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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments, I was quite pleased until I looked at the other entries and realised I'd forgotten to put the undercarriage doors on. Never mind, once they're on I'll have something for the 2017 yearbook.
  2. Swedish Air Force Vampire T 55 Kit: Airfix 1:72 Decals: Xtradecal Seats: Pavla Build thread and excuses here
  3. Thanks Martin, somewhat to my own surprise I managed to do everything I said I was going to do and the end result is below. Gallery shots will go up after some food and a stiff drink.
  4. Running close to the wire, might just make it though. Main markings are on and some of the stencils, I had a slight decal meets water spillage incident (see below) which threatened to knock things off course. Gig tonight but not a late one thankfully, so tomorrow - coat or two of Humbrol Clear, undercarriage on, limited weathering, two coats of matt varnish and it's done.
  5. Dayglo done. Well, as much as it's going to be done. I thought I might push on a bit further this weekend but the weather has ended up slowing me down. A few scratches and a bit of bleed to sort out and then I can press on, it looks like a undignified scramble for the finishing line now. Not too dissatisfied with the dayglo but the nose ring doesn't bear too close an inspection.
  6. Nice work, when you start to get bored...Bath could really do with a small, independent model shop.
  7. Cheers, there will be rigging - it might not make the gallery but there will be rigging. Gigs went well, one more next Saturday then I've got to lay off for a few months because my right shoulder has frozen. Getting old, it's a brutal business.
  8. Thank you both. The next issue was the addition of dayglo markings. I didn't put enough white under coat on before adding Vallejo Fluorescent Red so the finish isn't great. As I'm starting to run out of time I think I'll put on one more dayglo coat and then varnish and decal so I can make the finishing line. Don't let the photo fool you, the coverage on the wings is nowhere near as good in reality, the problem can probably be seen better on the booms.
  9. Colour, finally some colour. A somewhat wayward skitter through various equivalency charts led to Vallejo's German Tail light Green. I thought I might as well give it a shot and as it happens it kind of is the colour I was after. The problem is it is a little too bright and there is an unnerving luminosity to it so I may try and flatten that back with something. The photo doesn't really show the brightness, you'll just have to take my word.
  10. The more I look at it the better it gets
  11. Careful, I'm a librarian by trade and if you're going to start classifying things....
  12. Cheers, as long as I photograph it selectively it will all be fine
  13. You may think I pick these by choice but I can assure you I don't. No sirree, I just pick them at a show or eBay, start them on here and wait for the looks of horror. I think I've broken about half a dozen parts getting them off the sprues so the fun has already commenced.
  14. Creative Models have it in stock, code VALCC070. Obviously you'd need to buy some other stuff to make it worthwhile.
  15. I'd like to join in with this one if that's ok. Maquette Valentine X/XI picked up at the Salisbury show yesterday. The boxart The sprues These things And the decals... ...thankfully @PDH has offered to help me out so I think I'm good to go