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  1. One of my favorite sub , hope a release in 1/350th . Good job Chris Pierre
  2. Impressive range of K class ken Well done Pierre
  3. Hi You're right Jessica , I missed this detail . Too late for this model but the next (D.Webster) will have this modification Thanks Jessica Pierre
  4. Hi Another model finished and another Mikromir kit in 1/350 scale . This time it's a big model , a Lafayette SSBN class submarine in early paint scheme . A comparaison between G.Washington and Lafayette : Best regards Pierre
  5. Hi guys A new model finished , Mikromir Sturgeon long hull kit in 1/350 scale .I choose SSN 678 USS Archerfish. Comparaison between Sturgeon short & long hull : Best regards Pierre
  6. Very Nice Ken as usual . Specially your Upholder 1991 , one more time a great modification .I see you use Apalkov profile books Pierre
  7. Thks for your comments Yes all are Riich models , Only ASDS come from HobbyBoss Greenville .
  8. Ouf Chris !!! I had a doubt this morning
  9. Hi Chris When you talk propulsers like Seawolf/Virginia you talk about "pump jet" ? .I never see this system on a LA class .This prop was scratchbuilt based on Cheyenne's photos Last LA flight III had this sort of propeller: Pierre
  10. Hi Los Angeles class completed , it's time to start US SSBN .I started with SSBN 598 USS G.Washington from Blue Ridge Models kit in 1/350 scale. Best regards Pierre
  11. Hi This is my third and last Los Angeles from Riich models .Now the family is completed .I choose the USS Charlotte (SSN 766) with ASDS . The LA's family : Flight I ;II & III Best regards Pierre
  12. Hi Ken Very interesting kit first time I see a EVA kit Pierre
  13. Yesss Ken Another beautiful model in your collection Pierre