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  1. Pocher Ducati

    Hi mate, to say I am deeply touched by your comments is a huge understatement. I hope you will understand when I say, I could never accept, or live with the thought that others funded my hobby. Yes it's pride, but more than that, it's self respect. My life problems are mine alone to deal with. I cannot thank you enough for the kind thought and gesture. Respect Ron
  2. Pocher Ducati

    Hi Darin, thanks for your kind thoughts....very much appreciated mate Agreed on all points about us 'modellers....we are a strange bunch eh! Whilst I cannot see a way out for me right now....I am always here if you need me Thanks for support Ron
  3. Pocher Ducati

    Hello H, I really appreciate your comment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of other issues in my life as well as the money aspect so, the possibility of continuing does not exist for me now, nor in the future. Financial hardship is nothing new to me of recent times and, as much as the 'will' to continue exists, the 'means' does not. Life's a bitch eh! Cheers Ron
  4. Pocher Ducati

    Hi Roy, sadly money is needed ASAP, but I can understand your thoughts on possible regrets. Regards the nuts you so kindly fabricated for me, they are an intrinsic part of the build detail level, and I would never consider parting them from what I had achieved with the work done so far. Your thoughts are much appreciated. Ron
  5. Pocher Ducati

    Announcement.... Following being made redundant last Wednesday....at the ripe old age of 65...and with future employment chances being almost non existent....it is with great sadness and deep regret that I have to announce that this build will never be completed! I am therefore offering the kit and all the extras I have purchased for it for sale @ £250 ONO This would have to be for collection only in the Surrey area of the UK (KT1 3HE). If anyone is interested...please message me. Thanks to you all for your interest and support throughout the build. Regards Ron
  6. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    Hi mate, glad your pleased with the PE rad fins Build is looking great Ron
  7. Glad the bolts work for you....and yes...a thin wash with a dirty brown...as opposed to black ...will work nicely. Ron
  8. 1/12 McLaren Mp4/5b 1990 Monaco

    Stunning kit mate.....and great reference book Ron
  9. 1/12 McLaren Mp4/5b 1990 Monaco

    May I add my best wishes for a Happy New Year And wishing you much improved health Respect Ron
  10. MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    I second that Best wishes Ron
  11. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    If I may offer a solution to removing the new and old paint.....as long as the parts are removable.....this product will do the job with every type of paint I have come across. https://www.britishcornershop.co.uk/dettol-liquid-antiseptic-small Simply put the parts into a sealed container and cover them with the 'Dettol' for 24 hours....then scrub them with warm water and washing up liquid....should they need it....put them back in the Dettol bath for a few more hours. Regards Ron
  12. Pocher 1/4 ducati panigale

    For future reference mate....... https://prime-miniatures.co.uk/catalog/bolts-hex-head/tin-plated-brass Ron
  13. MFH 1/12 FERRARI 315

    Very nice progress If I may suggest....the battery looks precarious without the 'retaining' strap...a minor thing...but with the level of detail already there...it would be a shame to leave it out IMHO. Was also going to suggest a darker primer....maybe 'red oxide' ? Ron
  14. A BIG Rolls Royce

    That says it all in my book. Congratulations on not only a museum quality build....but now a museum quality home for it. Bravo my friend