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  1. Hi Guys, Images from the Civil Aviation Museum of China. An interesting collection in a rather grandiose building, with some tardy airframes outside. I think the museum needs to fix the mower! B-7022 1 B-3880 2 B-8928 Y-5 3 JJ-5 3 B-3471 3 B-2701 2 B-2207 3 B-2301 2 C-46 2 Note the C-46's metal wheels! Li-2 2 Link to more here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157690426425212/with/40210316522/
  2. Thailand Museums

    Very nice that the museum now has a Matador!
  3. Test Pilot School de Havillands

    Very nice pictures, thank you. I think, Old Viper Tester, he's commenting on the wee typo at the end of the following sentence...
  4. New Zealand Warbirds Hangars, 4 February

    No, Steve, the NZ Fighter Pilot's Museum is now closed, but it's been replaced by Warbirds and Wheels, a combined aeroplane and car museum as a tribute to Sir Tim Wallis. It's real neat. When you're next here, you can combine it with the Warbirds over Wanaka airshow!
  5. "Some Say He Walked Away" Albatros Diorama.

    Stunning, John. Lovely to see. and well deserved being put in the museum. Unfortunately I made the mistake of clicking on your photobucket page and got bombarded by adverts, so clicked off again.
  6. New Zealand Warbirds Hangars, 4 February

    Oh, definitely. Let's not forget MoTaT and way down south the Croydon Aircraft Company at Old Mandeville. https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157690538805966 ZK-AYR ii
  7. New Zealand Warbirds Hangars, 4 February

    I'm going to be throwing more photos from various visits to Ardmore over the past two years, including shots of Mosquito TV959 when it lived for a very brief time in the NZ Warbirds hangar before going to the States.
  8. New Zealand Warbirds Hangars, 4 February

    Thanks guys. I'm sure they've had that pointed out to them. The Sabre is far from finished; you'll note it has PNG roundels on the wings and is missing elevators. The Messenger was painted in its current markings whilst in Australia as VH-BJH.
  9. Hi Guys, whilst up in Auckland to see the Foo Fighters in concert I went to the NZ Warbirds hangars at Ardmore Airport. Good collection facing expansion to include a dedicated Great War collection. Balcony 1 Balcony 2 NZ6209 3 Gas Turbine 3 A94-922 10 Messenger 5 ZK-DPP B.E.2c 4 Triplane ZK-APT 2 Link to more here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/sets/72157693076315555/with/39201253955/
  10. Dan-Air Comet conundrum

    D'you mean this one, Steve? G-BDIX small Comet 4C G-BDIX at East Fortune in Scotland. I'll give you a hint; I spent a lot of time at East Fortune, when I lived in Scotland.
  11. deleted

    Nobody's Pfalz but mine. The ex-Blue Max Pfalz reproduction was put through its paces at Classic Fighters last year. Pfalz i Pfalz ii
  12. Mephisto!

    Hi Guys, just rejigged the images I posted in the first post, so they appear now - thanks to Flickr. Indeed it does. For the sake of maintaining good relations, I'll concede, but only because I'm in a good mood! I've got rellies in QLD, so I'm hoping the next time I get there to see them it'll be back in Brisbane.
  13. PLA Tank Museum

    Hi Guys, Photos I took whilst at the PLA Tank Museum north of Beijing. Link to more photos below. Type 96 T-34/85 2 Type 85 I Storm 1 Type 97 row Type 59s row Link to more below: https://www.flickr.com/photos/147661871@N04/albums/72157668076731849/with/25597609378/
  14. Curtiss J4N in RFC service.....

    Sturtivant and Page's RN Aircraft Serials and Units stipulates the following serials for J.N.4s; 3424 to 3444, 8802 to 8901. Out of the latter, 8881 to 8900 were retained in store in the USA, and 8901 went to the RFC. N5660 to N5709 were J.N.4 (Improved) and were allocated but not delivered. It appears all the RNAS J.N.4s were built in Canada. The RNAS also received Curtiss J.N.3s.
  15. deleted

    I have a walkaround of The Vintage Aviator's Fokker E V waiting in the wings, so if anyone wants detailed pics, let me know. E V 53