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  1. Nice job on the guns and those pedestals Rob
  2. Nice result - I really like the pink shade you've got there. Iconic kit Rob
  3. Cok guzel Rob
  4. I really like the washed out tones and overall weathering. I think you've nailed the finish. Lovely work Rob
  5. Very Nice work - Ill check out he RFI entry. It's hard to believe that we didn't have any decent models of this vehicle until recently. Rpb
  6. Thanks Fellas, I appreciate the support. The Coastal Craft Vickers 0.5in Twin Tub mounting is a thing of casting beauty... The castings do however have very thick bases One of your special friends is a razor saw... And the other is graded Buffing sticks and an enormous amount of patience.. The cast assembly is Very delicate - this sanding process took over an hour, though the end result seems worthwhile. The top bar got broken and I'll Superglue that when I've stopped fiddling. Which leads us to the Ventral Hump housing - awkward to model with its curves to fit the sloping coach house and it's rounded nature. i set off cutting a couple of pieces got carried away and failed to rake any in between pics. Thanks To Longshanks for his tip about putting 2 pieces in a grip - I used my Small Shop "Bug" and then filed each sidewall together to get a symmetrical deck fit And the end result is this... The edges will need to be trimmed and rounded off. I'm going to fill the interior with A+B modelling putty in case I "breakthrough" the plastic and just to keep the motivation going - here's some dry fit shots to show where this is going The build will get put on hold for a couple of weeks when I do some white slidey stuff. Thanks for looking Rob
  7. Cracking job - all round super weathering - I love the contrasting metal tones on the torpedoes. You've nailed it Rob
  8. Sorry! Kev - the middle one for me - though they are all very impressive Rob
  9. Outstanding work and excellent photography Hugely authentic Rob
  10. Super Nice job Rob
  11. Excellent build and paint job> Rob
  12. Love the pipework and general attention to detail. Nice And how tidy is that work area!! I'm impressed Rob
  13. Looking very nice indeed Rob
  14. Look pretty nice from here - some minor surface clean up will help. Still a damn sight easier than scratching. It's all very impressive And I can only agree about Takom! Rob
  15. I also used Dave Cov's excellent build as a primer The Airfix kit has some major flaws including "filled in" Deck/toe rails and moulded on scramble nets. The deck rails figure prominently so I set about fashioning an appearance which is out of scale but has a visual impact The coach house needs to be shortened and the windows raised compared to the RAF version More soon Thanks for looking Rob