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  1. Pet hates.

    People. (In general)
  2. Ian's Zvezda Mig-29 9.13

    A stupid engineering decision from Zvezda if you ask me. Requires filling/sanding off the joint as it does not correspond to a real panel line. Given that all variants of the Fulcrum have a different upper fuselage, it would have made sense for Zvezda to just mold the wings and fuselage together the way Trumpeter did. And at the very least, if you're going the route of separate wingtips, at least make them more sturdy: they're connected only by a tiny tab :/ (in other words, brace yourself for destruction if you accidentally grab it by the wingtips once finished) Good luck on the build though, it's more painful than the Trumpeter but is more accurate (Trumpeter totally botched the spine)
  3. My 2c: Airfix kits are getting progressively more expensive despite not showing an equivalent progression in quality. Surface detail is still not up to par to most other manufacturers (Italeri notwithstanding) and there's still a short-run-ish feel to them, which is evident in their fit: I have not had a single new Airfix kit without significant fit problems. It's a shame because they've now had quite a number of years to improve but struggle finding one new Airfix kit that is substantially superior to that of some other manufacturer, the exceptions being those where Airfix has no competition (like the Swordfish). If you're going to charge £13 for a Me 262 which will likely have some accuracy and fit issues, why not just spend an extra £2 and get the Academy which is still the benchmark for this plane on this scale (mind you, has some fit issues too)? Or get the Revell at half price.
  4. If anything, that yardstick on this forum is of excessive and often unwarranted praise. Yes, I know it's BRITmodeller and Airfix is a British institution but still, the lack of objectiveness in many people's comments on Airfix kits on this forum is quite hilarious when you see it from unbiased eyes. Trench-like panel lines = "detailing is slightly overdone but looks good to me" Terrible fit = "there are some problem areas but I can live with it" Poor shape = "some issues but looks like a XXX to me"
  5. Well, actually nobody seemed to notice but the HUD had snapped off when I took the pics! I didn't realize until later but thankfully stole it from the F-16 kit that I binned after I finished this one
  6. I actually e-mailed you about that sheet! Alas, it didn't have the dark walkway markings and the "666" codes are a thicker style than the old ones. Maybe you can reconsider reprinting your old F-16A sheet? *wink* *wink*
  7. F-15 STGB Chat

    Thanks! About time I finished a build not in the last 24 hours before the deadline
  8. That's great to know! Which means my weapons load may not be that inaccurate
  9. Here's a pic of 667 carrying the above configuration and which served as the inspiration!
  10. "Woe to you, oh Earth and sea, for the Devil sends the Beast with wrath Because he knows the time is short Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the Beast For it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty six" - Iron Maiden ("The Number of the Beast") The Aircraft I've always wanted to do a RNoAF viper since I find their uniform grey scheme to be quite interesting compared to the standard viper camouflage used by most countries. I noticed that a lot of their markings started with 6, some were 66x, and I thought... could there be a 666 around there? Being Norway, birthplace of black metal (which I happen to like), I knew there would! Indeed, the RNoAF's 666 is the original 80-3666. According to info from f-16.net, the prudish US engineers refused to work on this plane unless the 666 was covered up. It also happens to be a test bird. I decided to build this aircraft in its original form, an F-16A rather than the updated AM version. Alas, there are no markings out there to do this since Vingtor's "early F-16s" sheet is now OOP. Thankfully, it's "late F-16s" sheet worked well as there were enough 6s and 9s to do the fin numbers. I have read that early RNoAF vipers had dark grey walkway markings rather than black ones, so that would be the only inaccuracy that I'm aware of. The Kit I used the original Revell F-16A boxing which has a Belgian "Spitfire" aircraft on the artwork. It is currently the best representation of a F-16A in The One True Scale. For some strange reason, my copy had some sprues in the older light grey (with a yellow-ish tint) color and others in the more recent standard grey. The transparencies weren't tinted either which is great since 666 had a smoked rather than a golden canopy. I sprayed Tamiya smoke (X-19) thinned at 5:1 from the inside for this effect. Norwegian and Danish vipers come with a searchlight on the starboard nose, necessary since so many missions are over water. I drilled a hole where appropriate and glued some plasticard from the inside so the tiny transparency would stay put. Being a Norwegian viper, I of course wanted to be armed with Penguin anti-ship missiles. Although there is no picture of 666 carrying them, being a test bird it is likely to have done so at some point. I later discovered a picture of 667 carrying a menacing 4x Penguin load, plus 4x Sidewinders. I have no way of knowing if this configuration was ever carried by 666 but it was too cool to ignore. For this, I needed two extra weapons pylons which I took from an older kit that I was planning to send to modelling Valhalla (i.e. the bin). The Penguin missiles themselves were taken from the Hasegawa Weapons Set V and are beautifully rendered and have their launchers included too. The Revell F-16 is relatively hassle free, with an excellent cockpit (no aftermarket needed IMHO), accurate dimensions, and mostly good fit although like many Revell kits, the landing gear is a bit fiddly. Note that the instructions don't say to put any nose weight but although it is not a tail sitter, its center of gravity is quite precarious and does tend to fall back with the slightest nudge, so I do suggest putting in at least some weight (less than 5g will suffice). Panel lines are quite fine but, sadly, Revell didn't bother with any rivets which makes it look a bit dated compared to the amazing new(ish) Tamiya F-16. Alas, the Tamiya can only be built as a block 50 and I'm losing hope that any earlier variants will be released in the near future. Decals All decals including stencils came from the Vingtor "late RNoAF F-16AMs" sheet. The decals are very thin but easy to handle and snuggle in perfectly with Microset/Microsol. The only annoying thing is that they are too crammed into the very small sheet which makes it annoying to cut. I have a love-hate relationship with Eastern European decals (some are far too thin) but these were an absolute joy to work with. Painting/weathering The aircraft was painted with Gunze 36270 while the nose was painted Gunze 36118 (woefully light for the real thing but makes a good viper nose). Norwegian aircraft have their canopies painted black on the edges and this was done as well. Pylons and the centerline fuel tank were painted Gunze 36375. The red/white squadron fin marking was painted manually since there was no decal for it. Thanks to the climate, Norwegian birds are typically very clean, and so only mild weathering was done, with a Humbrol dark grey panel wash and later, some streaking with Windsor & Newton oils. Enjoy! #HailSatan #AveSatanas #nemA
  11. Gallery

    Aircraft: JASDF F-15J TacMeet 2013 Kit: 1/72 Hasegawa OOB
  12. 1/72 Hasegawa F-15C Bitburg MiG killer

    Comparison to an old Mod Eagle kit that is now in modelling Valhalla (not without having donated its engine exhaust). The older one was painted with Lifecolor
  13. 1/72 Hasgeawa JASDF F-15J Tac Meet 2013

    Ok, done!
  14. Gallery

    Aircraft: USAF Bitburg Gulf War MiG killer, "UZ" Kit: 1/72 Hasegawa Decals: Two Bobs Eifel Eagles