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  1. Superb builds! Really great! May I ask for a link of the Facebook video you mentioned, in case you can still find it? Thanks!
  2. Very-very nice! Is the interior lighted by LEDs?
  3. More information about Russian Navy antenna

    Thank you @Paul E and @magman2!!! This might just be the breakthrough I was hoping for! Have a great weekend!
  4. Hi, Yet another newbie question Can somebody please point me to a place where I can find more information about the name, size and construction of this antenna type used by the Russian Navy, as shown below? I would like to scratch built it for my next project. In case you have more information about how to build it, that would be even more helpful. Thanks! Cristian
  5. More information about Russian Navy antenna

    Thanks Paul! This is about the best image I could get of this antenna: Source: modellmarine.de
  6. I had to have a second and third look to see it is flat and printed! Very-very nice!
  7. More information about Russian Navy antenna

    Exactly! I was hoping this not something specific to this class as it seems to be a generic cage antenna.
  8. Terrific seascape! Great job!
  9. Pre-requisits for posting reviews

    Got it! Thanks again!
  10. Hey, I was about to post my first review just to realize there is no "Start new topic" button on that page Are there any per-requisites for this like a certain number of posts? Should reviews be sent in differently? Thanks! Cristian
  11. Pre-requisits for posting reviews

    Thanks Mike! So there is no way for us mortals to contribute?
  12. What materials for seascapes?

    Great tips, Paul! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Hey, After laying my hands on a 1/350 water line model I started wondering what products there could be for seascape modelling? A short google and youtube search brought up MIG, AK and Vallejo products but barely any comparison. Other than the price, is any of these better/worse than the others? Also, if you might care to share your approach to modelling waves and water that would be very useful to a beginner like me, for sure. Many thanks! Cristian
  14. Hi, I'm planning my first ship build in a very long while and seeing how kits evolved since I last touched one I was wondering how to go about installing/glueing PE railings in place. I was searching for tutorials but there is a surprinsingly low amount of information on that. I read something about three possible methods: glue on the side of the ship and hide the edges under putty => lots of work and not very realistic? glue on it edge => extremely fragile? use thin wire to reinforce the PE parts from the inside then use tiny holes for fixing to the deck => sounds about the best method so far Rigging is a similar subject as far as a beginner is involved... How to do that and what materials to use? I've seen a tutorial about rigging biplanes using some Uschi van der Rosten materials. Is that all? Any source of information you might care to share is greaty appreciated! Thank you! PS: Are there any good modelling magazines with ship building topics?
  15. Steregushchy class corvette

    Great review! Thanks for sharing! Are there any clear parts included? For the helicopter cockpit, for instance? Thanks!
  16. Thank you all! I guess I don't have an excuse for not trying it, anymore
  17. Sorry! I should have mentioned that... I'm considering 1/350 or larger.
  18. Cold War or Modern Era model for a beginner

    That's a nice build, D! Thanks for the suggestion!
  19. Hey, After several years of AFV and plane modelling I feel ready for an excursion in the maritime world I was eyeing some of the post war aircraft carriers but I think I should start smaller with a destroyer, for instance. The only problem I have is choosing the "right" beginner kit from the plethora of available options. Here are a few corner stones I have in mind for the selection: - price not over 50 GBP / 50 Euro - scale should be 1/350 - cold war or modern era subject - PE parts are OK; even resin/metal add-ons can be considered - nation is not so important - ideally, an off-mainstream, exotic subject Any suggestion is most welcome! Thank you!
  20. Small electric motors

    I had a similar idea a while ago and was suggested hypodermic needles or brass tubing as you mentioned. I have to admit the plastic, flexible tubing sounds like an interesting idea... Might indeed compensate for slight misalignment but possibly also cause some...
  21. H&S Evolution - Tip clogging very fast

    Thanks for the videos, Paul! They do come in useful. While we all have our techniques, there is more than one valid way of doing things. I was disassembling my Iwata clone pulling the needle backwards and pushing it back from the back simply because I didn't wanted to remove the threaded nozzle each time after breaking one. Now with the H&S being held by the cap it is much easier to remove it so I switched to front removal and insertion. Let's just say none of the ways are wrong per se with the right amount of attention. Thanks again for all your help! I can hardly wait to give this a try when I'm back home, next week!
  22. Hey, I'm really getting fed up with my H&S Evolution so I need to vent while picking your minds for a possible solutiin I'm using acrylic paints from Revell, Vallejo and Mig and no matter which brand, what paint-to-thinner ratio, pressure (10-15 psi) or thinner (tap water, IPA, IPA+water, original Revell Aqua thinner) I'm using the tip always ends up clogged as soon as I stop spraying for more than 2-3 seconds. I have to wipe off the tip of the needle to be able to spray again. Today, for instance I used a 30-70, paint-thinner mix for some post-shading. The paint wasn't even flowing constantly at 15 psi! When it did, it spidered, of course. Have you experienced such a problem? Can someone please help with any advice? I'm on the verge of selling it... Many-many thanks in advance! Cristian
  23. Cold War or Modern Era model for a beginner

    Oh... Sorry to hear that! What was the main problem with the kit? Certainly noteworthy kits! Specially the included PE and the price make them attractive. Thanks for the suggestion!
  24. H&S Evolution - Tip clogging very fast

    I have about the same procedure for (re)assembling the needle except for the "two handed" part, pushing the needle while tightening the retainer. Have to give that a try. As for the retarder and flow improver part, the Revell thinner contains both of them. It gets a bit better with that (without solving the problem) compared to IPA but it would also take a whole lot to dry afterwards so I have mixed feelings about it.
  25. H&S Evolution - Tip clogging very fast

    I've been using a no-name brush with a 0.2 mm nozzle with the same paints. While it was not hassle-free, it was at least working. I switched to the H&S in the hope to further improve on that... Well... you can read how that ended Right now, I don't feel like cashing out another 40 Euro for a 0.4 mm set. I might just get another no-name setup with 3 needles/nozzles for half of that price! I'll let this sit for the next week and reconsider once I'm back to modelling...