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  1. My tie and At At

    Nice finish. Good weathering. I'm going to try to put this politely, your AT-AT looks like it is about to errr... poop. Hopefully you can simply tweak those back legs straight?
  2. M4 classic Sherman Tamiya 1/48

    Fortunately tanks are rarely without muck on them and their paint was often applied in liberal amounts with less than perfect results. She'll be right mate! Looking good so far, these little Tammy Tanks are nice models aren't they?
  3. Sherman II from 1/48 Tamiya M4A1

    Ah yes, I did know this! Yup that's my plan. Adding the PE "fenders" should minimise the number of treads that need altering. I think for fourteen squids (which is just slightly less than I paid for the kit on Ebay) it is worth trying to do the surgery, as I said, I can always buy the resin hull after I've mucked up the plastic one! Thanks for the replies guys!
  4. Sherman II from 1/48 Tamiya M4A1

    OK, let's have a quick list of what I KNOW is wrong with the kit compared to a Sherman II... 1. The hull should have "Direct Vision" slots for the driver and his assistant. 2. Suspension, the kit comes with M4 VVSS suspension, the Sherman II had M3 type VVSS suspension 3. Additional stowage to the rear of the turret added in the field (IIRC) by British Army is missing. Let's go through those problems one at a time and my proposed solutions to them 1. The Hull First the good news, everything from the turret ring back looks correct. The hatches look the same. The bad news is the front needs some surgery. So I think I can alter the hull with some simple surgery and filler to depict the DV slots. From looking at photographs, my guess is that (at least on the cast hulls) when the DV slots were removed, because there was a very real risk of injury to drivers from "bullet splash", they did not remake the casting so the basic shape is the same but they simply altered it to remove the slots. Reading the comprehensive reference websites like "Sherman Minutia" and "The Sherman Tank" does not help on this supposition but it seems logical to me that the path of least resistance would be taken in wartime particularly. Sherman Minutia Website The Sherman Tank Website Also the rib about the bow machine gun seems to absent from the Sherman II cf. the M4A1, a simple swipe of the knife will get rid of that. I could have bought the resin conversion kit but it doesn't look like value to me with so little alteration required. And if I do make a complete **** out of it it remains an option. 2. The Suspension Let's look at the differences 2.1. The M4 VVSS Suspension This is the kit suspension unit simply pushed together 2.2. M3 VVSS Suspension Pretty dramatically different! But the wheels and the geometry are the same as are the suspension arms though "solid" rather than err "ribbed"! So, I reckon this is a pretty straightforward bit of scratchbuilding. Again though if it goes badly wrong I can buy the resin conversion components if I fail. I used to do this stuff in 1/76 so there is no excuse for bodgery in 1/48 is there! This is the reason I moved to 1/48th to make this stuff "doable" without the aid of an electron microscope. 3. The Additional Stowage I believe that this is the same "box" as fitted to the Crusader, indeed perhaps "cannibalised" from wounded Crusaders? Anywho, a relatively simple bit of plasticard construction. So that's it! Or is it? Have I missed anything? Help!
  5. Slightly late start for me as I have been unable to access my build area through my son and his girlfriend visiting over Christmas (and only now departing!) OK, let's start with a look at what I want to build. Something like this... Purchased before I'd even considered entering a Group Build the Tamiya 1/48 Sherman M4A1 as the closest I could get to what I wanted to build. I should explain my rationale. I am trying to limit my builds to British Army tanks in 1/48 so I have already built the Tamiya Matilda and Crusader Mk2 and loved how they went together and the combination of size and detail (1/35the being a little big for me, 1/76 or 1/72 too small). Right so this is what I have bought. I won't bore you with pictures of all the sprues in the kit. Needless to say the detail is superb and there is no flash to be found anywhere that I can see. Lovely. So, I bought some upgrades... I did briefly consider buying the resin hull conversion kit but discarded the idea when I saw the price was more than I paid for the kit itself. But I did buy these And downloaded a drawing from "The Blueprints Dot Com" I had to re-scale them to 1/48 but a few minutes tweakery in Photoshop gave me plans that are a pretty good match for the Tamiya model. Rather than make this post like War and Peace I will stop here and post my thoughts on what I need to do to transform an M4A1 into a Sherman II
  6. Sherman M4A1

    Looks great. My entry for the M3/M4 Group build will be the Tamiya 1/48 Sherman M4A1 but finished as a British Army example (considerable tweakery required) The Tamiya 1/48th tanks and vehicles are a lovely combination of size and details.
  7. Academy F4F-4, Don't laugh!

    Nowt wrong with "just having a go". Kit looks decently well stuck together. I would recommend for your next build that you invest in some masking tape and some new paint and just go for it. It's great relaxation. Welcome back!
  8. SW The Last Jedi Spoiler/Discussion Thread

    Enjoyed it. The only slight irritation for me was the Leia thing. I find it amusing that the main criticism of TFA was how similar it was to New Hope but when this one deviated from the path of the original trilogy by killing Snoke in Part 2 that's bad... Liked the new hardware on show. Will watch again and (no doubt) buy the Blu-ray. Oh and it only cost me a fiver for my ticket and took a can of pop in rather than pay £2 for a bottle in the foyer and the service was so slow at the tills gave up on trying to buy popcorn, so cheap night out.
  9. Love that video, especially the subtitles "(Inspiring music)"
  10. “Oh, I travel… a sort of licensed troubleshooter.” No, Mr. Bond I expect you to fly! (sorry) Nice build sir.
  11. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB Chat

    I shall throw a tentative hat into the arena. A first ever Group Build. Ulp! I have a Tamiya 1/48 M4A1 which, in keeping with my 1/48th mojo I would like to model as a Western Desert example. I have bought some upgrades and I hope by joining this GB I will not just make a start but push through to a finish in something that approaches a walking pace (unlike my usual glacial progress...
  12. This is a tricky one. Mathy is (from his location) German and the use of the swastika is still at best unwelcome, even in a historical context. I commented upon someone using a Nazi recruitment poster in displaying a model on here as "uncomfortable" I don't think we need to see the Swastika and if it were missing altogether would not detract from the quality of modelling, which is superb. On a slight related question the unusual port side Balkenkreuz, is that accurate for this example? Wonderfully photographed and a master class in finishing. Well done sir!
  13. Airfix 2018

    In the sixties, when I was growing up, Airfix series 1 kits were "pocket money" purchases. Most kids my age would buy a 109 or a Spit then clag them together, daub them with a bit of paint (sometimes) and re-enact dogfights until our "models" fell foul of some evil Boche ace (or a Spit in the sun). They were disposable. I guess they sold in their thousands? These days very few yoofs would think to spend some time gluing together a model. That's just a simple fact. There are other distractions/attractions. So model kits no longer sell in anything like the volumes of yore. Consequently the financial model is entirely different. I think modern Airfix releases are comparable with the best models you can buy (Tamiya, Hasegawa, etc.) Quality costs. It's that simple.
  14. Star Trek Discovery

    We now get a break after Episode 9 and it looks like the story is taking off on a long "arc" and we have been dumped with a cliffhanger to ensure our return. Really enjoyed the nine episodes so far and pleased to hear it has been recommissioned for another series. If you can, give it a try. I wonder whether this will filter onto other channels in due course? It is something of a flagship for Netflix at the moment but perhaps it will be sold on? Anywho, worth checking out if you like your Trek a little darker than TOS/TNG.