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  1. A BIG Rolls Royce

    That says it all in my book. Congratulations on not only a museum quality build....but now a museum quality home for it. Bravo my friend
  2. Will be awaiting your return mate....a good decision....a change is as good as a rest A thought for you regards 'rattle' cans....always stand them in hot ish water (not too hot!) for ten minutes before using.....you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference in the results. Ron
  3. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Zap-Formula-560-Canopy-Glue-PT56-2oz-59ml-/112488688879?epid=1676802839&hash=item1a30d92cef:g:dZcAAOSwx6FZuoiX
  4. No worries....PM me and I will give you my address etc. Ron
  5. I would offer to do it for you mate....if you were not the other side of the pond...but the offers there if you want to take it up Regards Ron
  6. If I may.....this is a far better option if you want a better (in scale ) textured finish.... http://www.hiroboy.com/Black_Textured_Paint__60ml_Engines_Interiors_etc--product--9917.html This is also a very useful colour for parts of this kit...and has a slight texture/metal effect finish.... http://www.hiroboy.com/Carbon_Ceramic_Grey_Paint_60ml___ZP1319--product--8276.html Ron
  7. Even better is a scanner on your home printer....much higher resolution....allowing greater magnification before it 'bitmaps' out
  8. MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    You have my total admiration for your positive attitude in the face of such adversity.....my very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery Much respect Ron
  9. Congratulations on reaching yet another milestone in the build. Really pleased you have overcome so many issues, and can now, hopefully, push on with the build. Agreed on the Vestibule end length, a mil sounds about right. Regards prepping side frames, once cleaned, use some 'IPA' to wash them before priming and all should be good. Respect Ron
  10. A BIG Rolls Royce

    That is a totally 'real' scene! What a glorious depiction of a classic car, sat in all it's splendour, awaiting it's new owner. Wow! Respect Ron
  11. Will you then be applying a normal primer coat before the base (Colour) coat? Reason I ask is because etch primers are very thin (I don't mean consistency) and don't provide a seal from moisture. Ron
  12. Hi Hendie, if I may suggest, your paint issues are definitely a reaction between the Alclad and the enamels. There is way you can prove this to yourself. Simply put a couple of drops of Alclad in a jar top or dish, then put a couple of drops of enamel on top. It doesn't matter that they are liquid and not dry. Watch the reaction! It will appear to 'fizz', and this is the same even when dry. Hence the 'bubbly' finish. Reason being, Alclad is lacquer based and enamels are oil based. Hope this helps. Ron
  13. A BIG Rolls Royce

    Jesus!....I hate to think how big the backdrop for the Ducati would have to be Great realism and atmosphere Mr C Respect Ron
  14. Very strange...still not getting your e-mails mate