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    Sci-Fi, R/C 1/14 trucks, Ham radio, cars
  1. New Space 1999 kits on the way

    I must admit that shelf space is at a premium here but I would find space for a 1/72 eagle and hawk.
  2. I've got one of these on the bench at the moment. Great work & nicely added details.
  3. Paper Falcon Cockpit

    I have a soft spot for paper models. Currently have a 18 inch paper space 1999 eagle on the go. It is a long term project as there are so many paper tubes to make for the frame. Got the command module (the beak) and a bit of the frame work done. I dread to think the number of hours I have in the model so far let alone to think how many till its done. I really must have a go at one of his models at some point as they are all so nice.
  4. Parcelforce delivered a Eagle freighter for me yesterday. My wife ordered it me for my 50th a few months back. Now I need to find time to build both the eagle freighter and the eagle transporter.
  5. That is superb. Its another one I have added to my wanted list.
  6. Nice work with the model and lighting Steve. I have the very same model sat waiting to be built and you have pretty much done what I am wanting to do to my model. I was going to use mine as way back into modelling after a break of many years & to get my hand in before I start on my Space 1999 eagle model. Didn't quite goto plan as I have been helping my daughter, she is 14, with her Voyager kit that she got for Christmas. I really must make a start on the Enterprise sooner rather than later.
  7. 1/500 Revell JJ Enterprise

    That looks superb. I have one of these sat on the floor next to me. I ended up with the 50th anniversary box set that contains this and the original series Enterprise. I am planning to go down the lighting route & will be over the moon if mine comes out half as good as yours.
  8. This morning a box arrived that's heading straight for the loft. Since getting back into modelling I have made the decision that I want to build science fiction models & have already got a collection of the cheaper star wars kits to get back upto speed. Also picked up a couple of Revell Star trek kits that I have plans for (lighting etc) but talking to my wife the other day about my favourite spaceship of all time and the Space 1999 eagle has to be it. Needless to say I want to build one of the large eagle kits at some point so it was decided that my xmas gift this year is going to be a space 1999 eagle & while there are still a few about it would make sense to buy the kit now rather than wait till there are only a few about and the prices have gone silly. I had to have a look in the box when it arrived and unlike so many other kits where the boxes are quite empty I was shocked to see the box is full & I am both excited and quite nervous about starting the build (which wont take place till at least xmas) but at least that lets me get used to kit building again. Its like being a young child again & cant wait.
  9. Hello everyone

    Welcome Andy, I'm new here too. I did my share of rc racing at club level for a good few years too. The racing got to the stage of the racers who were willing to put new tyres on every run had the advantage so gave that up. I remember building a good few planes and tanks when I was young but not really touched a plastic model kit since. I am having a go at some sci fi models to try and get my hand in before I venture to the more expensive kits.
  10. Howdy everybody, from drizzly Manchester

    Hello I am new here too. Ive just ordered myself a couple of the cheaper star wars kits to get my hand in before I get myself a larger USS voyager, my favourite star trek ship. Nice to see someone else from this end of the country, I am a bit further north up in Lancashire.
  11. Hello

    Thanks for the welcome I have found a couple of possibilities but one of them is silly money and as much as its something I like I wont be restarting from there or I fear it would just be another passing phase. That's not to say as and when some spare funds are about I will be getting the kit and putting in the loft for later. I've seen a couple of other kits that arouse interest & they look more affordable but looking at the build sheets are a lot simpler to restart things how I want them to go this time.
  12. Hello

    Hello everyone. I have been looking to get back into building plastic models for a while now on & off but looking through some of the photos on this forum made me decide I was going to have a go. I haven't built a plastic model kit since I was at school. I built a few planes and tanks back then but was always beaten when it came to painting them or was doing really well & getting carried away with something & spoiling the kit. I now know I was doing it all wrong & am planning to do a lot of research before deciding what kit I am going to restart my kit building with. Nothing to expensive to start with, maybe something not too difficult too. I am not sure if I want to have a go at a star wars or star trek or similar theme model but something different from what I built when I was younger.