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  1. Pratchett's Figurines

    And here he is finished, I've added him to my finished thread with The Librarian Finished and Ready For Inspection I repainted the guitar and I'm happy with the "sunburst finish" now, have a look thanks for anyone still folllowing!
  2. Pratchett's Figurines

    Here's my latest Pratchett Figurine, Death as he appears in "Soul Music" He has a custom made base (the grave of a person named "Marshall" of course), I have positioned the guitar higher up and given him a guitar strap made from Cat 5 networking cable! ...and the customary scaling photograph with a UK penny coin for size reference
  3. M3/ M4 medium tank gallery

    Not finished but presentable (I hope). 1/48 Sherman II from Tamiya kit, converted to M3 suspension, DV hull and to be fitted with sand shields and other bits. Here the tank is just off the boat in Egypt but not fully "desertised"... WIP thread here
  4. Sherman "FURY"

    Wonderful figure modelling, bravo sir!
  5. Sherman II from 1/48 Tamiya M4A1

    "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by." Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt Yup it looks like my geological modelling pace is going to fall foul of the fickle finger of time. So this is where I got to... The basic build is (sort of complete) it looks like a Sherman II (I think) A VERY clean Sherman II, admittedly... Here you can see the amended tracks. The uppermost link is unaltered but will be covered by the sand shields when they are installed. (I have photos showing how this was done if anyone is interested) So near and yet... Still to do, fit the sand shields, paint the disruptive camouflage pattern that was applied to these tanks, add some stowed "luggage", then add unit markings and weather the tank. I also have the improved .50cal machine gun to fit. Oh and it deserves a scenic base of some sort... Realistically, I'm not going to make the 1st April deadline. Thanks for the encouragement and helpful pointers. If I do manage to do a bit more before the door slams shut on here I will update this thread. It has been fun and rest assured, I will finish the model, look out for it on the WIP and RFI Amour Pages.
  6. Airfix 1/48 Walrus

    Goo goo g'joob indeed! They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I reckon that in this case the flaws are in the eyes of the builder. Looks good to me!
  7. Sherman II from 1/48 Tamiya M4A1

    That deadline is starting to look frighteningly close... Ulp! Final stage post surgery was to daub a thin layer of green on the DV visors and assess the result This is rather a cruel close up but I think is is a reasonable depiction of the DV visors. The sharp eyed among you might notice the white plastic lifting rings that have replaced the kit items? No perfectionist tweak this, the carpet monster got one so rather than try to replicate the original I cut a thin slice from some plastruct tube and I think once painted will stand close(ish) inspection. I hope you agree! So, surgery has been declared (pretty much) successful. I can now start the somewhat less stressful task of sticking together the lovely bits produced by Tamiya, which is rarely any less than satisfying. This completed (quicker than expected I must say, these really are lovely kits) I sprayed the whole model with a unifying coat of Vallejo Model Air Russian Green. Plan now is to spray with a suitable sand colour, then fit the tracks, paint and weather them, fit the sand shields and paint to match. Hopefully I will then apply the contrasting dark colour, markings , seal and weather... In what? Two weeks...
  8. Tamiya 1/48 Churchill VII Crocodile

    Looks like it builds into the "non- Crocodile " MkVII too? Floats my boat.
  9. Sherman II from 1/48 Tamiya M4A1

    The OMG what have I done moment... So, I have removed a large amount of plastic as carefully as I can with knive, files and abrasive sticks. The hull on the DV cast hull Sherman doesn't appear as "buxom" as the later models. I guess that the castings were altered to cover the slots rather than a whole new casting? That's my excuse anyway. I have reduced the bulges as much as I can and as you can see have cut into the hull to produce the recess for the DV visors. The DV visor is made in two pieces. This part is 30thou plasticard with a (guestimate) 40thou rod. This is stuck directly to the hull. A further piece of 20thou plasticard is bent over the 40 thou rod and cemented into place. It is then filed flush with the top of the hull at the access hatches. The far DV visor has been filed to produce a better representation of the prototype. A bit of milliput to complete the shape. Needs a dibble with abrasive to complete. More soon.
  10. 1/48 Sukhoi Su-30MKI Flanker

    Lovely! And great photogrpahs too.
  11. British Challenger 1 (mk3)

    Thanks, looks great
  12. British Challenger 1 (mk3)

    Sorry, llink not working. No piccies
  13. Hi Olivier, enjoying catching up on your build as I hope to do a 1/48 P51D in the future (though probably the new Airfix kit) Just a quick point on painting red. Red paints are translucent and the final colour you get on a model (or indeed in the full scale world) is very dependent on the primer/undercoat you use. So painting red over silver should give a good bright red colour. On the subject of final finish. I have never seen a model look good in a gloss finish it tends to look "toy like", regardless of the glossiness of the original satin is the only way to go. Looking forward to seeing your progress
  14. LEGO Panther

    Wow! Can we have a build thread please?