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  1. If there are faults, I can't see 'em! Extraordinary work and top top photography (and Photoshop work)
  2. StuG IV the firs armour

    Hi Egor Nice Stug. I like it.
  3. 1/35 Tamiya M1A1 Abrams

    Great work. It is the "stowage" that brings your model to life. The contrasting textures of the tarpaulin covered items with the cardboard boxes of rations(?) and the leather straps etc.. Superb work. I'd love to see some detail shots of the stowed items.
  4. Trumpeter 1/700 Prinz Eugen (1945)

    Great finish to your model. Fantastic work. Amazingly Prinz Eugen can actually be seen on Google Maps Google Map Link She capsized off Kwajalein Atoll where she had been towed after surviving the nuclear blasts at Bikini Atoll. It appears from photographs on Google Maps that it is possible to snorkel dive onto the wreck and that one of her propellers lies out of the water! I suppose she will have been stripped of most "stuff" before the Operation Crossroads Nuclear Tests and I do idly wonder (as I'm never going to be in a position to visit the Marshall Islands) how radioactive she is?
  5. Pratchett's Figurines

    Ok, so here is Death in sort of a half way state He has had his hands, feet and skull picked out in a bone colour. His robe is back with highlighting in shades of dark to medium grey. I'm not 100% happy with his guitar. I wanted a worn sunburst finish so I painted concentric circles of yellow, orange and red then feathered them together. The neck was painted buff and the whole geetar was then given run over with Vallejo woodgrain, the details then picked out in gold. Hmmm... Next up, boney bits. A wash of sepia ink then drybush bone and white on the knuckles and brow ridge, etc. and I may decide to have another go at getting the finish I have in my head for the guitar. I'm actually being held back by the texture on the guitar body and I'm toying with filling it in to remove the pronounced woodgrain. We'll see. WhenI'm happy he will get an all over coat of matt varnish to reduce the shiny bits then possibly pick up the guitar in a semi-gloss and touch in the gold again to give it back the "glint". Then I need to get on with the base. A tiny little figure but you get out what you put in.
  6. Westland whirlwind 1/48

    Very nice modelling. I'm not a huge fan of chipped paintwork but yours is done very well any criticism would be merely a matter of taste and we all have varying tastes. I will just pass a comment on your photography though. I think that some of the pictures suffer from a very shallow depth of field. You don't mention what camera you are using but it looks like you are opening the aperture wide to reduce the exposure time so I'm guessing it is a DSLR. I would advise you to reduce the aperture and use a tripod or even a cushion or a scrumpled up t-shirt to support your camera and use a timed shutter release to combat "camera shake". My apologies if this was the effect you were going for as it doesn't quite work for me, that's all. Please keep posting.
  7. One to seventy second? My word that is amazing, if you'd told me it was 1/32 I'd have believed you! Astonishingly good work. Well played sir!
  8. Pratchett's Figurines

    I have redirected a couple of the links to the same images on Flickr. I have also done the same to all the images in the "Ready For Inspection" thread for the Completed Librarian http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235016061-pratchetts-librarian/ Thanks for all the kind comments
  9. Pratchett's Figurines

    Looks like my earlier posts have been scuppered by the nefarious ways of photobucket. Hmmm. If anyone wants those pictures I can put them onto my Flickr host account. Anywho finally made "some" progress on Death. Here he is test assembled onto his new custom base. I have made a few tweaks to an already lovely scuplt. I have raised his guitar to a more "playable" position it was down around his knees ala Peter Hook of New Order fame. If you look directly underneath his "axe" you can see the little bit of filler that removes the location pit for the guitar in its original position. I have also added a strap as it removes that "floating in mid air" look that it had without one. If anyone is wondering what it is. It is made of three strands of cat 5 cable stripped and twisted together into a "rope". It was then superglued into place before securing with two part epoxy for strength. Next, as I do with all my figures I hot glue them onto a "handle" Just so. this makes the figure a lot easier to handle and importantly you don't have to touch the figure at all until it is complete so no danger of contamination with greasy fingers" The next step is to prime the figure. In the past I have sprayed them with Automotive rattle cans from Halfords. I am now a convert to Artists Gesso. Simply slather this stuff on with a brush, make sure you work it into all the crevices but you can be fairly crude in application.. ...because rather wonderfully... ...it shrinks as it dries revealing again all the detail on the original model. Wonderful stuff, seems to give a good base it adheres well to metal and plastic as well as absorbent materials like wood or fabric (it is used to prepare canvas for painting after all!) I would prefer it was a more opaque white but hey, did I mention it is as cheap as chips? No well it is you can buy tubs of it from Artist's Suppliers for next to nowt there is no waste (like there is with a rattle can) and you cna clean your brushes in water. Finally, for now, a black wash is applied. This shows all the detail on the scuplt and if by any chance you miss a bit it will be black rather than a brilliant accusatory look at me white. More soon as I give our scythe-wielding chum a sun-burst finish flying V.
  10. Nope, don't think so.
  11. Sherman II, 9th Arm Bde, 2nd NZ Div, El Alamein

    I may be wrong (please excuse me if I am) but shouldn't it have an M34 mantlet/rotor shield fitted? It looks odd without it. I haven't seen a photograph of a Sherman without one. (Doesn't mean it never happened of course!) Fantastic finish to your model especially the subtle and effective weathering and the detail on the "luggage".
  12. Too many Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats!

    I'm no expert on liveries of F-14s but there appears to be a pronounced blue/purple cast to that photograph. Are there any other pictures to support the accuracy of that image? I've used Photoshop to very roughly colour balance the image Hope this helps?
  13. Early British Sherman from Tamiya M4A1 in 1/48

    That looks entirely "do-able", good shout! In similar manner I think I can convert the bogies to M3 type, were the bogie wheels the same size? Looking at the "Minutia" site This is an M3 type bogie and... ...this is the M4 (or one of them). IF the wheels are the same diameter (and width to a lesser degree) then by filling in the upper suspension arms to make a plain version and a bit of butchery around the top to move the "roller" wheel to the top, I reckon that would be pretty close in 1/48th. As I am going to chuck them if a buy resin replacements I reckon it is worth a few minutes. Looking at photographs of British Shermans it is plain that they had the five spoke wheels rather than the solid wheels shown above. How right you are and a right b****r of an itch it is proving to be! I'm looking at the replacement hull with the DV slots and having more thoughts of butchery... ...the rear deck is identical to the molding on the Tamiya kit and the hatches are identical as no replacement hatch covers are provided. Hmmmm... On the subject of the turret, I've looked at the "Minutia" site and I reckon that the turret in the Tamiya kit is the "low bustle" type. Am I right? I also read that British Shermans did not fit the .50cal yet on all the photographs of Shermans in the desert, I have seen it is plainly there. Is this a result of the Churchill/Roosevelt deal where these tanks were effectively US spec and diverted to British use at the last moment? I have purchased a turned aluminium barrel and some natty etched adornments for said .50cal. Thanks to everyone who is chipping in here, the gaps in my knowledge are quite alarming it seems.
  14. Early British Sherman from Tamiya M4A1 in 1/48

    Thanks very much Bullbasket, if I can get anywhere near the standard of your Sherman's I'll be delighted. I've had a look at Bison/Star and it looks like they have discontinued their 1/48th range there is nothing listed in that scale. I'll have to look for remnant stock. The MR Modelbau stuff at least looks to be still in production but the price is putting me off at £25 for the hull and turret and another £19 for the M3 suspension and tracks (Oh and another 15 squids postage! Erk!). I think I can alter the Tamiya suspension quite easily by removing the idler arm and reducing the height of the bogie and add the idler above. It's worth trying as a no-cost option... As I am discovering with Shermans, each piece of information that I discover tends to raise another question. I didn't know the tracks differed on early Shermans. Looks again... Oh b****r, they do don't they. This may be a far from "shake the box" exercise. Onwards and upwards...