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  1. Ready For Inspection thread for "The Librarian" I so enjoyed this simple little figure I've gone and bought another one! Death with guitar as featured in the book "Soul Music" modelled on the art of Paul Kidby who for many years provided the covers for Sir Terry's books. Here's "what's in the box"... Not quite as clean a casting as "The Librarian" but nothing terrible, a bit of flash to clean off so out with the needle files I think the simple round base won't suffice so I'm going to make something a little more appropriate So we take some pieces of 80thou plasticard, two rectangles 2x4cm, a 2mm square strip which I then cut into 2x2mm chunks, eight of 'em. Stick the chunks together. One for each corner of the base... ...use the strip to create a frame, then "chain drill" a series of holes to create a slot for old Death's base. We need one more thing An appropriate marker! This one goes up to 11. (Yes I know there would be two "L"s but hey it wouldn't fit!) This is a single piece of 80 plasticard with a frame of 20thou strip which is then filled in with white utlra fine milliput which is scribed with the moniker of "Marshal" using a dental probe. Needs a bit of sanding and a little distressing I think.
  2. Great build, lovely finish. But the thing that makes it for me is the beautiful stand. Simple, elegant and clever. (Design filed away mentally for future use,)
  3. As I watch this masterpiece coming together, one thought in particular troubles me... I suspect it would have been easier to build a real one!
  4. I was hoping to paint my X-wing as Blue Squadron ala Rogue One is there anything in there to help?
  5. Lovely build, what great looking aircraft the Javelin was (shame about those decals )
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, as I said this was a trial build on a cheap kit so I don't think I'll be revisiting it. Next up is an Eduard Mig 15 which will again demand a bare metal finish, hopefully I can make a better fist of it as this one is not a "trial build".Ulp! Thanks for the kind comments.
  7. The base is black plastic, undercoat with Vallejo Orange Brown and grain applied with a stiff brush using Vallejo Woodgrain then varnished gloss. Thanks for all the kind comments
  8. Stumbled across this kit in the Starter Pack for about a fiver and decided to just put it together and use it as a test bed for the new Vallejo Acrylic paints. So here it is complete with the decals provided by Airfix. I have to say that fit and finish on the kit are exemplary. The only slight problem I has was fitting the multipart canopy which I found when modelled shut was about 0.5mm long. I should have corrected this with a few strokes of a file but I thought I could get it right without doing so. You can see here that the front of the canopy overhangs the proper location. Rather a cruel magnification though. I note I haven't painted in the wiper either! Other lessons. I haven't made a perfect job of spraying the metallic finish which has dried "grainy". It would probably be improved with a matt finish over the top. The decals, particularly the roundels, despite liberal applications of Microsol/set haven't "sat down" properly. Oh and the landing gear has taken a "heavy landing" too many and is sitting down a little. But that aside it was an enjoyable build.
  9. Just a little 28mm Figure Scale white metal model of "The Librarian" from Terry Pratchett's Discworld stories from Micro Art Studios And to give you an idea of the size of this miniature That is a UK1p coin. A lovely clean sculpt with no flash or molding lines. The only addition is the book that he is sitting on which was made from some plasticard.
  10. That is extraordinary Ernest. Absolutely wonderful. Can I just ask, is that modelled in a non-flying condition? Obviously with so much of the aircraft in pieces it isn't going to be flying any time soon, but that staining and corrosion would put me off travelling in it! Completely convincingly done though. Bravo!
  11. Anyone care to do a "Caunter Scheme" version? Would work for an "Empire Strikes Back" theme...
  12. Having just seen Rogue One, I want a "Hammerhead" Corvette. Please.
  13. Loved it. I want to watch it again NOW! As an aside for those who have watched it, go back and watch the first trailer. I don't think it's a spoiler (for those who haven't) to say that almost nothing in that trailer is actually in the film!
  14. Thanks Ales, that is what was being referred to. It's one of the oddities of the English language that can be confusing to non-native speakers (rest assured your English is so good that I checked your location before I realised why you were confused!) We do have a habit of using the same word to mean different things in alternate contexts. In this case a "jig" is a frame or stand used to aid assembly or construction. So the "jig" holds the parts of the model whilst glue or paint dries or to aid location of components in a complex construction. It is also a traditional dance! Hope this helps Oh and beautiful model!