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    Playing the bass guitar, reading history stuff (rarely military, although I still retain from my childhood a mild obsession with the French resistance ) and now modelling again

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  1. Beaufighter Mk X

    I’ll be providing the clunk
  2. Beaufighter Mk X

    The abandonment of the PE-2 elsewhere means I can make start. I’ve got as far as opening the somewhat battered box... Sedately toned three colour styrene
  3. You just need an icy wind blowing across it and you can fully recreate the Plain as it was today.
  4. Petlyakov Pe2 Airfix 1/72

    Disturbingly I can’t seem to stop. Newer, brighter green has been added to the upper surfaces and been clear coated, the undercarriage is in place and the (awful) glazing has been added. There’s more, much more, wrong than right, the canopy’s a mess, the upper machine gun has snapped off, the tailplane’s all wrong, the undercarriage has bits broken off, I don’t think I’ll be able to glaze the portholes etc. I’ll plod on until it can be shown to Mrs Ave as complete. Don’t look too closely
  5. Wildcatfish

    Despite some dire warnings from the eye doc this morning that the afternoon might bring blurred vision all had been well. Thankfully I’ve been able to get some modelling done, mainly the internals plus the buoys. A mix of Humbrol 81 & 226 for the interior and Model Master Dark Gull Gray as a primer for the buoys - I thought I’d put the airbrush down and go for hand brushed enamels for a change.
  6. What have you purchased 9

    Had some laser glaucoma treatment up at the hospital today. For being such a brave boy I shelled out the sum of £2.50 on these two items.
  7. Wildcatfish

    Yes, things are underway now. I’ve got a bit of spare time Friday afternoon - I’ll get some photos up then
  8. Petlyakov Pe2 Airfix 1/72

    Still grinding on, went for Vallejo's Gunship Green but it needs brightening and lightening. I'll play around with some greeny-yellow mixes and see what happens.
  9. What have you purchased 9

    Courtesy of the Middle Wallop show and a quick spin round Aldi on the way back - Magna Models Miles Master Mk1 (bought entirely for the alliteration), Revell Rickenbacker's Spad (for the bass connection), Matchbox Noordyn Norseman (might be a late entry in the Matchbox GB), Mr Color Levelling Thinner, Kookaburra P-38 pamphlet, Camouflage and Markings Beaufighter pamphlet, Jet Provost and Cromwell tank. Splendid late morning/early afternoon trip.
  10. Notice: Groupbuilds in 2019

    Less is more
  11. Middle Wallop

    I'll be there as at least one of Mrs Avereda/Avereda Jnr owes me a trip out
  12. The Holy Grail the Mecca of model shops.

    Indeed, it can be a little snug in there
  13. Amy's DH60 colours

    My, currently paused, attempt is available below. I settled on Vallejo's German Tail Light Green from the Panzer Aces to replicate the dark green. I quite like the colour but others may not.
  14. What's in your glass?

    If you find yourself in Speyside I'd be inclined to keep quiet about it...especially the diet ginger ale bit
  15. what was your very first Airfix kit.

    I've had a fair old ponder over this and come to a slightly surprising conclusion. My first Airfix kit was the 1:12 Julius Caesar and I think my second was the Endeavour. What surprised me when I was thinking about it was that I can't clearly remember a single military kit from my early days. I remember picking up a Matchbox Hurricane on holiday when I was around 10-11 but nothing before that.