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  1. Congratulations to you and yours mate....nice one Regards Ron
  2. I am very pleased you are happy with the fit and look of the parts Roy. Very little sanding was needed...I did cut down the tube (axle end) you made....and was careful to keep the weathering to a realistic minimum. Adding the clips was the final touch of detail/realism IMHO. Thanks for adding the link to your thread....wasn't sure how to do it doh! Regards Ron
  3. Yes...they can get some things right....and that is great but....when they get it wrong!...................... "The key to reality is learning to much as understanding is learning to your eyes and wash out your ears, and there is a world of wonder to explore." Those were the words of my art teacher and later mentor.....that is the only key to what I do....simple mimicry of life Many thanks for your continued support throughout this build Mr C
  4. Before I start this update proper....I have to say a massive thank you to Roy vd....without his accepting my commission to fabricate the rear wheel nuts...I would have had to use the simplistic kit parts. Roy has already opened a thread on how he made these pieces....and I would earnestly suggest you have a look at the work he did for me. begin with...a couple of pics of the components he fabricated. There are 3 pieces to the drive side nut (4 if you include the retaining clip I made)....and 4 to the off side nut (5 including the clip). In the pictures of the can also see the 'bland' kit parts at the top. Even now....when I look at the pictures of the pieces....I am amazed and truly grateful that Roy was able to fabricate these parts. Next up....all the pieces of the rear wheel and swing arm have been assembled....a real bitch to get every piece in the correct place! All of the kit screws usual....been replaced with the relevant type/size bolts. I have made and added the rear brake line and the ABS sensor cable with their fittings and sheathing. One little touch above this was the wheel weights....made from scrap white metal....and...of course...the retaining clips for those gorgeous wheel nuts As an will see I have replaced the screws in the paddock stand with bolts....and am waiting for some better wheels to arrive. I have left the pictures quite this adds to the 'menace' IMHO! The last couple of pics are in answer to Mr C's request for a size comparison. I have used a bust I painted in my figure days....with a ruler thrown in for good measure! (pun intended). Ron
  5. Next update....stage 2 on the front wheel. I have added all the bits and pieces...lower forks...callipers and fittings...wheel weights etc. Before I assemble this to the main frame....I will add the mudguard and brake hoses. Next up will be the last stage on the rear wheel before fitting to the main frame. Ron
  6. Much appreciated mate Ron
  7. That is a very nice compliment I know my build style is not to everyone's I am pleased you like it. Regards Ron
  8. LMAO....yep...especially after a 'track' day.....scuffed knees....and a sore rear end
  9. Many thanks Mr C Reality is born from the small details IMHO....although it's getting harder to come up with new layers of details and effects to include in this beast Will see what I can come up with for suitable size comparison for ya
  10. Finally able to get back to this Whilst I cannot assemble any more to the main lump....simply because I need to get a case for it as it has outgrown the shelf unit I was using....and it now resides in the TV cabinet...but only just! In the meantime....I have been working on the front and rear sections of the bike. Although I am waiting for some special parts that Roy vd kindly made for me....more on those when they arrive....I have been able to assemble the rear wheel and swing arm etc. This is one of the most awkward sections to assemble and detail...but really does impose itself on the work bench when done. I have replaced all the kit screws with the relevant scale and type bolts plus their 'creep' marks when needed. Also added the rear brake line and ABS sensor cable to the calliper. The relevant areas have been weathered in...but I will finalise that when fitted to the main frame. I have yet to add wheel weights....and a couple of smaller details to the rim. I will update the rear when the new parts arrive. Ron
  11. Glad you two got that srted then long before the 'clear' goes on then? Ron
  12. Hi Alan, bear in mind that pink has no 'depth'! That is to say, it will be almost neutral to the red so, if you want more of a deep red, use a lacquer based paint such as 'Zero". Look forward to seeing what you do with it mate Best Ron
  13. If I may....your problem is that the paint is reacting to the plastic where you have sanded back to it....Tamiya will not work without a primer. Reds can be primed with several different colours of primer....and each will have an effect on the final colour....i.e. warmer or colder depending on your choice. Hope this helps. Ron
  14. things for sure have no concerns about Ron liking them....I love them....and couldn't have wished for better. I am truly grateful that you accepted the commission to make these for me and.....I now have the opportunity to raise the level of detail another notch....thanks to your skills. I am so looking forward to receiving them....and can't wait to use them Much respect Roy. Ron
  15. Am I allowed to comment...... Oh bugger it...... Bloody amazing