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  1. Swordfish, Camel or Hurricane?

    Thanks for the post, the pics are behind the PB ransomwall for me on my iPad, I’ll fire up a Windows laptop at the weekend and try Firefox
  2. Swordfish, Camel or Hurricane?

    I know, it’s a bit of a shame as that looks to be a useful page of photos. In other news I’ve just bought some more aftermarket bits for the Hurricane and the Swordfish. I’m an idiot.
  3. Swordfish, Camel or Hurricane?

    NF699, which is the other decal option was named ‘Libby’ after the main pilot’s (Major Cheesman) girlfriend. It flew off HMS Striker and there should be a photo of it after taking a bump on landing at this webpage http://www.royalnavyresearcharchive.org.uk/ESCORT/Galleries/STRIKER_Gllery_2.htm but it won’t load on my iPad. I think the way forward will be to build up most of the kit and then consider the decal and scratching options, again many thanks for the info.
  4. Swordfish, Camel or Hurricane?

    What’s worse, I’ve bought quite a lot - I’ve also bought some brass guns. However... Less pointy bits, things might be swinging towards the Hurricane. And big thanks to Graham for all the info, Plan A was to do the ‘Libby’ version but if an unarmed NF721 doesn’t infringe the rules of the GB then I might go with that. Thanks, I might do both with the initial effort going into the Hurricane You’ll have to wait for that particular joy You’re a bad man, I’m fairly certain I don’t.
  5. I can’t quiet decide at the moment which one of these I will fail to build for this GB. All have some merit. The Swordfish looks appealing but I suspect new decals will be required and I may succumb to a doomed attempt at rigging. The Camel is quite charming but is very small and I fear will end badly, on the other hand it’s size means rigging is out of the question. The Sea Hurricane is probably the favourite but I was horrified to find that I’d bought some Eduard PE for it sometime previously - if I can force myself into an OOB build it might be the one.
  6. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Good work, I was another late returnee to academic work. With those sort of marks for your first modules you should do well - I found it got easier as I went along.
  7. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Inspired by @Ratch I’ve picked up a few 54mm figures, the latest one (via eBay) is a Bengal Lancer. Inspired by a bout of the winter blues and the impending cold snap, a 15 year old Glenlivet and a Naked Grouse.

    I saw the notice on the shop window on Wednesday morning, sad news indeed. I know a few local stalwarts have been keeping things ticking over for a while during his illness. The funeral is March 1st according to the notice.
  9. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Some more enamels and appropriate thinners. I just need to sort a hose out for my new spray booth (the one it came with isn’t long enough/flexible enough to go out of th attic window) and I’m good to spray.
  10. Beaufighter Mk X

    State of play, with photos
  11. Beaufighter Mk X

    Thanks for this and the other comments, I’m still plugging away at this. I doubt it will make the gallery even with the additional time but I think it will now be completed before the summer. I’ve put as much PE in as I reasonably can, the interior will be primed with Tamiya primer, a first for me, as I am now the possessor of a spray booth. One setback - I broke the pilot’s canopy trying to clean it, the Airwaves set provides an opportunity to rectify this though - watch this space. Photos should follow in the next day or so.
  12. Wildcatfish

    A burst of activity in between the football and rugby and I’ve finally made some decent progress. As I’ve been trudging along quite badly with this and the Beaufighter in the Matchbox GB, I’m well chuffed to reach this point.
  13. The Black Watch

    Love the tartan, I’m well impressed
  14. The Black Watch

    With a ginger ‘tache he might have looked just the part. I’m watching all these with interest as I’m going to have a crack at the English Musketeer for the Airfix GB
  15. Info needed please, on MIDGES in Scotland.

    Our last four holidays have been in the Highlands, I’ve got the following observations to make. Orkney - zero midges when we went in August and no more buzzy, bitey things than you expect to find anywhere else in the British countryside at that time of year. East Coast - some midges if you head inland on a stillish summer’s night but if you stay near the coast you’ll be fine. West Coast - there will be midges. Pick your spots and you’ll be ok though, generally speaking stick near the coast and don’t camp inland. On still summer nights stay in the pub.