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  1. Ajax (Scout SV)

    Hello, the 120mm smoothbore cartridge is 95% combustible, only the base (1-2" high) is ejected ... the main problem, as you mentioned, is storage capacity and survivability. The CR2 is still a very good tank but pays its rather dated design. The question is now "will main european countries (UK, France and Germany above all) have the capacity to developp their own tank or will they be able to developp a common weapon ?" E
  2. Nice engine indeed ... if I refer to Hewy's Scammel thread, the box art's camo seems inaccurate ? E
  3. Wahou ... all the efforts are paying off and the Scammel is awesome ... nice detailing, camo paint and subtle weathering !! E
  4. Hello, this T34 turned out very well ... the new tracks are really an upgrade and the leaves ... superb !! E
  5. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Thanks John ! ... I used to thin Vallejo paints to spray thin coats and after a few trials, used the same method with Hataka paints but it doesn't work so well, I'd even say that thinning Hataka paints is detrimental to the spraying's smoothness Thanks ... I use Panzer Putty from MXpression ... easy to use, not to sticky, no traces but tends to sag if let for long on the model. Cheers, E
  6. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    There's so many variations, you should find an interesting version I will probably take a break from Challys after this one but I have 2 more in my stash, one for another KFOR without dozer blade and a BATUS one ... 2018 projects I guess !! Cheers, E
  7. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Thanks Francis ... today I applied the camo, not so easy as I tried to replicate one that's rather intricate, much masking and many problems with the new paints I don't control very well yet. Cheers, E
  8. Very interesting update ... Champagne is taking shape, I look forward to seing the following steps E
  9. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Hello gents, base coating the Chally was some kind of experiment ... I tested the modern british set of Hataka and even if the paint is rather good, and the colors very nice, it's very different from the Vallejo paints I'm used to but the result is nice, isn't it ? Next step will be the camo scheme ... cheers, E
  10. A39 MkIICS Tortoise Assault Gun - Panzer 46

    The "track's color" debate is endless as there is only specific cases and research is paramount to do things realistically ... I guess it's easier when like me you're focusing on modern armour because photographic evidence is easily available (in color of course ). For instance, for the Challenger 2, I have pics where tracks have a nice metallic sheen and some with much superficial rust ... the same for Chieftains and other post-ww2 british armour. I like the color of your Tortoise's tracks ... and if people get upset, I can only conclude they don't understand it's just a hobby E
  11. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Hello Francis, I used black primer, then medium grey and light grey to create contrasts More realistic in my opinion than basic pre-shading ... but takes more time to achieve a good result ... Cheers, E
  12. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Hello gents, there you have the 2nd Chally with a coat of primer and zenithal hilights ... will have to wait for the base coat as I bought the Hataka paints "british modern afv" set Cheers, E
  13. Takom FV432

    Very nice job with this 432 !! ... as you mentioned, colors seem very accurate E
  14. Dragon M4A1(76)W VVSS

    I only realized at the very end that it was a 1/72nd scale model ... very nice job indeed !! E
  15. A couple of Challengers 2 ...

    Hello gents, thanks for your support Still plenty of room for improvement, the grain of the photos hides all the minor flaws Anyway, I think the postures of the crew members help creating a realistic look ... the Valkyrie figures are really worth it. I have a few details to add, lockers on the stowage boxes for instance ... and the 2nd Chally will go to the paint booth, as it received a coat of primer yesterday. Cheers, E