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  1. As for aftermarket accessories for the Dakota I personally would like to see in 1/72 and 48th not only seats but Transair style landing gear doors and Engine cowlings with the gills open.Whilst in wishlist mode how about decals to build examples of Ruskin Air Services,Harvest Air,Northwest(G-AMPY circa '86)and Rig air aircraft?
  2. Very nice AP.Cambrian upgraded the cabins on their Dakotas during the late 1960's and reduced the seating from 34 or 36 to 24.The single seats IIRC were on the port side.
  3. Having looked at the link I wonder if OxfordDiecast produce a Sherpa minibus........
  4. Yes, I had read somewhere that one of the fleet did not have the Empty(never realised that) housings fitted.I knew I'd burn my fingers if I started dabbling with fast jets! I have to agree with your previous comments IP I am very much just an assembler of styrene and have little interest in exhibition or competition, I take my hat off to those experienced and skilled individuals who do. Happy and smooth progress with your F4 build Sam,looking forward to seeing it.
  5. Many thanks,Phil that was a lightning fast response.I've been looking for an age at some sprue photos on line and was getting double vision trying to spot the parts!
  6. Can anybody with knowledge of this kit please advise if it includes the intake mounted Radar Warning receivers as carried by the 74 Squadron jets? Cheers Guy
  7. Sadly I very much doubt it, Mike, unless anybody else knows differently.Despite the almost limitless liveries civil subjects do not seem commercially viable(No pun intended)The Airfix release filled a gap but I for one still await the definitive Dakota kit. Many of the Esci versions of the DC 3 kits had seats included and a cargo door plug that contained the single airstair door.If one is modelling a 70'ds or later operators airplane then the seats from the Airfix Skyvan are ideal.
  8. I too am awaiting an order placed Eleven days ago.I've had no response to a polite enquiry regarding my order.Buyer beware.I'll certainly do some better research prior to ordering goods from organisations I have not dealt with before.
  9. Many thanks for your reply.As I am increasingly using acrylics I'll try the paint and wash methods.Previously lightly scuffing the tread with fine wet and dry has helped too.
  10. What a super pair of regal whispering giants.The big vac form is a real show stopper especially considering it was built a while back.The Roden model is a beauty too.I think I am right in saying that Monarch is the second oldest UK airline still operating under its original name(Notwithstanding it's .com rather than airlines these days)The oldest being Loganair.
  11. Forgive me if this subject has already been covered.Does anybody have any methods other than aftermarket replacements for making rubber tyres look realistic on a model? Kind Regards Guy
  12. Thank you again folks, Don and Ian.No excuses then I'll have to look into getting the 990 kit and some VC10 decals.Ian, that 720 is stunning.Building an MEA Viscount 700 would either mean a Welsh vac form or cutting down S&M kit both of wich are a bit beyond me I too remember the 747 at Heathrow.I believe they were in storage away from the "Troubles" whilst the airline moved its main operating base to Paris.