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  1. Fab work Andy - superb weathering as usual. Sorry to be contrary but I actually think the bent transparent rod works better ? It's more dynamic. Hear you about Vallejo (though I'll still give it a go) I've loved watching this build Rob
  2. Wow - Elusive! I've checked my John Lambert "Allied Coastal Forces Vol 1 and John Lambert "The Fairmile D MTB" (but so have you!) These are all the references I've come up with after a good 40mins on t'interweb HMS Hood is obviously mentioned and there references to survivors from HMS Dorsetshire and HMS Cornwall clinging to Denton rafts but cant find much else. However - Coastal craft do rafts that look identical as CCA72042 badged as "Small Carley Floats". They appear in they up to date paper catalogue but not on the web site which is not updated. Kev - Shout if you want me to scan the entry Rob
  3. Wow Etienne - That looks really nice. Super paint job and the weathering to date looks great Rob
  4. A very pleasing paint finish and all round excellent build Rob
  5. Exquisite work (on the Brisfit) You got me looking at Wingnut models!!! They do seem Very nice Rob
  6. You know - IF you have any of those...... Tyres Fairleads Bollards Vents ..........going then I can always find a warm and sympathetic home for them. I'm feeling guilty about the HDML Cracking work - especially for the tyres. I've looked for 1/72 "empty" tyres on t'internt previously, (as fenders) as so many of the original pics depict them. Cunning work Build looks great Rob
  7. I love this aircraft - this Revell version looks very tempting - super paint job and all round finish Rob
  8. That does look nice and good quality pics as well. It;s a big old beast to photograph. Rob
  9. Watching , learning and admiring. I really love that Vallejo Blue-grey wash technique. And THANK YOU Andy for your tip re Gunze Levelling thinner with Mig Ammo paints (yet to try with Vallejo). OMG what a revelation. The build is inspiring. Rob
  10. Llan - I am loving this. I have the Hull-Tex and was going to use it on this very same subject - You have done a Fab job. I like the paint tone - what exact mix did you use - it looks spot on. How are the tracks? Keep it coming Rob
  11. Exquisite job - really fine on the paint work and the panel lines are suitably restrained. I'm just about to add to the gluttony of Meteors with a Chivenor example similar to your scheme but in the HS Silver. Thanks for further inspiration (And I 've just got some Mig Ammo Blue Black line wash too!) Rob
  12. Love that metal finish - Great job Rob
  13. Elegant Rob