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  1. BR86 2-8-2t Tank Locomotive

    THIS is cool....
  2. BUGATTI T46 "Surprofilée" 1:8

    Dan, I stumbled upon this build by accident, and I am so glad I did..... I have just spent an incredible 2 hours here, and your talents are incredible, your workmanship is exquisite...............it is hard to believe it is a model and not the real deal .............. I am in absolute awe.............stunning details and an incredible eye you have................ beautiful.... Cheers Jeff
  3. Olive Drab Paint

    I've always been an enamel guy, Bruce, I have never had problems with it ever, not even the fumes... but my go to paint is Testors Model Master Enamels, and I have only ever used one coat, works well for me... although I am going to come over to the 'dark' side of paint and am going to try some of the acrylics, soon.. Jeff
  4. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    Thanks Woody, I think I will check them out for sure, as one can't have enough 2 stage Merlins in the stash...
  5. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    Ivand, keep us posted at to your success.... always interested, glad to have been of some help.. Jeff
  6. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    Beefy, those Blackbird ones look great , I may have to invest...thanks for that link....
  7. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    Oh sorry Ivand, I miss read it I have a set of the CMK ones, I found this on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Airwaves-1-72-resin-set-of-2-Two-Stage-Merlin-engines-for-the-British-Mosquito/182954137442?hash=item2a98ea9762:g:vL4AAOSweZJaLAGC May work for you...
  8. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    Yes, it seems Hannants from the UK have them still, https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CMK4108 Give this a go, they are a bit pricey, but this seems to be the only game in town that I have seen, apparently the rivet counters say they are a tad short, and the best solution is to use the ones from the Airfix kit, but then there is a ton of wheel well work to do. I have this set in my stash to be used for my Spartan Air Services Mosquito B.35 conversion. The engines are of good quality and I am happy with them. Give Hannants a try..... let us know how you get along.. hope this helped you Jeff
  9. Flight of the Phoenix

    Probably the coolest model I have ever seen, awesomely well done...... the first movie was WAY better than the 're-make'... not sure why the movie folks have to mess with greatness...... you model is a great tribute... take a bow ! Jeff
  10. Tamiya 1/32nd De Havilland Mosquito

    Awesome, I'm thirsty for more, I have this kit, and I LOVE it, just getting started on mine. Keep posting, this is top notch stuff ! Jeff
  11. I really like the base you used as well..... you weathering talents are awesome, certainly not over done, looks battle worn......
  12. Hurricane No.1 Sq R.C.A.F photos, (thread edit)

    I would have to dig into my collection and re-read his memoir, and check some of the letters he sent me, we were VERY good friends, and corresponded a lot over the years..... I could also try to check the ORB....
  13. Hurricane No.1 Sq R.C.A.F photos, (thread edit)

    YO*N was a Mk IIb and was flown by P/O Alvin E.Harley from the base at Digby Lincs. The 'DO' on the cockpit is for his lovely wife Dorothy, his Spitfire MkVb had "DO II" on the cockpit
  14. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    One more update, I had a few minutes yesterday to sit at the becnh, and I fitted one of the two stage Merlins to the kit, and guys and gals...... the fit................... was PERFECT, and I mean perfect, I was really careful how I cut off the original engines, and when it came time to mount the new ones, the fit was outstanding, I will buy another few sets of these for sure...... just thought some of you may be interested to know.... I am a happy old man !! LOL