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  1. Looking really neat - Corvette-like Keep it coming Rob
  2. Hi Beefy, Metal Safety Cutting ruler It really is useful IMHO, as is using a scriber to "cut" (especially thicker >0.5mm) plastic. HTH Rob Thanks Guys. The hard bit is the front of the coach house, coming up soon (I hope!) Rob
  3. Speedy stuff and excellent build. Echo all of the above - Just have to get one of these Rob
  4. Thanks Kev, EJS and Beefy. I trimmed the deck back and sanded it flush - messy but made very easy with these excellent heavy duty sanding pads from Modelling Tools. I'm waiting for some Plastruct strip to fit a rubbing strip. So I got on with the 3 pounder Gun platform Which turned out OK. And then I began the superstructure. This is my first real attempt at scratch building structures. I read about one of these and bought it for a couple of pounds. it's a tailors rule and what a difference it makes to cutting. I use the Trumpeter scribing tool which seems to work really well And in an afternoon of much measuring and cursing, the cutting out turned out to be comparatively painless I'm beginning to measure out the deck furniture it actually feels like progress is being made. Thanks for looking Rob
  5. Very impressive builds and setting - thanks for the quick SBS, I think the sea looks really authentic. Outstanding! Rob
  6. Really nice work on those turrets Rob
  7. Lovely effect you have going on there Jamie, I'm learning. Rob
  8. Some really nice paint work there - I'm enjoying seeing this unfold. Rob
  9. Saw these in the flesh on Sunday Ken - Sorry that I didn't get a chance to speak to you. I really admire your work - lovely presentation and your paintwork is immaculate. I like the restrained weathering. They looked absolutely fab, as they do here. Rob
  10. Very nicely done - great job. What a bizarre vessel Rob
  11. I initially thought I'd physically "plank" the deck, but realised that I'd need £25+ of Plastruct strip. It was tempting to get a uniformity of plank width. The other broad alternative was to scribe - I began by drawing a straight line down the middle of the deck and measuring off increments drawing lines at 45 degrees to the centre line and "drawing" off each line. Sadly an accumulation of error plus the slightly curved nature of the deck made this inaccurate by 15cm in So it was back to first priniciples with a protractor and measuring 45 for each and every line The drawing took several hours - the scribing itself about 90 minutes. Is it worth while? Time will tell, but wash will bring out the deck and I hope it will give it some character. And here it is scribed with the pencil lead washed off.... And today's other task was to build another gantry. Careful inspection of Danny's pic from IWM is fascinating. The lattice had diagonals that ran on the outside with crossed supports behind. strengthening plates sat in between the 2 diagonals. They weren't flush like I modelled in my previous effort. I picked up some Coastal Craft etched plates from the Gloucester show yesterday that willfeature And so with a well worn procedure................. The comparison pic shows how much this differs from my previous effort The good news is that there are just fewer "bits" And I stuck the deck down to the hull which was frantic as I used 5min epoxy. I'll know better not to next time. Thanks for looking Rob
  12. Absolutely fab work on those Quads Rob
  13. Fascinating stuff and quite compelling. Thanks for sharing this Jamie. In terms of B15 alone, and as someone particularly interested in Coastal Forces I'm reminded about this well known pic with it's bewildering variety of shades. If nothing else it's a potent reminder about all the issues around weathering, fading and non standard shades es I presume the middle "D" has it's bow in B15 but who knows?? (And if Kev is looking in - yet more of those pesky Dentons!) Rob
  14. Nice job on the transom Rob
  15. Looking forward to seeing this. Just don't ignore the BPB job! Rob