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    Playing the bass guitar, reading history stuff (rarely military, although I still retain from my childhood a mild obsession with the French resistance ) and now modelling again

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  1. Petlyakov Pe2 Airfix 1/72

    After holidaying in Orkney it's time to press on. The interior scratch-building went a bit avant-garde and I was just about to bin the whole thing. Slept on it and decided to carry on, some judicious painting might cover up the worst of the interior and the thick Airfix glazing might complete the job. I've primed in darkest black to get the job moving along again. Apologies in advance to those who like neat, detailed and accurate work.
  2. Having staved off the lure of sugary products for a couple of weeks, this thread has weakened my resolve and I've just caned a packet of slightly soft cookies. You need to visit Scotland PC, if only to induce the sort of hangover that makes you fully appreciate the qualities of Irn Bru.
  3. Radial Engines Rock GB Chat

    Ever since I declared an interest in this GB I've been planning to build an F4U-1 Corsair. Last night I changed my mind and I think I'll have a crack at this MPM Douglas A-20 Havoc, as a P-70B Nighthawk.
  4. Petlyakov Pe2 Airfix 1/72

    Many thanks, there's been a little progress since then. Inspired by Adrian's marvellous effort in the Great Patriotic War GB (link at the bottom of this post) I thought I'd dabble with a bit of copycat scratch building I then got a bit carried away and tried to carve the radiator flaps. I think I'll revert to Plan A and copy Adrian's method.
  5. Thanks for all the kind words Tony and thanks to Big X and everyone else for their support. All is not lost, I'll shift it to a WIP and finish off there - the prototype jig is taking shape already
  6. Dunkirk

    I went to see it on Friday night with the lad, the audience was a mix of men my age (50+) with either their sons or fathers, a smattering of Harry Styles fans and your regular cinema goers. The last film I went to see with my son was Space Chimps many moons ago, time flies. Thoroughly enjoyed the film, I'm always too absorbed to notice any historical errors. Whatever you think of Harry Styles he had a bit more acting to do than Tom Hardy.
  7. Good man, I quite fancy the Tiger and Cirrus Moth they do so I might have a crack at another one soon. In other news I went with the boy to see Dunkirk so the day wasn't entirely lost.
  8. I don't think so, I might experiment off-forum with brass tube so I've got something stable to work with - it won't be very accurate but at least I'll end up with something resembling a biplane.
  9. I think it was inevitable, the wing structure was never stable enough to take me fiddling around with turnbuckles and Uschi thread. I can't figure out how to make the whole thing strong enough at the moment, I've not got that engineering kind of brain or skill to be honest.
  10. I've had to pull the plug on this one unfortunately. I'd spent most of the day on the rigging and then the whole thing collapsed on me taking two of the struts with it. I won't have time to repair the damage and finish off before the deadline. I'm not sure if I'll carry this on so the epitaph might be the photo below.
  11. And onwards, several times over the last couple of days this has nearly ended up as the post-Darwin crash version. The kit isn't for newish modellers and would probably be a struggle for most within the confines of a GB. I've ploughed on though; bits have been glued on, pulled off, broken, thrown away etc, there are even more fingerprints and some of the decals are superfluous. Despite all that, I've now got something resembling a biplane. The overhead fuel tank is actually floating in mid air, the supporting struts will have to be pulled off and reattached so it mates up. I need a drink and a lie down.
  12. Steps forward and backward. Decals are on along with some gouache weathering - so far so good. Then I had a bash at rigging, this went better than expected so I'm hopeful that it will be possible to rig the wings. However, I'd forgotten that the Pledge, gouache etc needed longer to cure...
  13. Just ordered some more eyelets from Bob's Buckles in a hopeful attempt to get the rigging done. As usual this looks like going right to the wire. More pictures tomorrow all being well.
  14. Valentine X

    I had a bit of spare modelling time this afternoon so I thought I'd chuck it at the Valentine. My approach to this one has been to remove the necessary parts from the sprue and bag them up in the same numbered sequence as the instructions. I've been sanding and cleaning some if the parts when the mood has taken me but today I finally completed step 1. Steps 2&3 to follow, hopefully before I shoot off to Orkney on holiday.
  15. I'm not sure what the rules for these things are but Hardtarget appears in the list of participants three times. I thought it might be worth mentioning now rather than later.