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  1. Well saved Wayne....but then I had every confidence in you.....and good support from your partner in crime...nice one Rich Any news from Autograph? Ron
  2. Morning Rob and glad you like the added detail. Not a pain....because you are 100% correct about the actuating rods having a flat back. As I said to Mr C....the ones you see were my third attempt...and my last piece of 3 mm brass tube!...which I had a bitch of a job holding level in the mill/ done the flats and holes...I chickened out at milling the flat on the back. What I should have done was use rod and not tube...lesson learned Cheers Ron
  3. Lol...yes it is indeed the model Poul...and I am very pleased that you like the weathering and effects I am using. As for finding info on the use of oils for the best of my knowledge this is a technique that is unique to me....and one I developed several years ago during my time in the figure arena. If you really want more info...drop me a PM...and I will try to help you. Regards Ron
  4. Difficult to justify the problems you are having already mate....I know you will overcome them shouldn't have to! I am looking forward to this build....and learning from your solutions. Ron
  5. Really pleased you find the weathering believable makes it worth the effort Easy for me to say but....the techniques I use are not difficult to learn....always happy to answer any questions you may have. Ron
  6. Hi Mr C....truth be's 2 degrees out!.... Oh...and I took a leaf out of your took three attempts to make those rods...doh! Glad you like the progress Regards Ron
  7. Many thanks for kind words mate....much appreciated. Glad your enjoying the build Ron
  8. Having put the main engine block aside until the next sub assemblies are ready....I started work on the Throttle Bodies. First order of the day was to make the missing 'Butterflies' and their Actuating Rods. The Butterflies were made from brass shim....with the the rods being 3 mm brass tube. The rods were first cross cut in the mill for the screws...then holes were drilled to take M1.2 mm screws. I polished the heads of the screws to remove the 'blacking'....and fixed them with a drop of CA. Next up was the fiddly job of fixing the butterflies and rods into the throat of the body.....DS tape for the butterflies.....and CA for the rods. The end plates kit screws were replaced with Scale Hardware bolts....and some light weathering applied. I am keeping the weathering light for this whole the throttles are mostly contained within the 'Airbox' this section is complete....I will apply a layer of 'dust' using ground up pastels. Ron
  9. Many thanks Ken...much appreciated Ron
  10. Whilst not my choice of coachwork colour....I can fully appreciate the great work you are putting in to this build....very nice mate It does indeed look to have some nice detail...and what you are adding only makes it better....good stuff. Ron
  11. Thanks for that Mr is something I have been struggling to come up with a solution too. As I explained a while back....I have left the sump pan that I have the flat bottom of the main block to rest it on whilst working on it. This flat area is 50mm x 60mm...with only the bolt holes for the sump pan around the edge. There are absolutely no places on the upper area where I can attach any supports or posts. This problem is going to get much worse in the near future when the sump pan has to be it is pyramidal in shape...and the contact area is reduced to 12 mm x 17 mm !!! Another worry is that the exhaust follows the sump pan in assembly steps...which means the whole engine will be 'sitting' on the mufflers...and I don't believe they can take all that weight with only three bolts being the weight bearers. A very difficult problem to ponder and overcome. Ron
  12. True...very true. Pochers are not user friendly when it comes to working on/handling them as the build progresses....although the cars are easier to manage in comparison to the Ducati. Glad you like the wiring and connectors....makes it worth the doing. Ron
  13. Taking a break from adding all those missing cables/wires and connectors....I did some work on the Charcoal Canister. This had been previously weathered and the fixings changed for the Scale Hardware bolts. It was then bolted to the main engine block ready for the relevant cable/pipes to be added. This is now becoming very difficult to handle without damaging all the added parts and detailing....and bloody heavy! Ron
  14. Continuing on with the missing was time to make the main relay loom....this was achieved with various wires from my stock....then bunched together and wrapped with 'cloth' insulating tape. Next came two of the missing connectors.....these were turned in the Dremel...using 'cuticle' sticks as the basis....and shaped with files and sanding sticks. Once I had the shape I wanted they were coloured with a black marker pen whilst still in the Dremel. They were then drilled at each end for the wires and added to the loom. With the loom came the very fiddly job of connecting all the wires to the loom. At the same time I added a couple of the previously made cables to their connecting points. A note to other builders......Pocher only give two (2) cables for this whole section!....both of which are incorrect in their position and locating points. Ron
  15. Yep....that works for me mate....great work on this huge beast....will make the F40 seem like 1:12th after this Ron