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  1. Nice work John. I always assumed that these were vents..... Rob
  2. Yeah right ...... Stuart - I'll disapoint you with what follows....... So the Good stuff first Thanks to Kev and John for input.... And with all the hull bits out of the way, it's onto deck fittings These deck frames were surprisingly prominent on the "B"s and represent (I think) part of the structure that allowed quick weapon refits, rapid adaptability was part of the Fairmile B success story. And with more time on my hands yesterday, than for recent months, just to spice the day up - I "planked" one of Coastal craft's 10ft dinghies... And what a difference it makes!. And now for the tale of woe... I built up the wheelhouse, pieces all carefully measured from plans ....... The angled front "inserts" were a real trial And the honest truth is that the windows don't align, it doesn't look right and isn't very good So it's rip it off and start again Rob
  3. Thanks Kris. I'm curious to know whether anyone has an easy solution as to how to fabricate one of these davits? Kev - i seem to recall you made some for the Dog-boat???? Obviously - just cutting them out of 0.3mm plasticard is the obvious method......?? (though seems fraught) Thanks Rob
  4. HMS Fife by Kevin - Fleetscale - 1/72

    Astonishing progress Kevin - I envy you your work rate. It's leaped everytime I come back - and quality work Rob
  5. 1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    Looking Superb!! Sorry - no clue about the flags. Rob
  6. 1/350 Resolution Class SSBN

    Beautifully finished and presented. Rob
  7. Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Really nicely finished. (The amount of draught these big liners have always seems a little worrying) Super job Rob
  8. I think the "A"s have it John That's a great pic. Thanks Rob
  9. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Steve - absolutely superb work throughout. Thanks for the Lego tip - Top-notch!!! The periscopes look superb - I'm picking up so many tips!! Super-charge those batteries, it's the detail that's going to continue to take this to further levels (or slow time down......) keep it coming Rob
  10. Now that would be Very useful Kev!! Thanks I'll have a look at what props I've got Rob
  11. Kev - you've nailed it. I hang my head in shame. And to Stuart too; the props are from the truly dreadful Revell "British Vosper MTB" 05084 kit. It's a good point about props Stuart. I'v got non left and I'm not aware of any suppliers in either 1/72 or 1/144. It's possible that Mark Hawkins on Shapeways 3D Boats would design some. I'm contemplating scratching some for future builds though I'm uncertain how difficult that will be. Kev - have you tried? Stuart - I always file the thickness down. Rob
  12. You know how to strike paranoia into a young boy!! I have consulted all my references - "Allied Coastal Forces" -Lambert and it's not clear from any of the plans - none of which really show the transom BUT.......(damn) there is a single murky shot of a Canadian "B" with an "A " frame arrangement. Thanks Kev - I'm on it Rob
  13. Thanks Stuart and Kev Small progress for a week ... And construction commences on the forward cabin which has some awkward angles. It was important to get the angle of the roof correct which is a cardinal feature of this boat There's been work going on building the deck hatchways, so once the superstructure is complete, deck fitting can begin Thanks for looking Rob
  14. Absolutely marvellous work on that soldering !!!! And the rivets are superb - mighty fine modelling skills on show here Rob