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  1. MiG-29SMT loadouts

    Well it's clear none of these show a big load and they've been bombing Syria with mostly dumb bombs anyway. Would be a shame to waste all those weapons in the Zvezda kit though... accuracy be damned!
  2. Revell 2018

    The Asian manufacturers are more expensive because the pound has never recovered its vale viz a viz the yen compared to the pre-crisis years. European manufacturers are still VERY cheap compared to that. Doubtful after April 2019 if there's no single-market deal.
  3. 1/72 F-16 canopy question-Tamiya/Revell swap?

    Btw, I just got my hands on the original Revell F-16 boxing, the Block 50/52 that has a really cool box art of two Spangdahlem birds with HARMS. It's amazing just how well molded this version is. The canopy is impeccable. None of the molding scratches on the wings or fins (where the static dischargers are). Not sure if this was an oddity of the Tiger Meet kit, but also didn't have one of the ventral fin holes blocked by a slab of plastic. Unbelievable that all this passed quality control in later boxings.
  4. Colours for F-35 Lightning II

    I'm curious to see any pics of it after spraying.
  5. Italeri Tornado IDS into a GR.4 1:72

    That's been out of stock for as long as I can remember...
  6. MiG-29SMT loadouts

    Hello! Question about the loadout of a MiG-29SMT. I'm on the verge of finishing the Zvezda 1/72 kit which despite a few issues is a crackin' kit and with so many weapons that it's worth the price of the kit alone. I wonder what a realistic loadout would be, although the instructions have various options, I wanted to include a pair of Kh-29s, a pair of KAB-500s, and R-73s However, would this be too heavy for the centerline drop tank? AFAIK the SMT has a payload of 4,500 kg which isn't huge. The instructions have loadouts which include 2 x Kh-29/31s + 2 x R-73 (no tank) or 4 x KAB-500/rockets + 2 x R-73 (no tank). In fact, the only option for a tank is just one with 2 x R-73s Tempted to just not care about realism since it looks awesome with a lot of things under wings, but wanted some opinions first
  7. Italeri Tornado IDS into a GR.4 1:72

    Sorry, but the Italeri is NOWHERE near as good as the Revell, and no matter how much you try to spruce it up, will never equal it. Anyone who says otherwise is flat out lying. Sadly there is no GR.4 conversion kit available today, the only existing ones are OOP. This is a telling example of the colossal functional stupidity of the resin community: "let's make wheels for an already decent kit rather than a key missing feature in a widely sold kit". Blows my mind really.
  8. Colours for F-35 Lightning II

    I used the following for a Have Glass V F-16 Tamiya XF-24: 5 Tamiya XF-54: 5 Tamiya XF-1: 1 It's really simple, just equal parts XF-24/54 and a dab of black to darken it up.
  9. Question about F-15C AMRAAM pylons (Gulf War)

    Excellent, just as I had thought!
  10. F-22, F-35 Paints new company

    Having recently nearly completed a Have Glass V Viper, I can also recommend the following Tamiya combo: XF-24: 5 XF-54: 5 XF-1: 1 Basically it's equal parts XF-24/54 with a dab of black to make it darker, in like with 36118 (of which Tamiya XF-24 is an excellent match). It looks the part although getting the metallic sheen is proving tricky. I tried Vallejo's Metal Varnish but it's basically just a gloss. Perhaps adding a drop of Aluminum would do the trick.
  11. Question about F-15C AMRAAM pylons (Gulf War)

    They weren't used, that's certain, but it is my understanding that they were deployed... which means at some point they must have been fitted on an F-15 even if by that point in the conflict they had nothing to shoot down https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=DqaZBwAAQBAJ&pg=PT68&lpg=PT68&dq=amraams+fired+gulf+war&source=bl&ots=KsI4uWX_Q4&sig=pw13WYWG3xalMnIj_vleGL08P9Y&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjB9ti8rbfXAhWQ2KQKHT1fBqIQ6AEITDAF#v=onepage&q=amraams fired gulf war&f=false
  12. Ok, got another Gulf War question Some F-15Cs during the Gulf War carried AMRAAMs and as I understand it, usually just two in the inner rail of the wing pylon. This would presumably mean that this rail had the LAU-128 pylon rather than the older style. However, would the outer rail which had AIM-9s also used the LAU-128 or would have kept the older type? I presume at some point in the 90s all the rails were switched to LAU-128s but given that the AMRAAM has hastily deployed to the Gulf War, whether just the necessary launchers were switched too. Thanks! P.S. I could not find any F-15 Gulf War pic carrying AMRAAMs hence the question...
  13. 1/72 F-16 canopy question-Tamiya/Revell swap?

    Or they're just stupid and don't have smart enough marketing people? Think of all the wasted opportunities Revell has had in this regard as well. Occam's Razor.
  14. Best (UK) inkjet decal paper?

    Peepz, Any recommendation for good inkjet decal paper here in the UK? I have only bought decal paper quite a number of years back and was not particularly impressed (it was quite thick when applied on the model) Thanks!
  15. The Holy Grail the Mecca of model shops.

    @Robert I would probably faint in that shop. Amazing! Asia is just way ahead of everywhere else in terms of love of modelling...