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  1. Thank's guy for comments Kallisti : You're right ,it's more difficult today to have motivation on these old kits (MPC or Warp), the MPC 22 inches is awesome I know your's eagle Mr Boldman
  2. Hi Eagle finished , now I can return on my submarines & aircraft carriers Pierre
  3. Hi Alphans Building is finished , now it's time for wash & weathering the legs pod with some scratch : The engine section General view : To be continued... Pierre
  4. Hi the following : Painting the engine bells with Alclad , black on nose & landing modules Some effects with a piece of cardboard and airbrush (light blue and light grey) Starting decals work but Round 2 stickers is incomplete , I do stripes for the main structure .With HB pencil I work on the module's cage : To be continued... Pierre
  5. Hi guys First topic in this section because I don't build only submarines With real space models I'm starting to build my first Eagle .OK the MPC 22 " models is awesome but before his release I Have constituted a little collection in 12" with round 2 & Warp models . Only kits , no Product Enterprise , but maybe I 'll buy the new Sixteen 12 models in this scale . After Alpha moonbase (new MPC kit with the 5 pads ) I would like to stay simple with my first Eagle , only Paragraphix PE & some scratch on the engine section , cage module detailled for later models ... In first remplacement the wrong parts with the PE : Now the engine section .The very simple pièces from the kit : Now the landing legs .Complete remplacement with the Paragraphix pièces : It's start to look like an Eagle To be continued ..... Pierre
  6. Wahou !!!! very impressive build I think a 22 inches eagle without lights is like a Christmas without Christmas tree Congratulations Kallisti Pierre
  7. Not yet ordered I already have a lot of kit to build in 1/144 scale .New Ware / LVM Vostok pad / Airfix / Revell etc etc.... and especially the same construction as you (Revell launch tower+ New Ware shuttle upgrade + Educraft + LVM PE but I choose STS 134 : the last flight of Endeavour), Another titanic project !!! Pierre
  8. Hi Manfred It must be said that it is a titanic project. I just hope it will be available one day Pierre
  9. Hi Chris & thx for yours comments . You're right , very difficult to have good information below the waterline , specially with the special project . For the future no problem Chris , I still have 80 submarines in 1/350 scale to build Pierre
  10. Hi Chris Russell had 2 special projects platform configurations .I think Georgy (OKB) release the last version . Aft sails are differents .For my conversion I used this profile : Pierre
  11. Thx Ken , I know all yours subs since yours 1/700 models . I used different black : Lifecolor UA 735 for Soviet's subs , mixed X-18 & XF-69 for US subs etc etc . for RN subs Ok for black but which nuance black ? Vanguard class have different nuance and like all the subs , black is different depending the light Pierre
  12. Thx for comments For the weathering : After paint and decals I put a layer of Klir (a product to wash the ground but in fact an acrylic vanish).Masking up the water line .Now you must choose the level of weathering .If I want a very hard weathering the first step I apply with a sponge light brown (XF-55 for example) .Now the weathering: in first the pigments (different white , grey).If I want some green I use Mig product effects slimy grime dark or slimy grime light or both.Before Mig's product drying I apply an enamel wash (Humbrol light grey with lot of white spirit (90 - 95 %). Important : pigments , green , wash must be apply ALWAYS up to down and do not be afraid to run the wash on the hull , it take yours pigments & Migs product to down The last step is a matt vanish for fix . Some examples Light weathering (just pigments & wash) on SSN23 Jimmy Carter A little more SSN 723 Oklahoma City (Pigments - Migs effect - wash) Hard weathering SSN 688 Los Angeles (XF 55 with sponge - Pigments - Migs light & dark - wash): I think open a Topic when i'll start my next range : 4 English subs (2 SSN /Astute & Trafalgar and 2 SSBN /Resolution & Vanguard) I need some help with the colours Pierre
  13. Hi Another Lafayette class , the D.Webster .A Mikromir 1/350 kit building "from box" Lafayette & Webster : Best regards Pierre
  14. Hi guys Another one in my collection .SSN 687 Richard B.Russell after 1977 refit , from a Mikromir long hull Sturgeon with some scratchbuild The Sturgeon family : Best regards Pierre
  15. USS Triton SSRN-586 1/700 Submarine

    One of my favorite sub , hope a release in 1/350th . Good job Chris Pierre