8PH1
  6. Hello everyone, Here's a playlist link to youtube of some videos of planes and helis. Andy will provide much better photos in a separate post but I'm contributing with some videos. The Helicopter landing vid is particularly good. Enjoy! Part of a three week spotting tour in Japan. Totally worthwhile since they practice daily. Today was coincidentally graduation day at the Akeno training base.
  7. JGSDF helicopters and some ground vehicles

    Yep, south Osaka. Gotta change trains at Tennoji and then it's a short walk from the nearest station. Apparently they do this event every year around the same time. Emphasis on around. As for weather forecast for next year, dunno. And yes, I'm sure they're from Akeno, they came in from the east. In fact, that Akeno base you mention is part of a military plane spotting tour package I don't remember the name of. Well, in the show, they have a ceremony that was cancelled this time because of the rain and then they had a small battle simulation. Every year they hold a lottery to hitch a ride on the Chinook. It's 3000 raffle tickets numbered 0 to 9. Three hundred tickets of each number. Later, if you win, they'll give you another ticket with your flight number. I was there early in the morning to get the tickets for fear they might run out but as the hours passed, they were still distributing them. Funny as it may seem, they were distributing them at two different places far from each other so anyone could have taken two tickets easily.
  8. Israeli Air Force Kfir C2/C7, Kinetic 1:48

    This aircraft has good looks and a very interesting and enigmatic history. I want to build this kit already!
  9. JGSDF helicopters and some ground vehicles

    http://www.mod.go.jp/gsdf/mae/3d/yao/ They do this yearly. I hope it doesn't rain next year, though. And BTW, the japanese heli didn't fly and the Blackhawk and Apache were stationed somewhere else far enough to warrant drop tanks.
  10. Kinetic 1/48 IAI Kfir C2

    Wow, it looks like mine! Nice detail, the drop tanks with the desert camo.
  11. Hello everybody. These are high definition pictures and close-ups of JGSDF helicopters and some ground vehicles. Unfortunately because of the rain, I was unable to operate my camera to the best of results so most pictures are overexposed and some are way underexposed. I also didn't have enough time to take walk-around pics of the Blackhawk and the Longbow because I won the lottery among another 300 people to take a short ride on the CH-47, which by the way is painfully loud!!!! I will return to the event next year and hope that it won't be raining so as to take even more and better pics. https://www.flickr.com/gp/156050727@N08/qpDo2T Note: Pics 1310 and 1311 (close close-ups of armoured vehicles) reflect the true colors according to my camera's LCD display at the moment. Enjoy!!!!

    What a nice and clean finish. In the second last photo, it's revealed that the inner side of the opened canopies are unpainted. Just imagine that in black and you wouldn't tell if it's the real thing.
  13. Special Hobby AH-1G Cobra

    The Sea Cobra, "J" is my favorite, a round Cobra but with more power. And more stylized than later Twin engine versions.
  14. Academy 1/48 MiG-29A 'Fulcrum-A'

    Nice build. I like how it is only very slightly weathered.
  15. 1/48 Beechcraft B200 RAAF

    Really liked it. And very neat indeed.