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  1. MiG-29A cockpit colour?

    The color you want is Vallejo Model Color Blue Grey Pale 70.905. It's spot on IMHO, and I have found no other in acrylic to come close to the Fulcrum cockpit. Warning: do not be confused with Pale Grey Blue 70.907... this one is somewhat lighter.
  2. modern German Tornado and Eurofighter loadout!

    Cool stuff, there's so few pictures of loaded up Luftwaffe aircraft these days and I've always wondered what kind of LGBs they use.
  3. The Su-57 are arriving

    From what I know, the Su-57 is only intended to be stealthy from the front; the exhausts are not optimized for stealth.
  4. Light Stone or Sand Yellow? (Challenger)

    Sneak preview (i.e. still unweathered) with the new AK real color. Taken under bad lighting and looks more cream-ish in real life but I think it is spot on.
  5. Light Stone or Sand Yellow? (Challenger)

    I used to have it and tested it on a Matilda for the Counter scheme but found it too "tan". In fact, the differences between that and Xtracrylix's US desert tan were not much, the latter IMHO more accurate. I have the new AK Interactive real color and it looks the part, but haven't sprayed it yet...
  6. Hello tank experts, Can any of you tell me what is the correct shade for Challenger tanks that fought in the Gulf/Iraq wars? On one hand I have read that the standard desert color is still the venerable Light Stone from WW2. On the other hand, I hear about British Sand Yellow which seems to be a bit more orange-ish than the sort of mustard-ish Light Stone. It does not help that on pictures you can see Challengers leaning towards any of the other two colors! Thanks!
  7. Revell 1/48 f-15e

    I did a quick search before my initial comment and there were plenty of UK sellers offering it at around £25-30. Hence my surprise that you said you couldn't find it "anywhere".
  8. Revell 1/48 f-15e

    There is this thing called eBay...
  9. RAF Eurofighter Typhoon, best options in 1/72

    Guys, you can get the Hasegawa Typhoon for about £25 on eBay or Amazon or any number of Asian sellers. Can't believe it's 2018 and people still pay UK retail price for Hasegawa kits
  10. Know Your Soviet Tanks?

    Hilarious! And definitely written in jest. " The T-80U use Lenintation device to levitate above ground and see end of capitalists invaders hordes " I mean, c'mon
  11. Best Soviet T-62 in Braille scale

    The ESCI was not too bad... except for the one-piece wheels, which sadly was not uncommon in a number of ESCI post-war kits. Nothing great, mind you, but ruined by that one issue. Trumpeter's tank kits are not too shabby in general (some are downright excellent) and I would except any new tool to be of the highest quality barring some possible accuracy issues.
  12. 1/72 Airfix Phantom

    And yet Airfix still demands a premium price for it...
  13. Dear London: please invite the sun back.
  14. Tamiya XF62

    Funny, I had the suspicion that newer versions of XF-81 RAF Dark Green were too olive compared to older tins. I assumed that it was age but it could be that they have been subtly changing the formulas. I'm not a huge fan of XF-62 for an OD. Too green AND too dark. Gunze H78 is much better. All other acrylics (Vallejo, MiG, etc.) are too brown for my liking.
  15. British Army green

    I believe Hataka makes the only version of this paint in acrylic. AFAIK, this is the same green used on the upper surfaces of 80s-era Harrier GR.5s