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  1. Great to have you back Mr C....and a superb return to form on the RR
  2. About bloody time too Some nice work going on here my man....would love to get my hands on that engine Ron
  3. Blimey....that's a big beast mate....great progress I can live with the colour scheme.....but those 'slippers' have got to go Ron
  4. Not the standard WD40 mate....that stuff will kill dissipates instantly with heat....the 'WD' stands for water no way is it a lubricant! This is the one (or similar) you want..... As need a 'PTFE' spray lubricant. Ron
  5. Hi mate....glad you like the build so far Thanks for link....couldn't find the 1299s unfortunately Still a very useful resource though. Cheers Ron
  6. Good stuff Wayne....lots of hard graft to get there...but worth it Tip for keeping drills etc. clean.....and avoid clogging....use PTFE spray...helps prevent heat as far less build up of melted waste....which is what is the root cause of clogging/binding Ron
  7. Hi and I have discussed 'reality' on occasion...this is my implementation of it....based on the techniques we spoke about And's getting very difficult to handle....and planning the next stages is paramount to very easy to get it you well know from experience! I am pleased with the work so far.....and have a few more ideas to implement over the coming stages Ron
  8. Many thanks 'H' Sadly...insanity is a pre-requisite of 'Pocher' building Busy prepping the next couple of sub assemblies as a diversion from all that wiring! lol Ron
  9. It can get a bit hectic trying to route the cables and wires....just when you think one's realise it bundles with another that you routed away from it! Cheers for comment Keith....nice one Ron
  10. Hello mate...glad your still enjoying the ride What will be really if I can find out where all those bloody cables go....again!....doh! lol
  11.'s become a bit of a puzzle....I did actually keep notes of where and what each wire/cable was/went....and bloody through them away in a tidy up moment!....arrrrrrrgh!!! Thanks for comment...much appreciated Ron
  12. What you see regards cables/ about 60% of what will be added to the engine block....I will add the others as the build progresses and the connecting points are fixed. Yes...I am very pleased with the radiator fins (PE)....well worth the effort IMHO. I had already downloaded all the factory parts and wiring diagrams before i started on the kit....then found they are also included in Paul Koo's DVD. Ron
  13. Time for an update! Decided to bring a couple of sub assemblies together with the main engine block. I chose to do this it is becoming quite complex....not to mention difficult to handle/manipulate. What you see in the pictures below is the addition of the 'Throttle' and 'Radiator + Fan/Housing' assemblies....along with some more hoses and my own custom mounts for the throttle plate. With this all together...I can now start to find homes for all the cables etc. Ron
  14. My suggestion would be linen as opposed to cotton....less 'stretchy'....but has better won't tend to 'sag'...other option is 'Egyptian' cotton...which comes in a wide range of weights....and you could even dye it to a chosen shade I have always found that...what 'looks' right isn't always the best option....keep an open mind when looking for materials Ron
  15. Then have the 'roof' in the folded position mate ....we all have these moments of pure frustration....walk away....come back later....try again....and again....and...... What material are you using? Ron