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  1. RN C Class submarine 1/144

    I think that would be a job for @mollythedog he likes teeny tiny little warships and aeroplanes and things.
  2. RN C Class submarine 1/144

    My maths says it would be just over 12 cm long. 🔬
  3. RN C Class submarine 1/144

    Looking good!
  4. 1/350 HMS Sheffield (Iron Shipwrights)

    Fish get sea-sick?!?!😲 Wow - the things you learn! How can you tell? What do they do? Poor things - they can’t go for a walk and get some fresh air! 🤢
  5. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    I think people generally think it’s more difficult than it is. In any case, if a piece doesn’t work out just throw it away and have another go! Truth be be told - on this project the original casemate ended up in the ‘spare bits of wood’ box. I concealed the worst of the debacle from my Britmodeller friends! 😬
  6. Kick-off Hello, I have spent the last 6 months working on a scratchbuilt Mig 15 and that project is now drawing to a close. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235012524-mig-15-scratchbuild/& Consequently, I've been thinking a lot about my next project and after much deliberation, including considering a very, very wide range of possible subjects, I have decided to try something completely different to my usual aviation related fare. I am going to try to build His Majesty's Australian Submarine AE2. This is a project that I has been in the back of my mind for over a decade now and when a fellow modeller offered to lend the following set of plans to me, all thoughts of other projects evaporated. In my view Allied submarines in WW1 are under represented in the modelling world, so I'm going to try to do my little bit to correct this. AE2 was an early E-Class submarine operated by the Royal Australian Navy. On the evening of 25 April 1915 (while the Gallipoli landings were underway) she successfully penetrated the extremely formidable Turkish defences in the Dardenelles Straight and proceeded to 'run amok' in the sea of Marmara. During a short-lived but very intensive period of raiding she caused considerable disruption to Turkish attempts to reinforce and supply their defences on the Gallipoli peninsula. On the 30th of April AE2 was damaged by the Turkish torpedo boat Sultanhisar and, unable to dive to safety, her captain decided to scuttle her. All hands survived the scuttling and spent the rest of the war as P.O.W's in Turkey where they suffered terribly. Four of the vessel's compliment of 32 died during their incarceration. In 1998 the wreck of the AE2 was located and found to be in remarkably good condition, mostly due to it's partial immersion in anoxic mud. A thorough campaign to preserve the wreck in-situ continues to this day. The possibility of recovering the wreck has been discussed at length, and although probably technically feasible would be a very high risk and highly expensive project. So - in the meantime a model will have to do! I have not yet started any physical construction - so there's not a lot to see yet but, most unlike me, I have been conducting some additional research. And just as well too because it turns out that the drawings above are for a mid-war configuration E-class submarine which in some significant regards was different to the early war AE2. For example, the mid war submarine had a gun mounted ahead of the conning tower and had two forward torpedo tubes instead of AE2's single tube. There are other differences also. Suffice to say that this set of plans from the RAN's historical page on their website will help me nail down the correct configuration. The model itself will be: 1 / 100 scale Waterline - surface trim Scratchbuilt - although I might resort to some aftermarket details here and there. It will not be a cutaway (despite various people suggesting the idea) Predominantly made from wood, but expect to see some brass and plastic sheeting and a few other bits and pieces as well. I am hoping to have physical construction under-way this week and am aiming to have it finished by the end of 2017 but really don't have any idea how long this will take as I'm completely new to this maritime modelling lark. My plan for this job is basically to 'muddle through' so any encouragement and expert advice from the sidelines will be most appreciated! Best Regards, Reconcilor
  7. Completely agree about how difficult it is to get dihedral right. On my return to scratchbuilding I specifically chose an aircraft with essentially no anhedral or dihedral (the Mig15) to avoid these difficulties. It looks like you have been a bit more daring than me but have still done OK in this case Fozzy Nice job👍
  8. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Hello Barside, Part of the reason I am posting all of this is to show people that there’s no real mystery or magic in basic scratchbuilding. I think nearly anyone with a few kit sets under their belt could build what I’m making. That’s why some of these posts are almost embarrassingly basic. 👍 RichO’s work on the other hand...well...that’s in another league! 😲
  9. "Fantasy" Shipwreck.

    My fantasies generally focus more on who I am shipwrecked with rather than the shipwreck itself. 😍
  10. Well, I can still it. But then I always could.
  11. Hi Mollythedog, I apologise for my slow reply on this. I am really keen to try some of this stuff but am having difficulty obtaining any in Western Australia. I think I might have a supply lined up though and might be able to get my mitts on some in the next few months. I enjoy working with wood but will happily change over if the advantages are as great as most people maintain. Composite decking is another option that I am looking at.
  12. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Plating Unlike on most modern submarines, E-class hulls displayed some prominent plating. I'm guessing that these plates were either an artefact of the contemporary construction methods or were there to provide additional strength in some critical areas. In my view, this surface texture adds character to the vessel and will add interest to the model. It has to go on. On the top of each saddle tank, just on or above the surface-trim water-line there is a single elongated plate that I wish to recreate. On the photograph below I have added some crude red lines to indicate the bits that I'm talking about. Initially I was going to use my Nobel prize-winning half-lamination technique for this, but I decided that the resulting plate would look too prominent and too thick. Instead, I have turned to Tamiya's thinnest PLA plastic (0.14mm). I think that this stuff, as per MollytheDog's comment above, really is just super-thin plastic sheeting - nevertheless I can say that it really is super-thin and so for creating a streamlined surface detail like this one, it's very good. Here I've cut out a pattern for the shape and stuck it onto some PLA plastic with a bit of 'UHU Stic' glue - the same stuff kids use at school. I still haven't got any of that spray-on photo adhesive yet, but I'll get some one day... Anyway, obviously enough, once the paper pattern is stuck on I just cut it out with scissors. The PLA Plastic Paper really is like paper in this regard. Once cut to shape, I threw the whole lot into a sink with some luke warm sudsy water and the paper lifted off easily leaving nice clean plastic. Then the two plates got stuck on with a bit of super glue. Alongside each of these large long bits of plating there are four little ovalish plates. I really don't know what these are for but think that they might be removable access points for access to flood control valves or some such. Whatever they are they are quite visible (there's one at the tip of the burgundy pencil in the photo below) so they have to go on too. I knocked out eight small circles of PLA plastic using my little disk punching tool. Ideal! Then used a razor blade to trim them as shown. After a bit more rounding and trimming I ended up with this. Note that number 8 in the sequence below has had a bit too much knocked off it and had to be replaced. Carefully scale off the location of each of these little blobs - and glue them on. Leaving this... As you can see, there are also some carefully positioned new panels on the side of the casemate. Next posting there will be a myriad of minor details to go onto the hull. Slowly making progress on this one. Best Regards, Steve
  13. Well done Fozzy. Admitting personal responsibility for your actions and failings is a necessary first step on the long road to full rehabilitation.🤔 Now let’s see that tail and those wings.👍
  14. Thursday 18th that was posted... Three days late! Very nearly in breach of contract Fozzy! 🙁 I’ve contacted my lawyers and we have decided not to pursue damages at this point. However, next time you cause me emotional distress by ‘failing to post on-or-about a nominated, scheduled and published date’ We will be seeking to take action through the Bulgarian legal system. 👮‍♀️ Now, let’s try to put this ugly episode behind us. Get that tail fin on! 😀😀😀👍👍👍
  15. DS Probe Yak-ult

    Great! Really looks like modelling just for the fun of it. As it should be! 👍
  16. Scratch build 1/8 scale trucks.

    What!?!?!!! 😲 That’s it! I’m giving up. I’m taking up Knitting! Those are just so far beyond excellent that I don’t know what else to say! Truely extraordinary work!
  17. Wednesday 17th January 2018
  18. I’m on a minesite in the middle of the Pilbara right now and I can tell you this... the colour of the ground on your base is absolutely perfect! Great job! 👍
  19. Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger and Wreck!

    I was completely unaware that gin and tonic could be used as plastic cement. Thanks for sharing that handy tip!
  20. That’s unreal! Consider my gob well and truely smacked! 😮
  21. It’s the 16th of January today Fozzy! 🤔
  22. small schooner ready for sea

    That’s jewellery! Just beautiful.
  23. I love how you did that beak! A very clever bit of work! Simple and really effective.
  24. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Hi Mollythedog, I suspect that you are right, Tamiya PLA paper probably is just sheet plastic, but I will mention that the stuff I bought is 0.14mm not the 0.2mm sheet that you have got. This stuff feels more flexible and ‘gossamer’ than any other plastic sheeting I have used. Perhaps I just haven’t yet come across Evergreen’s thinnest product. I agree with you about the price. It’s not cheap!