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      Ongoing DDoS Attack causing Forum Slowness   26/04/17

      In case you have missed the announcement, the reason that the forum has been slow at times since the minor version update the other day is due to a Denial of Service attack, brute force attack on our email, and judging by the lag with our FTP response, that too.  If you're feeling like you're experiencing a glitch in the Matrix, you're not wrong.  This is the same MO as the attack in September 2016 that occurred when we transitioned to the new version 4 of the software.  We're currently working with US and UK cyber-crime departments, who specialise in this sort of thing, and we're hopeful that we'll be able to track them down this time by using the accumulated evidence already held.    We are pretty certain that it's a continuation of the same attack last year, only at a reduced intensity to deter people from using the site "because it's terribly slow", rather than taking it down completely, and we're also sure of the motivations of those responsible.  Spite.   Please bear with us in the interim, and wish us luck in dealing with these.... "people".


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  1. I read somewhere that the engineers at Hawker saw no aerodynamic advantage to using an elliptical planform wing at all but where pressured to do so simply because the powers-that-be (those holding the purse strings) at the Air Ministry at the time were besotted with elliptical wings - IOW the Sales dept. at Hawker driving the Engineering dept. to do things that made no real sense (same as it still happens today, especially in Software Engineering! - Speaking from personal experience). I have "Typhoon and Tempest at War" (Beamont & Reed) on my bookshelf, I think that is where I read it - I'll check the reference some time. EDIT: Forgot to say - that is a stunning build, something to be very proud of. I built the original PCM kit (1/32) kit of the Tempest about 3 years ago, it came out pretty OK but that particular kit cured me of limited-run kits (for a while at least).
  2. Modelling at is absolute best! Amazing work!
  3. This kit is a heck of of a long way removed from the old early '60s Airfix kit I build as a kid! So much for the Good Old Days... (albeit that version only cost 25 cents at the time).
  4. Kittyhawk

    Thank you for the great review... that (plus the video) convinced me it's time to get one!
  5. I well remember the FROG He 219 kit - not so fond memories though. A local department store also sold models - Revell, FROG, Aurora etc (I'm talking about Pretoria, South Africa here). I have been a Night Fighter Fanboy since reading Cat's Eyes Cunningham's autobiography at age 14 and was overjoyed when I found one solitary He 219 kit on the shop shelf a couple of years later. I bought it on the spot (last of my pocket money) and hurried home - only to find that one of the fuselage halves was missing from the kit. No way you can scratch-build THAT at age 17. The Customer Service dep. gave me my money back, but to this day (about 40 years later) I still think that I'd rather would have had another He 219 kit with both fuselage halves instead! Maybe that's why I have two Tamiya 1/48 + one 1/32 Revell He 219 kits in my stash - I'm still trying to get over the disappointment
  6. I well remember this kit (never owned it or built it but saw it on the shelves back in the mid-seventies) and always wondered what it will look like. I did build the Hasegawa Neptune maritime patrol aircraft that was available during the same period. Very nice to see it, and you did a marvelous job - shows your fascination with the subject material - modeling at its best!
  7. Will be following this closely... I have the old AMT 1/72 scale kit and the size of it is one of the factors that stops me from building it - so this is going to be H-U-U-G-E!
  8. Love Russian airliners - looking forward to seeing more of this build.
  9. I'm living vicariously through you, Wally... I attempted this same conversion many years ago, but (if I remember correctly) in 1/72 scale using the old Bandai (or was it Edai?) kit back then. I was still doing military service at the time and could only work on this over weekends, the project crashed when I got posted to a (very) remote base. Never completed it, by the time I got back to civilization my interests had changed into the "normal stuff" - girlfriends, car etc.
  10. Holy mackerel! Absolutely beautiful - makes me want to go dig that old Heller DC-10 (1/120 scale) out of my stash and start working on it.
  11. I have a possible move coming up in the not-too-distant future (seriously considering moving to Vancouver Island), which is a bit frustrating as it blocking me from starting work on the kit. Or any other large projects, for that matter.
  12. A fantastic resource - thank you kindly John!
  13. Truth be told, I have been waiting for this kit for about 3 years now (hence my "bucket list" comment). I took a solemn oath that no matter what my financial situation when it comes out one day, I WILL buy it. It is expensive, but I know some of my colleagues who play golf will spend $300 - $400 or even more over one WEEKEND (well... includes the "social aspect" of the game of course). I still think our hobby is CHEAP (and luckily my wife agrees, albeit she is concerned about space and hopes that I never actually will build my stash...)
  14. ...It's actually REAL - I just bought one this afternoon at my local hobby store for the sum of $390. The owner called me yesterday to tell me he is getting 6 kits in today. I have been waiting for this kit so long that I started to think it's just a myth... I can now die in peace (well, after I built it) - my bucket list is complete! (I gave up on the Japanese twins idea). Edit: I should add that I'm NOT a Hood Expert (I'm really a Plane Nut), but I'd say that this is probably Trumpeter's best 1/200 kit yet (I have 3 of the previous kits - Arizona, Missouri & Bismarck for comparison). I guess the people at Trumpeter know that the Rivet Counters are going to have a field day on this kit (or I hope that prompted them to do some "measure twice, cut once" engineering). The hull is a one-piece molding, no separate bow (makes for a darn big box), the gun turrets look OK (looks like they didn't repeat the mistakes from the 1/350 kit in that regard). I was confused for a bit as the kit include 6 15" turrets - turns out an extra sprue is included to make up the correct # of barrels. The 6 kits are flying off the shelf, the HS owner tells me he called everyone that left a contact number. All in all, I'm a pretty happy camper... -- Jannie in BC
  15. Fantastic - and the storyline sounds like it could have been lifted from "The Watchmen"