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  1. Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Hi Guys, Got some progress done yesterday. I did some preshading, not my best but it'll do -Cam
  2. Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Thanks very much Steve, this is all very helpful Made some progress today, I applied the primer coat (Which is just Tamiya Neutral Grey) -Cam
  3. Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Hi Guys, Just a quick update today, I got the fuselage all buttoned up as well as the wings. Next up primer -Cam
  4. Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Thanks very much Steve, this is all very helpful for me I'm going to go out get some Pascoes stuff when I can. I was also wondering if it's good for dipping canopies into to make them nice and clear? I made some progress yesterday, I got the internals painted up and prepared them for brown wash Thanks for checking in -Cam
  5. Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Unfortunately I have not been able to find Klear where I live Do you know of any alternatives in NZ?
  6. Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments I'm contemplating getting the Xtradecal sheet because I've never had any good experiences with academy decals. The other day the airbrush nozzle finally turned up so I'll be carrying on with this build tomorrow -Cam
  7. Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Welcome aboard! Thanks I'll most likely be doing one of the box schemes however if that turns pear shaped I might get some aftermarket decals More progress today although not that much. I assembled the cockpit stuff but can't paint it yet due to broken airbrush nozzle Thanks for checking in -Cam
  8. Academy 1/72 Tempest Mk V

    Hi all, This just turned up in the post today so I'll be starting this soon. I just haveto wait for a new airbrush nozzle to turn up Thanks for checking in, -Cam
  9. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I

    Hi Col, I'll probably be doing one of the box schemes because I haven't got any after market decals at the moment. I'll most likely do the A scheme because of the interesting story behind with the aerial ramming that the pilot did against a Bf 109. -Cam
  10. Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I

    Hi all, I finally got around to joining a group build for the first time. I'll be entering the only two Hawker aircraft I have in my stash; a 1/72 hurricane and a 1/48 hurricane. This build thread will focus on the 1/48 one. First of all the obligatory box shot and sprue shots Thanks for checking in -Cam
  11. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    Hi all, I was just wondering if I need to be on the list on the first page to enter the group build? (I'm not sure as this is my first group build). -Cam
  12. Hi all, I've this kit finished for quite a while but I only just got round to photographing it. The kit was alright, filler was unfortunately required in the usual places such as the wing roots and where the bottom of the fuselage meets meets the lower wing section. Painted in my usual way using Vallejo Model Air paints followed by a panel wash with some chalk pastel gun smoke exhaust stains. Constructive criticism is very much welcome (I know the front wheel is wonky, I'll need to fix that. Also I broke the pitot tube and the antenna so I'm trying to find an adequate replacement) -Cam
  13. Special Hobby 1/72 Barracuda Mk II

    Hi all, Another quick update today, got the filler in and sanded
  14. Tamiya 1/48 Beaufighter Mk X

    Thanks Simon! Thanks very much Thanks Thanks!, I don't think I've ever had good experiences with decal stripes Thanks Mate, Looking forward to seeing it one day Thank you Thanks! To answer your question, the 'tache was paint Thanks I definitely agree about painting stripes Thanks! Thank you Thanks for the advice Chris, I've currently got an Airfix 1/72 Beau on the workbench at the moment Thanks Bob! The 'tache is paint