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  1. Really nicely done - well judged - looking Fab Rob
  2. MTB 385 Vosper Type 1 73'

    Definitely not. Inspirational then Kev and still inspirational now. Superb Rob
  3. Absolutely Love it - Kudos +++ for that carving. What a super model! Rob
  4. Vosper 73' MTB Type 1 (Airfix 1/72)

    Kev - I remember finding your Blog when I was doing mine. Loved it then and love it now. Rather embarrassingly I put my mast "inside" the wheelhouse. I think you have the right call Rob
  5. IDF M51 Batch Four.

    Cracking job - like everything about it! Rob
  6. Scammell Pioneer SV2S

    Astonishingly good - I followed this over on "The Modelling News", I think it's my favourite of yours to date - I learn something every time you finish a model. I'm going to try the Vallejo acrylic wash with the sponge - that's a new one to me and looks Sooo effective. Though that said, I wonder why I bother after seeing the ease you turn out masterpieces Love it Rob
  7. 1/35 Centaur Tank

    Fab rendition - like everything about it - restrained weathering, great finish with superbly laid decals and a very pleasing SCC2 tone. Rob
  8. First Build Chieftain mk11

    The grills look fine from here. However - Lou the happier alternative to using Superglue on PE is "Gator's Grip" Acrylic hobby glue. It's a PVA type glue that works fine on PE, grills etc and is 10 x easier to use - allbeit taking longer to set Get some - you wont regret it Rob
  9. Well, with virtually no modelling throughout the summer, it's finally back to the bench. I suffer abrupt changes of modelling polarity and feel the need to put aside my 1/72 boat projects for the time being, to do some more armour. One of my favourite tanks is The Brit Centurion and it's hard not to be mesmerized by what the IDF have done to modernise and adapt their venerable Shot Cals. (I saw Michael Mass has written that it should be Cal not Kal?) The Nagmachon was a project using old Centurion hulls to construct APCs. This will the early version without the later "Doghouse" that was built to give the crew further protection. They have an almost sci-fi appearance in their strangeness. The web is not exactly awash with pictures - here's the early version on the right.. Reference will be the excellent Desert Eagle publishing... I'm told copying pictures from these volumes is particularly frowned upon. However, they are particularly excellent and modeller-centric. Kit versions appear from Hobby Boss and Tiger Model (costing nearly twice as much) I'll be using the Hobby Boss version The KMT mine adapter will be fitted and I'm waiting for DEF Model to produce their promised mine roller kit. The old Academy version that came with a Merkava 2 or M60 is sadly no longer available. Neither the Hobby Boss or Tiger Model versions supply the Shackles that are used with chain to help attach the side skirt armour. Thanks to Alan Brown from Leicester Modellers to tipping me off about shackles available on Shapeways that fit the bill perfectly - sadly the first lot bought were too small Shapeways - Bolted shackles There's no chain supplied with this kit so courtesy of Accurate Armour And there are the too small shackles on the box I've never built a Hobby Boss kit before - though instructions and presentation are as per Trumpeter - simple line drawings With Colour profiles and paint callouts citing Mr Hobby, Vallejo, Model Master, Tamyia and Humbrol Mindful of the "difficulty" with the colour Sinai Gray, I'm going to trial the new AK lacquers (with some hopefully wending their way) which promises authentic accuracy. We shall see. Construction begins with the hull tub and bogie assemblies. Dry fitting hints at what's to come.. Thanks for looking Rob
  10. Pz.IV Syrian Army

    Excellent model and fascinating history Rob
  11. IBG 1/35 Bedford QLR

    Great Finish, Great model - what paint colours did you use? Like everyone else, I'm knocked out by the wood finish Super Nice work Rob
  12. And I'll join the chorus - I think you've judged that just right - really effective chipping. Rob
  13. I'm really enjoying this. I think (Like Rob G) that the PanzerArt offering is different and realistic and I love those Evolution miniatures. Fab work all round. Will you be fitting ostketten? Rob (M)
  14. 1/350 HMS Zulu

    Interesting. Rob
  15. First Build Chieftain mk11

    Great progress and having built it I do commiserate with the Sprue gates that are horrendous. Persevere and it does build into that classic tank. Know what you mean by relaxing.....I sit, model and bask in Radio 4. Keep it coming Lou. Rob