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  1. 1/350 Dreadnought

    Lovely model, lovely seascape, Looks Fab Congratulations Rob
  2. 1/350 Algerine class minesweeper

    The railings look very neat indeed. Rob
  3. HMS Belfast

    I absolutely Love how you've done the seascape - the minesweeper certainly gives a sense of scale. What colours did you use to get that Blue sea effect, which really has turned out perfectly? And which acrylic medium? Belfast looks superb. This is very impressive!! Rob
  4. 1/350 Algerine class minesweeper

    I really like the paint job andweathering looks just right - What a cracking little model Rob
  5. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    That's really interesting and has made me take a second look at Weyburn K173's hull again. Rob
  6. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Thanks John, there's now a copy winging it's way to me. Rob
  7. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Jamie - I'm not so certain. I think it's fascinating and really quite compelling. Very obviously - for the Pennant letters (that are white) to stand out, they must contrast with a grey clour and I'm of course reminded of the 2 Very well known colour (I have always presumed not colourised) pics of HMCS vessels Weyburn and Regina Regardless of the hull colours both run with grey (vs Western approaches Blue to my mind) on the superstructure, Regina (No pennant number) using presumably 507.C and 507.B. I'm drawn to White, B.5 and 507.C. When you postulate M.S.4a - do you mean the green grey or warm grey? It's interesting how much whiter the bow wave is than the white of the hull for Regina, reflecting that Admiralty white is "off-white". I am fascinated Rob
  8. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Thanks again Jamie - that definitely brings a framework to work within. I'm fascinated by your thoughts on M.S.4 and M.S.4A. The green hue has an attraction in aesthetic terms and provides more of a "contrast" in colour tones than the warm grey tone that you would feel would blend with the 507.C, hardly worth the effort of demarcating the zones. I'd be hugely grateful if you kept me abreast of your thoughts after Portsmouth. It's real detective work. This build is not imminent and I've deliberately kicked this off for some time to reflect. Rob
  9. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Thanks Kev - I know what you mean but looking at multiple pics of different vessels I am convinced that it's not a shading phenomenon. However............ Rob
  10. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Thanks Jamie, I hoped you'd pick this up - I applaud your scholarly analysis and erudition. I'm very taken by your B15 analysis and am a convert to the 507C/G45 eqivalence argument. The only issue I take with above is that I think there are only 3 colours - main hull, dsiruptive stripes and funnel (?aft superstructure) and divided aft disruptive stripe which is itself unique in this Admiralty "Light" scheme (to my experience). I feel that the tone apparent there is identical to bow and Funnel? As to the time of these pics - Eyebright was launched Jan 1941 with the "B" bridge and mast forwards on the Fo'csle. There are web pics that show her in this configuration with Western approaches colour scheme. She was refitted in Charlottetown Nov 1941 and then again in July 1943. Several wweb pics show her with a "C" bridge mast abaft the bridge and with rocket launchers on the 4" gun housing. I thus infer that the mast abaft the bridge with a "B" bridge indicates her mid period from Nov 1941 to July 1943 Here are some more pics The port side pic does not show such contrast with the hull shade - she is clearly not so weather beaten in this pic Rob
  11. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Having built HMS Crocus, I was planning to attempt HMS Clematis and likely still will. However, researching Corvettes on the web I came across some startling pictures of HMCS Eyebright and I am indebted and grateful to Mr Ron Bell for his permission to download his images via http://www.forposterityssake.ca/GALLERIES/EYEBRIGHT.htm. Thankyou Sir, you are a gentleman. Picture quality is superb and several angles convey one of the ten British built/designed Corvettes that were loaned to the Canadians. The Camouflage is the "Admiralty Light" scheme that seems to have come into use around 1942 and features in many 1942 onwards pictures of Corvettes with good pictures/example being available of HMS Violet and HMS Jonquil amongst many others. I have singularly been unable to find a picture of HMS Bluebell despite this scheme being portrayed by Matchbox/Revell in their 1/72 offering with most models being represented with a 507C light hull and B15 stripe shading with an MS4a Funnel and upper bow area. HMS Violet with thanks to the Imperial War Museum photo archive. And here's HMS Jonquil (IWM photo archive) with area "1" showing the ?MS4a bow area, a distinctly different shade from the ?507C Light grey main hull seen in segment "3". The Funnel is a distinctly different shade from the main hull colour and most seem to agree that this was MS4A. Jonquil appears to extend this colour along her aft superstructure. Returning to HMCS Eyebright ....... ...she has a similar 3 colour hull demarcation ("1") with 507C being I feel the likeliest colour for the main hull (vs white). The bow colour ("1") is distinctly different from the rest and seems to match the funnel "5", the aft superstructure may be funnel or Hull - it's not entirely clear though the cowl vents I feel are definitely hull (507C) colour. Eyebright has a quirk (a little bit like Crocus) in that the middle disruption stripe "4" is made up of 2 colours with a distinct division , the aft colour being lighter possibly matching that of the funnel. The disruption stripes echoing those on Bluebell and others as above have been portrayed most often as B15 (bluegrey) and this is a colur profile presented in The Shipcraft 'Flower Class Corvette' book though John Lambert records HMS Hydrangea and HMS Armeria as having stripes pf 507A (dark grey) in 'Warship Perspectives' . There is no evidence that I can find that paint colours differed drastically between and Canadian and British vessels. I'm struggling with the disruption stripes being B15 or 507A?? And is there a consensus about Light Grey hull and MS4a bow and funnel? Jamie, Kev et al - what do you all think? Thanks Fellas Rob
  12. Bristol Sycamore HC.14/HR.14/Mk.51/Mk.52

    What a Fab little build! Rob
  13. Chieftain Mk 11

    Top job Rob
  14. What a superb result - absolutely spot-on weathering. Super job all round Rob
  15. Miniart 1/35 AEC Mk1 Armoured Car

    Chair looks great - the pain and suffering was worthwhile Rob