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  1. 1/72 F-101B Voodoo Maine ANG

    Kindest thanks! Ignacio: no, the kit is already nicely scribed
  2. Revell 1/72 F-101B Voodoo questions....

    Really appreciate the insight and assistance, folks! Couldn't have finished this one quite as well without your wisdom. Here she is in the Inspection forum:
  3. 1/72 F-101B Voodoo Maine ANG

    This is a plane I never thought I'd have an interest in building; we age, our tastes change. Wonder if this plane ever flew over me as a youngster growing up in NE Massachusetts only a stone's throw from the Maine border? Revell 1/72 F-101B, Pavla resing cockpit, Master brass pitot, Caracal decals. Also added MV lenses to the nosegear for the landing lights and to the forward left fuselage window. (just below the cockpit); really adds a lot. Also a ton of misc. stencilling from F-105 and F-102 decal sheets.
  4. 1/72 Spitfire Vb Danish pilot

    Appreciate the correction, and thank you for the kind words. Tak!
  5. Spitfire Vb "SKAGEN Ind." (Danish pilot)

    Thanks for all the help everyone! Build consists of: -AZ Models Spitfire kit -Squadron canopy -Quickboost exhausts -Master brass 20mm cannon -aftermarket resin seat, can't recall the maker, sorry Posting more pics in the Inspection forum:
  6. 1/72 Spitfire Vb Danish pilot

    1/72 Spitfire Vb in the markings of a Danish pilot who escaped the German invasion and occupation, a salute to my Danish-American heritage. Build consists of: -AZ Models Spitfire kit -Squadron canopy -Quickboost exhausts -Master brass 20mm cannon -aftermarket resin seat, can't recall the maker, sorry -Variety of decals including AZ Models kit, Aeromaster, and Revell for the Danish bits (Thanks Bruce!) First photo includes a slight glimpse of my Mormor (grandmother) who struggled all through her school years to learn English as her family assimilated into their new life in America, while still treasuring their Danish heritage.
  7. ALQ-131 on F-4G

    Finding today that for the time frame I'm doing (1991) 36270 is called for....
  8. ALQ-131 on F-4G

    I'm thinking that, at least in the photo near the top of this, that the lighter gray of the aircraft camouflage is a match for the pod, unless that's just lighting....at least in that one case, anyway.
  9. ALQ-131 on F-4G

    Thanks folks! Tell you what I ended up doing, I was given an image of the actual adaptor, and I believe it's considerably longer than the Hasegawa piece referred to. So I took the photo and scratchbuilt it from a bit of shaped sprue, Phantom kit pylon braces and a lot of styrene. Here's the reference photo, and what I made: NEXT QUESTION is if the ALQ-131 itself should be 37270 Neutral gray, or one of the Ghost/Compass grays....Desert Storm weasel ya know....
  10. Revell 1/72 F-101B Voodoo questions....

    The first steps in the Revell 1/72 F-101B show something I can't make sense of; might make more sense if I knew the Voodoo better. Or at all. As near as I can tell, it calls for the nosegear doors to be cut/scored and bent, but doesnt' say at what angle, or if it's only an option for gear up or something else entirely. I've tried dry fitting the things and as far as I can tell if I leave it alone the doors will be open and okay if I leave them as they are. I've tried looking at online builds (very few) and at photos of the real thing and can't make any sense of it yet. What am I missing?
  11. Spitfire Vb "SKAGEN Ind." (Danish pilot)

    Spitfires is one area I really am lacking in knowledge; I've got a 1/72 AZ Spitfire Vb in paint now; am making it into the mount of a Danish pilot who flew with the RAF as a tribute to my Danish-American heritage. I'm not sure how to address the fuselage band and the spinner; would they be the same color, possibly? And should I guess RAF Sky, or something different? Can't rely on a profile for true colors, I know, but at least this gives you an idea what I'm making:
  12. ALQ-131 on F-4G

    Trying to figure how to mount an ALQ-131 in the forward left Sparrow Well of a Desert Storm F-4G. I know on the pod itself (Hasegawa 1/72) where the two mounting brackets are, but no matter how much I look for photos of both actual aircraft and model builds, I can't figure out just exactly how far forward or aft in the well it goes (in fact, on posted models it varies considerably!). Does anyone have anything showing clearly its fore/aft position?
  13. 1/32 Trumpeter A6-E INTRUDER

    Absolutely stunning, a masterpiece!!! Which is why I hesitate to ask, am I seeing things right or do the "walkway" stencils really say "kalkray"?
  14. A-Wing Fighter (old AMT)

    Yep, I was amazed to discover that myself!
  15. A-Wing Fighter (old AMT)

    This is the old AMT kit from the 1980's, with the rear area heavily modified. Most of the work was done 15 years ago but I never got around to the final touches of finishing and display until the past year. Now THERE'S procrastination for you! When I did this 15 years ago I came across an article from a French builder showing how the area between the engine exhausts needed complete rebuilding; I did so and went even further, and I must say it really makes all the difference! Also replaced the actual engine vector rings with scratchbuilt items based on the tube from a glue-stick. The Torpedo tubes were also opened up. But my real pride is the painting, which was more trouble than I think my current middle-aged self would go to. I did everything I could to match every blemish and paint peeling in the famous studio model photos. Enjoy!