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  1. Why Precision Ice and Snow?

    Looks like a fantastic Product!! Can you tell us if it is distributed here in the U.S.? Thanks! Johnny B.
  2. 1:32 scale HoverBike concept kit

    Heya, Gents, Just picked up this cool new kit from Wild House Models, and I wanted to share my impressions with you... Given that I can be fairly lazy --- don't tell the wife as I've got her believing otherwise --- I won't bother posting any pictures as there are a bunch already posted of the kit parts, art, etc. So here goes: There I was, fishing around the Wild House Models website looking for 1/35th and 1/32nd scale figures, when I stumbled across a whale of a kit; The O.R.C.A. hover bike. My first impression of the kit: WHOA---!!! I have got to build this baby immediately-if-not-sooner!! The words of that sage philosopher, the T-1000, come to mind, "Say that's a nice bike..." The O.R.C.A.hover bike is is an original design by the folks at Wild House Models under their "Hostile Realms" banner and it is as cool as they come! Far beefier and more angular than the sleek speeder bikes featured in "Return of the Jedi," the O.R.C.A. is utilitarian design that puts function over form, which is just the way I like it. And this beast looks like one powerful mutha! The packaging is first rate with an ultra-slick multi-colored box complete with illustrations and photos of the vehicle as well as pictures of the built-up kit, both civilian and military options. The top-opening box also contains backstory ("O.R.C.A." stands for Ordinance & Reconnaissance Covert Avenger) along with some stats and features of this sci-fi "hog," providing builders a peek into the background of the Hostile Realms universe... Opening the box, immediately serves up a dose of that "new hover bike smell."--- okay, maybe that's just the creamy grey resin... This kit makes you want to immediately sweep all projects off of the workbench and start building! The box contains 50 or so resin parts, along with a very generous decal sheet. My kit arrived in the States from the U.K. in under a week, which was just dandy. The kit box was thoroughly-protected within in a cocoon of bubble wrap ensconced inside a sturdy cardboard shipping box. Parts arrived safe and sound, packed in multiple ziplock bags. The gray resin parts are cleanly cast with no flaws, overpour, or air bubbles. Extreme care was obviously taken during the casting process. As mentioned, the hover bike is 1/32nd scale, which makes the kit large enough to pack a lot of detail into, but not so big that it will overwhelm your display case or monopolize a massive amount of shelf space. The scale also makes the kit compatible with 32nd scale aircraft and 35th military model accessories and figures, which is an added benefit. And just when you thought that we ran out of "cool!" given the kit's scale, the bike and rider figure also match the scale with Wild Houses' 54mm GAU line of white metal sci-fi figures. The GAU soldier, smuggler, and alien sniper figures would all fit perfectly into a diorama featuring the O.R.C.A as the centerpiece of the scene. Such is the nitty, so let's get down with the gritty: Resin kit clean-up is one of my least favorite modeling tasks, a truly loathsome job not fit for man, nor beast. This is why I avoid most resin kits these days as I just cannot stand taking the time and safety precautions to saw off, sand, and clean up large casting gates. Nope, no casting couch for me! Guess what: the O.R.C.A. hover bike kit is delightfully free of casting gates and such resin rubbish!! Yes builders, there are only a few small nubs to clean up which are just plain easy to eliminate quickly with a razor saw and a sanding stick. Follow this with a bath of Simple Green or your favorite resin cleaner, and you are A-O-K to start building the O.R.C.A., Houston! My assumption is that well-known sci-fi caster, par excellence, BLAP! anticipated such surly attitude from modelers such as myself and mercifully took care of the heavy-lifting in advance. This, of course, allows one to dedicate the majority of your time and energy to building and painting the kit!! And this is how it should be!!! Instructions are pure awesome and are printed in color on a heavy card stock that folds out. Illustrations clearly explain the assembly steps with notes on building either the military or civilian version of the bike. The second option to consider before starting assembly is whether the craft will be built in flight mode or parked mode, the latter featuring deployed lower landing gear and lower centerline kick stand. While some may think that my joy over the instructions was perhaps a tad too much, having previously suffered through resin kits with no instructions at all or crude instructions that looked as if a five year old child had scrawled them, my satisfaction is indeed justified (and well within the law, thank you). Given that Wild House seems to be a thoughtful bunch, the kit is designed around a hollow frame so that the builder can install an aftermarket lighting kit, either the light board available separately through the Wild House website, or a self-made lighting package which the modeler would supply. Furthermore, the instrument panel facia is molded clear so that enterprising modelers can light the dashboard up. You are positively spoiling us, Wild House! Both the military and civilian versions of the hover bike are packed with an abundance of detail. Beyond that, there is plenty of room for adding weapons, sensors, cargo slings or modules, etc. etc. etc. My evil plan is to use magnets to add additional shields to protect the rider as well as an additional sensor pod as well. The sky is literally the limit as to how this kit can be modified or customized. A hover bike rider figure is supplied, decked-out in a semi-armored flight suit with a small life support or communications backpack. Another nice touch that touched me is the choice of two heads, which are always better than one. The builder can select the head sporting vision enhancement goggles (and a healthy head of hair), or a cool-looking fully-enclosed helmet. Or, if you just can't decide, you can pull out ye olde pin vise, drill a hole in the neck, and superglue a length of brass wire to each of the heads. This will allow you to swap heads to suit your ever-changing moods. The figure's arms are molded to grip the bike's steering controls, which is always helpful when handling a motor vehicle...ask me how I know. Better yet, talk to my lawyer. The supplied decal sheet is a generous one with many options, including stenciling, stripes, symbols and warnings. The sheet contains TONS of decals, so there will be many leftovers for future sci-fi builds. And I believe that the decal sheet is also sold separately, batteries not included. Nice going, Wild House! Given the smart engineering, clean casting, and relatively low parts count, I do feel this kit would be a great build for a modeler contemplating their first resin sci-fi kit. As for the experienced builder, the O.R.C.A. hover bike offers a myriad of detailing and customizing possibilities: military attack or scout bike, police bike, civilian racer, cargo hauler, futuristic biker gang, etc. And given that this is an original design, there is no pressure to conform to a cannon paint job, so you can paint this mutha however the heck you like! Freedommmmmm----! My plan is to build the military version, but to paint the kit like it has been patched together from various mis-matched pieces, ideally in the style of the great Ian McQue and with a color scheme that does this very cool design justice. That's the dream, anyway... Yep. The sky's the limit with this great-looking hover bike! WARNING: And if you are not careful, you will find yourself wanting to build both versions!! Yes, I am already contemplating purchase of a second kit to build as the civilian version, envisioning it as a police bike decked out in tres-cool law enforcement livery. Can anyone say "O.R.C.A. CHiPs"?!! It's been a long time since I've been this giddy about a kit --- I am officially thrilled to have purchased the O.R.C.A. and cannot wait to get started on building and painting this beauty. Like the bike, you'll be gliding on a cushion of air once this baby shows up on your work bench!! Stay tuned as I will post pictures of fair-to-middling quality of my build when I start in on 'er. Thanks for letting me share at length... Happy to answer any questions. Johnny B --- O.R.C.A. owner
  3. 1:350 scale Mining Ship "Intrepid Star" kit coming soon

    Looks like a very nice, clean kit. Not having an excess of time to model like I did in my younger days, the idea of a resin kit with a huge amount of clean-up and engineering to get it built no longer has an appear. This baby looks like a breeze, clean and ready to go. I especially love the industrial-looking craft like the Nostromo (and refinery), the shuttle from "Outland", Space Cowboy's Hauler from "Battle Beyond the Stars", and even the Off-World blimp et al from "Blade Runner". This is most definitely going on the must-have list... And from looking over the photos of the kit, you might even be able to provide the option of aftermarket cockpits or alternate rotary payloads. Speaking of the rotary payload/processor, silly question: is the centerline hollow or is there a rod running through the middle so that the drum might be able to spin? I could see an enterprising soul --- more talented than myself --- motorizing that section to slowly revolve, which, of course, makes me hungry for rotisserie chicken. Could even see the squarish engineers and upper storage modules along the spine being sold separately as sci-fi detail parts. Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to seeing more cool kits, Wild House! Johnny B.