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  1. Thank you all ... stay tuned, even if this will probably be a long and slow process E
  2. Thanks guys for your comments ... more steps next week end, I hope Hi Corsair, glad to see you on this topic ... do you have more infos about your grandfather, the 706th Tank Bn fought on Guam and Okinawa, they did the hard work !! However, I'm pretty sure the Army didn't use M4A2 Shermans but mainly M4A1 (with cast hulls) and later M4A3 in the Pacific ... can do some research if you're interested. Cheers, E
  3. Hello, as I mentioned in my Strv122 WIP, my motivation was quite low because of the difficult scratchbuilding work I undertook on that model ... so I had to find another project, simpler than modern tank that are much sophisticated but difficult to work on Foolishly, I took a look to the numerous Sherman kits without protection and probably catched a very dangerous virus ... shermanmania !! So I began a new kit, it's the Dragon mid-war M4A2 initially designed to represent a Tarawa sherman but I'll build it as a tank of the 3rd Tank Bn of the USMC on Iwo Jima ... I've always had very much interest for this specific theater of operation so now it's time to put together history and modelling !! The Dragon kit is nice, much parts that will feed the spare box for future builds ... probably Marine shermans on Okinawa, Guam, Saipan, Tarawa, Bougainville. What is very nice with shermans is they are small tanks ... easy (relatively) to build and to store Now the build ... Precise work is mandatory on the bogies to make them look good and accurate ... but the Dragon kit is really nicely detailed, just a few holes and bolts to add ... As you can see on the previous pics, I had to rework the sponsons because without modifications, the final drive assembly's lip wasn't correctly positionned to protect the bolts raw on the glacis ... I also had to rework the glacis over the sprockets' drives. All the late war M4A2, and particularly in USMC use, did have the added cheek armor ... but it's not present in the kit, intended for a Tarawa sherman but also not on the late PTO M4A2 Dragon kit, what is a little bit surprising Anyway, I added a piece of welded armor made from styrene, with welds from sprue ... I don't know if it's not too thick. Cheers, E
  4. Hello everyone, been a while since I last posted ... hard work around the Strv122 and lack of motivation mainly The base kit from Hobby Boss being quite inaccurate and me being a rivet counter, I could resist the envy to redo some of the details ... but it was more difficult than what I anticipated and my motivation was significantly lowered, however I managed to modify the rear lights, very specific of the Strv122 and install some more realistic grousers brackets on the turrets stowage boxes ... That's all for the moment ... many other things to improve on that kit, but only when I'll have more time because every detail takes hours ... anyway, I have other projects, see my other WIP posts Cheers, E
  5. US Marines Sherman M4 (Italeri 1:35)

    You're welcome ... especially considering that the boxart shows the .50 installed Anyway, it doesn't detract from the quality of your work !! E
  6. US Marines Sherman M4 (Italeri 1:35)

    Hello, very nice PTO sherman !!! Just one tiny point of criticism, the .50 machine gun was not used by Marines for several reasons, but mainly because closed hatches were mandatory in close fighting and they prefered the coaxial MG for clearing the path. Cheers, E
  7. Just and simply amazing !! Excellent job with this unusual model E
  8. Challenger 2 in Bergen

    Great Chally, you did a very good job with the camo net !! How did you do it ? Cheers, E
  9. Challenger 2 in Kosovo

    Hello Tobby, excellent build, and the diorama is very nice !! I can only agree about the size, the Chally is a huuuge tank Cheers, E
  10. Gator - Part three of the trilogy

    Well, I just went back to this topic to read this sadening news ... rest in peace, Julian, and thanks for what you gave us !! Life goes on, everything's fine one day, not so much the other day. E
  11. Hello, I worked on the rear deck and rear plate today ... studying Strv 122 pics made me realized that the tools setting is specific and very different from a german Leopard 2A5 : first of all, the right setup doesn't have a saw so I had to erase the fasteners and redo the diagonal weld across the panel. The shovels are also very specific, their brackets too, so it's very likely that I'll have to scratch the shovels and brackets as Tamiya (of course, they didn't claim to make a swedish tank) and HB (too bad, they tried to do a swedish one) reproduced german tools ... not an easy task but will do. I also took the opportunity to remove the engraved handles and replace them with wire handles, far better looking Then to finish the day's session, I drilled the exhaust grills that will be replaced by PE grills ... and reproduced the rear plate's weld. That's all for today, E
  12. Small update, the base is built then I'll begin the detailing phase ... who knows how long it'll last
  13. Typical camo scheme of A Sqdn 1st RTR, here is one of my inspiration pics ... Cheers, E
  14. Hello, now that I have finally finished my 2017 projects, it's time to begin a new one ... so I'll build a Strv122, the swedish version of the Leopard 2A5. This tank has some specific features on the frontal armor, rear hull plate and turret ... some are nicely done in the Hobby Boss kit but the general aspect, and particularly the anti-skid patches, are awful so I decided to enter a kitbashing process : hull and drivetrain from Tamiya, HB turret with Tamiya armor and a little bit of scratch to make everything's right !! I was lucky enough to get the HB kit with the Tamiya parts from another modeller (as well as a Danish Leopard with Tamiya parts for another project) for a very decent price ... so now everything is in order to start the project Here are a few pics of the first steps ... checking the adaptation of HB parts on the Tamiya hull, and vice versa on the turret ... the fit is really nice, I just had to cut the rear plate and the front skirts on the hull and everything goes well !! As a matter of fact, the HB kit is based on the Tamiya's so no big surprise Cheers, E
  15. Takom Merkava Mk1 Hybrid

    Hello, great job with the anti-skid coating Looking forward to seeing the next steps !! E