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  1. Hobby Boss Nagmachon APC (early)

    Hi, what thinner did you use with Vallejo paint ? Being very reactive to solvents, I have to stay away from lacquers so I just use Vallejo and other waterbased paints ( (in a spray booth and wearing a mask !) and never had that sort of problem using Vallejo thinner ... just a bit of clogging depending of air temperature and hygrometry. E
  2. Hello, if you need a more greenish hue to the base coat, then you can try a green filter ... E
  3. Well, it was already a nice build, particularly if special supplies and fancy aftermarket pieces were not available What do you plan to work on ... tracks I guess ? Cheers, E
  4. I purchased the grass mat, and a few other from The Model Tree shop, see here > https://www.themodeltreeshop.co.uk/landscaping-materials/grass-matting.html The dimension / price ratio is good, and the quality is very nice ... the soil and grass are glued to a thin "vinyl" sheet and can easily be glued to the foam base. Hope this helps, E
  5. Hello Badder, thanks for your comments, I did some research about the natural vegetation of the Salisbury plain, there's much to do and I'll try to add some colors in the dio, by small touches of course. About the Chally, and modern armor in general, be aware that those are huge beasts and even if the diorama seems small compared to the tank's size, it's actually rather large (20 x 30 cm) ... so you'll need room if you want modern AFVs !! Cheers, E Thanks John ... the grass is nice indeed but I only glued it on the base, not much credit to me Cheers, E
  6. Hello gents, took me some time to make the leap but this week I degan my first diorama ... the first phase was the base made of a insulation foam block frame with styrene sheets cut to size, and a cheap picture frame. No static grass for the moment, I used a very nice grass mat that I will try to enhance gradually ... Today, I added some dead wood ... the dead tree is temporarly placed with a pin, don't know if it will stay or if I'll try another option, tree with foliage for instance (I'm waitin g for supplies to do so ...) On the advice of Badder, I used paint to hilight the earth patches, then pigments to replicate the chalky soil of Salisbury plain Cheers, E
  7. Challenger 2 1st RTR Salisbury

    Hi Badder, it's a very simple grass mat glued on a insulation foam base and framed with styrene sheets cut to size ... nothing very sophisticated for that first dio but I am planning more elaborated things for 2018 For this one, I will add a few bushes and dead wood ... perahps a small tree if it fits and of course, some whitish stones and dust to replicate the chalky soil of Salisbury plain Cheers, E
  8. British MBT Group Build

    Well, I think I cannot resist another british armor build ... so count me in E
  9. British MBT Group Build

    Exactly, two separate designs ... they share the same hull but most of the components are differents so two different MBT E
  10. British MBT Group Build

    Hello, you might add the Challenger 1 Mk3 that saw service between the Chieftain and the Challenger 2 ... E
  11. Challenger 2 1st RTR Salisbury

    Hello gents, small update today, I added a base to display the Chally ... the base will be upgraded as my diorama skills upgrade too Cheers, E
  12. 1/35 BOWMAN aerials

    I just browsed their website ... great source for carbon fiber rods !! ... and microtubes Thanks for the tip, very appreciated !! E
  13. Of course I did !! Many interesting informations ... my significant other will probably moan when I'll ask where's the cat's litter for my scale models ... I am a total beginner with dioramas, I'm in the process of building my first one ... just a small one for my RTR Chally, very simple but the learning curve will be steep, I guess !! I'm looking forward to seeing the next steps and I'll certainly follow the Sherman GB to see your production Cheers, E
  14. 1/35 BOWMAN aerials

    Hello, as said by Dads203, the only genuine option for Bowman aerial bases is Accurate Armour ... however, the AA bases are not complete as they lack the knob (sort of, don't know the exact word) that seats over the spring and has a threaded rod for the antenna. I used the AA bases for my RTR Chally and had to replicate those knobs ... I guess you should be able to find other modern antenna bases that look like the Bowman's and modify them. With regard to the antennas themselves, I'd rather use .5mm styrene (that's what I did) or brass rod than .3mm carbon fiber rods are good for Larkspur / Clansman aerials but not for Bowman's aerial that seem to have a bigger diameter, as suggested by photos. Just my 2 cents ... E
  15. Hello Badder, today for the first time I was lurking around the diorama section and stumbled on this thread ... took me a while to read the 44 pages and even more to recover from my amazement What a diorama !! ... you did an stunning job with the house and your castings, no doubt about that !! Cheers, E