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  1. Superb detail, superb finishes. Really excellent Rob
  2. Nice build so far for a great looking vehicle. Know what you mean about the tarp - I'm still hoping PanzerArt may do one Looking forward to seeing this come together Rob
  3. Thanks Fellas - I really appreciate the support and positive comments. It's been a huge pleasure blogging and posting here Expect HMS Clematis when Starling/L'Arsenal release their update set. Rob
  4. Excellent work all round - I really like the work you've done on the seats, and nice paint job. Great tip about the liquid gravity - Thanks Rob
  5. Another Fab and inspiring build. Your pics are so impressive as well. I'm interested to know what light sources you use? Rob
  6. Searching on Meteors as I'm thinking of building the Airfix F-8 brought me to this. What a Fab job - very nicely finished Rob
  7. That looks great - the Vallejo paint has come out really well. Really striking build. You've made me want to build one. Fabulous work Rob
  8. Very, very nice indeed - some really effective weathering and I Love the base Rob
  9. Nice job on the anti-slip and nice job all round. Rob
  10. Etienne - Enchanté! I'm indebted to John (11bravo) who did a fab job on his BMP-1 Trumpeter BMP-1 and introduced me to S P Designs. I hadn't hear of them before. They are well worth checking out for Russian kit. Sergej is sending me the BMP-2 update, I asked him whether I needed one of his turrets but he very honestly said that the kit version was exact for the Ukrainian machine. TheTrumpeter instructions are line drawn and always pretty good IMHO..... I like the colour scheme sheet included nowadays with Mig Ammo marked paint colours. Their are multiple versions provided in this kit Buried in the Mig Ammo site under the 6 paint acrylic set for "Ukraine ATO" is this very useful and pertinent PDF relating to authentic Ukraine armed AFV force colours Mig Ammo Ukraine ATO colours so it's an off with the suspension swing arms -fit is good with no flash and fairly minimal mould lines And when I get bored I switch to the interior - if the rear doors are open there are some fairly horrid sink marks visible just within that need filling The first problem apparent on dry fitting and one pointed out by Olivier Carneau (Merci Olivier) is that the back benches sit too high - here they are in the original It's necessary to lop off about 1mm off their bases.. To get to this (the edge of the seat also needs chamfering) The back is cluttered though in reality most of the clutter are tie down straps and a vacuum extractor system that runs along pipes on the deck roof - giving off individual flexible hoses with "siphon" hoods that are meant to collect used shells from firing through the ports together with shell fumes (so now you know!) I've tried very crudely to represent this (not a lot ever gets seen of the interior) here depicted on the Right side of the picture And you guessed it - the parts are from the spares box off an old Sherman. Forward crew seats and Glacis are made up And finally a quick dry fit of the turret in place Thanks for looking Rob
  11. Nice build and it does look rather attractive in the black and white At least You know the interior looks good. Rob
  12. And Very fine to have you aboard Kev Aircraft next??? Rob
  13. After a 6 month build on the Revell Corvette, it's time to return to my more familiar habit of AFVs. Although after seeing so much inspiring work here on aircraft I rather think I'll commit to the modelling equivalent of Triathlon and go for an aircraft after this And so, onwards to the kit which has been well reviewed elsewhere and provides a modern alternative to the elderly Dragon/Zvezda offering. I've taken quite a like to these recent Soviet bloc Trumpeter kits. They are relatively cheap and reasonably detailed. This comes with vinyl one piece tracks which I'll replace with MasterClub resin versions I aim to build a rather attractive and colourful machine - decals curtesy of Echelon Fine Details... However, I can find No photographic representation of this on T'internet which is a shame. My single reference remains this adequate Concord offering (and shame and despair that they seem to haves stopped publishing) The hull tub is nicely moulded.. Deck fit is perfect The original idea was to go for a straight build but you know how it is - there is a partial interior so on reflection I'll probably have some hatches open. More soon Thanks for looking Rob
  14. Very Nice indeed. Like that Rob
  15. Like those torpedo tubes and the PE work is very good Rob