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    Playing the bass guitar, reading history stuff (rarely military, although I still retain from my childhood a mild obsession with the French resistance ) and now modelling again

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  1. Wildcatfish

    Time to get this one up and running. After failures in the last three GBs with Amodel, Maquette and old Airfix kits, I'm hoping HobbyBoss will break the hex. First up, the pleasingly sturdy HobbyBoss box: Nicely packaged sprues with protection for the delicate parts: Clear parts, again protected, and a bit of photo etch: Instructions, decals and full-colour paint details: The plan is to try and have an early bash at the propeller, canopies and other stuff that causes me a headache towards the end of a build, then I'll put the cockpit together and carry on as normal.
  2. Beaufighter Mk X

    I'd convinced myself this was a Wellington until I checked in my cupboard this evening. Obviously it isn't and the single Matchbox kit in my stash is a Beaufighter Mk X. I'm a bit behind on other GBs at the minute but hopefully I can catch up during the longer winter nights and join in with this kit.
  3. Revell 1/72 Halifax Mk II

    It's been a while but a quick burst this afternoon and some progress has been made. The nose is just about there now and I'm starting to get something looking like a Halifax.
  4. 20% off at Hobby craft

    Can't resist some discount after a glass or two of red so a couple of kits on their way. Thanks for the tip-off.
  5. Petlyakov Pe2 Airfix 1/72

    Had a play around with some colour yesterday and a mix of Vallejo Model Colour Dark Blue and Grey Green gave me a decent underside colour. Some, unfinished, pre-shading up top completes the progress so far.
  6. Valentine X

    Can't say I wasn't warned, it's definitely hard going this one. Here's the final shot before the GB ends, which isn't much further on than the last shot if I'm honest. If I have this finished by this next year I'll be a happy man.
  7. **Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    I've been trying to pick up the Oliver Cromwell kit for about 18 months without success, mainly due to tightfistedness.
  8. What have you purchased 9

    Citizen Clem by John Bew, biography of Clement Attlee. Caught my eye in Waterstones when I was supposed to be picking up a birthday present for my brother-in-law. Excellent read so far, main revelation - Jack Jones (the union leader) was wounded in the Spanish Civil War.
  9. **Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    The kit was an odd find, my father-in-law must have picked it up at a car boot sale intending to pass it on to my son but I think he'd forgotten about it. Some time after he died my mother-in-law asked me to look through some of his stuff to see if there was anything I wanted - mainly cheap tools and car mechanic tat. In one box however I found the Maxi and the old RAF refuelling set - the refuelling set's already been started. Happily I'd started modelling again otherwise both kits would have been binned. In addition an old mate of mine use to drive me around in a lovely copper coloured Maxi, so I might go for bust and go for a proper copper metallic finish.
  10. **Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.

    Could be an opportunity to break open the Maxi
  11. WWII period vehicle for a diorama

    I'd like a van if possible, something like this would be ideal but my scratch building wouldn't be up to it EDIT: On closer inspection the Bronco van kit comes with milk cartons and a nun which might just swing it
  12. WWII period vehicle for a diorama

    I'm half-tempted to do the French army one now I've seen that, hmm must stay focused
  13. WWII period vehicle for a diorama

    That Fiat Topolino looks like a possible, I'd seen it on Scalemates but wasn't sure it fell in the right date range
  14. WWII period vehicle for a diorama

    Thanks for that John, I'd had a look at that in a local model shop but I didn't know if there were any major modifications to the original that made it a "staff" car.
  15. I've been pondering a diorama on a French resistance theme and need to tap the wisdom on here regarding the vehicle. I suspect I have the least knowledge of anyone on here when it comes to cars, I don't drive and I'm largely indifferent to them - so bear with me, this could be painful. Im hoping to depict the scene shown in the French TV series Resistance in which Sylvette Leleu is driving a van containing a British airman through a German checkpoint. The van in the scene is a Peugeot of some kind - I can put up a screenshot if it's allowed? I can't find anything in 1/35 to match so I was wondering if I could use another vehicle. Leleu was a garage owner so potentially could be driving a range of vehicles. Preference would be for something big enough to smuggle an airman through the checkpoint. Leleu was arrested in 1941 so the vehicle would have to dated before that. I've looked at a Matchbox Citroen 11 Legere but at 1/32 it might not work out. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.